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Mar 14

Small Wind Farm Ready to Generate Power

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Small Wind Farm While very small wind energy projects are not normally viable due to the cost and effort involved, a small wind farm in the Clay County could easily start generating power as early as 2010. If this project, called The Romar wind project, starts generating power successfully it will certainly trigger a trend.

But how is it possible to create tiny wind farms when acres of land are required to build even a marginally ambitious wind energy generating facility? This wind farm is at the most appropriate location: the seventh-highest elevation in Minnesota, near Rollag, with the best possible exposure to wind, according to Folkedahl, who is developing the site for the owners of the land, Rolf and Mary Garborg, who live in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Although the Garbogs had been approached by many wind energy companies who had shown keen interest in developing wind farms on their land, Folkedahl told them that instead of letting other companies use their land to produce wind energy they themselves could do that. They were immediately fascinated by the idea. “We were just intrigued with the opportunity to have our farmland used to generate power for the community,” Mary Garborg said.

Even the smaller wind farm doesn’t come cheap; for each megawatt of production an investment of $2,000,000 will be required and hence all in all the total cost of the project is going to be $8,000,000. Most of the cost will be borne by the financial partners of the Garborgs and hence they will be reaping the immediate profits; the couple is not looking for short-term profits. They take it as an investment for the college education of their grandchildren.

Many similar projects are coming up in the Clay County. There hasn’t been a public debate on the subject so far. The Clay County planning director Tim Magnusson has drafted a new wind power ordinance that would govern future small projects looking to build in the county; he plans to bring the ordinance before the county Planning Commission in the very near future.

  • tomgarven

    This is so cool. I was born and raised in Clay County Minnesota and know the country well.

    This is exactly what T. Boone Pickens was talking about. Don’t you know, that if you put the right energy creating resources in the right locations it will be a winner.

    You betcha it will 🙂 The land of the free and the most friendly people in the world.

  • jim coleman

    Interesting info; does anyone know what the average wind speed is in this area?

  • tomgarven

    Here is what I could find at the following site.

    Clay county would be in the northwesterly part of the Red River Valley.
    “Within this general area is the Red River valley. The Red River forms much of the boundary between North Dakota and northern Minnesota. This valley slopes downward to the north as the Red River flows northward into Lake Winnipeg. Data from stations near the Red River indicate some channeling effect, with prevailing winds being split between north and south directions. Data from Pembina and Grand Forks indicate annual wind power averages that are near the borderline between class 4 and class 5.”.

  • Peter Sharma III

    I can provide the same benefits at one-tenth the capital outlay.

  • Francisco A Roque

    It is very good that somebody is starting a project with at least 4. I asked Mr Pickens to start a project to light up a small town, no answer. However, at least people are installing at least their very own, I would like to know how to install it safely to my power supply so I could sell the company any excess power generated.

  • Patrick Halling

    If anyone has any thoughts or concerns about wind farms in west central Minnesota, you need to go to this website to see actual wind turbines operating in locations of homes. Listen to the interviews of those who are now dealing with the issues after it is to late. Weather you believe or not that wind turbines cause conditions in people living near them. This information will make you stop and think; “What if that was my home?”

    The more information you have, the better your decision will be. Please view and gather more info before making your choice on this issue.

    Please check out this website and others:

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