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Jan 31

Lorentz Tracking Systems

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Lorentz SolarLORENTZ delivers 750 tracking systems for an 8-hectar solar park in Oberruesselsbach close to Nuremberg in Southern Germany. The plant renders 1.7MW and hereby is one of the largest tracked solar power plants in the region of Northern Bavaria. This delivery is part of the PV Package of Krinner, partner of LORENTZ. The PV Package includes the delivery and installation of Krinner’s screw foundations, the LORENTZ tracking systems and the installation of the tracking systems and solar modules.

LORENTZ tracking systems are maintenance-free and exceptionally robust, explains Oliver Nave, deputy general manager of LORENTZ and responsible for sales in Europe. Our tracking systems have proven their outstanding resilience in the typhoon-ridden regions of Korea. The central control unit secures synchronized tracking movements and a reliable surveillance of the operating states. With this technology, flexibility for forthcoming growth of the plant is ensured.

The plant owner Solar Markt Franken already has plans for the near future. An extension of the plant by another 2,200 tracking systems (approx. 4.5MW) on the neighboring premises is in the planning.

LORENTZ tracking systems are doing their duty worldwide. They work in off-grid systems as well as in solar parks for feed-in into the power grid. The fine tuning of the tracking systems for assembly with field-tested screw foundations guarantees a smooth and quick erection on nearly all subsoil. This method avoids unnecessary soil sealing and allows an easy and economical renaturation.

LORENTZ in Germany

Since more than a decade, LORENTZ successfully produces solar pump systems and solar tracking systems. In R&D, LORENTZ pays special attention to the maintenance-free long-term service of its products. The success of this concept is proven by the daily performance of LORENTZ pumps and trackers in more than 100 countries all over the globe.


Oliver Nave, Vice General Manager


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24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg

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» Source: LORENTZ delivers 750 tracking systems

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