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Oct 17, 2019

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Podcast with: Jigar Shah, Co-founder and President of Generate Capital and also Founder and CEO of Sun Edison from 2003 to 2008. | Energy Central

Oct 18, 2019: Originally published in Clean Power Professionals Group, but also applicable for The Energy Collective Group.

Podcast Interview with Audrey Lee, Vice President of Energy Services at Sunrun

Oct 18, 2019: Audrey has had an exciting career, with a B.S. in Applied Physics from Caltech, a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Princeton, experience as a senior economist at the Department of Energy, as Advisor to the President of the CPUC (where we first met), and as VP of Analytics and Design at Advanced Microgrid Solutions, prior to coming to Sunrun.Audrey's stories about rehearsing her..

Creating a Smarter Utility with Geo-Centric Planning

Oct 18, 2019: Planning is reemerging as a driving force, not just for understanding an asset in a place or location, but for modeling how to take action to manage it based on environmental factors. This is possible with the increasing access to geospatial data such as satellites, LiDAR, weather, and IoT devices. By combining these data with internal asset data, utilities can now accurately devise integrated..

Transforming Utility Self-Service Apps to Maximize Customer Experience: Exclusive Interview with Parmarth Naswa, Program Director at Infosys

Oct 17, 2019: Whereas web and mobile apps from utility companies used to be cutting-edge and innovative just for being offered, today these are tools that customers expect from their energy providers. Whether these are used to pay bills, contact a utility representative, track energy usage, or any number of other options, utility self-service has become a mainstay of the industry and a top priority for all..

Power Shutoffs: Playing with Fire

Oct 17, 2019: By Denise Fairchild and Kim EvonCalifornia’s fire season is back. Yet if this past week is any indication, our emergency response remains woefully inadequate.  When disaster strikes we are far from being energy resilient, ensuring reliable access to electricity for our most vulnerable communities.Climate fires are California’s new normal.  Dangerous combinations of high..

Elevated bamboo housing protects an Indian community from floods

Oct 17, 2019: The nonprofit SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) teamed up with local organization NEADS (North-East Affected Area Development Society) to create 80 core houses that are resistant to flooding.

EEA reports poor air quality caused premature deaths of 400,000 Europeans in 2016

Oct 17, 2019: Coal-fired power plants, vehicle-clogged highways, and fossil-fuel spewing factories have contributed to the growing European air pollution dilemma.  Industries, households and vehicles all emit dangerous mixtures of pollutant particulates that are harmful to human health.  Indeed, the European Environment Agency (EEA) highlighted the issue when reporting that over 400,000 Europeans met their untimely demise in 2016 due to poor air quality standards that placed their health at risk. Air pollution...

Energy Leadership Summit 2019 #EnergyLS19

Oct 17, 2019: The Energy Leadership Summit is our region’s must-attend clean energy event.

Scotland bans plastic-stemmed cotton swabs in bid to combat plastic pollution

Oct 17, 2019: Following backlash concerning plastic waste buildup in beaches and oceans, Scotland is now the first country in the United Kingdom to officially ban the manufacture, supply and sale of plastic-stemmed cotton swabs.

All-electric homes offer a prototype for low-carbon housing in Colorado

Oct 17, 2019: WRITTEN BYAllen BestPHOTO BYAllen Best / Energy News NetworkFourteen of the 27 units at the Basalt Vista housing complex will be available for purchase by employees of the local Roaring Fork School District, which provided the land adjacent to Basalt High School.The Basalt Vista housing project eschews natural gas as the state looks to reduce emissions from the building sector. Huddled in..

Northeast green banks inspire national proposal for clean energy financing

Oct 17, 2019: WRITTEN BYLisa PrevostPHOTO BYFlickr / Creative CommonsThe National Climate Bank Act introduced this year is based in part on successful projects in Connecticut and New York. Even as previous attempts to win bipartisan support for a national green bank have failed to gain traction, advocates are continuing to promote the concept, this time with an even more ambitious proposal based..

Recycled botanical garden in Seattle brings visitors decades of joy

Oct 17, 2019: When Wendy Morgan accepted a friend’s invitation to go see Elda Behm’s garden in the 1990s, she had no idea she would become entangled in a project for the next 25 years.  “Elda popped her head around the garage and that was the beginning of it,” Morgan says with a laugh. “She was a saleswoman.” The Port of Seattle was planning its third runway at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Behm’s home and garden were in the way, so the port slated them for demolition. But Behm wasn’t giving...

Double layer of graphene helps to control spin currents

Oct 17, 2019: In order to make transistors that operate using the spin of electrons, rather than their charge, it is necessary to find a way of switching spin currents on and off. Furthermore, the lifetime of the spins should at least be equal to the time taken for these electrons to travel through a circuit. Scientists have now taken an important step forward by creating a device that meets both of these requirements.

Architects use simple, low-cost and efficient materials to create spectacular home with 'flying roof' in Chile

Oct 17, 2019: Located in a coastal area in Chile's Valparaíso region, the gorgeous home was built using prefabricated and modular materials, then topped with an eye-catching, origami-inspired metal roof.

Energy efficiency in Virginia: talking big while headed the wrong way

Oct 17, 2019: Data from the Energy Information Agency shows Virginia retail electricity sales increased by 2% year over year, one of the largest increases in the country. Nationwide, electricity sales declined slightly on average.There’s bad news for Virginians looking to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels: The job just got 2% harder.That’s the percentage increase in electricity use in..

How Wholesale Electricity Markets Work – and Don’t

Oct 17, 2019: Two-thirds of the nation’s wholesale electricity sales occur in a competitive market managed by a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) or Independent System Operator (ISO), with over 200 million customers in these areas and over $120 billion in annual energy transactions taking place. Under the Federal Power Act, these markets are overseen by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission..

Colombian Renewables: Second Time Is The Charm

Oct 16, 2019: October 16, 2019 ( Newswire) On October 22nd, Colombia will relaunch its first renewable power auction, following the February false start.

A hotel suite inside a shipping container hovers over the landscape in Brazil

Oct 16, 2019: Brazilian architecture firm Bruno Zaitter arquiteto has once again given new life to a shipping container with the Bosque Refuge, one of the Hotel Fazenda Cainã suites in Balsa Nova, Brazil.

EIT Food Marketplace disrupts the industry with additive-free beverages, veggie milk and more

Oct 16, 2019: The future of food appears to emphasize clean, sustainable eating that boosts personal and planetary health.

First-Ever "SRI Conference 30 Under 30 Award" Winners Named

Oct 16, 2019: COLORADO SPRINGS - October 16, 2019 ( Newswire) The emerging generation of SRI/ESG/impact investing leaders will be saluted in conjunction with the 30th convening of The SRI Conference.

EPA Reneges on Trump’s Biofuels Deal

Oct 16, 2019: by Jim Lane “EPA Reneges on Trump’s Biofuels Deal”, said the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association in reacting to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s new plans for fulfilling federal renewable fuel requirements. EPA released a proposed supplemental rule for the Renewable Fuel Standard today, and the bioeconomy is up in arms, and the outrage is centered in farm […] The post EPA Reneges on Trump’s Biofuels Deal appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

First-of-its-kind device prototype harnesses renewable energy from ocean waves

Oct 16, 2019: With today’s renewables market rapidly expanding, it’s no wonder then that wave energy has recently gained traction as a contemporary energy source.

Self-sustainable childrens center in Tanzania harvests water like a baobab tree

Oct 16, 2019: In northern Tanzania, a Swedish team of architects, engineers, and a non-profit collaborated with local workers to complete the Econef Children’s Center, a self-sustaining facility for orphans in the King’ori village. Asante Architecture & Design, Lönnqvist & Vanamo Architects, Architects Without Borders Sweden, Engineers Without Borders Sweden, and Swedish-Tanzanian NGO ECONOF created the center to provide sleeping quarters and classrooms to orphaned children, as well as to also increase...

Artist unveils furniture collection for insects

Oct 16, 2019: As the world's insect population plummets, it is becoming more and more important to create insect-friendly habitats. Now, you can have one right in your own backyard!

Are we underestimating the benefits of investing in renewable energy?

Oct 16, 2019: Scientists have estimated the emissions intensity of carbon dioxide and other air pollutants from a major electricity distributor and highlighted key consequences - essential information for policymakers shaping decisions to reduce electricity system emissions.

Saskatchewan Issues Proposal Call for 300 MW of New Wind Capacity

Oct 16, 2019: Saskatchewan is out with a new call for proposals for 300 megawatts of wind energy capacity.The province expects the new turbines to go online in late 2023 or 2024, The Canadian Press reports.Speaking at the Canadian Wind Energy Association conference in Calgary, Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said the province is committed to increasing its renewable energy capacity, even as it opposes..

Stefano Boeri will revitalize Genoa with sustainable energy-producing urban design

Oct 15, 2019: A Stefano Boeri Architetti-led design team has won a competition to design a new urban project to transform the Polcevera valley in Genoa, Italy into a beacon of sustainability. Titled “The Polcevera Park and The Red Circle,” the urban regeneration scheme will include a series of parks beneath the new Renzo Piano-designed bridge that will replace the Morandi Bridge that collapsed on August 14, 2018—a tragedy that killed 43 people. In addition to revitalizing the area and memorializing the recent...

Renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels in the UK

Oct 15, 2019: In a first for the United Kingdom, wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable energy sources have generated more electricity than their fossil fuel counterparts of coal and natural gas.

Calcium batteries: New electrolytes, enhanced properties

Oct 15, 2019: Calcium-based batteries promise to reach a high energy density at low manufacturing costs. This lab-scale technology has the potential for replacing lithium-ion technology in future energy storage systems. Using the electrolytes available, however, it has been impossible so far to charge calcium batteries at room temperature. Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT ) now present a promising electrolyte class, with which this will be possible.

Dynamic pattern of Skyrmions observed

Oct 15, 2019: Tiny magnetic vortices known as skyrmions form in certain magnetic materials, such as Cu2OSeO3. These skyrmions can be controlled by low-level electrical currents -- which could facilitate more energy-efficient data processing. Now a team has succeeded in developing a new technique at the VEKMAG station of BESSY II for precisely measuring these vortices and observing their three different predicted characteristic oscillation modes (Eigen modes).

Golden State bans hotel mini-toiletries in effort to minimize waste

Oct 15, 2019: To reduce the impact of plastic waste pollution, California banned hotel and lodging use and distribution of travel-size plastic toiletries.  No longer will miniature personal care products like shampoos, conditioners and liquid bath soaps be part of the amenities package. The proliferation of single-use plastics has devastated the environment, overwhelming landfills.  To minimize single-use plastic’s footprint, the Golden State shall phase out toiletry bottles from all lodging accommodations...

San Antonio Auto & Truck Show Announces Finalists for 2020 Green Truck of the Year and Family Green Car of the Year

Oct 15, 2019: SAN ANTONIO - October 15, 2019 ( Newswire) Finalists for Green Car Journal's 2020 Green Truck of the Year and all-new 2020 Family Green Car of the Year have been announced by the San Antonio Auto & Truck Show.

How to see these six fascinating animals in the wild while aiding in their conservation

Oct 15, 2019: If you’re going to travel, travel responsibly. The best way to show these animals that you love them is by respecting their habitats and aiding in the conservation of their species. Here’s how to ethically view six animals in their natural habitats  in ways that benefit them rather than disturb them. Sharks on Viti Levu, Fiji There are hundreds of different species of sharks who call earth’s waters home, and a trip to Fiji will give you the chance to see at least eight of them in...

Researchers build a soft robot with neurologic capabilities

Oct 15, 2019: In work that combines a deep understanding of the biology of soft-bodied animals such as earthworms with advances in materials and electronic technologies, researchers have developed a robotic device containing a stretchable transistor that allows neurological function.

Controlling the charge state of organic molecule quantum dots in a 2D nanoarray

Oct 15, 2019: Researchers have fabricated a self-assembled, carbon-based nanofilm where the charge state (ie, electronically neutral or positive) can be controlled at the level of individual molecules. Molecular self-assembly on a metal results in a high-density, 2D, organic quantum-dot array with electric-field-controllable charge state, with the organic molecules used as 'nano-sized building blocks' in fabrication of functional nanomaterials. Achieved densities are an order of magnitude larger than conventional inorganic systems.

Old bus is converted into a mobile greenhouse to teach students about sustainable eating habits

Oct 15, 2019: Parents in New Jersey are rejoicing thanks to a refurbished bus that is on a mission to educate young students on a variety of food education issues, from better eating habits to urban gardening.

Designers made this pavilion out of upcycled paper waste

Oct 14, 2019: Originally created for the Copenhagen Art Fair to showcase a new sustainable method of design, the Paper Pavilion is made out of upcycled paper collected from the city itself. The art fair, in its fifth season, had a specific focus on pavilion designs that spotlighted sustainable construction, urbanization and recycling.  The pavilion was created by PAN-PROJECTS, an architect firm based in Denmark run by two Japanese architects. PAN-PROJECTS wanted to combine sustainability with the appropriate...

Climate change is forcing major airports to future-proof against rising sea levels and floods

Oct 14, 2019: To mitigate against the risks of sea level rise and consequential flooding, many airports across the country and internationally have had to invest in protective countermeasures.

Celebrate the second International E-Waste Day

Oct 14, 2019: The day is meant to raise awareness for proper disposal of electrical equipment and electronic devices worldwide.

A striking new gateway to Copenhagen celebrates green transit and Danish design

Oct 14, 2019: Earlier this summer, Copenhagen officially opened Køge Nord Station, a stunning new transportation landmark that raises the bar for beautiful urban infrastructure.

Dominion Energy receives key approvals for Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project

Oct 14, 2019: RICHMOND, Va. - October 14, 2019 ( Newswire) Dominion Energy has received two key determinations from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) regarding the design, fabrication and installation of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project.

Kandi Vehicles (NASDAQ GS: KNDI) Announces Delivery of Electric Scooters and Electric Self-Balancing Scooters

Oct 14, 2019: Jinhua, China - October 14, 2019 (Newsfile Corp.) ( Newswire) Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ GS: KNDI) (the "Company," "we" or "Kandi"), announced today that according to the executed Purchase Framework Agreement dated September 22, 2019 between its wholly-owned subsidiary, Zhejiang Kandi Vehicles Co., Ltd. ("Kandi Vehicles") and DGL Group Inc. (USA) ("DGL Group"), Kandi Vehicles started delivering the initial batch of 1,232 electric scooters and 37,755 electric self-balancing scooters on October 11, 2019.

How to control friction in topological insulators

Oct 14, 2019: Topological insulators are innovative materials that conduct electricity on the surface, but act as insulators on the inside. Physicists have begun investigating how they react to friction. Their experiment shows that the heat generated through friction is significantly lower than in conventional materials. This is due to a new quantum mechanism, the researchers report.

Cheaper catalyst can generate hydrogen in a commercial device

Oct 14, 2019: Researchers have shown for the first time that a cheap catalyst can split water and generate hydrogen gas for hours on end in the harsh environment of a commercial electrolyzer -- a step toward clean, large-scale hydrogen production for fuel, fertilizer and industry.

Scientists reveal mechanism of electron charge exchange in molecules

Oct 14, 2019: Through a new scanning transmission electron microscopy method, researchers are able to observe electron distribution between atoms and molecules and uncover clues to the origins of ferroelectricity, the capacity of certain crystals to possess spontaneous electric polarization that can be switched by the application of an electric field. The research also revealed the mechanism of charge transfer between two materials.

Renewable power to boost energy security in Ukraine till 2030, says GlobalData

Oct 14, 2019: October 14, 2019 ( Newswire) Renewable installed capacity in Ukraine is set to grow at 15.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach 13.8GW in 2030 from 2.8GW in 2019.

Solar megaproject confirms UAE as major player in world renewables, says GlobalData

Oct 14, 2019: October 14, 2019 ( Newswire) On 31 October, international renewable energy developers will submit proposals to Abu Dhabi to develop a 2 gigawatt (GW) solar scheme in the emirate - the biggest single-site solar project in the world.

Designers aim to reduce the waste and impact of airlines

Oct 11, 2019: This exhibit is a concept design that could change the way we travel, or at least the environmental impact when we do.

New soft actuators could make soft robots less bulky

Oct 11, 2019: Engineers have developed a way to build soft robots that are compact, portable and multifunctional. The advance was made possible by creating soft, tubular actuators whose movements are electrically controlled, making them easy to integrate with small electronic components. As a proof of concept, engineers used the new actuators to build an untethered, battery-powered, walking soft robot and a soft gripper.