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New Solar Charger for Laptop Computers, posted in Future Energy, Industry, Solar Power.

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New Solar Charger for Laptop Computers

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March 25th, 2010 - View Comments

Solar Charger for Laptop Computers Now we can have a green charger for our computers and laptops. We can take our laptops to outdoors and keep on using them without bothering that the charge will run out. Muzatch offers a solar charger for our computers. It is known as the MZH-SP-6500 / SP-6000 renewable energy charger. If one is traveling long distance in a car, or going on a business trip or in the wilderness and needs emergency power for laptop, this solar charger will come handy.

Muzatch claims that their solar charger can charge 95% of the digital products currently available in the market. You can plug in this solar charger into mobile phone, PDA, DC, digital camera, digital learning machine, MP3, MP4 and PSP game, mobile DVD players. This solar charger can be compatible with ASUS, HP, Acer Travelmate Series, Compaq Prosignia Series, ThinkPad 1410/1411.1441/1450/1451/1472/730T /350/500/510 Series, Compaq Armada 100/4100/4200, Contura Series, Toshiba 4090XDVD/2545CDS Series T Series and many digital products:

Muzatch reassures that they have a built-in lithium-ion battery. Its capacity is of 12,000 mAh. Muzatch “solar charger can deliver an output voltage ranging from 5V to 22V”. This solar charger is also protected from over charge, over release, over current and short circuits due to built-in intelligence monitoring. Muzatch solar charger is available for $149.95.

When we use a completely new product, as a user we experience certain kind of tension and uneasiness. Here the manufacturer can step in and come out with information user is seeking to assure the readers. Muzatch solar charger manufacturer explains that their product is made up of highest quality lithium ion electricity core-300. They also say that their charging and discharging capacity is more than 90%.

Their product is sound on the portability front too. They offer personalized design; the single manual pressed key makes using the charger more simple.

What do you think?

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  • Anthony

    I really like the idea of a Solar Charger for laptop computers. A question I have is how efficient is the Muzatch solar charger?

  • Jamal


    I thought about such kind of portable chargers using solar energy, but in different way. Just a jacket can be holding such photocells to capture solar energy while you are walking around, it is good for tourists, sport-men, mountain climbers, etc… you can charge your cell, camera, etc. while they are in your pocket!

  • khalil

    Is it a conventional solar cell or a new organic cell? What is the efficiency of these cells ?

  • Gene

    They have the materials that are working at this time, they are small and compact and low cost,,a solar charger on a shoulder (on top,both sides of your head would allow for more charging panels and would fold compactly to fit in a bag w/the comp. If you are charging for a phone or games,a hat w/solar panels would probably do it. Use both and you have some major power out-put. They could sell a simple charging kit at low cost now that consumers could adapt to their needs. Why don’t we see these things that are simple and cost effective on the market, because they are trying too build them up in adds to boost the price instead of just turning out an honest priced and operable product. (that the people need) Look at hydrogen and all the hype against it,yet it is used by NASA for how long (and other govt. agencies)

  • sheckyvegas

    I emailed the company about the cells, this is what I got back –
    Dear Mr. Prince,

    Thanks for your interest in our product. We use mono-crystalline cells for this product, because of its strength and long-lasting charge. We manufacture our solar cell at our plant in china, then shipped here further production. The efficiency rate is at 97% We do not sale them to outside sources, but for our solar products only. Feel free to order from our website any quantity.


    Lon Fredericksburg
    USA Solar & Digital Comm. Tech. LLC

    — Just letting everybody know.

  • liezl

    This is really good news! Along with solar cars, this is quite an invention. I need to get one as I always forget to charge my batteries at night. :)

  • Bobbi

    Does anyone provide a link to where this item can be purchased? It is not listed on the Muzatch web site. I tried to send them a message, but I got a bad link. Thanks.

  • jude Muleke

    This is a very good invention! however, we who live in the developing countries here in Africa, and in Uganda in particular, will there be chance for us to have such chargers? if yes, where in Uganda can we find it or in any african country?

  • Vincent Anthony Onyango

    I need the contact of this manufacturer to market the solution in Africa. this technology can greatly improve communications by providing power to both laptop computers and Mobile phones in most areas in rural Africa which have limited Power distribution

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