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Survey: Alternative Energy Sources are Vital for Survival, posted in Future Energy, Politics, Solar Power.

Alternative Energy
Alternative Energy

Survey: Alternative Energy Sources are Vital for Survival

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October 14th, 2009 - View Comments

Alternative Energy Sources The international image of America is a country that is constantly creating roadblocks in the way of reaching a global agreement on climate change and environmental protection. Americans are seen as totally oblivious to the issues of global warming, and energy and food crisis. Recent research shows a totally different outlook. When asked if it’s important for the U.S. to develop and use solar energy, 92% of Americans responded “yes,” according to a recent survey by Kelton Research.

One question asked, were they to become President, what sort of renewable energy resource they would give more preference to, and the answer was:

  • Solar – 43 percent
  • Wind – 17 percent
  • Natural gas – 12 percent
  • Nuclear – 10 percent

“The SCHOTT Solar Barometer confirms our belief that Americans are ready for solar energy,” said Dr. Gerald Fine, President & CEO of SCHOTT North America. “We’ve invested over $100 million in Albuquerque, New Mexico and created hundreds of green jobs manufacturing innovative solar products.”

“With controversial debates happening all over America, this isn’t one of them,” said Rhone Resch, President and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association. “Americans overwhelmingly want clean, reliable solar energy for their homes and businesses. It’s now time for Congress to listen to the American public and prioritize the use of solar in upcoming energy legislation. By expanding the U.S. market for solar, Congress will reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while creating jobs in all 50 states.”

Surprisingly, last June (2008) the percentage of Americans positively responding was 94% but this could also be the error margin according to the researchers involved with Kelton Research, the independent polling firm that conducted the research.

And this opinion transcends political ideologies and socio-economic backgrounds. The support for solar energy consistently pervades across political party affiliation with 89% of Republicans, 94% of Democrats and 93% of Independents agreeing that it is important for the U.S. to develop and use solar power.

According to the survey, 49% of Americans have shown an inclination towards the use of solar energy for domestic and business purposes in the next five years, but only 12 percent claim to be “extremely informed” about solar.

What do you think?

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  • BR

    One thing that needs to absolutely be included in any alternate energy bill that comes out of Congress is a national law that all Electric Utilities be required to accept the excess energy that is produced by home owners and credit it to their accounts.

    Without such a national provision in the legislation there will still be far too many areas of the country where it will not be feasible for individuals to invest in alternate energy for their homes.


  • Bob

    As an American, I get tired of getting bashed. Where are most of the breakthroughs in technology happening today? Where is the innovation occurring? Right here in the USA. I think the perception needs to be changed- we are a land of breakthroughs and innovations and will continue to be- it’s what makes us tick…

    I’m excited to see all the new technological breakthroughs ramping up and getting ready to be introduced to the market place over the next year or so. We are right there as well with our new line of on- demand hydrogen generators for vehicles. Our newest line is twice as efficient and half the size as our original models, and they are cheaper and easier to install. Look for them in just a few short days as we do our part to make the world a better place!

  • Peter Sharma III

    No energy credits. Micro-producers must be treated the same as macro-producers… cash on the barrel-head! Send a check rather than a bill, period.

  • slaps

    I agree with the thought of sending a check instead of a bill, but I would add a couple caveats. First, allow the utility to charge a reasonable fee for reading the meter, calculating the payout, and sending the check. Second, pay wholesale prices for the excess electricity. Without this, the law amounts to theft from utility companies.

  • Robert Volk

    America is the the land of innovation and I’m proud to be one. Glad to see us making inroads in Solar, though I know more breakthroughs need to happen to bring cost and payback time down. I didn’t see any mention of on demand hydrogen generation, which is a shame because this industry continues to plow forth with new and better innovations- our new line of HHO generators is twice as efficient and half the size, and will be introduced to the market in just a few more days…

  • larry hagedon

    Here in America, several issues important to the rest of the world are simply of lesser importance to us.

    We do not worry that much about food, as we have more than enough food to feed ourselves, and much of the rest of the world besides.

    Energy is of much less concern to us, because even when petroleum prices spike, it is more of an inconvenience than a life or death issue.

    And as for anthropogenic global warming, most Americans are smart enough to know that that is an anthropogenic hoax. The myth is being used as a means to re-distribute global wealth; it is not a human caused phenomenon. Our earth temperatures always have fluctuated thru the ages and they always will, but we might as well get used to it, as we did not cause it to begin with, and we certainly can not change it.

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