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Biodiesel Fuel can be produced from a variety of natural crops including rapeseed, soybean, mustard, flax, sunflower, canola, palm oil, hemp, jatropha and waste vegetable oils. This fuel source is said to reduce engine wear and produce less harmful emissions. Biodiesel is used as an alternative fuel source, but requires engine modifications. There is still a great deal of debate about the pros and cons of biodiesel.

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Fuel from Chicken Feathers?

Chicken Feathers If we go by the stats, every year 11 billion pounds of poultry industry waste accumulates annually, because we have gigantic appetite for poultry products. They can't be stuffed into pillows. Mostly they are utilized as low-grade animal feed. Scientists in Nevada have created a new and environmentally friendly process for developing biodiesel fuel from 'chicken feather meal'. Professor Manoranjan 'Mano' Misra and his team members at the University of Nevada discovered that chicken feather meal consists of processed chicken feathers, blood, and innards. Prof. Misra has been honored as the 2010 Regents' Researcher by the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents. View Comments


Economical Biodiesel Fuel from Algae

Biodiesel from Algae We all want to live in a clean and green world and breathe pollution free air. For this kind of environment we desperately need a fossil fuel free world. Scientists are toiling hard to come up with alternative fuels which can replace conventional fuels. One such study was presented at the 237th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. This study throws interesting light on the first economical, eco-friendly process to transform algae oil into biodiesel fuel. The scientists are quite hopeful that one day America will become independent of fossil fuels. Ben Wen is the lead researcher and vice president of United Environment and Energy LLC, Horseheads, N.Y. According to him, "This is the first economical way to produce biodiesel from algae oil. It costs much less than conventional processes because you would need a much smaller factory, there are no water disposal costs, and the process is considerably faster." View Comments


Trans-America Journey Powered by Waste Vegetable Oil

Stacy Jurich We love to read about different travelers and their adventures, wishing secretly that we could be in their shoes. Here is a young traveler, Stacy Jurich, 2006 graduate of Ohio State University. She is on a 3 ½ month journey across the country, driving her 1981 Mercedes across America. So what is new? She is driving a Mercedes using waste vegetable oil as fuel hence promoting use of alternative fuel. She lives in Toledo, Ohio where she shoulders the responsibility of running a non-profit organization known as "Toledo Choose Local." This non-profit organization promotes self sustenance using local resources. View Comments


San Francisco Greasecycle Program

Greasecycle For the past several months the San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC) has begun picking up used cooking oil from restaurants and businesses for free in an effort to find fuel alternatives for its municipal fleet. The city hopes to expand the grease recycling program (called SFGreasecycle) to include small-scale household pickups and eventually power all city vehicles on biodiesel, including public buses and fire trucks. The oil is picked from local restaurants by SFPUC trucks, dropped off at a transfer station, filtered, transferred into a multi storage tank settling system, then decanted for three days. The oil is then sold to a biodiesel plant using bulk transport tractor-trailer pickups. View Comments


Biodiesel Rental Cars from Bio-Beetle

Bio-Beetle Would you believe there exists a company that offers rental cars which are entirely powered by biodiesel? In support of their mission statement to be the "greenest" and "best" rental car company on the planet, Bio-Beetle Eco Rental Cars began their environmentally conscious business endeavor in 2003 with only a single car. The company was not, and still isn't, supported by a major car manufacturer. Powered by biodiesel, each Bio-Beetle has been purchased and developed individually by the founders as funds allow. The founders of Bio-Beetle believed their business venture was a great way to demonstrate environmental consciousness and have, therefore, slowly built the foundation for the only rental car company of its kind available. View Comments


Biodiesel banned in Texas

Texas BiodieselCome December 31st, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is set to effectively ban biodiesel in the state's largest markets. The problem, they say, lies with the fuel's nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and their contribution to the formation of ground-level ozone in Texas' eastern counties. According to the TCEQ, biodiesel does not meet the stricter NOx standards recently imposed on diesel and alternative diesel fuels under new regulations. Efforts to clean up the air, led the TCEQ in November 2005 to adopt Texas low emission diesel standards (TxLED) in an effort to reduce pollutants in the state's smoggiest 110 counties. Texas' biodiesel industry - the largest in the country - suddenly found itself essentially outlawed after the standards went into effect. View Comments


Advantages of Biodiesel Fuel for Transportation

Biodiesel Fuel TransportationModern diesel engine technology has advanced to the point where the advantages of biofuel usage are becoming much greater than the disadvantages. Modern diesel engines produce less noise, smoke or vibrations and they are more fuel-efficient than older model engines. Diesel engines have the added advantage of greater acceleration when compared to gasoline engines on the same model of vehicle. The use of biodiesel fuel may be the solution to the increasing transportation energy crisis, particularly in the farming and shipping transportation sectors. View Comments


Ineos to Build Biodiesel Production Plant

Biodiesel Production PlantGrangemouth will be a world leader in green fuel production for the 21st century thanks to a new multi-million facility. Petrochemical manufacturer Ineos confirmed this week it is going ahead with plans to build an environmentally friendly biofuels production plant at the refinery it bought from BP last year. Grangemouth councillor Bob Spears said: "As fuel from the North Sea runs down, we see biofuel as the way forward. It's great news this way forward will be created and developed in Grangemouth. "It will also help to secure hundreds of long-term jobs well into the 21st century." View Comments


Delaware Biodiesel Refinery Opens

Biodiesel RefineryDozens of government and business leaders turned out Friday for a ceremonial opening at Delaware's first commercial bio-fuels plant, a soybean oil-to-diesel factory in Clayton that could reach full production by January. President Martin Ross of Mid-Atlantic Biodiesel Inc. said during a ribbon-cutting that the new plant eventually could grow from 6 million gallons yearly to about 15 million gallons per year. View Comments

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Saturday, January 31st, 2015

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