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Jun 23

Fresh-Water Wind Farm on Lake Erie

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Wind Farm on Lake Erie A fresh-water wind farm is taking shape at Lake Erie and when completed will provide 20 megawatts and get on to about one gigawatt power by 2020. Huge individual turbines 300 feet tall, to be built by GE will be erected off Ohio, Cleveland. Better designs: These are special gearless super-efficient turbines, with three 176-foot long blades, which run with the help of a giant ring of magnets. The blades are longer due to strategically placed carbon fibre, and lighter too. Many moving parts like gearbox, coils and starter brushes are eliminated with resultant reduced maintenance. The giant magnetic ring array helps the turbine generate power even at very low speed.

Rejuvenating wind energy industry:

As land-based turbines are facing a lack of interest and demand, wind energy industry is facing a setback. This new-design turbines to tap the energy from off-shore wind can bring about a positive tilt to the industry. It has been estimated that off-shore wind potential from Great Lakes area only is 321,936 megawatts which is about 10 times the energy from all sources put together.

Farm partners:

This wind farm project is resulting from a partnership between Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo) of Northern Ohio and General Electric Co. (NYSE:GE). Costing US $100 million, this project will light up 16,000 homes. General Electric (GE) has been asked to supply the 5 turbines for this project. This project can be the harbinger of good times of GE along with another $300 million Saudi contract in the times of overall financial setback.

Perfect balance:

As per the report of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) on offshore wind, an interesting factor came to surface. Wind blows strongest at midnight and with least force at midday and solar power is strongest at noon and almost nil at midnight. So with wind-power at night and solar power at day, we can have continuous generation of clean, renewable energy.

  • ken upton

    All dynamics work the same , What gives the results are the density of fluid flow and the time the machines can collect the passing RE . If there is no other free energy in a urban areas then VAWT are OK but out at sea wind is a no no . When Tidal energy on a grid system is non stop and old man river never stops . Why waste resources just so coal , oil and nuclear have to carry on to give a back up.Its easy to wave your hands in the air ,but try doing the same in water . You will need 800 times more energy for the same size. Conveyor kite/kite foil systems from 4Paz .org are a good effective answer . Our early designs where copied by Altantis and now have proven our old technology,gives the cheapest KWH in the world. We have even better designs and new technology to give to the world . Why not give us some support 4paz Cam 03750 Espana .So we can make even better ideas come true .

  • Marie Brunet

    The chance to change the old technology,it is not more a dream it is a reality.I hope this reality can be affordable also for the third world including South of the Borders,where the natural resources are still so long waiting for a renovation. This revolutionary technology can convert these countries in a safe an developed place for their families and children.

    Poverty is only the result of speculation and no progress.

  • Jos Conil

    Off shore wind can generate more power as there are very few obstructions to the wind when compared to land based turbines. But maintaining such turbines in a lake or river is not that cost effective.

    This can work well if it can be combined with an on shore solar power facility as mentioned in the article

  • styke

    $100 million to light up 16,000 homes means $6000 to light up one home.

    If the same home is paying $100/month, then payback is 5 years. That is pretty good.

  • Bruce Bremer


    The way you calculate payback in years has more to do with your net yearly energy savings. To determine net savings, subtract your operating expenses from your gross yearly energy savings.

    Wind turbines have moving parts. Moving parts need lubrication, inspection, and periodic replacement. Moving a tower to the middle of a large lake limits access and exposes your infrastructure to environmental extremes… both of which increase you operating expenses.

    Once you have determined your net energy savings per year, divide the initial investment ($100,000,000) by that amount to see how many years it will take for the off-shore wind farm to pay for itself.

    Iowa State University posted a good article on wind energy economic issues at

    So… without having the current price per kilowatt hour and the reduced price per kilowatt hour, along with the expected overhead, it’s really hard for us armchair quarterbacks (myself included) to say just what that payback period will be.

  • Wendell Ellison

    Interesting. This magnetic ring mentioned sounds like a virtual zero friction bearing, allowing adequate blade rotation (power generation) at lower wind speeds. Does anyone know if that is the case? Also, does anyone know of any other wind farms that currently utilize this technology?

  • Darrin F. Williams

    This is a pretty interesting subject. How many wind turbines will it take to power a major city like New York or Los Angeles?

  • Joe

    So far all our Pa reps and senators just want to have talks. Time for talk is over, lets get the damn job done.

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