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Aug 09

USPS Goes Green

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USPS In strict adherence to guidelines released by the Department of Energy, the United States Postal Service gets on a fast track to reach the goal for energy reduction. Green roofs, green buildings and an optimally efficient management system of energy consumption form part of the energy-reduction strategy.

Power Guzzlers:

Use of air conditioning is one of the main reasons for the ever increasing power consumption. The heat-island effect also plays a part. Concentration of black or dark roofs and paved surfaces raise the ambient temperature increasing the demand for air-conditioning. The air quality also is certainly poorer because of the ever increasing carbon emissions.

Going green:

The agency is aggressively marching on to reduce power consumption. The plan is to economize energy consumption by 30% by 2015. It is using various approaches to reach the goal. Already 70% target completed, only about one third of the goal is all left to achieve by the USPS.

Cool roof initiatives:

One of the remarkable initiatives in combating power consumption is the cool green roof initiatives as per Energy Department guidelines. In Manhattan Midtown, the USPS has converted the roof of Morgan Mail Processing Facility to green roof topping. This 2.5-acre wide green roof is the largest green roof topping in New York City.

Advantages of Green roof:

Not merely meeting the early performance estimates, this green roof has actually exceeded all expectations since the time it was constructed. The advantages are:

  • Cool green roofs reflect sunlight and reduce heat gain.
  • Reduction of polluted storm water run-off-– 75% in summer and 40% in winter.
  • Reduction in annual energy consumption – 40% per month
  • Additional reduction in energy expenses – 15% – because of energy-saving measures like replacing some 1600 windows.
  • Longer lasting – lasting for some 50 years – twice as much as the previous one.

Energy saving spree:

The implementation of Enterprise Energy Management System has been a boon to USPS saving some $400 million since 2007. Instead of the estimated $30,000 savings in Morgan Facility alone, more than $1 million was saved as the direct results of the green roofing and other energy-efficient measures.

Success of EEMS:

With measures like green roofing and LEED certifications, the USPS has achieved energy cut of some 21% since 2003 and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and thereby controlling carbon emission by 20%. Now USPS is on the go implementing new measures to make its entire fleet of buildings energy efficient and to use more green environmentally friendly alternative fuels.

  • Jorg Breuning

    USPS just canceled a green and green roof project in Baltimore. Their strategy is having one thing and promoting it like they would do it everywhere and all time. Unfortunately this isn’t the case.
    USPS is just a green facade with nothing behind and they are not the only in this country
    Thank God for email.

  • Gary Reysa

    It says they are already 70% of the way to their goal — that does not sound like a “facade” to me.

    It think its nice to see a program that’s actually working.

    If we all did as well we would be a long way toward solving our energy problems.


  • Ralph

    Where’s the solar or wind?
    Where’s the electric vehicles?

    1 Parking spot = 1 year of drive time

    C’mon guys quit with the baby steps… get with it!

  • Ted Sumrall

    Can anybody say “Jimmy Carter”?

  • Rojelio

    Maybe the USPS is doing as well as they could, but give them some credit. I can’t even count the number of places I’ve been to around the country where efficiency, recycling, renewable E, conservation aren’t even a remote consideration. Not even on the flippin radar. If the energy savings amount to as much as stated in the article, they will be prompted to do more than greenwash and hopefully this will be the case for other institutions as well.

  • JFK

    Amazing that the USPS is slated to lose $238 billion over the next ten years, yet has money to spend (no, not invest – spend) on these sorts of things. Your support of green energy needs to be measured against the reality of a floundering economy and a tidal wave of insurmountable debt.

    If you look at the state we’re in and still think this makes sense, then you’re not acting like a responsible adult.

  • Gary Reysa

    So, we should just stop working on the important long term problem (climate change) because we have a short term economic problem? That does not even make short term sense given that development of technology to address climate change is going to be THE growth industry for the next few centuries.


  • Jorg Breuning

    When I am looking at the state we’re in – I see that the US is the most wasteful country in the world in any regard. This is a very embarrassing title and that is why many people in Europe, Africa and Asia hate us for – our imperialistic ignorance. Instead of playing world police and being on a desperate search for fossil energy we should starting to act like role model for all the countries in the world – as we did for Germany after WW2 where the green movement is more than 30 years old despite of any up and downs of the economy. They understood that “going green” is not necessarily related to huge investments or to going back to cavemen. Some provinces in China even go further than Europe – it is just us falling behind with the childish believe we can fix it with some guns or Dollars.

  • Constantine

    Real progress would be converting the UPS fleet to electricity fueled. Especially in close inter-city line haul this could remove the need to burn CO2
    and with newest technology could be done a no extra costs compared to burning diesel.

  • Jorg Breuning

    For any kind of transportation you need energy – always the same energy for the same performance. Electric car might reduce energy consumption because once the car stand the engine is off. However nothing is getting cleaner or saver since 99,5% of the energy in the US in produced by fossil energy or nuclear power. Both sources are limited, bad for the environment and safety – nuclear. Shipping energy is related to high energy losses and is like keeping the engine running of your car.
    By the way the green roof of USPS covers less than 65% with real green. 65% green on one of probably more than 2000 USPS buildings and they are at their goal? Either the bar was to low or green washing seems the new trend.

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