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Where does Wind Power come from?

Climbing Inside a Wind Turbine

Micron Animation

Micron is an urban all electric vehicle, designed by mondexdesign.

Volvo Electric Car ReCharge Concept

Volvo ReCharge Concept hybrid EV with 4 wheel motors Electric Car vehicle.

A1 concept vehicle design

Concept electric vehicle design.

SEAT Terranova Electric Concept Car

SEAT Terranova, is an electric allroad concept car.

How Wind Turbines Work

Cel Shaded animation explain the basic concept of a wind turbine.

Energy Harvesting & Storage with Compressed Air

A natural way to create compressed air for electricity generation.

The Megawatter System

A commercial implementation of Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) technology for direct electricity or hydrogen generation on a large scale.

Hurricane Damping and Prevention

Hurricane Damping and Prevention by cooling down the sea surface?

Aquabank – Riverbank Power

Riverbank has adapted an age-old concept into a modern, environmentally-friendly facility.

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