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Dec 04, 2021

Wind Energy

Without biosecurity, Earth risks invasion of alien organisms

Dec 3, 2021: Scientists warn that alien organisms may invade Earth if biosecurity measures aren't taken. According to a study published in the international journal BioSciences, increased space travel puts Earth at risk of being invaded by alien organisms. The researchers behind the study say that there is evidence of living organisms having been transferred to space, which means that the reverse could also occur.

Elusive sea turtles caught snuggling and making out on video

Dec 3, 2021: This might be anthropomorphizing, but videos filmed in Hawaii and analyzed in a new study appear to show a couple of sea turtles making out. Marine biologists are surprised, because even reptiles as cute as turtles aren’t usually regarded as being so sensual. Or even sociable.

Grab these eco-friendly gifts for kids before they're gone

Dec 3, 2021: There are few things better than experiencing the holidays through the eyes of a child. The wonder of sparkling lights, the excitement about novel experiences, and of course, the joy of gifts are where memories are made. When it comes to selecting gifts for kids, choose toys and games that amuse and charm the little ones without harming the environment they will grow up in.

UK research center at the University of Leeds is completed

Dec 3, 2021: ADP Architecture has completed the Sir William Henry Bragg Building at the University of Leeds. It's a new center for engineering and physical sciences that is designed to support research in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Make your own bike with OpenBike's downloadable files

Dec 3, 2021: What's not to love about open-source printing instructions for the Arquimaña OpenBike? Their new design has greater stability and rigidity, is shared under a creative commons license and you can make it yourself.

Total Eren plans 10GW wind farm to power green hydrogen and ammonia complex in Chile

Dec 3, 2021: Construction on massive wind-hydrogen-ammonia project in Chile's Magallanes region could start in 2025, Total Eren says…

Tower factory deal cements UK's Port of Nigg as strategic offshore wind hub

Dec 3, 2021: Global Energy Group and Haizea Wind Group will build £110-120m facility in Scotland to produce 135 towers a year…

New Japanese owner and Nordex turbines for 300MW wind farm in Texas

Dec 3, 2021: Japan's Jera kickstarts its 2GW US goal with acquisition of Texas wind farm and orders 4.5MW turbines from Nordex…

Climate change may be driving albatross divorces

Dec 2, 2021: Ever heard of an albatross divorce? A new study published in the journal Royal Society found that Black-browed albatrosses may separate from their life partners due to global warming. According to the study, albatrosses are among a few species that mate for life, but climate change is affecting their mating.

Over 80 fashion brands linked to Amazon deforestation

Dec 2, 2021: Turns out, it’s not just fast-food chains causing problems. According to a new study, many fashion brands source leather from opaque supply chains tied to decimating forests.

Brutalist home in Puerto Rico is resistant to weather

Dec 2, 2021: QBO3 Architects have created Casa Ethos, a home in Puerto Rico that explores brutalist architecture, or how a home can be left uninhabited safely for long periods while still adapting to the environment.

High-tech Infinitus Plaza by Zaha Hadid completed in China

Dec 2, 2021: Infinitus Plaza, the global headquarters for Infinitus, China, has recently completed construction on their innovative, environmentally-friendly and high-tech building. With construction led by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), the Infinitus Plaza creates an entrance to the developing Baiyun Central Business District, which was developed on the site of the decommissioned Baiyun Airport.

Lamps by Biohm are made from coffee and orange peel

Dec 2, 2021: Biohm, a London biotech and biomanufacturing startup, has created a line of sustainable lampshades called Obscure that are made of 100% coffee chaff and orange peel. Biohm has become an example of what's possible in development and bio-manufacturing of natural materials for the built environment.

Offshore wind surge drives China past 300GW installed capacity

Dec 2, 2021: As industry rushes to get projects online before support finishes at year end, IEA says China will meet 2030 targets four years early…

SSE and Equinor reach financial close for 1.2GW Dogger Bank C offshore project

Dec 2, 2021: SSE and Equinor's £3 billion project finance package confirms first commercial order for GE's 14MW Haliade-X turbine…

New joint venture plans 1GW of onshore wind in Ireland

Dec 2, 2021: State-owned utility ESB and forestry board Coillte join forces to develop 1GW of wind power projects by 2030 in 50:50 joint venture…

Need eco-friendly holiday gifts for friends? We've got you covered.

Dec 1, 2021: While compiling your list of besties to share the joy of the season with, look into companies dedicated to protecting the health of the planet, animals and customers too. These eco-friendly gifts will be perfect for your environmentally conscious friends.

Nitrogen tracking tech may help cut greenhouse gas emissions

Dec 1, 2021: Scientists at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center are working on a solution that may cut agricultural-based greenhouse gases significantly. The team is working on a nitrogen tracking technology that may help cut greenhouse emissions equivalent to the CO2 produced by 10 million cars annually.

Can briefly raising emissions help us transition to solar?

Dec 1, 2021: A new study divides fueling the world into two options: we can continue with a fossil engine model, or we can jump on the solar engine. Considering that experts say humanity has only a 50% chance of keeping to the Paris Agreement target of keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius or under by century's end, it's clear the study authors are pro-solar.

What will homes in the future look like?

Dec 1, 2021: Years and years later into the future, what will homes look like? What would a home look like for people living on Mars? GoodMove and CK Architectural have teamed up to answer these questions.

77-year-old launches waterproof hemp shoe company

Dec 1, 2021: 8000Kicks hemp shoes opened in 2018 after founder Bernardo Carreira finished his business studies at Purdue University. He decided to make use of his grandmother Maria Otilia's 50 years of experience in the textile industry and launch a sneaker company with her.

European Commission approves state aid for French offshore wind farm

Dec 1, 2021: Decision clears path for winner to be picked next year from six-strong shortlist for up to 1.5GW project off Normandy coast…

Atlantic Power Transmission plans transmission project for New Jersey offshore wind

Dec 1, 2021: Atlantic Power Transmission (APT), a Blackstone portfolio company, submitted a bid to develop a clean power transmission solution in response to the 2021 New Jersey Offshore Wind SAA Transmission Solicitation initiated by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. APT’s project offers a total offshore wind transmission solution of up to 3,600 MW and is… The post Atlantic Power Transmission plans transmission project for New Jersey offshore wind appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Hyundai Heavy Industries receives testing approval for floating offshore wind foundation

Dec 1, 2021: Bureau Veritas, a testing, inspection, and certification service, has delivered an Approval in Principle (AiP) to Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) for its design and development of “Hi-Float,” a floating offshore wind turbine foundation. Based on HHI’s experience with offshore projects, the offshore floating wind substructure Hi-Float is designed to support a 10-MW wind turbine with… The post Hyundai Heavy Industries receives testing approval for floating offshore wind foundation appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

RWE wins coveted 1GW Thor offshore wind lottery

Dec 1, 2021: Denmark's largest offshore wind farm awarded in lottery draw after initial tender failed to return clear winner…

TetraSpar floating offshore wind demonstrator starts test phase off Norwegian coast

Dec 1, 2021: Commissioning of the world’s first fully industrialised floating offshore foundation paves way for commercial-scale floating wind…

Consultation opens on 300MW Danish offshore wind farm

Dec 1, 2021: Public review of environmental impact underway as Hofor project inches closer to final approval, with Ørsted lined up as offtaker…

Hamama makes growing microgreens in your home effortless

Nov 30, 2021: There’s simply nothing more rewarding than growing your own food, except when an innovative product makes it ultra-easy to do so. Hamama is the newest option in the urban or indoor gardening trend, and it provides a breadth of options to keep your palate pleased.

Belgium's new timber community center centers modular design

Nov 30, 2021: Marc Koehler Architects designed Edegem, Belgium's newest community center, as a symbol of sustainable design to represent this city south of Antwerp and its commitment to restoring the city for a sustainable future.

MVMT releases new bracelet made from recycled ocean plastic

Nov 30, 2021: In the fight against pollution and environmental waste, there are many levels of similarly-minded people in government, nonprofit, for-profit and community all working towards the same goals. So it makes sense that a name like Surfrider is a perfect match with #Tide Ocean and the fashion company MVMT.

Home built from 100 bio-based materials at Dutch Design Week

Nov 30, 2021: The Exploded View Beyond Building at Dutch Design Week was created out of 100 different bio-based materials. It also uses sustainable building methods to highlight the ways we as a global society can apply sustainable design and building in real-world house construction right now.

New riverside development in China will be an urban renewal

Nov 30, 2021: Architects VenhoevenCS have won a major riverside redevelopment in Shenzhen, China. They hope to protect large areas of land from flooding while also creating a vibrant new urban identity for the Bao'an district.

EDF to buy entire output of RWE's 1.4GW Sofia offshore wind farm

Nov 30, 2021: French utility to take all the energy generated by RWE’s Sofia offshore wind farm in the UK, due for full commissioning in 2026…

Greece to consult on draft offshore wind legislation

Nov 30, 2021: Consultation to start soon on legal framework for Greek offshore wind development, with plans for first tenders in 2023…

Floating offshore wind power makes headway in South Korea

Nov 30, 2021: Shell-led joint venture secures licence for first stage of 1.3GW floating wind project, while city signs MoUs with German developers…

Acciona enters Brazil with 850MW of wind projects

Nov 30, 2021: Company acquires two Bahia wind development projects from Casa dos Ventos with view to starting construction next year…

Spend Cyber Monday supporting these environmental groups on Amazon Charity Lists

Nov 29, 2021: It’s that time of year again. Commercials are encouraging you to spend, spend, spend, and your loved ones are asking you what you want for the holidays. For those of you fortunate enough to have all you need, consider supporting these environmental charities during Cyber Monday.

Here are 5 Indigenous eco-charities to support

Nov 29, 2021: If you want to support Indigenous organizations working toward a better planet through everything from education to legal help, check out this list of Indigenous-led eco-charities worldwide.

Cozy waterfront cottage transforms old foundations using natural materials

Nov 29, 2021: Architecture company Prodesi/Domesi's new cottage in the Czech Republic was inspired by a ship. The small cottage is covered in sunburned larch planks and sits in the trees above the Vranov Dam.

Public art electric vehicle charging stations merge design and function

Nov 29, 2021: Architecture, art and functional elements fill the urban atmosphere, usually as separate entities in the same environment. The Public Art Electric Charging Stations set out to meld all these elements together, combining design, art and innovation for the function and viewing pleasure of the community.

The new Black Mini Solar from Solios is a minimalist, solar-powered watch

Nov 29, 2021: A new smaller, thinner profile for a slimmer wrist sets the Black Mini Solar watch from Solios apart from previous offerings. Solios previously caught Inhabitat's attention at Vegan Fashion Week 2021, where the company exhibited its original Solios Solar Watches in many styles with multiple faces and bands.

20 new electric vehicles driving onto the scene in 2022

Nov 29, 2021: Technology is advancing at the speed of light. Fortunately some of that innovative effort is being funneled into newer, better, more efficient, and more appealing electric vehicles. As the new year approaches, production lines are rolling out a variety of new options at all ends of the EV spectrum, from luxury rides, to trucks, to recreational vehicles.  Audi E-tron GT The 2022 Audi E-tron GT shares some body-style characteristics with the notable Porsche Taycan. Along with the sporty...

Giant Australian wind farm gets the go ahead

Nov 29, 2021: Plans to build 215-turbine 800MW project in Victoria overcome years of legal challenges to win final planning approval…

Plans for 4GW Irish offshore wind farm to power green hydrogen facility

Nov 29, 2021: Singapore-based Enterprize Energy reveals plans for 4GW offshore wind hub to feed green hydrogen and ammonia production…

Vestas confirms cyber security incident was ransomware attack

Nov 29, 2021: Operations now close to normal after investigations find breach mostly hit turbine manufacturer’s internal data…

Chile green-lights Engie’s 353MW Lomas de Taltal wind farm

Nov 29, 2021: Engie Energía Chile's project is part of plan to replace 2GW of fossil-fuel generation with renewables and will feature 6.2MW turbines…

The right rotary limit switch will reduce wind turbine downtime and maintenance costs

Nov 29, 2021: By Sam Salem and Peter Nyegaard Jensen, Wind Cluster; and Fabio Orlandi, TER Rotary limit switches are used in wind turbines for managing and controlling the position of the nacelle (yaw control) and in some cases for pitch angle of the blades (pitch control). Whenever the direction of the wind changes, the wind turbine nacelle will… The post The right rotary limit switch will reduce wind turbine downtime and maintenance costs appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Digital weather station in Spain looks like a wood ring

Nov 26, 2021: LPA Studios' digital totem for the beaches of the Canary Islands has just won the Architizer A+ Product Award 2021 and the gold at Grand Prix du Design Awards 14th Edition 2021. This beautiful 2.5-meter tall digital beacon combines traditional art forms with modern function, working both as a decorative seasonal sundial and digital weather station.

NUQI uses 100% natural materials for its products

Nov 26, 2021: After years of experience in the fashion industry, Tosca van Haren was fed up with fast fashion and the waste in the industry, so she launched her own social fashion brand NUQI.

6 Indian street foods that are traditionally vegan

Nov 26, 2021: If you’re vegan, Indian street food is a dream come true. There are many popular options here that are traditionally vegan and totally delicious.