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Jan 24

Best Green Car of 2011: Chevrolet Volt

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2011 Chevrolet Volt The 2011 Chevrolet Volt became the first electric car to be chosen as the Green Car of the Year 2011. Chevrolet Volt received this honor at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which is held every year by the Green Car Journal. The 2011 Chevrolet Volt electric car was chosen as the electric car of the year by an eminent jury, which consisted of the editors of Green Car Journal, Jean Michel President of Ocean Futures Society, Carl Pope Chairman of Sierra Club, and the host of Tonight Show Jay Leno, who happens to be a big fan of cars.

The competition for the Green car of the year was tough. In the finals 2011 Chevrolet Volt had to compete in this category with other big names in the field of electric cars like the Nissan Leaf, the Lincoln MKZ, Hyundai Sonata, two hybrids and a Ford Fiesta subcompact.

So what makes 2011 Chevrolet Volt, run on electricity a green car? The following two features contribute in this direction,

  • It can run up to 40 Km on electricity before the backup gas engine comes into play
  • The car has a special backup engine, which never lets you run out of electric power. The driver may not have any kind of fear in this regard.

Other Accomplishments

Motor Trend and Automobile Magazine has also named Chevrolet Volt, which will be available in the open market very soon, as the car of the year.

Social responsibility that General Motors takes-up towards environment

Apart from being voted the Green car of the year, General Motors, which makes Chevrolet, is also taking other steps to do its bit to clear up the environment, which is being polluted by its cars. It has contributed $40 million as donation to a local environment project in the US hoping to reduce carbon emission by 8 million metric tons. Since the 1.9 million Chevrolets sold before 2012 are expected to release roughly the same amount of carbon dioxide, this will kind of compensate the environment for the loss General Motors has caused to it.

Mike Robinson, the Vice-President for environment, energy and safety in General Motors says that apart from fuel economy and other features, Chevrolet wanted to do something that makes their brand distinguished. So they have set-up this program, the first by any auto maker.

Taking up Other social obligations.

General Motor’s Vice President of US marketing Joel Ewanick has also said that though it will take two more years to choose such projects. In the future the company will help various projects like small-scale wind energy and weatherizing schools by providing them aid and grants .

  • AndrewW

    Well, it runs primarily on coal. That’s not very bright, is it?

    EVs will make sense when we figure out how to makes clean AFFORDABLE electricity and put coal out of business – not before then.

  • Zachery

    Then, what about Prius – the most popular car in US!?
    I believe lots of technical problems still exist. So far, I think only Nissan Leaf can be described as EV. However, it is easy to see that people are trying to achieve the goal, isn’t it? (I would rather be positive about that…)

  • AndrewW

    The goal is “clean, affordable electricity,” NOT EVs.

  • Ralph

    How about producing an affordable electric car?
    Use your search engine for Ford Focus news. This car factory uses solar power to produce electric hybrids. Note the heavy use of robotics (they don’t seem to care what type of energy powers them). Is this the answer to Chinese labor cost?

    Also.. search numerous web sites that show the simplicity of a solar carport canopy for trickle charging these batteries. It is only a matter of time before a swappable battery will be used (takes 1 minute to swap for a fully charged unit).

  • Yashodhara

    Yea ! why don’t we standardize the battery packs similar to AA or AAA, so that we could have a quick replacement of those at the GAS Stations (which won’t be termed GAS Stations) and move on with our journey.

  • Brent

    This car is the furthest from green of any midsized car. It’s production pollutes tons, It’s driving pollutes tons, It weights tons. I gets 1/2 the mileage per Kwh as its competitors. Its americanized pollution with the word green stuck on it. ITS unscientific bad math. TRASH (Ps: I work for no organizations that compete, this bashing is purely of scientific reasoning) This car is inefficient in every way, I’ve read car technology sites for the past 4 years everyday, so trust me. The manufacturing of the engine, the batteries, the lightweight shell materials, the mercury coal power, and the gasoline, its horrible. It weighs too much to run electricity and its manufacturing is a heavy burden on the earth. It is crap on wheels, I’m all for american automotive doing well, but anyone who drives this should be ashamed of themselves, its not green, its not clean, its nothing in between.

  • Masterguns

    This car was many years in the making and is the best option for an extended range electric vehicle. Yes, it still uses an internal combustion engine, but it uses green electric power for 40km before that happens. Your not stuck to a short commute, nor are you stuck somewhere without a outlet. It is the current best option for an affordable extended range electric vehicle that we have, and it seems that most people but Brent realize it. We can only pray for additional research and a greener future.

  • alex ziady

    This car is a game changer. With its 73 mpg it ELIMINATES the 2/3 of our oil we get from OPEC

  • Thomas

    In my eyes, EVs are a good way to reduce CO2 emissions. Just think about what happens when only one coal plant is substituted by e.g. a solar plant. The reduction in CO2 emissions due to the energy production is directly shifted to all of the EVs which are plugged. So a small improvement has a big effect. In contrast, if you improve the efficiency of an ICE, you have to sell a lot in order to receive the same amount of CO2 reduction.

  • sean

    realize how racism comes in here? the Nissan leaf works 100% on electricity and they don’t even mention it. how on earth does an american hybrid, that does only 40 miles on electricity and then works like a normal car, get nominated for best green car when you have a Japanese car that is 100% electric. if both cars had normal engines, Nissan would still be ahead, because generally american cars use a lot of gas due to their powerful Nissan is 2 steps ahead. 1: Nissan uses less gas on a normal basis. 2: Nissan is 100% electric when Chevrolet is only like 15% electric. so I think Nissan leaf can beat the Chevrolet volt any day of the week.

  • AndrewW

    EVS run primarily on coal and natural gas generated electricity. Fossil fuels.

  • Charles

    If it runs on gasoline, its not that green.
    Its a good start for an american car company.

  • garrett patton

    this informationis quite useful and appreciable…

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