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Feb 02

The Ultimate Aero EV – World’s Fastest Electric Car

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Ultimate Aero EV Shelby SuperCars recently announced plans to produce an all-electric version of one of their current cars, the Ultimate Aero, also known as the world’s fastest production car. The new model will be powered by their revolutionary All-Electric Scalable Powertrain (AESP) will provide 100% torque at 0 RPM and better performance compared to traditional internal combustion engines. With a 1,000 horsepower twin motor and 800 ft-lb of torque the car will be able to acheive 60mph in 2.5 seconds and have a top speed of 208mph. According to the company the battery will charge in 10 minutes and have a 150-200 mile range.

We hope these technologies will quickly trickle down and result in more affordable electric cars for the rest of us. For reference, here is a Business Week video showcasing the original internal combustion version. Unfortunately, footage of the all-electric version is unavailable at this time.

  • John Bamberger

    The Shelby Ultimate Aero sounds great – but why would anyone WANT to go 250 mph??? I’d rather see an electric car that can go 250 miles per charge (250 mpc). Also, we don’t need that fancy body. Let’s get the weight down to 1000 lbs. (not a ton like this one is). Put a price tag of 10 g on it – and EVERYONE will be driving them! This one looks like it’s made for movie stars and CEOs.

  • Doug

    By developing high end cars, it will speed up the development of cars the rest of us can afford and use. It’s the old trickle down theory. Look how many innovations (Power breaks, power steering, radios, gps, power windows and locks, etc) began in high end cars and trickled down to the rest of us.

    Go for it!

  • Phil Taylor

    Although the total power used by an electric model will remain the same as internal combustion engines (except weight features), it will provide the alternative source of that power as whatever is developed. This may turn out to be solar, hydro, atomic, geothermal, wave or whatever else, resulting in cleaner air and less noise. I’m all for carrying on the research!

  • Daniel Baldacchino

    I also think that we are missing the point with investing money in developing super-electric cars. On the other hand this might persuade petrol heads of the capability of electric cars, and perhaps help in boosting the popularity of these alternative vehicles in general…we shall see!

  • shawn coles

    I agree sports cards are the way forward, if we can break into this market and make innovators/petrol heads buy into green the rest will follow.

  • ian

    A 1000 pound car? Thats nearly impossible, the smart fortwo is about 1600 pounds, and that thing is tiny. Also,the petrol version of this thing is over a ton, about 2700 pounds, which is light for any car. this technology is just isn’t developed enough yet to be selling for 10g. even if you only put a tiny engine in a tiny car.

    I am a petrol head, and i agree with most of you. if all electric engines are not feasible for sports cars, i believe many people would just by the older gasoline cars and work with those. If you want a %100 switch from petrol to electric, you need electric cars that can fit every category that petrol dominates today.

  • Adrian Woolley

    Good range and good speed. There is a notion that electric cars are slow and they do not go very far on charge. I think 200km is more than enough for your city driver. Has anyone seen the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?. I highly recommend it. 🙂

  • Ed

    Look, I’m not an engineer, or petrol head, and I do want to see developments made that will ultimately bring more electric/solar/hydro cars on the road to the common individual, but there has to be R&D and safety and dependability built into anything that is to be produced on a mass scale. And although I like yourselves would like it tomorrow I don’t want it without those qualities built in. The good thing is that we are making headway and given the present eco/social climate the developers are working harder to get it done. If it comes down through the trickle system okay, our goal as individuals should be support of the progress and to keep our voices load and clear that this is what we want and demand from whoever the developer/manufacturers are. Just the thoughts of a lowly millwright….

  • jimbo

    Where’s the proof that they even have the technical ability to produce such a car. Many automotive companies have come up with similar claims on 10 minute charge times etc etc blah blah all of which have never seen the light of day.

  • styke

    Well said, Jimbo. When I read stuff like this about electric cars I file it under “Yet another company makes fantastic claims.”

    Are they using EESTOR devices instead of batteries? Are they using nanosolar foil on the roof?

    Now, when I read about actual cars put in people’s hands, I have a totally different view. Chrysler Gems are great, for example. I expected them to face more competition, but whatever. They still make a useful product. No, it doesn’t break land speed records, and you can’t use it to go from New York to Boston, but it does what it does with no apologies necessary, and no broken promises. This industry could use more of that.

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