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This page contains articles about the global alternative energy industry. We currently rely on fossil fuels as a primary energy source. However, higher fuel costs are driving the growth of alternative energy companies, and the expansion of the renewable energy marketplace. Investors are beginning to pay close attention to these new companies.

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Pepsi’s New Green PET Bottle

Pepsi Green PET Bottle PepsiCo is one of the leading food and beverage businesses in the world. Since 2010, it has been focusing on protecting the earth's natural energy resources with competent use of soil, water, power and finding and focusing on innovative ways to do so. Recently PepsiCo developed the world's first plastic bottle made entirely from renewable and plant-sourced raw materials. This, in contrast to the traditional PET bottle leaves less carbon trace on our planet. View Comments


South Saigon Yacht Park: Modern and Green Clean Living

Saigon Yacht Park Vietnam is setting an example in setting up a stunning green center with the ongoing project called South Saigon Yacht Park. Right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, the state capital, plans are afoot to create a green oasis to spread the message of green revolution across the country. This Yacht Park is the first step towards making a glass-concrete jungle to an eco friendly city and to bring back the old world charm of harmony between people and nature. View Comments


Flat Tower: Innovative Architectural Solution

Flat Tower High-rise buildings and skyscrapers have been the most favored architectural solutions for highly populated cities. It is a commendable idea for combining height - growing more vertically - and for its small footprint without hogging precious soil which is at a premium in most cities. But sporadic eruptions of skyscrapers do not add to the beauty of the skyline of any city nor does it add any way to the locale topographical charm. The solution seems to be structures that solve housing problem for the populace without spoiling the beauty of the city. View Comments


Advantages of Renewable Energy at Macro and Micro Level

Renewable Energy It is now certain that the current energy systems and technological advancements available in the world are not sufficient to make the planet free from the carbon dioxide that is emitted from those resources. To solve this problem, there is a scope to build new technologies and to bring the existing technologies together to get maximum benefit from the entire energy system including energy production, transformation, to energy transportation and distribution. Work in this direction will have to be taken at both macro and micro level. View Comments


Best Green Car of 2011: Chevrolet Volt

2011 Chevrolet Volt The 2011 Chevrolet Volt became the first electric car to be chosen as the Green Car of the Year 2011. Chevrolet Volt received this honor at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which is held every year by the Green Car Journal. The 2011 Chevrolet Volt electric car was chosen as the electric car of the year by an eminent jury, which consisted of the editors of Green Car Journal, Jean Michel President of Ocean Futures Society, Carl Pope Chairman of Sierra Club, and the host of Tonight Show Jay Leno, who happens to be a big fan of cars. View Comments


South Korea Planning Massive Off Shore Wind Farm

South Korea Wind Farm Wind energy currently meets a mere 1.5% of global electricity generation. But scientists foresee a lot of potential in this alternative energy source. Asian countries are also trying to embrace clean and green energy. South Korea is going for an ambitious off-shore wind farm amounting to $8.3 billion. This project will be executed at the western coast of the Korean peninsula taking a time period of ten years. View Comments


Solar Power Towers coming to California

Solar Power Towers California The United States of America will now produce clear power that can light up as many as 11000 to 277500 homes in the country. The Sectary of Interior Ken Salazar has given a go ahead to the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating system, a project proposed by BrightSource of Oakland that can produce up to 370 megawatt of clear energy and generate nearly 1100 opportunities for employment. The project, located in San Bernardino Country, California, is the inaugural large-scale solar energy project on US public soil to use the power tower. View Comments


Walmart to Install Thin Film Solar Panels

Walmart Solar Prominent corporations are paying special attention to go green and create a conducive environment for clean and green energy. Walmart too is taking appreciative steps in the field of alternative energy. In the year 2007, Walmart entered into a partnership with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to provide a thrust to the photovoltaic technologies. It was related with thin-film solar. They aimed for taking it out from labs to the real world. View Comments


Silver State Dishing Out Golden Geothermal Power

Nevada Nevada is poised to lead in producing energy from geothermal heat sources in the entire US. Presently playing second fiddle to California, the day is not far off when it will overtake California in converting geothermal heat into electricity. Nevada is experiencing a rush of developers who have already companies producing power or with projects under development. Projects by people like Enel Green Power and Nevada Geothermal Power are fast putting the state on the road. Veterans and newbie's vie with each other to start production. View Comments


Zinc-Oxide Nanostructure Production Made Easy

Zinc-Oxide Nanostructure Two scientists are on a path-breaking method to produce 'sea-urchins' to expedite the work capacity and efficiency of photovoltaic devices. Jamil Elias and Laetitia Philippe are the two scientists from Empa's Mechanics of Materials & Nanostructures Laboratory who have been successful in producing these tiny 'sea urchins' which are ready to revolutionize solar-cell technology. New methods are generally difficult procedures, more so when the aim is to lend materials new characteristics as well by new processes. The two scientists from Thun have used materials that do not cost a bomb and they have achieved these results without utilizing any instrumentation that costs too much time and/or money. View Comments


Audi Testing Water in Electric Car Production

Audi Electric Car The entrepreneurial Audi is planning to take advantage of changes portended in the automobile market with an eye towards emission-free vehicles. Until now Audi has not shown any interest in electric car production but now that there is a growing demand for small and electronically-driven cars, Audi is keen to join the race. View Comments


USPS Goes Green

USPS In strict adherence to guidelines released by the Department of Energy, the United States Postal Service gets on a fast track to reach the goal for energy reduction. Green roofs, green buildings and an optimally efficient management system of energy consumption form part of the energy-reduction strategy. View Comments


First Factory Built Solar Charging Station

Factory Built Solar Charging Station International Green Energy Expo Korea 2010 was chosen as the venue where SunPods SP-300 was first displayed. This is the first factory built-to-order solar-powered integrated electric-vehicle charging station - ready for powering up immediately. This ready-to-use solar power platform from SunPods is called EV Plug-N-Go. View Comments


Hybrid Organic Solar Cells Now More Efficient

Hybrid Organic Solar Cells Success greets the research team of National Research Council's National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) and the University of Alberta. The plastic solar cells have now an operating life of 8 months instead of mere hours. And they are low-cost, environmentally efficient, unsealed plastic dollar cells - a green energy source. Developing economically viable plastic solar panels and to produce them in large scale has been the long time goal for the scientists as the cost of ultra high-purity silicon used in the traditionally manufactured solar cells is quite prohibitive. These are the solar cells of future - to be available to common man easily. A University of Alberta-NINT team has been focusing on this for quite some time. View Comments


New Battery Warranty for Chevy Volt Owners

Chevy Volt Battery The Chevrolet Volt is giving its extended range electric vehicle customers a great deal with an eight year/100,000 mile (whichever comes first) warranty for its lithium-ion battery. The battery pack has some 161 components, nine modules and 288 cells. The warranty is offering coverage for all the parts. The battery is basically made up of Chem. cells by LG but almost 95% of other battery components have been designed and are manufactured by GM. The thermal management system, electric drive system and the charging system also come under the warranty coverage. View Comments


More Power to Electronics Thanks to Nano-scale Wires

Nano-scale Wires Today a long-standing electronic dream has become a reality thanks to research done by a team of scientists from Bar-Ilan University, Israel, supported by U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Producing superconducting nano-scale wires to facilitate faster and more powerful electronic devices has been the long-time ambition which had eluded achievement until now. View Comments


Cell Phone Chargers to go Green

Green Cell Phone Today cell-phones have become an integral part of our life and are the most used mode of communication. More prevalent the use of cell-phone, more imperative is the need to curtail eco-pollution that emanates from the huge number of still-in-use and out-of-use cell phones. Toxic products like lead, mercury, cadmium and other materials pose a real threat to our ecosystem. Handset manufactures, recognizing the need of the hour, are showing great interest and emphasis on manufacturing not only environmentally-friendly handsets but also eco-friendly chargers. View Comments


VIDEO: Solar Stereo Speakers

Solar Stereo Speakers Imagine a cool poolside with golden sunlight, lifting music and relaxing time – sounds great, no! Now great music, wireless speakers, and excellent audio quality - all these are possible with Devotec Solar Sound 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers. Almost all phones, MP3 players and music players can be connected to these speakers wirelessly to get instant clear, resonant music. View Comments


eCRP Electric Motorcycle Launches for TTXGP

eCRP Electric Motorcycle A trip around the eCRP plant headquarters at Modena: The eCRP is the first of its kind of purpose-built electric superbikes, and today it is pitting against the legendary gas-powered Ducati, MV Agusta et al in the Italian TTXGP. With classic gorgeous looks and efficiently designed high performing parts, Moto2 bikes are packed with top-notch specifications. Agni 95 DC twin motors, battery packs from 7.4KWh, Marzocchi D.43 Superbike forks, CRP-built aluminum cast alloy Chassis and other features make the eCRP 1.2 a great bike. CRP has strictly adhered to the TTXGP rules and specifications in the making of eCRP 1.2. View Comments


Fresh-Water Wind Farm on Lake Erie

Wind Farm on Lake Erie A fresh-water wind farm is taking shape at Lake Erie and when completed will provide 20 megawatts and get on to about one gigawatt power by 2020. Huge individual turbines 300 feet tall, to be built by GE will be erected off Ohio, Cleveland. Better designs: These are special gearless super-efficient turbines, with three 176-foot long blades, which run with the help of a giant ring of magnets. The blades are longer due to strategically placed carbon fibre, and lighter too. Many moving parts like gearbox, coils and starter brushes are eliminated with resultant reduced maintenance. The giant magnetic ring array helps the turbine generate power even at very low speed. Rejuvenating wind energy industry: As land-based turbines are facing a lack of interest and demand, wind energy industry is facing a setback. This new-design turbines to tap ... View Comments

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