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Feb 04

Riversimple Fuel Cell Car Project Continues to Plod Along

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Riversimple Fuel Cell Car People are getting more and more excited about green automobiles, so it was kind of surprising to see such a neutral reaction to the Fuel Cell Car by Riversimple. While this project has a very interesting slant from other cars that we have seen in this niche, it was met with a very lukewarm reception and things have not really heated up on in yet. However, the Riversimple Fuel Cell Car continues on and will hopefully be available for release in the next few years.

One of the biggest knocks on the car is its general appearance. Now this is pretty shocking considering some of the designs that have come out with electric cars. Having said that, electric cars have finally made a turn for the better and some of the designs that are out and that will be coming out are pretty dramatically different from what we have seen in the past.

The Riversimple Fuel Cell Car almost looks like an AMC Pacer that was premature. To say that it is an attractive car would be a stretch, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What does make this car attractive is the anticipated pricing. Current estimates have it costing the owner about $322/month in USD. Compared to some of the other options, this is truly a bargain.

Another attractive aspect of the car is the range that it will have. Many of the electric cars that are out and will be coming out are stuck in the 80-100 mile range. Reportedly, the Riversimple Fuel Cell Car will be able to cover about 240 miles before it needs recharging. According to Riversimple, it has “an efficiency equivalent to 300 miles to the gallon.” That is a pretty impressive number and one that may make people look past the AMC Pacer look and deep into their wallets.

  • Bob Reed

    Riversimple has come up with out of the box thinking so far from the core of automotive normalcy that peoples minds overload. First fuel cells are thought of in mainstream cardom as a galactic feat because the large car manufacturers say it too far in the future to be feasible. Second thing is that this car cannot be purchased, but leased only. Even the green groupies are caught off guard. Besides the car being made of carbon fiber and aluminum (rocket science)(can you say recycle).

    Wake up green movement! This car puts mainstream to shame and you are all on the sidelines looking at your shoes. Here is the David of Cardom spitting in the eye of the Global Mega Auto Monster that you all have been fighting against. Where are all the Hollywood see me I am green people? Oh I forgot, this car is not a big enough status symbol, ie. Prious. If I drove this no one would spew accolades decrying that I am green.

    Ignorance is bliss.
    This car has it all except the main stream press! I know, they think this car is a Republican.
    Good Job Riversimple!

  • Bob

    I like the idea, but the car is still too small for most people here in the US to be interested. There is already a large group of people unsatisfied with their tiny cars they bought when prices of gas were sky high, and are looking to get into a safer vehicle again.

    This is why we advocate the on demand hydrogen generators instead of a small hydrogen only car. The advantage is they can be installed in any car, they drop emissions, and increase mileage dramatically- all while using the cleanest energy around- Hydrogen.

    Our users get typically 20%-40% increases, while some have exceeded 100% increase. One customer has gone from 22 mpg, to over 40 mpg on his full size sedan.

    This to me, is the most practical approach at the present.


  • rollzone

    hello. to me it is a great car. i do not know the top speed. if it only goes 40 or 50 mph, the car ain’t so great. however, why not combine a hydrogen generator to the package and eliminate charging altogether?

  • dudley

    Yes it’s small.
    Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Yes it’s ultra recyclable low carbon and super green.
    Is it really too small for US markets when city drivers are the majority, I think not. Will it replace all gas vehicles – sadly no. There are however enough tiny gas powered cars on our streets that can and should be replaced by this car!

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