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Power On the Go with Portable Solar Charger Novacell, posted in Future Energy, Solar Power.

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Power On the Go with Portable Solar Charger Novacell

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November 9th, 2009 - View Comments

Portable Solar Charger Novacell What is worse than being away on a trip, at a ballgame or just at the office and realizing that you don’t have anywhere to plug in your mobile device? You see the last bar of power and panic starts to settle in because you are about to be cut off from the outside world. Worry no more because the portable solar charger Novacell is going to give you all the solar power that you can handle to charge up your devices.

There are a variety of portable solar power devices on the market already, but few of them are as convenient as the portable solar charger Novacell. Novacell has introduced a solar battery that is able to literally be put into your pocket and taken anywhere you need it. It will provide power for anything from iPods to video cameras and everything in between that you can think of.

The portable solar charger Novacell takes a mere four hours to get fully powered and is then ready for use. Power up whatever you need and then the natural sunlight will recharge your device for its next job. When tested, it was able to fully charge an iPod for two complete cycles before the portable solar charger Novacell needed to take another charge.

As consumers look for ways to become more portable, the portable solar charger by Novacell gives them a very viable option. No longer are you tied down to any specific location because of your electronic devices, at least not as long as you have a portable solar battery.

Portable solar power has been coming to the forefront over the last few years and is now beginning to explode on the market. People are starting to finally realize that one of the greatest sources of natural energy can be 100% free if you have something that allows you to capture it. The portable solar power charger Novacell is a perfect example of this as after you pay for the device, you no longer have to buy batteries or use electric to charge your device. It will pay for itself in less than a year.

Novacell has really made an impression with this device and there is finally something that can be considered reliable in regards to portable solar power. While there are similar devices, very few of them offer the charge time or true portability that the portable solar charger Novacell does. This is a must have gadget and one that will probably shake up the portable solar power niche.

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  • Michael

    So glad to read it. I asked for this about 6 months ago and here it is. Do you have any idea where I can purchase this? Do you know if I can run a light with it? Do they make them where I could run my laptop, say if I was on a remote beach in the Caribbean.


  • Brian

    Where can I buy one in North America?

  • James

    That is going on my Christmas list for sure.

  • William Kirkland

    What about availability and price?

  • sps

    This is a good idea, but does it fold to be made more compact? If so that would be really cool. If not it looks a little bit big to carry around.

  • paul

    I agree the Novacell charger doesn’t look very compact like some others I have reviewed.

  • paul

    I am happy to see more of these mobile solar charging devices come of age. I always thought they charged the portable device directly but actually they have internal batteries that are charged and then recharge the device. Solar power is the future of our country (USA) Its is our only hope to alleviate dependency from oil. We presently use 400 million gallons a day. Not to mention the pollution issues.

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