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May 07

Wind Energizer Donut for More Efficient Turbines

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Wind Energizer Donut We all know about the impending future of the fossil fuels. Ultimately we will be forced to look for alternative energy fuels. Those countries who have resources and infrastructure are taking up these challenges very intelligently. Scientists and researchers know that existing alternative sources of energy can’t take up the challenges created by total exhaustion of fossil fuel. So they are continuously trying to better the existing technologies of the sources of alternative fuels. This time Leviathan Energy presents a technology for new and existing wind farms to produce more energy from a relatively small investment, a solution every manufacturer worth his/her salt wants i.e. more by investing less!

Leviathan Energy has taken the help of aerodynamics model, and has devised a unique passive structure in the existing form. That model is useful for any wind turbine and any manufacturer can incorporate this passive structure into his wind turbine. Leviathan Energy has paid attention to the surrounding wind flow for amplifying the power output. They have developed a specially designed plastic and metal skirt structure that ushers the adjoining wind flow into the crucial areas of the blades. This plastic and metal skirt structure is draped around the base of the wind turbine. This will help in directing air flow to the critical areas of the blades. In short Leviathan Energy has developed a doughnut-shaped device, which you can install at the base of a wind turbine and when you position it appropriately, it will drive air up to the propellers and increases their rate of spin.

Some of the advantages of the wind energizer are as follows:

  • A smart adjustment like this will ensure increase in power output by the wind turbine by at least 15-30%, while at lower wind speeds (0-6 meters per second), it is able to hit gains of up to 150%.
  • This adjustment will also lessen the wear and tear and ensure a longer life span for the turbines. How? It will happen because of the regulating effect of the ring-shaped collar by controlling the flow of air over the blades.
  • A remarkable cut in the speed of the blades will be guaranteed.
  • A small investment will be required per turbine and the return on investment (ROI) for the wind energizer might be in four or five years.

But this is not a one-size-fit-all solution. You have to order for individual skirts according to the shape, size, length and tower height of your wind turbines. You have to keep in mind the wind condition of the site too.

Leviathan Energy has offices in Israel and USA. They want to introduce similar technologies for the hydro power and marine energy turbines to increase the output. They also claim to have devised a system to produce energy from the downward flow of municipal waste water.

What do you think of the Wind Energizer?

  • Jos Conil

    A good initiative and good improvement. The major problem with wind power is the high capital and maintenance costs and the low power output which makes it commercially uninteresting. So any improvement in the technology is a great news.

    The future of clean power is both bright and bleak at the same time.

    It is bright because many alternatives are coming up the world over. The emerging picture presents a decentralized,demand responsive ,context sensitive and multiple technology scenario.

    But it is bleak because we don’t have an integrated approach to the harnessing of renewable resources and natural phenomena.

    We are yet to evolve a holistic,integrated and long-term efficiency based system of evaluation, funding and patronage of these alternate energy systems, which can accelerate the growth and scope of this sector to the level of commercial viability by which it can replace the traditional sources of energy.

  • Tom G

    Makes sense to me. The only thing I would do differently would be to make the ring movable and less than a full circle.

    Shape could be attached [via a collar] to the upper and lower portions of the wind turbine support structure and rotate into the the wind just like the wind turbine itself. A low cost composite structure should do the job.

  • drbunsen

    If the skirt is transparent it would make a handy greenhouse for plant production. Otherwise it may find market resistance in the case of wind farms on agricultural land, due to the loss of productive land beneath the skirt.

    Alternatively, it could be double purposed as a shed or animal shelter.

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