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Feb 08

Jet Engines the Inspiration for New Wind Power Technology

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Jet Engines Wind Power Wind power has recently received a nice boost as one of the hottest forms of energy on the market. When comparing the recent market growth against all forms of energy, both renawables and non-renewables, wind turbines seem to be jumping to the head of the pack. While it still has a way to go before it catches up to solar, it is gaining ground rather quickly. Something that will help pick up the pace even further is new technology that is coming from FloDesign. Their truly unique wind turbine is actually based on the design of a jet engine instead of the traditional windmills that we see all across the country. Their concept seems to be a simple one, but it extremely effective.

The design concept is based on capturing the wind through a small hole that powers a turbine that looks almost identical to a jet engine. They claim that the design makes the turbine as much as 4 times as effective as the current turbines that are being used. Judging by the $34.5 million financing that they have just received, it would seem that they have convinced more than one person that this is the real deal.

Along with being more efficient, it is also less expensive. This is a rather large development as wind energy was already growing in acceptance and following and with this turn of events, it could really start to gain some momentum. Proof of this is the $8.3 million grant that was awarded to the company from the US Dept of Energy.

FloDesign has a very hot product on their hands right now. More efficient, less cost and more of them can occupy the same space that the traditional design was capable of occupying. If this design is launched and experiences success, the energy world will literally change right before our eyes.

  • Sepp Hasslberger

    Great design – can’t wait to see actual products coming out of this. I definitely would acquire one for producing home electricity and feeding back into the grid when there is more than needed.

  • Louise Silberling

    I hope they will put screens on the ends of them so that birds do not get caught in them. Then they will be an even better improvement over the existing windmill style!

  • Inganear

    Great concept, I’ve been working on a hydro system using a similar concept on my electric sailboat. We need more research and development with wind and other alternatives.

  • Richard

    Seems like a pretty simple idea, why didn’t someone think of this sooner like GE which makes jet engines and wind turbines.

  • Bob

    Great product design- I love it. Another transitional technology that is useful immediately. It reminds me of a refined Schauberger vortexian approach which is always more advanced in turbines of any design.

  • marisa rehana mann

    Is this a safer form of wind energy for wild birds such as Puffins? I am an Artist working in the field of sustainable development and worry that current designs may be harmful to wild birds?

  • Gary Schabel

    FloDesign’s video is very misleading and their design appears ridiculously expensive to me. They are not only going to build more blades that run at higher speeds but they are going to build all the shrouds also, and what about rotating the assembly to face the wind. Also, FloDesign apparently has never heard of the Betz limit which proves that you can only extract a maximum of 59% of the total kinetic energy in the wind.

  • William

    Would be interested in how much sound is generated from one (or more) of these units. Proposed target market and any known physical restrictions… and of course the actual sizes available.

    Are there any written result from the series of tests available to the public?

  • K. Mackie

    What concerns me about the presentation is that it uses false information about the so-called limitations of “traditional” wind turbines to promote its product. What does this say about the confidence of the “inventors” in their system? Where is footage of the prototype in operation? Why do we only see computer generated graphics? I will reserve judgment until I see real numbers generated by a real prototype in a real field test.

  • C. Crusack

    Might be a pain to maintain maintenance in later years, get inside there and clean the interior like a jet engine.

  • Geoff Thomas

    There is an extensive history of these shroud type machines, basically they are really only dealing with the “swept area” of the total shroud, so the smaller blades are misleading, the shroud is part of the blades.

    On top of that the extra resistance to the wind by all that complicated fluting and extra blade numbers means that the wind is inclined to go around the whole shebang, giving an actual wind speed through the total space much less than a conventional turbine.

    These designs only work in a restrictive wind tunnel where the wind can not go around the device, good for extracting funds from gullible investors but bad for the wind industry.

  • L.Kassahun

    It is wonderful idea day today the way for green form of energy were improved and fantastic new ideas coming.

    As a suggestion what I want to add is that mixing the air with the chemical may have its own direction instead of directly using the wind for the rotation of the turbine and production of electricity.

  • rollzone

    hello. the interest in improving this technology is fantastic. sure, it only works where there is enough wind blowing. it works. it is relatively free energy. the applications could be unlimited. imagine one of these incorporated into a new electric car design.

  • Ed Rennar

    I have a great idea for your flo design turbine all I need is a very small one or more to put my idea to a test. I have been checking out all possibilities and your design seems quite applicable. Is it possible to get a 7-1/2″ or 7-7/8″ dia. any volt or wattage is OK.

    Looking for some help. This idea will sell a lot of your turbines. Thanks

  • Boneheaded1

    Can we please stop talking about bird deaths and wind turbines? 1,000x more bird deaths occur from feral cats. Wind turbines will not cause a bird extinction. Do birds die from being hit by some turbine blades. Yes. But let’s remember more birds die from flying into glass doors/windows than they do from turbine blades. It’s the smaller turbines (less than 1MW) that do most of the killing, the bigger turbines turn to slow, bird can see them and avoid them. It’s the smaller ones that turn to fast that are, as you would term them, “the killers.”

    In all, I would like to see a working prototype so they can prove their theory. Until then, it’s just a theory. Were I an investor, I would only give them enough to build the prototype with a contract to invest more if performance criteria were met. Sorry guys, but bird deaths would low on the list.

  • John

    A fool and his money is soon parted. I am amazed as the salesmanship of some people and the fact that investors do not use experts for analysis of the models.

    Wind energy is directly related to area. The amount of power in the wind is the same per area. There is no magic involved. Perhaps the design is more effective due to lower magnetic flux resistance aka lower cut in winds, but air core versus magnetic core in the nacelles will do the same thing with proven technologies.

  • Stan

    I have seen FloDesign popping up every year in the last 3 years with one and the same information. Quasi high-tech idea (jet engines – wow!), but no proof of concept, no prototype, no production plan – for years. Seems a VC trap to me. Next million please!

  • Gary R. Anderson

    I think somewhere in the desert there’s a boneyard with old aircraft. I wonder if one could use one of those monster shrouds and retro fit the blades to make a wind generator.

  • J Rand

    As pretty as the design looks I must say I am skeptical.

    By what measure is it 4 times as effective? A conventional wind turbine converts roughly 1/2 the available power from it’s swept area. It will be a nice trick of physics if this one converts twice the available power.

    Also I can’t believe it is cost effective. Instead of building just 3 blades you have to build many more and some complex and bulky shroudings.

    If there is a market for such a design, it’s in tidal turbines, where the energy density is higher. There are good reasons why the design of modern wind turbine have converged to the 3 bladed HAWT design.

  • Dieter Nowak

    The turbine design has no merit because the maximum wind energy that can be collected is in the portion of the wind profile which covers the intake area of the shroud, which is apparently small compared to a conventional rotor. Actually, because of the pressure increase in front of the shroud, the effective diameter is even smaller, maybe 80% of the shroud diameter. The streamlines diverge in front of the shroud.

    For the jet engine, because the driving turbine increases the troughput velocity, the streamlines in front of the shroud converge, just the opposite as for the wind turbine.

    To have the same energy convergence capability the shrouded design would have to have approx. the same diameter as the standard wind turbine. This would require a large and very expensive structure

  • Paddy

    Reminds somewhat of Dyson’s Air Multiplier …

  • Geoff Thomas

    Agree with Paddy, there is no reason the wind will avoid the turbine area, ie, can not surpass the claimed superiority to normal wind turbines because if anything, the resistance will be higher.
    Probably the rave could best argue the advantage of 2 bladed wind turbines as they do provide less resistance, – that could be a productive debate.
    Geoff Thomas.
    Advanced Wind Technologies,

  • Richard

    Clever design, still unfortunate it only will work with wind so no matter how much production is put in it will always be at the mercy of the elements… obviously this is easily corrected by placing them strategically, but still…

  • Carlsongs

    Why not put coils inside the outer ring and put neomagnets on the tips of the blades and create even more energy to charge batteries

  • Carlsongs

    Why not put coils inside the outer ring and put neomagnets on the tips of the blades and create even more energy to charge batteries

  • Carlsongs

    And also put solar tiles on the top. Wow, Now were creating some serious energy.

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