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Mar 17

Generating Electricity from Wing Waves

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Wing Waves Just like wind mills and wind turbines that generate power and electricity from the wind, scientists are now working to generate power from the sea. Stephen Wood, an assistant professor of marine and environmental systems at Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering is working on this technology for its advance and proper use. This technology will use Wing waves in a very efficient way to generate electricity and power from the sea.

The wing waves technology to produce electricity and power from sea is a project initiated by a renewable energy firm from Tallahassee called the Clean and Green Enterprises. This firm has been working in this area since the past five years.

The use of Wing Waves to produce electricity from the sea

According Wood, about 200,000 houses can be lit with the help of one square miles of wings that produce around 1000 units of electric power. Power is generated by changing elliptical motion wave into mechanical energy after trapping it 30 feet to 60 feet below the sea.

The chief executive with Clean and Green Enterprises Inc., Terence Bolden says that the wings sway 30 degrees from side to side. They take 8 to 10 seconds to complete every arc. In this process, they produce electricity.

Basic requirements to use Wing Waves to produce electricity from the sea

To use Wing waves to produce electricity from the sea, there are two basic requirements: depth of 40 to 50 feet and a sandy bottom. Sea fans are placed on the sandy base. Though, bigger wings can be used to tap water to make electricity but for that the plant to make these wings has to be situated near the ocean. Till then, the fans having trapezoid-shaped wings that are 8 feet tall and 15 feet wide will continue to be used and they will be transported through road. The height and the width of the wings are carefully made so that they can be transported by the road and can be easily placed under the sea.

Advantages of using Wing Waves to produce electricity from the sea

An example of Wind Waves to produce electric power from the sea was showcased when two 8-foot-tall wing flaps moved up and down on the seabed, just a few miles away from the Fort Pierce Fla.

The advantages of Wing waves are:

  • It is a clean and green way to generate electric power.
  • It is an alternative way to provide power.
  • It protects sea life. Wings waves are very environment friendly as they do not cause any danger to the turtles and attract fish.
  • The power produced in the sea can be used on land by transferring the electricity from sea to land through cables.
  • The wing waves are a treat for the eye to see.
  • If these wings are properly maintained, they can be used up to 20 years.
  • The wings will operate and generate power even when the sea is a bit calm. The wings will get locked automatically during hurricanes, when the sea is rough.
  • Wing wave’s technology can operate in any coastal area.
  • Wing Waves also help in desalinizing sea water.

The prototype of Wing Waves technology

The prototype of wing waves that has been working from November 17 off the Florida coast is built with aluminum. It has helped to collect data on wave motion and other relevant matters. The prototype that is going to replace the one used now will be made from composite material that is more resistant to corrosion.

Hopefully, Wing waves will be a revolution in generating power and electricity from the sea.

  • sheckyvegas

    isn’t this just another version of clamshell tech?

  • Arthur D Hall

    In flowing rivers or streams place towers with vertical slots facing one another across the water reflecting the amount of rise and fall in the water level. Place an axle around a magnetic coil between them across the water. Place paddle wheels on the axle to spin it around the magnetic coil. Up stream place porous debris deflectors. Repeat this depending on the demand for power. We will call them Stream Mills. It is not something new.

  • Sander

    Or just keep things simple and cheap bu putting a direct drive, “windmill” underwater.

  • Arthur D Hall

    Good idea. The mechanical configuration can be experimented on. Common sense tells us it is a good concept. I have thought of building a portable one for camping at the creek bank when fishing. A place to start that might lead to something. Even if just recharging batteries for an electric boat motor.

  • Jakrii

    Wave energy is really gravity waves if your talking about the pull of the Moon upon the ocean as tidal waves. However solar energy also plays a role in surface waves by means of heating of water that results in vapor driving wind.

    The point I want to make clear, is that all this is “surface energy” at the top layer of the ocean. However, there is also deep wave energy, called currents, that can power many terawatts 365 days a year, completely out of sight and without sacrifice to present land for farming, living and building and also sea-life or ships.

    Even terrorist would find it difficult to exploit, because there is nothing going to explode. It’s just waves of energy transforming into another type of clean energy. The best part is that this technology already exist to transmit via superconductivity cables with very high efficient, that don’t produce electromagnetic radiation. It doesn’t take lots of space and it’s easy to install, just as the Internet transatlantic cables have already been laid down across the ocean.

    Imagine a world without dirty energy pollution, no coal burning, no gasoline fumes, no cancer, no threat of radiation for 4.5 million years to worry about. Just FREE gravity being used like dams are doing on the surface of land using water.

    Has anyone a better idea for clean energy development?

  • Jayant Tanksale

    I believe the energy which a river, flowing throughout the year, carries, is yet to be potentially exploited and tapped by employing the same concept as in Wind Mills.

    Instead of exhausting all the natural resources, we need to concentrate more on conserving them because conservation always holds the key. We need to take efforts to identify, employ all such ‘unexplored’ energy resources around us. If we do not do it now, they are destined to be wasted and we shall be cursed by the next generation/s & posterity.

  • jas

    Why is this lagging? The US is surrounded by water. Get to work, you nerd tech boys.

    Harvest the current. Move it!

    A world without oil. We can do it.

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