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Jun 23, 2021

Solar Energy

Ranch Dressing house sets example for modernization with minimal impact

Jun 22, 2021: Located in Mill Valley, California, this midcentury home has undergone an impressive, green renovation.

Single-use food packaging waste nearly doubled during the pandemic

Jun 22, 2021: A new report from the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup has seen an uptick in single-use food packaging waste as well as masks collected during beach cleanups.

Future of perovskite solar cells shines a little brighter

Jun 22, 2021: A novel way of synthesizing an essential powder is key to raising the efficiency of perovskite solar cells, say researchers.

Record-breaking heat waves ravaging the West are not normal, scientists warn

Jun 22, 2021: This year, several states have witnessed persistent scorching temperatures that cannot pass for the normal summer heat.

LA's Barnsdall Art Park revives historic olive grove

Jun 22, 2021: The restoration project is in line with Los Angeles' climate strategy to plant more trees.

Therme Art unveils 3 urban sustainability projects at Venice Architecture Biennale

Jun 22, 2021: These three projects explore how urban design can contribute to wellbeing for all.

Transportation hub in Sweden has a futuristic, floating solar roof

Jun 21, 2021: The “floating” solar roof in Sweden’s new Västerås Travel Center may be just an illusion, but the power it generates is entirely real.

Computers help researchers find materials to turn solar power into hydrogen

Jun 21, 2021: Researchers report that they have taken a step toward overcoming the challenge of inexpensive hydrogen production by using supercomputers to find materials that could help accelerate hydrogen separation when water is exposed to light, a process called photocatalysis.

Potentially harmful PFAS found in makeup products sold in North America

Jun 21, 2021: Potentially harmful traces of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as "forever chemicals", have been found in several makeup products sold in the U.S. and Canada.

Stock up on sustainable personal care products this Prime Day

Jun 21, 2021: If you want to take care of the Earth while also taking care of yourself, check out this round-up of sustainable personal care deals for Amazon’s 2021 Prime Day.

New Sodexo Montreal offices include "Quality of Life" spaces

Jun 21, 2021: The offices invite a well-rounded recipe of collaboration, peace of mind and wellness.

A bright future: Using visible light to decompose CO2 with high efficiency

Jun 21, 2021: To tackle the challenge of global warming, scientists have been looking into green and sustainable methods of breaking down carbon dioxide in emissions and in the atmosphere. Now, a group of researchers have developed a novel, easy to synthesize composite compound that enables the efficient use of solar energy to reduce carbon dioxide, taking us one step closer to achieving a green economy.

Tech deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Jun 21, 2021: Here are the top deals on tech products for Prime Day 2021.

Prime Day Deals on zero-waste essentials

Jun 20, 2021: If you are shopping during this Prime Day, consider these top deals on zero-waste products to help you ditch plastic for good.

Shine Turbine is a wind-powered portable device charger

Jun 18, 2021: This portable wind-turbine weighs less than three pounds and fits in your backpack.

Rocky Mountains experience more severe and frequent wildfires

Jun 18, 2021: According to the study, climate change has led to decreased snowfall and increased the length of summers, triggering more wildfires.

EU parliament calls for ban on caged farming practices

Jun 18, 2021: On Thursday, the European Parliament approved a report petitioning the European Commission to end caged farming of animals.

DMAA designs Residential Greenhouse in Germany

Jun 18, 2021: A new urban district is rising from the dust of the former Kellogg's site on the Überseeinsel in Bremen, Germany.

All-electric affordable housing in Aspen to run on solar energy

Jun 18, 2021: A new, 53,000-square-foot building in Aspen is set to become one of the first multi-family structures run entirely off of electricity and solar energy in Colorado.

Loci vegan shoes give back to animal conservation efforts

Jun 17, 2021: Loci is changing the game with vegan sneakers made from recycled materials.

Federal judge overturns Biden's pause on oil, gas leases

Jun 17, 2021: President Biden previously halted oil and gas leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico for environmental review. But a federal judge has overturned this decision.

Cruise ships, shipping vessels can now earn a "Whale-Safe" label

Jun 17, 2021: An Italian NGO has launched a new eco-label that will be awarded to freight and cruise companies that take steps to prevent their ships from colliding with whales.

Solar-Funded WiFi for Affordable Housing: the New Normal?

Jun 17, 2021: Residents of 22 buildings in East New York, Crown Heights and Bedford Stuyvesant are about to get free solar-powered WiFi under a new program that could be replicated across the city’s entire affordable housing stock. Workforce Housing Group (WFHG), a New York-based affordable housing development……

WSU Everett building sets the gold standard for campus design

Jun 17, 2021: Explore the sustainable architecture that earned the Washington State University Everett building a LEED Gold rating.

Descendants Of Earth is a video game that tackles real-world problems

Jun 17, 2021: This is a mobile game that merges real-world environmental action with gameplay.

FreeWater is the startup connecting people to free, clean water

Jun 16, 2021: FreeWater provides beverages in eco-friendly, BPA-free packaging paid for by the ads printed directly onto the bottles.

Scientists use bacteria to turn plastic waste into vanilla flavoring

Jun 16, 2021: Scientists have converted plastic bottles into vanilla flavoring using genetically engineered bacteria.

Critical Antarctic ice shelf breaking away at an alarming rate

Jun 16, 2021: A new study published in Science Advances has revealed that the Pine Island Glacier's ice shelf is breaking away at a rate much faster than previously measured.

Adventuring in New River Gorge, the newest US national park

Jun 16, 2021: Here's what to expect on a visit to New River Gorge National Park.

Sino-Italian Cultural Exchange City Reception Center is a hidden art hall in China

Jun 16, 2021: Made using sustainable materials like local wood and low-emissivity glass, the Sino-Italian Cultural Exchange City Reception Center helps link the area’s surrounding ecological forest with the architecture of China and Italy.

PSUs LEED Platinum School of Business features regionally sourced timber

Jun 15, 2021: Downtown Portland’s reputation for sustainability has been elevated yet again with Portland State University’s latest addition.

G7 leaders commit to curb climate change, but fall short on coal

Jun 15, 2021: On Sunday, G7 leaders committed to take action against global warming and to protect biodiversity, but they failed to set a date to stop coal exploration.

Soaking up the sun: Artificial photosynthesis promises clean, sustainable source of energy

Jun 15, 2021: Humans can do lots of things that plants can't do. But plants have one major advantage over humans: They can make energy directly from the sun. That process of turning sunlight directly into usable energy - called photosynthesis - may soon be a feat humans are able to mimic to harness the sun's energy for clean, storable, efficient fuel. If so, it could open a whole new frontier of clean energy.

8 eco-conscious Prime Day Deals

Jun 15, 2021: Here are some of the top eco-friendly deals for Prime Day 2021.

BREEAM-certified residential development in Spain earns the name 'Nature'

Jun 15, 2021: Kronos Homes uses green design to create a functional and visually attractive housing complex in Spain.

The best Father's Day gifts for eco-minded dads

Jun 15, 2021: Check out our top picks for Father's Day gifts that are good to the planet.

Luxury vegan silk startup sets high bar for sustainable fashion

Jun 14, 2021: Luxury comes in many forms, often at a significant cost to the planet. But this U.S.-based company is making elegant, vegan silk clothing and accessories with minimal impact on the environment.

3,000 seabirds abandon their nests after drone crashes on beach

Jun 14, 2021: A drone illegally flying in Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve crashed, scaring elegant terns. The seabirds left behind 2,000 or so eggs, rendering them non-viable.

Senate passes ban on shark fin sales in the US

Jun 14, 2021: The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that, if enacted into law, will ban the buying and selling of shark fins and products containing shark fins in the country.

Nations first triple net-zero housing development to rise in New York

Jun 14, 2021: New York City-based Garrison Architects has unveiled designs for The Seventy-Six, a housing development that’s expected to become the first triple net-zero (energy, water and waste) project of its kind in the United States.

Award-winning redesign of the Brooklyn Bridge puts the focus on pedestrians

Jun 14, 2021: Winning designs in architecture require creativity, a focus on function and a dash of the unexpected.

Carbon to Value Initiative launches business accelerator for carbontech startups

Jun 11, 2021: This first-of-its-kind program is helping carbontech startups pursue innovations that capture carbon from the atmosphere.

Keystone XL oil pipeline is canceled

Jun 11, 2021: TC Energy announced Wednesday that it is officially terminating its Keystone XL oil pipeline.

EU plastic ban to go into effect July 3

Jun 11, 2021: The ban will end sales of plastic bottles, food containers, cotton swabs and more.

Sculptural roof tops eco-minded Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts expansion

Jun 11, 2021: The redesign and expansion of the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts in Little Rock has moved one giant step closer to the finish line with the completion of its signature roof, a flowing concrete structure with pleated folds designed to funnel stormwater runoff into surrounding rain gardens.

This 100-year-old building is a thriving park, store and more

Jun 11, 2021: A brand-new PARK store in China's Guandong province exemplifies how modern life, cutting-edge design and nature can come together and exist in harmony.

Oyasai Crayons are a plant-based coloring option made from food waste

Jun 10, 2021: In an effort to produce options that are more sustainable, a Japanese company has found a way to make the ubiquitous crayon with all-natural ingredients.

UN launches program to reverse "triple environmental emergency"

Jun 10, 2021: The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration aims to combat three crises: biodiversity loss, climate change and mounting pollution.

Student Stephanie Sosa Talks About Her NYC Solar Schools Exeperience

Jun 10, 2021: Check out this inspiring interview with Stephanie Sosa, a student who was part of the NYC Solar Schools Education program run by the NYC Department of Education in partnership with Solar One’s Green Design Lab. The program gets students excited about clean energy early on through……

New plant-derived polymer could replace single-use plastics

Jun 10, 2021: A new plastic made from plant proteins could replace single-use plastics made from fossil fuels.