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Aug 17

Wind Energy Instruments getting Bigger & Better

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Wind Energy Instruments Renewable energy production and demand growth is gaining momentum in many ways across the world. There is a booming demand of wind power today and all wind energy equipment manufacturers are gearing up to meet the demand and take advantage of it. Wind power capacity growth will be reaching 447GW in the next five years and by year 2014 end, Asia will lead the world in installed wind capacity. Enercon is amongst the other manufacturers who are focusing on 3MV-class wind turbines based on E-82/2.0. Without increasing the component sizes, there are new designs to operate at 3MW power. There will be a 3-6% increased yield because of these innovative designs as claimed by the Enercon.

Class I and II wind sites:

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has rated wind sites as Class I and II wind sites – IA and IIA sites. Various designs are being tested for low-wind speed inland sites as well as high-wind speed sites. E-82/2.3MW and E-82/3MW are for strong wind sites and E-1-1/3MW is for low-wind speed sites.

New designs at EWEC 2010:

The European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition was held in Warsaw in Poland in April and REPower Systems AG presented two new improvements on their 3.XM series for sites with low-wind speed. 3.2M114 and 3.410 are optimal for less windy spots and 3.4104 on a 93 meter tower was specifically done for UK market as well special designs for Canada too.

Onshore wind turbines:

Large onshore wind turbines are now the forte of Alstom Wind. Easy maintenance and markedly ergonomically viable design make ECO 110 – their flagship – a successful larger scale rotor wind turbine.

New machines on display:

The EWEC 2010 showcased quite a few new designs and Gamesa and Siemens Energy are two of the companies putting up their G128-4.5 MW platform and wind turbine, and SWT-3.0-101 Direct Drive wind turbine respectively. Nordex SE has displayed N80, N90, and N100 wind turbines. Compact designs and superior specifications make these wind turbines remarkably efficient and noteworthy. They will increase the profitability with an assurance of quality and reliability.

Measures to improve energy output:

There are growing demands for more versatile machines which can be relied upon, durable and at the same time economical both while working with trouble-free maintenance. The people who invest in wind power want reliable and accurate data collection which can be reviewed easily. Today all the major wind power machine manufacturing companies are vying with each other to provide detailed and instant knowledge about wind and weather forecasting to improve energy output.

Future of Wind power:

Future of wind power is bright and shining as detailed studies by EWEA have already shown that power generation from wind energy is most economical. The consumers are reaping good benefits financially from wind power. There is no doubt”That wind is already directly curbing European electricity prices is perhaps less obvious, and all the more significant for it.”

  • Ralph

    Not sure we want em bigger. The big utilities have enough of a monopoly now. Let’s get behind the FIT legislative actions taking place around the country. Consumers need a direct break, not another big company setting fees on our natural resources. Combine wind and solar that the average consumer can use.

    Electric vehicles are coming to market. The energy dollars (from sun and wind) in the consumers pocket will help finance these clean vehicles. Also gets us around the oil monopoly and the their friend the auto company. C’mon America, you can do better….

  • Bless Ralph

    My sentiments exactly Ralph. Glad I’m not the only one who can see this!!

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