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Mar 18

Power from Two Energy Sources?

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Two Energy Sources Alternative sources of energy are clean and green but the catch is they generate less energy compared to fossil fuels. So now the scientists are trying to use different sources of alternative energy at the same place and same time to generate power. Attempts are being made to combine two forms of external energy sources such as light and heat or light and vibration to generate external energy so that enough energy can be collected for practical use. Fujitsu Laboratories have now succeeded in using hybrid energy sources to generate power. Fujitsu Laboratories wants to provide this technology for commercial use by the year 2015.

Fujitsu Laboratories: Making power from two sources of energy

Fujitsu Laboratories are working extensively in this regard, and to generate electricity both from heat and light, they are creating a new hybrid energy harvesting device. Energy harvesting is the procedure used in accumulating energy from the environment. Later on that energy is transformed into electricity. Fujitsu is not doing something innovative. Work in this field was done by scientists earlier too. But hybrid energy could only be generated by combining separate devices and that proved costly so it was commercially unviable.

Reducing the cost

Now Fujitsu laboratories confirm that two separate devices are not needed to generate electricity from a hybrid source. How were they successful in reducing costs? They used organic materials for creating hybrid device. This lowers the cost, and the new technology is showing promise to convert energy from the environment to electricity. The device from Fujitsu Laboratories is just a one-piece device that catches energy from the most common form of energy available for large scale use.

The use of organic material

An organic material of high efficiency that can generate power from both photovoltaic and thermoelectric mode has been developed by Fujitsu Laboratories. This organic material can make power both from heat in thermoelectric mode and indoor lighting in photovoltaic mode. The production cost is very low because of the organic materials and the processing costs are very low. The device can be made to work as a thermoelectric generator or photovoltaic cell by changing the electrical circuit connecting P-type and N-type semiconductors.

Advantages of the technology

  • It helps to get energy from two different sources by using one device.
  • The technology enables the use of alternative energy and sensors in the areas, where till now it was forbidden. It can now power medical sensing technology and sensor networks. It can sensor those monitors without any battery or electric wire that are used to check conditions like, heartbeats, body temperature and blood pressure.
  • There is no need for battery or electric wire.
  • Because this technology is not costly, it can be widely used.
  • This technology is a very efficient way of gathering energy from external sources.
  • Since the device works with the help of both heat and light, it will continue to work if one of these energy sources remains unavailable.
  • It can work in remote areas.
  • It can help to forecast environmental conditions.

For Fujitsu Laboratories, combining two different sources of generating energy to produce power is just the beginning. They want to make this technology more efficient so that by combining two sources of producing energy, hybrid equipment can be made to work better.

  • Gerhardus van Niekerk

    This is great. Two sources of energy, one device.
    Imagine how much more efficient our other power generation methods would be if they did the same there.
    Take your car engine for example – generating huge amounts of heat and vibration that goes to waste. If they could find a way to use that heat to generate more power for your car – without having a second steam engine in the boot(trunk).

    But is it true that alternative energy “generate less energy compared to fossil fuels”. I always thought that Biodiesel has a positive energy balance – we gain more units of energy from using it then what it takes to make it.
    Please help me right if I have got it wrong…

    We can also look at it from the other side – generate two forms of external energy from one source:
    Take ethanol made from corn for example
    Humans can use the ethanol as a fuel and the spent corn can be used as animal feed afterwards providing them energy as well…

    The guys from Fujitsu are very clever – I love it when people take what we have and make it more efficient and smarter.

  • ido

    It ever occurred in my mind to combine alternative energies that are safe and environmentally friendly than nuclear. We must consider the many benefits or a lot of bad consequences from the use of nuclear energy. Japan’s become one of the examples to be more prudent in the use of nuclear again safe for humans. I think there are many other alternative energy more secure, although by their respective disadvantages. However, we can be smarter to incorporate some alternative energies safely in accordance with the ongoing situation such as when night we can use wind energy or when daylight with solar energy.

  • Adrian London

    It would be nice to implement this technology, for mother earth and our generation… but we know that the powers to be will not allow that. Thanks for the article, very informative.

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