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Jul 09

Aeroturbine – Next Generation Wind Energy

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AeroTurbine Right now wind energy is only being harnessed in the windy regions of the earth. Installation of wind energy on individual basis is unpopular because of production and cost inefficiency. Noise pollution and birds getting killed are also not quite attractive side-effects of the windmills. We can’t even imagine of installing windmills on high rise buildings due to their size and cost.

Dr. Bill Becker of university Illinois & Chicago too thought about all the drawbacks of the windmills and has come up with his own version in the wind turbine technology. This is a double-helix wind turbine known as aeroturbines. The design of these aeroturbines is simple and Dr. Becker tries to eliminate the drawbacks of the existing turbines. Harvesting wind energy from high rise buildings will be possible and production and cost efficiency will be the key factors. The propellers of these aero turbines resemble an electric beater and don’t look like a blade. These aeroturbines will not produce noise pollution and can be installed at the rooftops of high rise buildings.

The other plus factors of aeroturbines are that they are safe for birds. They can harness the power of multidirectional and gusting winds. They require low maintenance and are self regulatory as far as overspeed protection is concerned. Aeroturbines can work in a heavy snowfall too. They start working in a wind speed of 6mph. Continuous wind supply is not a precondition.

Two models of aeroturbines available are 510V and 520H. Both these models can easily be incorporated with solar photovoltaic systems. This urban-friendly wind power can be positioned horizontally hence they can be installed on existing high rise buildings. The structural design of aeroturbines are such that they can be easily integrated and installed into new as well as existing buildings and their model cages can be mounted in vertical, horizontal and diagonal orientations.

The aeroturbines must be installed 40 feet above the ground in order to operate efficiently and care should be taken that they are not obstructed by surrounding trees and other structures.

Such airoturbines are expected to be available this year, with limited functionalities, for multi-family residential buildings, institutional buildings and commercial buildings.

  • Kelly

    I would be curious about the variability of wind speeds in urban areas. Also, I wonder if these would be more cost-effective than wind farm models?

  • Mike D’Ascanio

    Are there any wind turbines like this for residential use? That seems like the next logical step.

  • Tom

    Would it be practical to attach a smaller version of the wind turbine to the top of an electric car. using the constant wind traveling at say 60 mph to generate electricity to recharge the batteries?

  • SR

    >>>Would it be practical to attach a smaller
    >>>version of the wind turbine to the top
    >>>of an electric car?

    There’s a law against that.

    No, The BIG MONEY OIL LOBBY did NOT spend
    a fortune to bribe Congress….

    It’s one of the laws of the
    Conservation of Energy.

  • henry

    How much to buy and install ?
    Do you export to Perth Australia ?
    What size unit is required for an average house ?

  • Ray Tokareff

    I have 9 houses on 2 ac and I have “The Trade Winds”; what would it cost for the turbine? I can do the rest.

  • Brendan

    To SR,

    Actually, the famous law of the Conservation of Energy is fatally flawed, contrary to mainstream belief. It only works for closed systems. A moving car is anything but a closed system.

    And as far as wind turbines on car roofs are concerned the main drawback would be the wind resistance created by the device, adding friction to the entire system. Cars already lose the majority of the energy (chemical-thermal-kinetic) used to power them through friction, turbulence and heat. The idea of catching some of that and redirecting it back into the system is not new, and does have potential.

  • Robert Moore

    Regular large wind turbines could have these along side supported by the same tall post, increasing total output.

  • Ken

    Vertical Axis Wind Turbines like this are not new, and I do not see this design variant as ground breaking or “next gen”. VAWT wind turbines have their place, but any design for low wind must be able to survive when the wind picks up! Else you know what will happen.

  • mark

    Turbine on top of a car, now that is funny. Yes it will generate power, but more power will be used up by the engine to counter the drag. Everytime you transfer the type of energy to another you lose some. So overall it will lose energy.

    If you had a device that could generate more power than drag then yes, but seeing as that is the opposite of how wind turbines work…

  • Ravi Soparkar


    Congratulations for developing unique design especially for urban and rooftop conditions.

    Pl inform performance of this innovative design wind energy generator.

    Kindly keep me on your mailing list for further developments. I would love to have one for my building.


    Ravi Soparkar
    Pune INDIA

  • cody liming

    I’m a student in debate and I’m writing an affirmative case over this, and I need to know how many jobs this could potentially create when they’re at full production, and if you find how many jobs it’ll create, can you provide me the info so I can use it as an evidence card? Thanks

  • http://crcfiberglass Jim McIntire

    Could some one please contact me from your office I would like to talk to them about more information on wind turbines we are a custom composite company needing advice on types of generators
    Thank you

  • Daniel Haas

    There are several erroneous comments above. A wind turbine on top of a moving vehicle would slow it down, and use energy. However a solar cell roof might help. Wind turbines could not be installed on existing tall buildings, as they are not designed for these large forces. It is suggested that in 5 years flat panel voltaics will be cost effective. One of the problems with wind turbines is that they are required to pat about a 2% higher interest rate than power plants, & this makes them less cost efficient.

  • James Austin

    I am a rancher in south Texas 7 miles from the gulf and all ways have a good wind. And also we have a large high elect line down the middle of the ranch. I need to know who I contact about wind turbines? Thanks for your time. James

  • Tom

    I’ve dug into these. Apparently, they don’t deliver the power stated on their wesite according to some customers and cost like $20000. Buyer Beware!

  • KAH


    I would like to point out something about the conservation of energy, though you are right about the closed systems. You seem to know your physics, so I’ll try to be spesific and brief.

    Consider a car. It pushes air away, which turns kinetic energy of the car to that of air. Air then gives room to the car. I find this energy could be used. Though this is only for the air moved by the car body. Maybe for some design this power is more than the additional drag? (not much, i think, but there has been talk about something like this.)

    But then again air above and next to the cars passing track. That air is still, and then you come driving at it with your windmills on the roof. You move towards the air to make it feel like its windy. Common sense says there is no potential.

    Correct me, please!

  • Rob

    The amount of materials and machine shop time/labour that go into this machine vs. the relatively minuscule amount of power out makes this a big loser. Furthermore, this drag turbine in a new package technology is certainly not *new*.

  • Tim

    A small turbine located inside the engine compartment using a scoop and duct system for airflow is feasible.

  • richard

    I believe Mariah energy in northern Nevada tried a design like this. The solid curved “wings” came off in a prototype installed at an elementary school in Las Vegas. They modified their design to curved “blades”. Look at their web site for the current design. Gusting winds can put a lot of unstable pressures on these devices.

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