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Dec 08, 2019

Solar Energy

Shmas Bangkok Green Link wants to add over 30 miles of greenways to Bangkok

Dec 6, 2019: In a bid to reconnect the city to nature and encourage residents to adopt healthier lifestyles, the project links major neighborhoods and transportation nodes with lush linear parks with diverse programming.

Minimalist home in the Brazilian countryside is made from mining waste

Dec 6, 2019: Brazilian architectural firm Gustavo Penna Arquiteto e Associados (GPA&A) has unveiled a tiny, minimalist home with a small stature that conceals a powerhouse of sustainable design.

Families in China create an eco-community of timber, A-frame cabins

Dec 6, 2019: Spanning more than 20 acres in China's Mogan River Valley, Wiki Tribe Park consists of multiple A-framed cabins made out of cross-laminated timber.

Flowing marine research center inspired by tsunami waves

Dec 6, 2019: This proposed marine research center is inspired by tsunamis — inside and out.

Museum of Plastic pops up during Art Basel Miami Beach

Dec 6, 2019: Inhabitat speaks with Lonely Whale executive directory Dune Ives about the Museum of Plastic.

Impress loved ones with these homemade foods for holiday gifts

Dec 5, 2019: Everybody has to eat, and a food gift doesn’t hang around forever, taking up space.

Study shows how plant-based catering can greatly reduce events' carbon footprints

Dec 5, 2019: A recent analysis published by the Center for Biological Diversity’s Catering to the Climate report finds that replacing meat with plant-based menu offerings at conferences, corporate gatherings and holiday parties can greatly reduce the impact of these events.

Solar-powered Dutch home produces all of its own energy with surplus to spare

Dec 5, 2019: The Energy Plant House combines solar panels, passive solar strategies and a highly insulating envelope to achieve its energy-plus goals.

This durable, recyclable cooler is made from bamboo, wool, steel and aluminum

Dec 5, 2019: Called the Wooly Mammoth, this cooler strives to solve the problem of trashed coolers filling landfills, where they remain for generations.

Luca Curci Architects proposes a self-sustainable Vertical City of the future

Dec 5, 2019: Italian architecture firm Luca Curci Architects has unveiled the Vertical City, a futuristic proposal for urban development comprising a series of modular, zero-energy skyscrapers anchored into the ocean floor.

These DIY backyard saunas are just what you need to stay warm and toasty this winter

Dec 4, 2019: Are you dreading the dark, frigid months of winter? A DIY sauna is the cure for those cold-weather blues.

Historic schoolhouse is reborn into a contemporary hotel in the Columbia River Gorge

Dec 4, 2019: Historic preservation meets modern hospitality design in The Society Hotel in the Columbia River Gorge.

Perkins and Will designs modular, affordable housing for the homeless

Dec 4, 2019: In response to the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, Perkins and Will’s Los Angeles studio has proposed DOME.

Chic B&B in New South Wales is inside a shed made of upcycled materials

Dec 4, 2019: If you are thinking about going down under for a vacation, make sure to check out this beautiful B&B located in a shed in New South Wales.

Sustainable holiday gift ideas for your friends

Dec 4, 2019: Check out this green gift guide to give every friend on your list the gift of sustainability this holiday season.

Is the Spirit of Giving Contagious?

Dec 3, 2019: December 3, 2019 Today is Giving Tuesday, a coordinated effort of year-end giving that was started in 2011 to help counteract the overwhelming and exhausting consumerism and anxiety that often accompanies the demands of the holiday season. And while Giving Tuesday can itself seem overwhelming,……

Striking, sinuous home outside of So Paulo is inspired by the shape of native pine trees

Dec 3, 2019: The Pinhão House boasts a unique, elliptical volume with various levels and a leaf-shaped roof that juts out over a covered swimming pool, which is also integrated into the home's curved shape.

Cedar Haven is a forest retreat made with reclaimed logs

Dec 3, 2019: Blending contemporary design with natural materials, Washington-based residential architecture firm Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture completed a stunning timber home that feels like an extension of its alpine forest environment. Created for a homeowner who wanted a residence that echoed the tranquility of its mountain surroundings, the aptly named Cedar Haven was built mainly from stone and timber—much of which was reclaimed from the site itself. Several salvaged logs and other found objects...

Olson Kundig designs worlds first Recompose facility for composting human remains

Dec 3, 2019: Olson Kundig has unveiled designs for the flagship facility of Recompose, a company that will offer a new and sustainable after-death care service, in which human rains are gently converted into clean soil.

A family builds an impressive, 300-square-foot tiny home to travel the world

Dec 3, 2019: Their custom tiny home on wheels, as functional as it is beautiful, features all of the creature comforts of a contemporary family home.

Dutch company collects plastic pollution from rivers to make parks and products

Dec 3, 2019: Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem, with piles of debris along coastlines, on roadsides, in landfills and floating in waterways. Environmentally conscious companies are looking for ways to clean up the mess while simultaneously seeking out methods to recycle products into other products. One Dutch company, The Recycled Island Foundation (RIF), is tackling both problems with one solution — Litter Traps.

Making higher-energy light to fight cancer

Dec 3, 2019: Researchers have achieved photon up-conversion, the emission of light with energy higher than the one that excites the material, using carefully designed structures containing silicon nanocrystals and specialized organic molecules. The accomplishment brings scientists one step closer to developing minimally invasive photodynamic treatments for cancer. The advance could also hasten new technologies for solar-energy conversion, quantum information, and near-infrared driven photocatalysis.

Patagonias Black Hole Bags are made from recycled plastic bottles

Dec 2, 2019: Patagonia is setting the bar for high-quality and sustainable products with its new line of bags made from recycled plastic bottles.

Students fight urban sprawl with a subdivision for two LEED Platinum houses

Dec 2, 2019: In an effort to fight urban sprawl and accommodate the growing population in Lawrence, Kansas, nonprofit Studio 804 has created a subdivision for two sustainable homes to show how urban density can be achieved in established neighborhoods.

Sigurd Larsen completes a luxurious, treetop hotel cabin in a Danish forest

Dec 2, 2019: The tiny treehouse is elevated 26 feet in the air and is accessible by a wooden bridge that leads directly into a stunning, luxurious interior.

Eco-friendly subscription boxes to gift this holiday season

Dec 2, 2019: Giving the gift of a subscription box can provide year-round enjoyment for any recipient.

Tesla Cybertruck is an electric pickup truck with Blade Runner appeal

Dec 2, 2019: Elon Musk has unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck, an impressive, unique and fully electric pickup truck.

Daylight damage to photovoltaics

Dec 2, 2019: A research team has investigated the ways sunlight can degrade the efficiency of newly developed organic photovoltaics over time. This work may assist in the wide commercialization of next-generation solar sheets.

Timber Woody office in France embraces Paris' largest park

Nov 29, 2019: Nicknamed “Woody” after its timber build, the office is located on the eastern edge of Paris right next to the Bois de Vincennes.

Prefab homes on stilts include solar panels, water collection systems and organic gardens

Nov 29, 2019: Bali-based architect Alexis Dornier has unveiled a beautiful, eco-friendly concept for a series of prefabricated homes that are elevated off the landscape on stilts.

6 helpful ways to give back to nature this Thanksgiving

Nov 28, 2019: Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is the best time to reflect on our planet and give thanks for nature and all of its glories.

This tiny farmhouse features a quaint reading nook

Nov 28, 2019: New York-based tiny home builder Willowbee Tiny Homes has managed to combine a comfy farmhouse aesthetic with a sophisticated and space-efficient tiny home.

9 tips for eco-friendly Black Friday, Cyber Monday shopping

Nov 27, 2019: Follow these tips to take advantage of the seasonal deals without damaging the planet.

Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act is signed into law

Nov 27, 2019: In a bipartisan win, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act has been signed into law, making serious harm to “living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians” a federal crime.

Beachfront hotel in Costa Rica pays tribute to the land and its inhabitants

Nov 27, 2019: A new hotel, Hotel Nantipa, located in the Puntarenas area of Costa Rica, has been built with several sustainable features while also paying homage to the indigenous Chorotegan people who first inhabited the area. Designed by local firm Garnier Arquitectos, the hotel is integrated with water-saving systems, solar-powered water heaters, reclaimed building materials and more.

Amsterdams new circular archives building sustainably generates all of its own energy

Nov 27, 2019: The city of Amsterdam has officially opened the Depot Amsterdam Noord, a new repository for the capital’s Stadsarchief city archives.

These ultra-cool, vintage-style travel trailers can go off the grid for a week

Nov 27, 2019: Handcrafted in California by Bowlus Road Chief, these aluminum-clad travel trailers offer race car-inspired aerodynamics that provide the smoothest ride possible. Additionally, the incredible campers can even go off the grid for various periods of time before needing recharged.

Architects design giant air purifying towers to fight Delhis air pollution

Nov 26, 2019: Developed using the principles of aerodynamics, the Aũra air purifiers rely on a curved shape and air pressure differentials to intake polluted air and produce cool, clean air.

Students propose a biomimetic solution to reduce post-harvest food waste in Nigeria

Nov 26, 2019: In a bid to provide a solution to post-harvest tomato waste, a team of Pratt Institute students designed a storage facility for tomato farmers in Nigeria that takes inspiration from the respiratory system of a cricket and the ribs of a cactus.

Stunning family home in Ecuador offers serenity in an increasingly noisy world

Nov 26, 2019: Located just out of Quevedo, this unique home has a massive central courtyard that acts as a serene meditation space for a family looking to block out the noise.

Minimalist, energy-efficient cabin is glazed in a mirror-like shine

Nov 26, 2019: The charming, simple cabin's glazed facade can be specially coated to prevent bird collisions, too.

San Diego Tropical Fish Societys Annual Show celebrates natural, eco-minded aquascaping

Nov 26, 2019: Join Inhabitat on an exploration of the show, its history and its members' efforts — past and present — in sustainability and fish conservation.

A fairytale-like school lab for math and sciences takes over a tiny London "turret"

Nov 25, 2019: Hayhurst & Co recently transformed an existing two-story “turret” on top of a Queen-Anne style primary school in London into an award-winning learning space for children.

These adaptive reuse hotel suites in Amsterdam are built inside old bridge houses

Nov 25, 2019: What were once 28 unused canal-side bridge houses are now a series of hotel suites.

Squirrel Park turns shipping containers into affordable housing units

Nov 25, 2019: In recent years, shipping container architecture has been moving forward as a real-world solution for affordable housing.

Architecture students design and build a LEED Platinum smart home in Kansas

Nov 25, 2019: The group not only accomplished their goal of a LEED Platinum-certified house but also created the program’s first fully integrated smart house.

7 tips for a sustainable Thanksgiving celebration

Nov 25, 2019: Enjoy your celebration and give back to nature at the same time with these sustainable tips for the upcoming holiday.

ZHA completes LEED Gold-targeted building with worlds largest atrium in Beijing

Nov 22, 2019: In China’s capital city, Zaha Hadid Architects has completed the Leeza SOHO tower, a 45-story skyscraper that boasts the world’s largest atrium at 194.15 meters in height.

PaperTale app shows the ethics and sustainability of clothing with a simple scan

Nov 22, 2019: PaperTale is an app that scans smart tags on clothing to reveal the items' materials and how ethically they were made.

A rundown 1960s structure is converted into a stunning home that operates almost entirely off the grid

Nov 22, 2019: Once a tract home, the Saddle Peak Residence is now a contemporary, light-filled space that has been equipped with several energy-efficient features, such as solar power, that allow the home to largely function off the grid.