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Apr 23

Obama Stresses Clean Energy on Earth Day

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Barack Obama on Earth Day President Barack Obama is known as a staunch supporter of green energy. His stimulus plan has raised new hope for the environmentalists and economists alike. On the occasion of Earth Day, President Obama declared that developing renewable energy is crucial to America’s prosperity. He also declared that his administration will for the first time lease federal waters for projects to generate electricity from wind as well as from ocean currents and other renewable sources. Obama also emphasized the need for action on global warming and preserving vast and beautiful natural resources of USA.

President Obama said, “On this Earth Day, it is time for us to lay a new foundation for economic growth by beginning a new era of energy exploration in America.”

He stresses his point by stating, “The choice we face is not between saving our environment and saving our economy — the choice we face is between prosperity and decline. We can remain the world’s leading importer of oil, or we can become the world’s leading exporter of clean energy. We can allow climate change to wreak unnatural havoc across the landscape, or we can create jobs working to prevent its worst effects… The nation that leads the world in creating new energy sources will be the nation that leads the 21st century global economy.”

He is quite sure that by 2030 wind energy could generate as much as 20 percent of electricity and create around 250,000 jobs. Alternative energy is seen as a window to open job opportunities too and might strengthen a weak economy.

Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget for next fiscal year that Congress is hashing out calls for $15 billion each year for ten years to develop clean energy including wind power, solar power, geothermal energy, and clean coal technology.

The Vice President Joe Biden showed his commitment to clean energy by declaring $300 million in funding from the stimulus package for state and local governments, and transit authorities. This $300 million funding is to expand their fleets of clean and sustainable vehicles. He stated that city and states governments should work tirelessly for green energy considering every day as Earth Day. He elaborated by stating, “From advanced battery cars to hybrid-electric city buses, we’re going to put Recovery Act dollars to work deploying cleaner, greener vehicles in cities and towns across the nation that will cut costs, reduce pollution and create the jobs that will drive our economic recovery.”

Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis were writing an op-ed piece that was published in many regional newspapers too. They voiced their concern over depleting oil reserves and worsening environmental conditions. They think that development of clean and renewable energy will be the hallmark of growth in the current century. They also warned the corporations that polluting the environment will invite stern action. President Obama and his team visualize a future where America can be a leading exporter of the technology of clean and green energy in the world.

The President voiced his opinion on automobiles too. He asked for the same enthusiasm for automobile industry that is being shown for generation of clean electricity for home and businesses. He said automobile industry can’t survive by using the technology of the past. The industry has to be forward looking. He elaborates, “…for decades, fuel economy and fuel economy standards have stagnated, leaving American consumers vulnerable to the ebb and flow of gas prices. When gas prices spike up like they did last summer, suddenly the market for American cars plummets because we build SUVs. That’s it. It leaves the American economy ever more dependent on the supply of foreign oil.”

Ending America’s dependence on foreign oil is the prime concern of many politicians including President Obama. That’s why Obama sees advanced biofuels and ethanol, as an important transitional fuel that may help reduce oil dependence and are clean, homegrown sources of energy as well.

President Obama has not forgotten to mention his government’s interest in fundamental and basic research going on in alternative energy. He is of the opinion that these researches may not pay off immediately but in the long run they will be decisive for clean energy. That’s why Obama’s government has sanctioned the largest investment in basic research funding in the American history. He said, “That young guy in the garage designing a new engine or a new battery, that computer scientist who’s imagining a new way of thinking about energy, we need to fund them now, fund them early, because that’s what America has always been about: technology and innovation.”

  • Marius Gligor

    Bravo Mr. President. As a student taking Alternative Energy in college, I see a bright future in the industry for me and my classmates. Efficiency improvements will not be far behind as more people get involved and develop new innovations to produce clean energy without carbon burning.


  • Gunther Flaig

    America’s answer to becoming a leader in renewable energy has to start with adapting the German style FIT (Feed-In-Tarif). FIT will empower ANYONE to become a renewable energy producer who elects to become one. It eliminates Federal and State Tax credits (besides our Government needs the money so they don’t just print it!) and provides a reasonable investment tool. FIT’s will create jobs instantly, see the Gainesville, Fl example of Gainesville Regional Utilities (and Captial City Bank)earlier this year! Additionally it takes away the “power” monopoly wielded by the utilities who are currently manipulating State legislation to avoid FIT’s so only they can benefit from REC’s (renewable energy credits) while investing in RE (renewable energy) with user funded capital.

    Ther German FIT works, has been providing hundreds of thousands of new jobs (and not at the expense of the tax payer), google it, convince yourself and your local Representative!

  • Larisa Cummings

    What is clean coal?

  • Brandy Culbertson

    Clean Coal is the oxymoron of the century!

  • Grant Drygas

    I love that in this day and age our only solution for anything we aren’t quite sure what to do with is still, you know, bury it underground and deal with it later! Amazing!

  • Karen Hertz

    I LOVE that MAN! I’ve been praying for a Sustainable Green Economy Revolution for decades! Finally a president who realizes we must adapt and evolve! (OR kiss our sorry asses goodbye). But Big Oil and other fossil fuel monsters must be fit to tie! He should offer those people free re-training so they won’t have to worry that sustainable green and clean energy will be a threat to their livelihood. Those in the dirty energy field, unemployed, and non-violent prisoners should be retrained and retooled for the new green economy to begin with.

  • Bitty Martin Elizbaeth Ricketson

    If not now, when? The Chinese already poured money into wind turbines and now are the largest producer of wind turbines. We need to do that. We need those clean energy jobs.

  • Patricia Smyth

    I think you should give the poor guy a chance! It’s only 4 months that he’s become president. Rome wasn’t built in a day, & economics have to play a role otherwise there will be more people all over the world without jobs. You cannot stop one thing abruptly just to start another. The economy would never cope which would end up in all countries sliding into chaos & anarchy. “Mad Max” realized!

  • Francisco A Roque

    I feel we all need to attack the energy problem before we ever see anything done. Obama’s plans are ok but not to do anything now. We need clean and ship energy now. His plans will take years, so let’s all try to help ourselves with the above comment, ‘the german FIT’ let’s check it out, check you tube on free energy and see what feels comfortable for you to do, and go for it. Too bad they never allowed Tesla’s tower transmission to operate, but let’s also check out the suppressed inventions. Good luck.

  • Beverly Clarke

    Until something is discovered that can help reduce the problems we are all experiencing, the best thing that everyone can do to help the situation is to try to cut back on their energy usage on a consistent basis. Research has shown that if everyone just took the time to turn off the lights in their homes when they were not in use, that it would help to cut back the amount of energy being used by up to twenty five percent.

  • russ

    The German FIT is another form of tax with the parties installing solar PV receiving the benefit.

    I suppose it could be called a regressive tax.

    No free money shows up in the treasury to hand out to everyone and the utilities certainly don’t take it out of their pocket.

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