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Oct 28, 2020

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EN4S Help Desk. Let us help you!

Oct 27, 2020: BCSEA VancouverTuesday, October 27, 2020We are a group of volunteers from the BCSEA and we want to be your sustainability solution advocates! We are calling on all entrepreneurs who are in the British Columbia sustainable energy market or would like to enter it.  We are ENFORS (Entrepreneurs for Sustainability), a group of volunteers of the BC Sustainable Energy Association who have been active since 2017 with experience in the local startup, tech, and sustainability ecosystems. We want to help launch or grow innovative products or business initiatives in the field of sustainability. Think of us as your supporters, advisors, or potential early power users. We start by sharing our first impressions of your website or business idea and e…

Vegan hotel in Scotland wins National Geographic Award

Oct 27, 2020: Scotland's first vegan hotel opened in June 2019, and it's already winning awards. National Geographic just bestowed a "Good Egg" award on the Saorsa 1875 for its commitment to sustainability. The 11-room Victorian lodging features vegan dining, upcycled furniture, eco cleaning products and runs on renewable energy.

Japan aims to be carbon-neutral by 2050

Oct 27, 2020: Japan hopes to rely solely on renewable energy in the next 30 years.

Aleph Zero program plans to grow slaughter-free meat in space

Oct 27, 2020: Would you eat meat cultivated in space?

Modular Tree-House School concept connects kids with nature

Oct 27, 2020: Could this be the school of the future?

The Night Ministry building is a stunning showcase of adaptive reuse

Oct 27, 2020: The new headquarters for Chicago's The Night Ministry is a three-story adaptive reuse project that truly showcases what this building stands for: refuge and recovery.

Affordable and sustainable fashion trends for fall

Oct 26, 2020: Here's how to dress comfortably, stylishly and sustainably this fall.

Climate change in the final presidential debate

Oct 26, 2020: In the final debate, Trump pushes fossil fuels while Biden promotes clean energy.

Impossible Foods is testing revolutionary plant-based milk

Oct 26, 2020: Impossible Foods changed the game for meatless burgers. Now, it's working to do the same for plant-based milk.

Hothouse installation grows tropical plants in the middle of London

Oct 26, 2020: London-based architecture practice Studio Weave has filled a greenhouse with tropical plants in London to highlight the reality of climate change.

Beautiful Washington bridge with lace-like metal walls shimmers at night

Oct 26, 2020: The newly completed bridge is now an iconic community asset that connects the elevated Grand Avenue Park with the city’s growing waterfront district.

Montana Heritage Center renovation will celebrate the states history and geology

Oct 23, 2020: The project will focus on the local land, with expansions appearing to emerge from the earth to reference the Lewis Overthrust.

Burger King announces reusable container pilot program

Oct 23, 2020: Burger King and Loop are launching a reusable container scheme.

Companies in Japan launch edible single-use bags to save Nara deer

Oct 23, 2020: Local companies have developed an alternative to plastic bags that can be safely digested by deer.

Design experiment examines safety of food grown in urban vertical gardens

Oct 23, 2020: A team of experts are studying the interaction between the urban environment and horticulture.

Renewable energy to power 2024 Olympic aquatic center

Oct 23, 2020: The architectural team of VenhoevenCS and Ateliers 2/3/4/ have revealed plans for a timber aquatic center in Paris, which will use a smart energy system to provide 90% of needed energy from recovered or renewable energy sources for the 2024 Olympics. The complex will also include a vast pedestrian bridge connecting it to the existing Stade de France.

Pennsylvania scientists develop 100% leather waste fiber made from scraps

Oct 22, 2020: Sustainable Composites is turning leather scraps into a new product called Enspire Leather.

World's largest solar power plant to supply energy to Australia and Singapore

Oct 22, 2020: The world's largest solar power station is planned for Australia.

Arkansas schools save millions by adopting solar power

Oct 22, 2020: Schools in the U.S. are using solar energy to cut down on expensive electricity bills. With funds freed up, schools can then improve the quality of education. As a report by Generation180 shows, over 7,300 schools use the solar power approach to save on utility bills.

Middelkerke Casino blends into the surrounding Belgian sand dunes

Oct 22, 2020: A new, competition-winning hotel and casino will preserve the dune landscape while boosting the local economy of Middelkerke, Belgium.

Plant a unique indoor garden with this modular living wall kit from Horticus

Oct 22, 2020: Designed by Horticus, these modular living walls offer a stunning way to reconnect with nature by creating a vertical hanging garden indoors, no matter how small the space.

Wood dome amphitheater produces artificial rain shower in the Belgian forest

Oct 21, 2020: Clad in soft brown cedar, the dome comes complete with a stage designed to host open-air performances with the structure acting as a natural, sculptural backdrop.

Heated plastic baby bottles release millions of microplastics in formula

Oct 21, 2020: Babies around the world are consuming over 1.5 million microplastics daily.

Oil companies use cooling technology to continue Arctic drilling

Oct 21, 2020: Big oil companies are now turning to technology to protect their business from the effects of climate change.

Energy-neutral House of Eemnes is a sustainable culture house

Oct 21, 2020: Thirty minutes east of Amsterdam, the municipality of Eemnes has recently welcomed a beautiful community center for everyone in the town to gather, play and learn.

DIY Halloween costumes for this year's virtual parties

Oct 21, 2020: Even your virtual Halloween party can be fun and eco-friendly with a handmade costume.

Take Back Control of Your Finances with Plymouth Associates

Oct 21, 2020: 2020 has been a tough year all around, but especially so when it comes to economic uncertainty and financial anxiety. Millions of men and women around the world are experiencing... The post Take Back Control of Your Finances with Plymouth Associates appeared first on About My Planet.

Airbus unveils worlds first zero-emission commercial aircrafts

Oct 20, 2020: European aerospace corporation Airbus has unveiled three designs for the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircrafts that would rely on hydrogen as a primary power source.

Researchers test seawater air conditioning as a renewable cooling alternative

Oct 20, 2020: Seawater air conditioning could be a viable, renewable alternative to air conditioning, and it could save us 77% in cooling costs. Here are the pros and cons.

Deep-sea coral fossils act as a time machine for rising CO2 levels

Oct 20, 2020: A new study uses coral fossils to analyze carbon dioxide and its role on changes in climate.

NYCs Bronx 1 charter school achieves LEED Silver

Oct 20, 2020: Bronx 1 features energy-efficient updates to existing buildings plus eco-friendly new structures and a curriculum focused on sustainability.

Add the timeless, minimalist Sage furniture collection to your home

Oct 20, 2020: The Sage Collection combines visual appeal, functionality and sustainability to withstand the test of time.

Finnish stamps shine a harsh light on climate change

Oct 19, 2020: The Finnish Post wanted to get the memo out about the climate crisis, but instead of using the internet, it went old school with snail mail. A series of new postage stamps designed by Finnish studio Berry Creative sends the message using a ubiquitous product coupled with basic science.

Can robot dolphins replace real ones in marine parks?

Oct 19, 2020: Proponents of swimming with dolphins cite the thrill of feeling a human-animal connection that verges on spiritual and even claim health benefits like reducing stress and boosting T cells. Animal rights supporters claim that promoting dolphin swims is cruel, unnatural, unsafe for people, and ruins dolphin family life. But what if you could swim with robot dolphins?

Win a National Park tour for 2 from Inhabitat!

Oct 19, 2020: We’re giving away park passes to Yosemite, Olympic and Zion National Parks plus $1,000 toward travel expenses. Enter for your chance to win!

Iconic Farnsworth House gets a conceptual, sustainable redesign

Oct 19, 2020: As a design exercise, California-based architecture firm Jeff Barrett Studio has reimagined Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Farnsworth House for the modern times with a sustainable redesign that includes onsite renewable energy and modular construction.

Architecture students design a LEED Platinum home with an ADU in Kansas

Oct 19, 2020: Every year as part of Studio 804, University of Kansas School of Architecture & Design graduate students design and build an energy-efficient home for the community — and this year’s home not only achieved LEED Platinum certification but also comes with an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to fight suburban sprawl.

100-year-old Buda Mill & Grain Co. has new life as a community gathering spot

Oct 16, 2020: Often, culture and community are so intertwined that one defines the other, as is the case with a rural town in Texas, where the residents embraced a dilapidated historic site, called the Buda Mill & Grain Co., and brought it back to life.

San Diego Zoo successfully clones an endangered Przewalskis horse

Oct 16, 2020: San Diego Zoo is now raising the world's first Przewalski’s horse clone.

New study finds eco-glitter just as damaging as ordinary glitter

Oct 16, 2020: Despite the promises and inflated price tag, biodegradable glitter ends up the same way as old-school glitter — wreaking havoc on aquatic ecosystems.

LEED Gold office in Austin offers wearables to promote employee wellness

Oct 16, 2020: The Texas Mutual Insurance Company's new headquarters in Austin, Texas's Mueller Development has earned both LEED Gold and Austin Energy Green Building 4-Star certifications in recognition of the building's energy-efficient design and focus on occupant wellness. Designed by Texan architecture firm Studio8 Architects, the four-story office building is notable for its adherence to the "Design for Active Occupants" LEED innovation strategy to prioritize a healthy and active workplace as opposed to the traditionally sedentary office environment.

Dream of an escape to the off-grid cabins in Kogelberg Nature Reserve

Oct 16, 2020: These off-grid cabins are elevated for minimal site impact.

Behind the Scenes of a Life Sciences Lab

Oct 16, 2020: Life science is basically the study of living things, including biochemistry, cell biology, anatomy, zoology, botany, and epidemiology. As you might suspect, a life science lab contains various equipment specific... The post Behind the Scenes of a Life Sciences Lab appeared first on About My Planet.

Artist creates mesmerizing paintings using coal pollution from local streams

Oct 15, 2020: A group of artists, engineers and dedicated community members are finding ways to clean up local pollution and turn it into something meaningful.

The Great Barrier Reef has lost 50% of its corals to climate change

Oct 15, 2020: A recent study has revealed that corals of the Great Barrier Reef have more than halved since 1995.

Apple aims to save the environment, one wall charger at a time

Oct 15, 2020: If your new, boxed iPhone 12 feels a little light, that might be because it doesn’t contain a wall charger or earbuds.

Green-roofed theater in Shenzhen raises the bar for civic architecture

Oct 15, 2020: When the Pingshan District government in Shenzhen, China tapped OPEN Architecture to design the district’s first theater, the architects knew immediately that they wanted to create something different from the norm.

New solar-powered townhome community opens in Sonoma County

Oct 15, 2020: Round Barn is a new townhome community composed of eco-friendly, solar-powered residences in Santa Rosa’s historic Fountaingrove neighborhood.

How 2 gadgets are going to change China and the world

Oct 14, 2020: Two devices are helping to clear the air about pollution.

Scientists search for cause of mass marine die-off in Russia

Oct 14, 2020: Massive deaths of marine life off of the Russian Pacific Coast have left many scientists baffled.