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May 02

What can you do for your environment?

Posted in Environment and Sustainability

Save the Environment The concern for our environment no longer remains in the realm of NGO activism and student projects. It is a real-time concern that stares us in the eye at every moment. Global warming, changing seasons, depleting forests, expanding deserts, melting glaciers and ice at the poles and increasing sea levels, food shortage, climatic aberration and suffocating pollution are glaring manifestations of an environment on the brink of turning into a global catastrophe.

The situation is alarming, but it is not irreversible. Small lifestyle changes can usher a long-lasting, positive impact, and we may still be able to leave a cleaner, habitable planet for our children and grandchildren. Here are a few things you can do:

Use less electricity:

Yes, it is an oft-repeated statement, but its relevance never recedes. Lots of fossil fuels are burned to generate electricity; the more we use, the more we burn, the more we pollute the environment. A mere act of switching off the lights and electrical appliances when not required can save huge amounts of energy. Many people these days construct their houses and office buildings in a way that more and more daylight can be used instead of using light bulbs.

Read newspapers on your computer:

If you can get online it’s the best way to access your daily dose of news instead of flipping through the thick pile of your regular newspapers. Millions of trees are cut to supply papers; you can make a dint into this indiscriminate felling of trees by discontinuing your printed subscription and switching to online subscription.

Use public transport or bicycles:

We all know about the current fuel crisis and this crisis is caused by an ever-increasing number of gas-guzzling automobiles being acquired by millions of people. To make matters worse even food crops are being used to produce biofuels so that people can drive their cars. Why not use the public transport; it’s not only cheaper, it’s also healthier and environment friendly because first, you’ll have to walk a distance to use the public transport and second, lesser vehicles will be on the road. In fact this will also reduce the frequency of traffic jams.

Recycle as much as you can:

This is particularly true with the plastic products that you use. Once you throw them away they become a part of a huge pile of non-biodegradable garbage our planet is rapidly accumulating. First of all you should discourage the use of plastics in your day-to-day life but even if it is unavoidable try to recycle as many plastic products as you can so that fewer replacements are produced and fewer plastic objects are dumped on earth.

Force your politicians to take your environmental concerns seriously:

Politicians, fortunately or unfortunately enjoy/wield great powers and they can usher big changes if they have the intention. Make a cleaner environment a political issue and vote for only those politicians that show sensitivity towards climate and environment. If you do some research online you will discover, to your shock, how politicians stall proactive environmental-friendly legislations and policies due to personal greed and business affiliations.

Avoid using products of companies that harm the environment:

Let the companies and organizations that wreak havoc with your environment go out of business; stop using their products. Some individuals and organizations comprehend the gravity of the situation only when you hit below the belt, and in this case, it is the money that you snatch out of their hands by refusing to do business with them.

Sensitize your children:

Someday your children will grow up and inherit the planet and then their children will grow up and inherit the planet from them. Make a beginning and start sensitizing and educating your children so that they can handover a healthier planet to their children. Teach them how to conserve power and not to exploit the natural resources of our planet. Tell them how important it is to preserve the flora and fauna. Also make them aware from the beginning itself what a catastrophe can be unleashed upon earth if we don’t take care of our surroundings.

What else do you think we can do to help improve the environment?

  • Tommy Sand

    This is so true.

    I’m, however, constantly befuddled by the term “small lifestyle changes” when trying to encourage people to try and make a positive difference.

    Why not ask people to do whatever is in their power to lessen the impact on the environment?
    At some point, people will have to determine how they want the world to look when they leave. Doing your utmost to put as little strain on the planet as possible SHOULD be the norm.

    People are too struck with the notion of convenience; they leave lights on, have their AC’s, computers and TV’s on all day etc etc.

    How about legislating against this kind of convenience? There’s a thought that would scare any regular American.

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