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Aug 03

First Factory Built Solar Charging Station

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Factory Built Solar Charging Station International Green Energy Expo Korea 2010 was chosen as the venue where SunPods SP-300 was first displayed. This is the first factory built-to-order solar-powered integrated electric-vehicle charging station – ready for powering up immediately. This ready-to-use solar power platform from SunPods is called EV Plug-N-Go.

Perfect launch pad:

Deagu, South Korea, played host to the Green Energy Expo Korea 2010. This provided the backdrop for showing off to advantage the EV Plug-N-Go. The Pacific Rim (South Korea, China and Japan) is the chosen arena for marketing this power platform. Realizing the huge potential for growth, the plan is to utilize the growing interest here in transportation systems fed by green-power.

SunPods & Semi-Materials Inc alliance:

The SunPods electric vehicle charging system is the combined brain child of SunPods, San Jose, CA and of the Semi Materials, Inc. of Seongnam City, Korea. Co-founder of SunPods & Executive Vice President, Business Development, Michael Gumm is positive about the product and the success of the launch.

Power on the go from EV Plug-N-Go:

This solar-power platform has been made especially for the public agencies, institutes and companies with infrastructural utilities powered by solar power. For use of plug-in-hybrid electric vehicles, electrical industrial utility vehicles and other electric vehicles, this solar powered platform is the ideal companion to provide powering on the go.

Versatility of EV Plug-N-Go:

These SunPods SP-300 modular solar power platforms are ideal for both on-grid and off-grid installations. They are capable of compensating carbon-based grid power as well as optimal power storage in utility grid and distribute the power as needed to the EVs. Called as ‘smart-grid capable’ and ‘smart-grid enabled’, the SP-300 allows power input and output from both grid-connected power sources and solar power sources as efficiently at peak demand.

A boon to green-powered vehicles:

Across the world, SunPods EV Plug-N-Go export kits can be shipped ready for installation. Already assembled and ready to use, these are ideal companions for a wide range of environmentally friendly renewable energy-fed solar applications.

  • Theodore Sumrall

    While probably an OK idea for a country such as Korea, this is not viable in the US. We already have tens of thousands of recharging stations already in the US. Only, we refer to them as Camp Grounds. These facilities (such as KOA) have 220V lines coming into all of their campsites.

  • Jim Jonas

    I wonder what our Government is waiting for on the Energy Policies. We know we have enough oil in the US Natural Gas, Propane Gas, Solar, Grid, Electric Batteries, Hydrogen Gas, Fuel Cells, Coal, Bio-Fuels and much more that work.So why are we paying Saudi Arabia and others for energy.But the craziest one we pay is Iran. I no we need cash so why are we not doing alternatives.Jobs creation is not Democrat Republicans it is American.

    At this point I blame Republicans and Democrats.

    I live in a State “Florida” that is last getting Stimulus money Fifth in Unemployment.
    Our Country has its reasons or not but how can Government go on Vacation. If you go on vacation no pay. As a matter of fact just don’t come back. My pay raise is my vote. Think about this.

  • Kevin

    How much? As I read the schematic, it looks as if the solar power station can hook up to a home circuit panel? So it’s not just for a a DC car?

  • Glenn

    Even though we have KOA grounds.. it’s always inspiring to see what they can come up with.

    I love to see the new solar panels they come out with every year – this past month at Intersolar was fun!

  • Ted Sumrall

    Yes – I agree fully. It is truly an inspiration to see new things developed and demonstrated. Unfortunately, this is insufficient to generate the capital necessary to bring a great idea to market. I just wished they would take what they spend for 1 month in Iraq and Afghanistan and spend it on ideas such as these. Then perhaps we would not need to be in such places.

  • Ted Sumrall

    PS – Florida (where I also live) cares little about renewable energy. Of the 34 states with renewable portfolio standards, Florida ranks #34. In their 2008 energy grant awards, the overwhelming majority of the awards went to big utilities.

  • Amy

    You wish they’d jump on solar- for goodness sake, it is the “Sunshine State”

  • alaincc

    Its pretty simple, even though its sounds very complex IT REALLY ISNT! I have a house that runs on solar power (some people call it solar energy house…hehe) and its helps me to save so much money. The solar cost is incredible. How it Works?…heres the complex/easy part: It haves some solar panels, 1 water heater, 2 inverters, and some cables and stuff to make it work easier like a wind turbine. At end all these things made me save enough Money for my sons college. I guess, if you have any questions just contact PV expert that can explain this easier. By the way, that person i contacted was some guy at a company called Sun Electronics . Good luck.

  • Reedtwil

    They would do better having a recharging station powered by a vertical axis wind turbine. It’s much more efficient and would be great here in rural areas.

  • Reedtwil

    They would do better having a recharging station powered by a vertical axis wind turbine. It’s much more efficient and would be great here in rural areas.

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