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Aug 08

Solar Energy Plant Coming to Philadelphia

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Solar Energy Plant A company called Green Energy Capital Partners based in Philadelphia is planning to build what they term as the second largest solar energy plant in the nation, in the Carbon County. The $60 million, 100-megawatt solar energy plant will be built on 100 acres of land near the Green Acres Industrial Park in Nesquehoning. The solar energy plant is predicted to contain 40,000 solar panels on rotating mounts.

“We were between a cogeneration plant and another facility so we have two tie-ins with PPL and First Energy and we also have two industrial customers that may be able to take the power,” John Curtis, the founder of Green Energy Capital Partners, said.

The company claims that the solar panels will produce enough energy to power almost 15,000 homes even during cloudy weather.

The City of Philadelphia plans to get a quarter of its power from clean energy resources and this project will help it move nearer to the target. It’s not a surprise therefore that the state government is providing all the needed financial as well as material support to the company. In fact the company is getting several million dollars in incentive money to help build the facility.

“This will fit hand in glove with the requirement the utilities have so a lot of them will be looking to purchase this power,” State Representative Keith McCall said.

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