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Jan 26

Wind Turbine Power Goes Portable with Foldable Wind Generator

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Foldable Wind Generator Renewable energy is one of the hottest things on the market right now but until recently, solar power has been getting most of the attention. While there are plenty of techno gadgets, like solar briefcases and solar laptop chargers, that can have solar power on the run, very few if any items exist for other sources of renewable energy to become portable. The foldable wind generator has all the right ideas, but may still be just a bit ahead of its time.

The Eolic is a very interesting design, but it is very questionable as to whether or not their foldable wind generator is capable of doing the job that it is there for. The Eolic looks great and is an incredible idea, but can it actually create enough energy to power anything and is it durable enough to actually hold its ground in a wind strong enough to create electricity? At this point, it is probably nothing more than wishful thinking.

The designers’ concepts behind the foldable wind generator are to be able to supply power on the go in areas that do not have access to electricity. Whether it was the beginning of a construction project or a community that lacked electricity, these portable units could be put up to supply the necessary power to that specific area. As we see it, the thing that makes this item so appealing is probably its weakest link.

The Eolic is made of very light-weight materials that are going to have a tough time standing tall in any wind that would be strong enough to actually generate the power that they are talking about. If the item were anchored into the ground, and by this we mean a solid foundation, not staked like a tent, it would be fine. However, this being a portable unit, that luxury is not possible. While the overall ambitions of the designers may be a bit unrealistic, the Eolic foldable wind generator can still serve a purpose.

As many of the smaller, portable solar devices are touted to provide outside lighting or provide electricity on a camping trip, this device should be up to the task. If it actually works in these scenarios, it could truly bring wind power into the picture as a primary renewable energy. It would have a distinct advantage over solar power at that point as it could work all day long versus needing to recharge. On the other hand, they could also be sold as a package to ensure constant renewable energy on the go. That would be a two-pack that people would surely stand in line for.

  • Earle

    I think it a great idea. However there is a concern regarding it ability to with stand strong winds and as a consequence stability. But I do see use in camp sites, RV and even on boats. Maybe this could even be used during the current Haitian crisis, it would be a suitable field test and marketing action.

  • neil

    There are no details on power-generating capacity, cost, ease or difficulty of installing the gadget, the size of the blades and the tower, and contact details of where this can be purchased.

    Could your correspondent provide this essential information to get to the point of customer benefit? Thanks.

  • G. Paul

    Great idea. What happens if a dog or kid decides to investigate the unit?

  • Patrick

    I do like this idea, but its not the first time ive come across such a concept.
    At the degree show for University of Dundee last year one of the students had designed “a wind turbine called rose”
    check it out, its more aimed for domestic use in gardens or parks, not sure how he is getting on with it since the show

    anyway info is on his website

  • Jeff Lawrence

    I’m sure that human ingenuity would overcome the stability issue, and obviously the power might be limited but would probably suffice for communications and internet. The only drawback I would see is a safety issue. I couldn’t see these generators in use where there was any danger of someone walking into them in the dark, or any where in public space quite honestly.

  • chris

    Okay, lets say i want to use it to charge my phone.
    So i will need to find a place that is windy enough to use it.

    I think its a bit ineffective.

  • Moss

    What i want to know is how much electricity can this gadget produce and at what speed, if it can power my house and the needs in it then its ok.

  • Alan

    Could it not be possible to utilize the wind power of trains? Turbines can be located at strategic places (every half kilometer apart, perhaps), which will revolve sharply to create energy whenever a train passes nearby. When the energy from one turbine has become exhausted, energy will be generated at the next turbine (passed by the train)along the line.
    Could we not utilize similar energy off the coast? Ocean currents can ensure any horizontal turbine will revolve regularly.

  • Gabi

    Neat idea about taking advantage of train wind!

    I had a similar thought of installing small wind turbines on electric cars, which could be used to generate the electricity needed to operate the cars.
    The existence of a functioning mini-turbine suggests this might not be impossible.

    Anyone heard of such a thing being tried? For the more technically minded- any idea if this would be possible?

  • Jeff Lawrence

    Electric cars normally create electricity in their braking cycle. Installing a generating devise in the forward motion cycle would create drag and thus more energy output, so no real gain in electricity. Also any forward positioned fan would create pedestrian safety issues.

  • Kenedid Sheel

    This idea of foldable wind turbine is very attractive and would surely be very useful in Africa. I would be very grateful if someone would let us know how much it costs. Thanks

  • William

    Whether or not the design of the Eolic is perfect, when it comes to new technology, you never know what ideas will spark newer better ideas. This design maybe all someone needs piggyback to the energy idea that changes the next generation.

  • leela naresh b

    its very good concept of using renewable energy sources creating energy by maintaining environmental this world we need energy and it will give sufficient energy to higher level is secondly concept or by combining so many of them by attaching to trains, cara some moving we should understand “something is better than nothing” the problem is we have to store the charge after we get it.research in that area

  • Jenny

    Hi, I’m working on an alternative energy project for school and these comments helped me think of the pros and cons. If its dark out, pedestrians could trip over it and hurt themselves, on the other hand this could be the thing that draws the attention away from solar power so people realize that there are other renewable energy sources. Thanks for everything 🙂

  • Ian

    I guess my main question would be: how many bags of sand would be needed to hold it down? Cause those are pretty easy to get, and there seems to be a good amount of surface area in the legs for holding bags.

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