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Feb 02

Is the Volkswagen E-Up the Future of Electric Cars?

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Volkswagen E-Up
Consumers surely remember the days of seeing pictures off all the funny looking electric cars. They looked like something out of the Jetson’s and were hardly something any of us would be caught dead in. Say goodbye to those old stereo types because the Volkswagon E-Up is raising the bar in electric car technology.

While there are some hybrid cars out there that have some punch to them, many of the pure electric cars perform more like golf carts than they do automobiles. VW has gotten very aggressive in this area and the new Volkswagen E-Up, scheduled to release in 2013, will give any car a run for their money on the open highway. With a top speed of 84MPH and a range of about 80 miles, the future of electric cars is looking pretty sexy.

Another knock that many of the electric cars have is that there is no room. This is where the Volkswagen E-Up separates itself from just about every other electric car on the market. In all, three adults and one child can fit into this car very comfortably. If there are no passengers, the load space is almost quadrupled, so those big trips to the supermarket should not be a worry. There will be more than enough space to fit everything into the Volkswagen E-Up.

While the Volkswagen E-Up may be short of a muscle car, it is great to see the advancements in speed and size that VW was able to build into their new machine. While the green enthusiasts of the world are going to very excited about this car, there is also reason to believe that the younger crowd will be just as attracted to it. Each year seems like we get closer and closer to removing the carbon footprint from our modern conveniences with green alternatives that do not compromise anything but pollution and the wasting of our natural resources.

  • Jack Roesler

    And for me, a retired person able to recharge this car in the daytime with solar panels in my back yard, this is a very good deal. Unfortunately, I don’t drive that much anymore, so I’d only save about 150 gallons of gas per year. For those who do drive 80 miles/day, wouldn’t it be nice if the car had a spare battery pack that could be recharged and swapped with the depleted one on alternate days?

  • slick

    The great thing about cars is they come in lots of different shapes and sizes. I think this would not help me, but I can see it helping many of my friends.

  • science guru

    It looks like VW got it wrong. There is no trunk at all, little to no leg room in the rear seats. It is too small, looks like another glorified golf cart. The only all electric car I have seen is the Nissan Leaf. The nissan has room for four full size adults, It has a real trunk and looks like a regular car. We all know there are other full sized cars and trucks on the road to compete with in traffic, then there are the big tractor trailers too… no one wants to be crushed while driving a little speck on the road. The VW might fare well in Europe but not in the USA.

    Note to car manufacturers; We want real cars that are fully electric powered, and we want them now.

  • David

    80 miles? Is this all the have to offer…in 2013?? Maybe if this thing costs only 20 or 30K people would buy it, not me.

    The Model S is coming out in 2012 with a range of up to 300 miles, seats 7, 45 min quick charge for a price in the mid fifties before counting a 7,500 U.S. tax credit.

    Why is this the best the big car makers can come up with? It’s insulting. Get with the program.

  • jim

    Electrics still need to solve the battery replacement problem. How long will a new battery last? How much will it cost to replace? Until these questions get answered, I have no interest.

  • solarwriter


    300 miles on a single charge batteries have been available since 2003. Mass production would increase
    that to 600 then to 1200 miles. But the Euro-Japanese
    brands insists on 100 mile batteries to keep people tied to a battery swap drop-in centre on a subscription

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