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Jan 04

JPod Transportation Concept

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JPod TransportationMinnesota based JPods LLC and Swiss-based Festel Capital have signed a letter of intent to begin raising capital to commercialize JPods’ patented form of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The JPod system supplies power to the JPod vehicles via power conductor cables supported from the rail support structure. The system is designed to endure the worst extremes of weather and can travel at speeds up to 30-40 miles per hour. The load capacity depends upon the type of vehicle. A standard people JPod can carry 4 people with a generous margin on normal weight.

PRT is a category of public transportation designed to offer automated, on-demand, non-stop transportation on a network of specially built guide ways. A JPod is a small, efficient, safe, computer driven vehicle designed to transport people and cargo. A JPod runs suspended from an overhead rail. The entire network applies existing technologies in new ways.

“Exporting JPods to Europe will be a significant opportunity for Minnesota and building a sustainable infrastructure,” said Bill James, President of JPods LLC. “The European Union issued official studies that PRT will provide equitable personal mobility and reduce problems of pollution and global warming.”

The agreement calls for Festel Capital to act as JPods exclusive cooperation partner in raising funds to form Local Mobility Companies (LMCs). A LMC is a privately owned, or public-private venture, that provides and applies JPods’ patented form of PRT in a given area. LMCs work with all different types of community members- elected officials, the media, neighborhood groups, local government, and private capital, to receive the necessary approval to build and operate a JPods network.

Once built, there could be hundreds of LMCs across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in such prominent cities as Zurich, Munich, Berlin, and Innsbruck. JPods efficient transportation networks are in line with Western Europe’s tradition as leaders in both technology and environmental stewardship.

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  • carley

    I don’t think the Jpod concept is all that feasible, since an LMC is a privately owned, and they are partners with the Jpod people. Privately owned companies usually ensure very expensive products. So I say not feasible for the average family

  • Bob Wallace

    “Privately owned companies usually ensure very expensive products.”

    They do?

    If so, how do you explain the dropping costs of computers, TVs, and just about everything that companies deliver in free (but adequately regulated) markets?

  • Steve

    Competition is generally the best way to keep product prices low. Monopolies have the opposite effect. If this system is overpriced, it is not likely it will be implemented.

    This is a great idea for public transportation, especially in congested cities. Even if the cost was significantly more than personal vehicles, the payback is much greater in terms of time and efficiency. 5 mph (typical speed in horrible traffic, including lights, etc) vs 30-40 mph. I think this can do well.

  • Gene

    It might be better in mall shopping to parking ,or a business with a street or large distance between buildings the criminals would ruin it for the public.

  • McManus

    “criminals would ruin it for the public”

    Surveillance cameras would curb that decently well, I think.

  • Carl Davis

    Come on people, this is exactly what is needed. Have to start somewhere. I am of the mind that this system could be designed attachable to a Detroit built family car. Furthermore, built not just for cities but a nationwide system. Think big dammit. Oh, and hurry up. This could be what keeps our nation #1. Hope to hear more on this as will be keeping an eye on you guys. If there is anything I can do to help just holler.

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