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Mar 30

MiraQua: A Tiny Miracle

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MiraQua Electric Car Today there seems to be more and more and yet more vehicles on the road than ever. Everybody wants to have their own transport and a smaller car with least carbon emission seems to be an ideal solution for this inexhaustible number of cars that seem to be coming up. Tiny cars electrically driven but looking unique in design and performance may be the ideal solution, according to Chaoyi Li, designer of the MiraQua car. Though he designed this as a solution for Australia and China’s excessive traffic congestion, this car can become popular all over.

Meticulous design

MiraQua designer, Chaoyi Li, has done a thorough job of designing this unique-designed small green concept car tailor-made for improving urban life quality. He had carried out through sketching, body storming practices, mock-up modeling in various media include styling foam, crafting clay and metal wire etc., and digital model making in Autodesk Studiotools. The name also refers to the smooth flow of the vehicle-traffic like that of a water stream.


MiraQua is a very chic and compact-looking electrical vehicle looking quite different from a traditional car. This has an in-wheel-motor and drive-by-wire-technologies. This has a differently designed front wing that kind of rises up and acts as entrance from the front. A foldable front seat allows access to rear seats. The design looks minimalistic from outside but spacious from the inside with an 1.9 x 0.6 meters inside floor area.


With one half of the front portion of the car opening up entirely, and the front passenger side seat being foldable, it is easy to access the rear seats via the front entrance. And it is easy to lug in bigger size packages as well. The entire passenger side leg area is available for stowing things. It looks chic, functional and small and with this, it is very easy to zip through the traffics that a bigger car may find it impossible to do.

Zero Carbon Emissions

With MiraQua being a totally electrical car, there are no carbon emissions. The very driving force behind the development of this car was the desire of its designer to reduce fossil fuel dependency and using optimally minimal road space for commuting and parking. This he has achieved with the creation of MiraQua.

It is heartening to see more and more efforts focused to contain the carbon print on our universe and reduce fossil fuel dependency. When individual transportation becoming a way of life, it is good to have a small car that will not hog road space. It is all the more better in having a green sensitive vehicle that will be eco-friendly and leave no carbon footprint.

  • Steven

    MiraQua + Hemp Bio-diesel = future

  • prass

    Indeed this is a commendable effort. I like the design and concept too. We could add little more feasibility and added solar panels for hot climates.

  • sheckyvegas

    I hear it’s also a whistle.

  • Willie

    I wonder how it would hold up in a crash. The images do not portray much in the way of bumpers. Perhaps population control is an unstated design goal.

  • ClayOwl

    i wonder how much heat form the sun it can handle?? And Winter weather??

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