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Jun 24, 2021

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Climate change: Large-scale CO2 removal facility set for Scotland

Jun 24, 2021: A large facility capable of extracting significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the air is being planned for north east Scotland.The proposed plant would remove up to one million tonnes of CO2 every year - the same amount taken up by around 40 million trees.The extracted gas could be stored permanently deep under the seabed off the Scottish coast.This Direct Air Capture (DAC) plan is a joint..

Welcome Ken Thomson, New Expert in the Grid Professionals Community- [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Expert Interview]

Jun 24, 2021: The power grid is one of the most valuable assets we have, and it is no doubt one of the most complex. Both of those characteristics are only becoming more entrenched as the modernization of the grid is well under way and the importance of reliable, affordable, and clean power being consistently delivered across the grid has become non-negotiable.To help us navigate the future of the grid and..

A Roadmap to the Ammonia Economy

Jun 24, 2021: Ammonia is increasingly recognized as an important, sustainable fuel for global use in the future. Applications of ammonia in heavy transport, power generation, and distributed energy storage are being actively developed. Produced at scale, ammonia could replace a substantial fraction of current-day liquid fuel consumption. This ammonia-based economy will emerge through multiple generations of..

Somebody asked me today if we could build 30GW of offshore wind by 2030?

Jun 24, 2021: If we go all out, the answer is yes.Here is what all out means:1)    Final permits are given immediately for all 30 GW. No waiting, no court cases to tie things up2)    10-15 service boats are contracted for from US shipyards and construction starts next week.3)    At least 5 Jack up construction ships are contracted for, and the..

Power Plant Impairments - How do we figure out the amount and include it in customer electric rates?

Jun 24, 2021: Evaluating impaired power supply assetsThe realities of today’s power marketsThe over all energy industry power supply mix is slowly (?) changing, from traditional fossil fuels to renewables and more “clean” fuels. Recent declines in power cost projections and auctions lead to the conclusion that some traditional power supply resources are “out of the money” in..

Con Edison to combine battery storage and EV chargers at same site in New York - Electrek

Jun 24, 2021: This announcement marks a development I've been expecting for some time now. Integration of a BESS with an EV fast charging station makes so much practical sense that it was inevitable. It decongests power delivery to the charging site when multiple vehicles are charging. It could also be used for demand response. EV owners could charge their vehicles at times when rates were..

No Climate, No Deal: For Real?

Jun 24, 2021: The three questions Democrats are asking themselves these days are: Can we afford not to pass an infrastructure/climate bill before the end of the year?Can we do it on our own, i.e., without Republican votes?Will Senators Manchin (D-WV) and Sinema (D-AZ) agree to vote for a reconciliation bill that includes many of the climate and family provisions in the American Jobs Plan? For..

"Little i" Innovation: The Key to Adapting Utility Customer Programs in a COVID-19 World

Jun 24, 2021: This article is republished from the December 2020 issue of Strategies, AESP’s exclusive magazine for members. By Jim Giordano If there is one thing that I am certain about, it’s the fact that hardship and crisis very often lead to innovation. Take, for example, the zipper and stainless steel—both were innovations that came out of World War I. Chocolate chip cookies..

London launches England's first ever hydrogen double decker buses

Jun 24, 2021: London The buses, which have been manufactured by Wrightbus in Northern Ireland, produces only water vapour, with the hydrogen produced from Air Liquide’s plant in Runcorn.Join me at the Hydrogen Transport Professionals Group …

Tudor home in Seattle adds energy-efficient upgrades

Jun 23, 2021: This Tudor home in Seattle now boasts an eco-conscious addition with a rooftop deck.

Tasmanian devil conservation project turns tragic for birds

Jun 23, 2021: The Save the Tasmanian Devils Program has had some negative consequences on Maria Island.

A novel energy storage solution featuring pipes and anchors

Jun 23, 2021: What do pipes and anchors have to do with storing energy? More than you might think! A new study explored the potential of a lesser known, but promising sustainable energy storage system called Buoyancy Energy Storage.

UNESCO wants the Great Barrier Reef listed as a World Heritage Site "in danger"

Jun 23, 2021: The Great Barrier Reef will be listed as a World Heritage Site in danger if UNESCO's recommendations are adopted.

Low-cost imaging technique shows how smartphone batteries could charge in minutes

Jun 23, 2021: Researchers have developed a simple lab-based technique that allows them to look inside lithium-ion batteries and follow lithium ions moving in real time as the batteries charge and discharge, something which has not been possible until now.

New Blowfish Malibu shoe collection uses recycled plastic bottles

Jun 23, 2021: Blowfish Malibu's new shoe collection combines Southern California style with recycled plastic bottles and a commitment to ocean preservation.

How to protect endangered baby sea turtles

Jun 23, 2021: Nearly every species of sea turtle is endangered, some of them at critical levels. That’s a remarkable statement, considering they’ve roamed the Earth’s waters and beaches for more than 100 million years.

Cleantech and Climate Change Podcast Interview with Raghu Kilambi, CEO of PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp.

Jun 23, 2021: June 23, 2021 ( Newswire), a global news source and leading investor resource covering cleantech and renewable energy stocks ( issues an exclusive Cleantech and Climate Change Podcast interview with Raghu Kilambi, the CEO of PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp.

How to make lithium-ion batteries invincible

Jun 23, 2021: Scientists have made significant progress in developing battery cathodes using a new class of materials that provide batteries with the same if not higher energy density than conventional lithium-ion batteries but can be made of inexpensive and abundant metals. Known as DRX, which stands for disordered rocksalts with excess lithium, this novel family of materials was invented less than 10 years ago and allows cathodes to be made without nickel or cobalt.

The Race for More Efficient and Cost Effective Battery Sources; (TSXV: NBM.V) (OTC: NBMFF) (NYSE: GM) (NASDAQ: TSLA) (NYSE: F) (XETRA: VOW.DE)

Jun 23, 2021: Point Roberts, WA and Delta, BC - June 23, 2021 ( Newswire), a leading investor news resource covering cleantech and mining stocks releases a sector snapshot on the race for more efficient and cost effective battery sources as more car manufacturers enter the EV space and demand continues to grow.

Sound-induced electric fields control the tiniest particles

Jun 23, 2021: Engineers have devised a system for manipulating particles approaching the miniscule 2.5 nanometer diameter of DNA using sound-induced electric fields. Dubbed 'acoustoelectronic nanotweezers,' the approach provides a label-free, dynamically controllable method of moving and trapping nanoparticles over a large area. The technology holds promise for applications in the fields ranging from condensed matter physics to biomedicine.

World Bank Group's new Climate Change Action Plan fails to end financial flows to fossil fuels

Jun 22, 2021: WASHINGTON, D.C. - June 22, 2021 ( Newswire) Today, the World Bank Group released its new Climate Change Action Plan 2021-2025…

Ranch Dressing house sets example for modernization with minimal impact

Jun 22, 2021: Located in Mill Valley, California, this midcentury home has undergone an impressive, green renovation.

Single-use food packaging waste nearly doubled during the pandemic

Jun 22, 2021: A new report from the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup has seen an uptick in single-use food packaging waste as well as masks collected during beach cleanups.

Future of perovskite solar cells shines a little brighter

Jun 22, 2021: A novel way of synthesizing an essential powder is key to raising the efficiency of perovskite solar cells, say researchers.

Producing hydrogen using less energy

Jun 22, 2021: The way in which a compound inspired by nature produces hydrogen has now been described in detail. These findings are the foundation for the energy-efficient production of hydrogen as a sustainable energy source.

Improving asphalt road pavement with nano-engineered particles

Jun 22, 2021: New research suggests fumed silica nanoparticles (FSNs) can be used to help improve the performance of warm mix asphalt (WMA).

Record-breaking heat waves ravaging the West are not normal, scientists warn

Jun 22, 2021: This year, several states have witnessed persistent scorching temperatures that cannot pass for the normal summer heat.

Solid-State Battery Market Will Grow to $8 Billion by 2031, Reveals IDTechEx

Jun 22, 2021: June 22, 2021 ( Newswire) The rapid growth of the electric vehicle market has driven the development, manufacture, and sales of batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries.

Renewable energy will take almost 40% of the global power mix by 2030 as world heads towards smart decarbonization, says GlobalData

Jun 22, 2021: June 22, 2021 ( Newswire) The global push for a transition to cleaner energy, driven by strong policies and financial support, will heavily impact the future of renewables…

LA's Barnsdall Art Park revives historic olive grove

Jun 22, 2021: The restoration project is in line with Los Angeles' climate strategy to plant more trees.

EV Battery Stocks Snapshot - (TSXV: NBM.V) (OTC: NBMFF) (NYSE: GM) (NASDAQ: TSLA) (NYSE: F) (XETRA: VOW.DE)

Jun 22, 2021: Point Roberts, WA and Delta, BC - June 22, 2021 ( Newswire), a leading investor news resource covering cleantech and mining stocks releases a sector snapshot on the race for more efficient and cost effective battery sources as more car manufacturers enter the EV space and demand continues to grow.

Therme Art unveils 3 urban sustainability projects at Venice Architecture Biennale

Jun 22, 2021: These three projects explore how urban design can contribute to wellbeing for all.

Batteries Snapshot = The New Gold: Demand for EV's Creates Battery Shortage (TSXV: NBM.V) (OTC: NBMFF) (NYSE: GM) (NASDAQ: TSLA) (NYSE: F) (XETRA: VOW.DE)

Jun 22, 2021: Point Roberts, WA and Delta, BC - June 22, 2021 ( Newswire), a leading investor news resource covering cleantech and mining stocks releases a sector snapshot on the race for more efficient and cost effective battery sources as more car manufacturers enter the EV space and demand continues to grow.

Transportation hub in Sweden has a futuristic, floating solar roof

Jun 21, 2021: The “floating” solar roof in Sweden’s new Västerås Travel Center may be just an illusion, but the power it generates is entirely real.

Potentially harmful PFAS found in makeup products sold in North America

Jun 21, 2021: Potentially harmful traces of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as "forever chemicals", have been found in several makeup products sold in the U.S. and Canada.

Hybrid Energy Production Gets A Serious Look

Jun 21, 2021: Engineers study solar and wind at the same power plant, nuclear reactors that also make hydrogen -- Read more on…

Scientists develop energy saving technique paving way for a carbon neutral society

Jun 21, 2021: Researchers have discovered a method which will allow for faster communication systems and better energy saving electronics.

Stock up on sustainable personal care products this Prime Day

Jun 21, 2021: If you want to take care of the Earth while also taking care of yourself, check out this round-up of sustainable personal care deals for Amazon’s 2021 Prime Day.

New Sodexo Montreal offices include "Quality of Life" spaces

Jun 21, 2021: The offices invite a well-rounded recipe of collaboration, peace of mind and wellness.

A tiny device incorporates a compound made from starch and baking soda to harvest energy from movement

Jun 21, 2021: Scientists have used a compound made from a starch derivative and baking soda to help convert mechanical to electrical energy. The approach is cost-effective and biocompatible, and can help charge low-energy electronics like calculators and watches.

Tech deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Jun 21, 2021: Here are the top deals on tech products for Prime Day 2021.

Breaking Cleantech Stock News: dynaCERT (TSX: $DYA.TO) (OTCQX: $DYFSF) (FRA: DMJ) Announces Strategic Collaboration with Galaxy Power; @dynaCERT

Jun 21, 2021: TORONTO - June 21, 2021 ( Newswire) dynaCERT Inc. (TSX: DYA) (OTCQX: DYFSF) (FRA: DMJ) ("dynaCERT" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has agreed with Galaxy Power Inc. ("Galaxy Power"), a newly-formed Canadian private corporation, to advise Galaxy Power, from time to time, on general innovative Hydrogen Clean Technology advancements throughout Canada.

Prime Day Deals on zero-waste essentials

Jun 20, 2021: If you are shopping during this Prime Day, consider these top deals on zero-waste products to help you ditch plastic for good.

Shine Turbine is a wind-powered portable device charger

Jun 18, 2021: This portable wind-turbine weighs less than three pounds and fits in your backpack.

Rocky Mountains experience more severe and frequent wildfires

Jun 18, 2021: According to the study, climate change has led to decreased snowfall and increased the length of summers, triggering more wildfires.

EU parliament calls for ban on caged farming practices

Jun 18, 2021: On Thursday, the European Parliament approved a report petitioning the European Commission to end caged farming of animals.

DMAA designs Residential Greenhouse in Germany

Jun 18, 2021: A new urban district is rising from the dust of the former Kellogg's site on the Überseeinsel in Bremen, Germany.

All-electric affordable housing in Aspen to run on solar energy

Jun 18, 2021: A new, 53,000-square-foot building in Aspen is set to become one of the first multi-family structures run entirely off of electricity and solar energy in Colorado.

Altered microstructure improves organic-based, solid state lithium EV battery

Jun 18, 2021: Researchers improve energy density in a novel electric vehicle battery - a step toward a more cost-effective, easily recycled battery that would allow EVs to travel farther and charge faster at a low cost.