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Oct 18

Solar Wind Power: Generating Power In The Future

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Solar Wind Power As the world discovers new ways to meet its growing energy needs, energy generated from Sun, which is better known as solar power and energy generated from wind called the wind power are being considered as a means of generating power. Though these two sources of energy have attracted the scientists for a very long time, they are not able to decide, which of the two is a better source to generate power. Now scientists are looking at a third option as well. Scientists at Washington State University have now combined solar power and wind power to produce enormous energy called the solar wind power, which will satisfy all energy requirements of human kind.

Advantages of Solar wind power.

  • The scientists say that whereas the entire energy generated from solar wind will not be able to reach the planet for consumption as a lot of energy generated by the satellite has to be pumped back to copper wire to create the electron-harvesting magnetic field, yet the amount that reaches earth is more than sufficient to fulfill the needs of entire human, irrespective of the environment condition.
  • Moreover, the team of scientists at Washington State University hopes that it can generate 1 billion billion gigawatts of power by using a massive 8,400-kilometer-wide solar sail to harvest the power in solar wind.
  • According to the team at Washington State University, 1000 homes can be lit by generating enough power for them with the help of 300 meters (984 feet) of copper wire, which is attached to a two-meter-wide (6.6-foot-wide) receiver and a 10-meter (32.8-foot) sail.
  • One billion gigawatts of power could also be generated by a satellite having 1,000-meter (3,280-foot) cable with a sail 8,400 kilometers (5,220 miles) across, which are placed at roughly the same orbit.
  • The scientists feel that if some of the practical issued are solved, Solar wind power will generate the amount of power that no one including the scientists working to find new means of generating power ever expected.

How does the Solar wind power technology work?

The satellite launched to tap solar wind power, instead of working like a wind mill, where a blade attached to the turbine is physically rotated to generate electricity, would use charged copper wire for capturing electrons zooming away from the sun at several hundred kilometers per second.

Disadvantages of Solar wind power

But despite the fact that Solar wind power will solve almost all the problems that we were to face in future due to power generating resources getting exhausted, it has some disadvantages as well. These may include:

  • Brooks Harrop, the co-author of the journal paper says that while scientists are keen to tap solar wind to generate power, they also need to keep provisions for engineering difficulties and these engineering difficulties will have to be solved before satellites to tap solar wind power are deployed.
  • The distance between the satellite and earth will be so huge that as the laser beam travels millions of miles, it makes even the tightest laser beam spread out and lose most of the energy. To solve this problem, a more focused laser is needed.
  • But even if these laser beams reach our satellites, it is very doubtful that our satellites in their present form will be able to tap them. As Greg Howes, a scientist at the University of Iowa puts it, “The energy is there but to tap that energy from solar wind, we require big satellites. There may be practical constraints in this.”
  • Jos Conil

    The Solar wind is indeed a veritable source of natural renewable energy, but as the article pointed out, there are practical difficulties in the tapping and transmission of this power.

    Let us hope that we will be able to overcome these hurdles in the near future.

    The major issue seems to be to transmit the power from outer space to earth.Perhaps we should deploy transmitter vehicles which can enter and exit the earth’s atmosphere on a regular basis to come and deliver the power to huge storage batteries on earth.

  • styke

    This sounds like a good idea for space power, but maybe not so useful for us folks here on earth.

  • Rospo

    Collecting solar wind out in space just needs a method to store energy, as like those robot from cybertron, into energy cubes.

    The problem is nobody has yet focus on creating energy cubes, so the missing element of storing solar wind energy will remain out of grasp. If your going to provide energy for the planet it must be 100% better method than what we already have!

    Energy cubes are like batteries, only clean pure energy and a lot of it.

    collecting solar energy therefore must need some reasonable method to store it, otherwise it’s needing to be used up all at once, and on those other days when disaster hits in space, the planet is left empty? Instead of a brown out, humanity has upgraded to a global crisis in the making.

    The truth is in that there is already more sunlight on the surface of the planet to power all of humanity thousands of times over, but there is no global network to share it, store it and be energy efficient in doing that.

    so we end up wasting a huge amount of energy, using all sorts of dirty energy methods.

    Energy cubes is just a method to pack energy into a space that has some type of energy container. If only this was developed, everything could use it. No more stream driven turbines required.

    Just pure energy. So ask yourself, how would you store pure energy?

  • Sun Connect

    It sounds like a great idea; it’s amazing to remember how the best ideas haven’t even been thought of yet.

    Unfortunately the biggest problems with immediate deployment do seem to be in the technical limitations. Undoubtedly we’ll manage to solve these sorts of issues (it’s pretty much a given with the ingenuity of the human race), but in the interim we need to look to solar power and other forms of renewable energy to solve our energy problems.

  • ian

    this looks like a pretty efficient idea, but wind energy only works when the wind is blowing…

  • abubakar

    i have agreed with rospo.

  • josh

    sounds like a good idea

  • Ken

    “massive 8,400-kilometer-wide solar sail to harvest the power in solar wind”

    This would only work if you have an “energy shield” that would destroy space garbage floating around on impact unless you want your billion-dollar gargantuan sail riddled with holes.

    Good idea if you can invent that energy shield first (solar powered of course)


    In space there are so many satellites and the figure which you shown in this site is the earth is small when compared to the solar energy plate. How can you protect from that fault?
    And it’s shown that the energy is transmitted with copper wire is this copper wire from generating source or, up to some extend only If thats the case then the energy is transmitted in air up to some extend how it is possible up to that much range.

  • Funny Cat

    Why don’t they think of smaller sails and smaller satellites .. Probably each country can contribute and they can arrive at how much power they need in order to stop non renewable energy consumption for that particular country. If the generation capacity is so large as conceptualized then the sails and satellites can be increased as and when needed.

  • noboundryman

    I don’t want to become another Nicola Tesla fanatic. However, he was closer to the idea than this super futuristic concept, looking for answers in the wrong direction, I believe, in the short term anyway. A vast quantity of the (solar wind energy) that strikes the atmosphere is guided, deep into the earths core along the lines of flux at the poles. There may not be any need to go into space to tap this resource, at least not in high orbit. The same energy that excites the gas particles in the aurora borealis, and australis is like an eddy in a stream. The amounts of energy streaming along those lines of flux is astronomically huge. It sounds a bit flakey I know, but I think something along the lines of a plasma field capture may be the answer. In other words an electric field to capture an electric field. It is at this point still a way out idea, but I believe we have to get away from building systems in the traditional (nuts, and bolts) engineering philosophy. Creating what is essentially a new kind of machine with no moving parts, made of already existing planetary, and atmospheric structures. Just brain storming that’s all. You know what they say. Opinions are like %$# &%$#$ , everybody’s got one. : )

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