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Alternative Energy

Alternative energy news, and information about renewable energy technologies.

Jun 20, 2018

Alternative Energy News

Morgan Solar Announces Low Cost, High Efficiency Solar Power System

(Toronto, Canada) Morgan Solar Inc., a Toronto based solar energy start-up specializing in concentrating solar optics, has developed a new type of high concentrated photovoltaic system called the Sun Simba

System Operators Better Quantify the Value of Wind

Precision Wind, LLC of Las Cruces, New Mexico presented on the value of accuracy and service at the International Wind Forecast Techniques and Methodologies Workshop, July 24. The technical workshop

60% of Turbines May Be Behind in Critical Maintenance

Frontier Pro Services of Banning, California conducted an informal survey of approximately 75 wind farm operators in the United States. Designed to assess the specific operation and maintenance service needs

Airport Breaks Ground on $6 Million Solar Facility

BAKERSFIELD Calif. – The Kern County Department of Airports in conjunction with the Kern County Board of Supervisors and Regenesis Power, LLC will officially break ground on a $6 million

Ultra-Short-Pulse Laser for High Efficiency Cell Concepts

Coherent, Inc. introduces a new laser system – the TaliskerTM – optimized for next-generation high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing, and designed as a drop-in, turn-key tool for both production line equipment

Businesses, Institutions Join Biomass Fuels Study

(Boulder, Colo.) – Two major businesses, a religious center, a school and an education center are teaming up with Boulder County to research the feasibility of using woody biomass –

Plug-In Electric Station

We American are at present living with the prospect of paying more than $5 a Gallon for gas. It has turned our mode of life upside down.
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Increased Market Value of Wind Energy

Precision Wind, LLC of Las Cruces, New Mexico unveiled its Wind Resource Management Suite™ at the WINDPOWER 2008 Conference and Exhibition, North America’s largest wind energy event organized by the

Ship Green, Save Green

Consumers’ growing awareness and rising concern of global warming has certainly pressured businesses to consider more environmentally friendly solutions. While you may be well aware of green packaging, energy saving

Seagen Tidal Power Installation Completed

Marine Current Turbines Ltd, the global leader in tidal stream technology, has successfully completed the installation of its 1.2MW SeaGen tidal energy system in Strangford Narrows in Northern Ireland.

Tomorrow’s Conservation Leaders Should Come from Energy Industry, Too

(Washington, DC) Today’s conservation leaders are starting to retire – who will fill their seats? The National Conservation Leadership Institute is calling for industry associated with natural resources to nominate

Printed and Thin Film Photovoltaics and Batteries

IDTechEx has just launched a comprehensive report that gives a thorough analysis of printed and thin film photovoltaics and batteries – covering the technologies, markets and players. The report covers

Biofuels: The Next Generation

Scientists and researchers say renewable forms of energy can help give America a new energy future that is cleaner, improves national security, strengthens the economy and contributes positively to the

Solar Lighting Systems for Peru Earthquake Victims

(Palm City, Flordia) Sol Inc. (Solar Outdoor Lighting) has arranged for the donation of 42 solar lighting systems to 11 communities in Peru affected by the August 2007 earthquake. Philanthropist

The Key to Low-Cost Solar Cells

While thin film technologies are receiving worldwide attention with their potential to lower the cost of solar energy, there are researchers who are thinking outside the box and are looking

Turn Your Old Nalgene Bottles into Solar Lights

Don’t throw away your old polycarbonate water bottle – turn it into a solar lantern! The last thing this planet needs is any more plastic in the landfills. But

Printing Electricity from Sun and Heat

Solar cells are needed on everything from clothing to packaging, toys, spaceships, consumer goods, medical testers, skin patches and tools. Mostly, they must be thin and flexible, lightweight, environmental and

Eco-friendly Inflatable Solar Panel for Domestic Use

As a leading sustainable product designer, Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC) is delighted to announce its latest product development; an inflatable solar collector called SolarStore. The SolarStore harnesses the sun’s natural

Renewable Energy Marketers Form Trade Association

(Washington, DC) Some of the most influential and competitive organizations in the renewable energy industry have now joined together to create the first trade association for organizations that market renewable

Fuels from Waste and Biologically Regenerating Raw Materials

Fuels from waste and biologically regenerating raw materials represent an increasing alternative to the mineral oil production for the decentralized energy-technical future. They are to replace the missing oil quantities

British Columbia Invests in Solar Power

The Government of Canada is advancing the development of clean technologies through a $20,000 investment to harness solar power for the Osoyoos Desert Centre in British Columbia. The funding will

Report: Education Priorities for Renewable Energy Future

A significant role can be played by universities in research, in extension education and in educating professionals if the United States is to achieve a 25x’25 renewable energy future, according

Pennsylvania Commits to Clean and Renewable Energy

(Washington, DC) SmartPower announced today that they have commitments and actions from 22 municipalities in Pennsylvania to purchase 20% clean energy by 2010, as part of the Pennsylvania Clean Energy

Tellurian Biodiesel Acquires Superior Process Technologies

(Los Angeles)
Tellurian Biodiesel
, a leading independent maker and marketer of sustainable high-quality biodiesel, today announced an agreement to acquire Superior Process Technologies (SPT) from Baker Commodities, one of the nation’s

College Launches Solar Energy Research Park

Northern New Mexico College, Espanola, New Mexico has launched an initiative to establish a dynamic Solar Energy Research Park and Academy (SERPA). Its current funding request of $9,000,000 has been

Rethinking Residential Solar Energy in the United States

You can decide to use renewable solar energy without the barriers such as cost installation challenges, or permitting hassles. Upgrade to solar generated electricity in your home by renting the

Betting on Solar Power: It is Our Future

A new solar manufacturer is on the horizon; one that allows American homeowners to produce their own clean, renewable energy from the sun and keep the energy savings every month

Solar Powered Mass Transit

Solar Transportation Technologies Inc., is developing a solar powered transportation system that will reduce greenhouse gases, air pollution, and oil consumption. In addition it will make travel faster, safer, and

Virginia Takes First Step Toward Energy Independence

(Warrenton, VA) A 78-page study (see attached executive summary) concluded recently that it was economically and technically possible for Warrenton and Fauquier County to convert unusable landfill trash into electricity

SmartPower Slams U.S. Energy Bill

(Washington, DC) Today SmartPower released the following statement voicing their strong disappointment with the US Senate Energy Bill, passed yesterday. While the Senate Energy Bill raised CAFÉ standards and offered