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Jun 22

Dock Here for Clean Renewable Solar Energy!

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Dock Here This can very well happen in the near future with billboards advertising – bold and strong, beckoning electric vehicles for recharging. Already in Berlin-Adlershof, this is happening. The largest independently functioning solar charging station is offering high-quality, computerized and completely safe kind of solar charging to electrical cars. Electric-power cars’ handicap – finding a place for recharging on the run – is now being conquered by this power refill station. Precise calculated billing, electronic identification for access and automatic safety flaps are added attractions. And no queues to bug you! At a time, eight vehicles can be recharged!

Components of solar station:

What makes this station so unique? Three great components – a mover to generate electricity, a battery to store the power efficiently and an intelligent and totally computerized connector system -for charging and billing – add to up to make this station come true.

1. Mover:

A biaxial photovoltaic 12-module generator which follows the sun generating 40% more energy than normal mono-axial systems – from Solon stable.

2. Storage Unit:

A vanadium redox flow battery acting as storehouse to store 100kWh that is capable of providing 10kW at any time – an ideal storage anywhere for any kind of renewable energy – be it solar, biomass or wind generated.

3. Electrical Connector/charging system – Completely computerized:

A unique system with software to monitor the outlet and manage the charging very optimally and particularly intelligently. A GSM modem to control the flow of communication between the external services. Individually accessible outlet socket modules, with motorized flap and other electronic gadgetry, to do the billing precisely and accurately identifying the user.

Charges all electrically driven vehicles:

This stand-alone charging station provides clean renewable solar energy charges not just for cars, but for all electric vehicles. Quite a few Vectrix electric scooters are running merrily on the city roads and Solon Campus used by Solon staff.

A combined effort:

The solar charging station, Younicos turnkey offer, is the fruit of the combined efforts of Solon’s Photovoltaic power plant, Cellstrom’s Vanadium Redox flow battery, and Younico’s intelligent charging system. All hands to let the fossils stay put in peace and the world run on cleaner CO2-free energy!

  • Jill

    This is fantastic! There is so much exiting going on right now in regard to green energy! Great article! Keep up the good work!

  • Jim Jonas

    We need jobs so badly in the United States that my question is why are the Congress and Senate not helping with Grants to provide homeowners or people to buy cars. If we have no pre-own cars and parts are not selling millions of jobs will never come back.People who have work in these areas know we must have these business. So hydrogen gas electric who Bio-fuel. If you know how to do this as I and many do until we promote these principles we should look to see who has block this and just not vote for these folks. Your Out

  • Suzanne

    It would be interesting to see this come to the US.

  • Darian

    For so long we have seen ourselves as technological leaders in the world. No longer. We are getting creamed by Europe, Japan, and China as they are getting a huge headstart in this arena. Our adversarial culture has us locked in a stalemate. We are like deer in headlights. Come on America let’s get this stuff on the road, and on the roofs before we are left in the dust.

    I like this website, but it is mostly academic. Where’s the beef. Show us practical usage here in the US, like the BLOOM energy story.

  • Francisco A Roque

    Come on!!!! I will buy one as soon as is made available, just so I would no longer care about big oil trying to jack up the price on an everyday fashion.

  • styke

    For those of you who have driven across the western US, there are often long distances between gas stations, and people do run out of gas in the middle of the desert.

    It sounds like these stations could be built in every rest area, and electric cars would be better for long trips than gas cars.

  • BillR

    Why are we lagging behind the other countries in alternate energy.

    SIMPLE: We have a two party system of government here in this country and one party does not want to move away from oil.

    We will not make any real headway until that thinking is voted out of office.

  • Lou Gage

    As long as the green movement sees the political system as one party good the other evil its efforts will be lessened. If a solution is to be found in the USA it will have to face a capital system that demands profit. Additionally, both parties are greatly tied to big oil. Check who receives checks – it is surprising. A new wind is moving through USA and it is shaking up a lot of old school politicians. Washington money is our money and I think we can spend it more wisely than Washington can.

  • Larry

    According to the International Center for Technology Assessment the real cost of gasoline is over $15 a gallon. We are not paying for it at the pump but instead borrowing from our children by running up huge debt. As long as the real cost of oil based energy is being hidden by subsidies, alternatives will appear to be too expensive. We must be heard in Washington and in our state governments. Continue to ask your government representatives to support a more sensible energy policy.

    Anyone see the John Stewart piece spotlighting the past eight presidents talking about the need to free ourselves from oil? It’s time to hold their feet to the fire.

  • styke

    If the government wanted to free us from oil, the easiest place to start would be for the EPA to allow everyone to do a CNG dual fuel conversion on their cars. The conversion kits are cheap, the impact is huge, but the EPA says it is tampering with an approved emissions device, so it can only be done for a few models of cars.

    Gov’t clean regulations are, in general, designed to prevent us from being clean, prevent us from advances.

    Solutions to problems don’t come from hating Big Oil. They come from understanding how oil fills needs that no one else does, and trying to compete.

  • S Norbdye

    I think if we wait for the government to do something to help in this, we’ll be waiting for a long time. People like Ed Begley, Jr., and others are onto something when they take existing older cars and convert them to electrical power. If enough people do something like that, the people who keep selling gas powered cars, (and gasoline), will find themselves losing profits, and THAT is what will get them to turn things around. I also heard that Nissan is coming out with a relatively inexpensive car – gotta check that out.

  • jrminvestor

    Envision Solar (EVSI.OB) converts parking lots and structures into Solar Groves with vehicle charging stations for hybrids and electric cars. Envision Solar Stockholder here who believes that Solar Trees are going to be BIG moneymakers!

  • S Norbdye

    I heard something outrageous on the Ed Schultz show today. It seems that in 2011, when the long awaited 2 passenger Chevy Volt makes its debut, just 10,000 cars will be available to the public. In 2012, 40,000 will be available. Does that sound like a company trying to make a difference? It’s simply pathetic. Compare that to the Tesla, which now has come out with a family sedan. Or the Nissan Leaf.

  • styke

    S Norbdye, the number Chevy is producing is in excess of many car models on the market today. And, should demand prove strong, I am sure they could increase the production somewhat.

    How many does Tesla plan to produce? How many does Nissan plan to produce?

  • Lou Gage

    Re: GM It does seem like a “toe in a puddle” but I wonder 1. if the facts are correct 2. if GM is being very very careful and as US taxpayers are big stockholders maybe they should be. Also, I wonder if the charging infrastructure is part of the problem. LouG

  • S Norbdye

    For those that aren’t aware, hybrid electric cars do not need enroute charging stations to go on cross country trips. When the batteries run low, a gas engine starts up and charges the batteries enroute. Thus infrastructure doesn’t have to be a problem. Home charging stations would do much of the charging, and with plenty of time to do it.

    As for electric cars, the EV-1’s popularity proved a point. Many people wanted to buy the ones they leased, but were not allowed to by, yep, Chevy. Instead, they crushed all of them.

  • jacob1579

    It was a great idea to shift the energy infrastructure to electricity… however, we have to ask where is it being shifted to? And we have to be honest about this.

    The electricity will come from a power plant…what kind? Nuclear, coal? In this case it just shifts where the pollution is coming from. the other thing to consider is that it also forces us to rely on another industry for “fuel” electricity in this case. It’s one of those situations where we have to look at the fine print.

    The real solution would involve on-board power/fuel generation. (On demand fuel). This can be done with both electricity or hydrogen production via HHO gas. I was shocked to see hydrogen fuel cells were being studied since the 1920’s and then kept hush hush out of the mainstream.

    Whats great about hydrogen generators is that the engine requires very little modification. It’s also possible to have both electric and hydrogen hybrid. (double bonus). Honda has already come out with a new model using this theory.

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