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Aug 29

Pyromex Waste to Energy Technology

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Pyromex Fuel Cell Swiss Company Pyromex has been developing waste management technologies for almost twenty years. Their goal is to lower emissions and reduce landfill waste with their patented ultra-high temperature gasification system. In 1999 the first industrial plant was built in Germany. According to the company, the Pyromex gasification system can treat all types of waste, with the single exception of heavily contaminated nuclear residues! The Pyromex technology just may be the ultimate waste energy solution – to treat all types of waste without waste residues and without harmful emissions to the atmosphere – while recovering all valuable constituent of the waste at highly economic conditions.


Waste Recycling

  • No dangerous residues, nothing to dispose of after treatment
  • No harmful emissions to the atmosphere
  • Treating of all kinds of waste, including hazardous and toxic material
  • Meeting the highest and most severe environmental rules and regulations

Pyromex Reactor

  • Modular, upgradeable system, starting at 10 tons per day upward
  • A fraction of the size of common waste treatment plants
  • Fitting into a small, compact, two level construction
  • No smoke stack necessary
  • Accelerated waste treatment processing
  • All valuable contents of the waste are recoverable
  • Different energy recovery technologies possible
  • Various energy utilization possible

Waste Energy Plant

  • Lower investment costs compared to common waste treatment plant
  • Fewer costs for treatment and maintenance
  • Low energy requirements
  • Greater power output per ton than that of common waste treatment plants
  • Profitable business, not just a break-even operation

Waste Tires-to-Energy

Tire Recycling The United States alone generates over 280 million waste tires a year. Although numerous recycling programs and methods have been deployed over the years, a large percentage of these tires still end up in landfills. Converting these waste tires into usable energy through environmentally responsible technology provides a significant opportunity.

The PYROMEX Waste-To-Energy technology consists of an induction heated, ultra-high temperature gasification process. The PYROMEX conversion process converts all the organic content of the waste stream into a high-energy synthetic gas “pyrogas” while the inorganic content is converted to an inert, non-leachable basalt-like material.

Although the system utilizes temperatures as high as 3000 F, it is not an incineration or simple pyrolysis process. Using energy-efficient induction heating, the process generates heat in an oxygen-free environment causing a series of chemical reactions to occur through pyrolysis and hydrolysis. This process converts all components of the waste stream, including non-toxic, toxic, and hazardous materials, into usable forms of energy and inert residue. In addition, the system exceeds all current environmental and emission standards.

Due to the fact that the rubber in tires has a high energy value (and through peeling, shredding, and crumbing) it becomes a very valuable feed material in the generation of “pyrogas” and electricity. On an average, a waste rubber processing facility can totally offset their energy costs, reduce or eliminate their tipping fees, and have a significant excess of saleable energy to create an additional revenue source.

The PYROMEX process represents the next generation of technology in the tire recycling business. Through the installation of a system, an organization can not only measure profits by what they save in tipping and disposal fees, but they can now offset operational costs while generating a new revenue stream based on the sale of energy (either gas or electricity) from the material that previously cost them disposal fees.


  • Gerardo

    Sr. my Company Grupo Enerwaste, S.A.C.V. is looking a new technology to produce energy to the waste my Company have a landfill in 15 hectares and receive 650 tons per day and 16,900 tons for month. If your interest this business need a meeting in your office this week or next please return via mail, best regards.

  • G Ravichandran

    Dear Sirs,

    We, IAEC Energy is a consultany and energy audit company engaged in the field of agricultural and enginnering industries and doing energy audit and also give suggestions for alternate energy sources and clean environmental systems.

    We require municipal waste gasification and also biomass gasification system for power generation in small scale industries to generate up to 2 MW power.

    Please send us complete details of your product with technical data.


    G Ravichandran
    Manager – Engineering
    IAEC Energy
    B4, First Floor
    Parsn Riverina
    16, Amma Mandapam Road
    Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli 620 006
    Tamilnadu, India
    Tel: 0091 431 2435354
    Mobile: 0091 93800 09713

  • cris saavedra

    Dear Sir,

    For many years we have studied waste to energy technology but we find that it is too expensive. We are looking to install a unit for our light rail transit project, where the energy from the project will be utilized in the LRT project. Can anyone give us an estimate for the potential electrical output of 1000 tons of municipal waste per day? We are very interested with this project and also to solve the garbage problem of our country.

    Thanks, Cris Saavedra

  • Randy Thomas


    If you can provide specifics about the ongoing supply and composition of the MSW you’re referring to, I would be happy to give you an estimate on the amount of electric power that could be produced.

    Also, if the 1000 tons of waste per day could be converted into liquid fuels (i.e., ethanol or low-sulphur diesel) and electricity, would this scenario be of interest to you?

  • Robert Morgan

    Your output per 100mt of MSW should be about 3.1 to 3.5Mw. The payback of a WTE plant should be less than 5 years from start to complete payback.
    Roush Global Management

  • Darian L. Smith

    NASA has been doing this for 30 + years in Hampton, Virginia. Ask them.

  • Michael A. Simpson

    Two issues:
    1. The amount of syngas produced from MSW and therefore the power generation potential is dependent upon the chemical composition of the waste stream.

    2. I represent independent financiers who are interested in promoting high efficiency technologies for the conversion of MSW, sludge, spent tires, agricultural waste, shipboard waste, etc. such that the financiers will provide 100% of the cost of the facilities, even the ongoing maintenance and operation, in exchange for the tipping fees and the purchase of the power.

    If you have clients or potential customers who need financing to close a sale, it costs nothing to contact me for further details.

    Thank you.

  • Nathan

    Michael A. Simpson

    I would appreciate if you could provide me with your contact information. Please contact me at

  • Bob Wallace

    Nathan – contact info is on their (PITA) web site.

    Schöngrund 1
    CH-6343 Rotkreuz / Zug
    Phone: +41 (0) 41 799 72 10
    Fax: +41 (0) 41 799 72 11

    Michael – you might want to check the articles listed on this site. Click on “Biogas” on the right side of the page.

  • llong

    Very interesting stuff!

  • Ajay

    Dear Sirs,

    We, REEL is a consultany and execution company in the field of waste management.

    We require municipal waste gasification and also biomass gasification system for power generation in small municipality to generate up to 2 MW power.

    Please send us complete details of your product with technical data.


    Manager – Technical

    New Delhi-110055, India
    Mob: +919910248810

  • Augusto

    Dear Sirs,

    We are very interested in your technology, and would be grateful to receive more information on it. We are looking for a system like yours at Pyromex, as we are able to build a plant for the treatment of approx. 220 tons per day, not included used tires nor used motor oils or used cooking oils.

    Do you think it will be possible to obtain financing for this project, having assured the selling of electricity produced at a 1 or 2 MW electric generator?

  • Ginny McKinney


    We are interested in the technology you are developing do you have any operational facilities?

    Please can you send additional info to the e-mail we have provided?

    Thank-you Ginny McKinney

  • silas macharia

    We are very interested in your technology, and would be grateful to receive more information on it. We are looking for a system like yours to help us deal both rising energy demand (both electrical power/fuel/fuel oils options available whether single or combinational) and with land fill problems in Kenya also please note also financing options available.

  • Bieda Boguslaw

    Dear Sirs,

    Could you please send me the references about your Waste Tires-to-Energy process. How many plants and where are working using this Waste Tires-to-Energy process.

    Best regards

  • Amanuel Taye

    Dear Sirs:

    we need a pro forma invoice for your machineries capable of digesting 35000 tons of waste/year operating 7000 hours per annum.

    As time is of essence we appreciate your promt respnse.


  • uday Shanker Battula

    Dear Mr Michael A Simpson,

    I am in touch with Pyromex for a project in India with used tyres base. We would like to be in touch with you. Can you please mail me your mailing information
    enabling me to get in touch with you.

    Thanks and regards
    Uday Shanker Battula

  • uday Shanker Battula

    Michael A Simpson,

    My mail ID udayshanker.battula[AT]

  • Robert Dalsanto

    Global Energy Management can provide a modular MSW Waste-To-Energy gasification/incinerator installed worldwide. 15 MW 250 tons per day facility available. we can provide any size facility between 2 MW and 100 MW. 800-584-4720 Robert engineering, prefabrication, shipping and installation

  • surendar m

    Dear sir,
    your technology in treating the waste and producing energy from it sounds good idea. but i need to know is it possible to treat the wastes of the meat industry (animal skins and flesh wastes) and produce energy using your technique?

    eagerly waiting for your response

  • Michael M

    This technology is great! Our company is working on many projects with this technology. The Pyromex along side a Fuel Cell makes a great sparks spread and low payback. Please contact me if anyone would like to know more on the MSW technology and how it can work with a 1.4MW/2.8MW Fuel Cell.

    Michael M
    PowerHouse Energy

  • V.P.Lloyd

    Your process seems very efficient. It is a great pity about the pre-treatment of waste.

    I have seen a unit which can take all waste straight from a waste compactor truck. The process automatically removes ferrous and non-ferrous metals, all the rest (no sorting. In a matter of seconds all the waste is shredded, co-mingled, moisture removed leaving a dry homogeneous confettie size flock. Indeed the feedstock is guaranteed as a continuous regular fuel for the process. Not only does the processor pre-treat the waste it also recuses the volume by over 70%. All this in one machine with just moving part. Pre-Treatment costs on a 100,000t/pa basis is less than BPS£0.80 per tonne. This processor will save you time, capital equipment, processing costs, elimination of all other pre-treatment machinery and increase the economy of your process.

  • michael magana

    The Pyromex is a very efficient piece of equipment. We are working with a few agencies and corporations on getting this technology up and running here in the U.S. we are in the process of getting it permitted by the AQMD, they are backing this technology. If anyone has a potential project and would like to discuss the purchase of a unit, please call me at PowerHouse Energy we have the exclusive license to move this equipment. 25ton-1000ton a day unit.

    Michael Magana
    Powerhouse Energy

  • Graham Imrie

    Could some one please call me regarding the Pryomex system. I am working with a very large food producing co who want to invest into waste to energy.
    Thanks Graham Imrie 00447721489940

  • Michael

    Hello Graham,

    Thank you for the interest in our Pyromex Technology. If you want to talk please call me at your earliest convenience. This technology is very costly and we have 25tpd and 50tpd scaled up to 100tpd. Does the food manufacturer have a budget for a project of this size?


    Michael Magana


    Mike, sorry for the phone call from western Australia – probably late evening with you? I need an update on Pyromex. There used to be an agent here in Perth, WA but I think they no longer exist? I could be looking to supply a 100tpd unit to an island in the Indian Ocean but first of all I need an update on costs, delivery time etc plus an up to date brochure along with any comments from present users – if there are any.

    Hope to hear form you – Nick

  • Michael

    Hello Nick,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Please call me again at the number below and send me an e-mail at my e-mail address and we can discuss your projects. Look forward to your call and e-mail.

    mmagana [AT]

    Michael Magana

  • David Phelan


    I work for RPS Consulting Engineers in Dublin , Ireland . Currently i am investigating the uses of Gasification technology for MSW waste.

    I want to find out is it possible to utilise the syngas in another way other than combusting it on-site and generating electricity (e.g can it be cleaned, liquefied, stored and combusted on another site??)

    I would be very grateful if you could provide me relevant information on your company in relation to MSW Gasification.

    David Phelan

  • Mayur

    Can you tell me the size of land required to for converting waste of approx. 50 tpd and if possible to scale it up to 500 tpd in the future. Also, what is the cost of the plant for the same.



  • Joseph George

    Hi in INDIA good opportunity for waste to energy can you send me please 200 TPD waste how much electricity produce and what is the cost of the project

    please send reply —

  • ayman kazala

    Hello , please and urgent , let me know how to contact the provider of such technology . You can epost it here or email me the info :
    A A.

  • ayman kazala

    Any one know which company is selling the technology that V.p . LIoyd is talking about please .

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