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Jan 03

Invest in Renewable Energy in China

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China EnergyChina is gaining speed as a world leader in the development of renewable energy technologies. Its booming population is straining the energy infrastructure and putting ever increasing pressure on the government to allow research into alternative energy solutions. The majority of China’s current energy needs are met by non-renewable sources such as coal. The country’s lack of natural resources and growing need for fuel and electricity are giving rise to a new Chinese industrial revolution in clean energy. A new energy market is opening in China which will provide alternative energy investors with the opportunity to invest in renewable energy companies there.

Alternative Energy Investor has published a comprehensive listing of the top 8 alternative energy companies in China (or companies doing business in China). They include stock market info, a fact sheet, recent news listing, and link to each company website (click on the company name for more info).

View the complete company list:The Rise of Chinese Alternative Energy Companies.

The following list includes direct links to each company website:

Camco International

Camco works with industrial companies and utilities to identify and develop greenhouse gas emission reduction projects, managing the entire process from project initiation to carbon credit delivery. The company recently announced the world’s largest carbon sales contract in China.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar Inc. (CSI) is a standard solar module and specialty solar module and product company, serving customers located in various markets worldwide. CSI is incorporated in Canada and conducts all of its manufacturing operations in China.

China Biodiesel International

China Biodiesel is based in Longyan in the Fujian province of China, and the company believes it is the first of its kind to engage in commercial production of biodiesel in China. China Biodiesel has developed proprietary processes and technology, using waste cooking and other oils, for biodiesel production.

China Sun Biochem

China Sun Biochem is a corn starch producer which is also building an ethanol plant in Shenyang, expected to have a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes when construction is completed in July 2007. This will be ramped up to 300,000 tonnes over the next 12 to 18 months.


Nordex AG is a developer and manufacturer of wind turbines. Their products include the serial produced multi-megawatt wind turbines Nordex N90 and N80 as well as the powerful megawatt turbines Nordex S70 and Nordex S77 for onshore use. For the rapidly developing international markets they make a smaller unit, the N60. Prodution of Nordex wind turbines recently started in a factory in China with production capacity planned to reach 300 MW annually.


Renesola is a manufacturer of silicon wafers for the Chinese photovoltaic industry. Production is anticipated to reach 80 MW by the end of 2006 putting the company on track to be the largest supplier of wafers to China’s solar industry. The 2007 target was for 180 MW and was recently upgraded to 265 MW.


Suzlon Energy is Asia’s strongest growing fully integrated wind power company and ranks amongst the top ten in the world. Suzlon integrates consultancy, design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance services to provide customers with total wind power solutions. Earlier this year, the Indian company announced investment plans to manufacture 600 MW annually of wind turbines in China

Suntech Power Holdings

This multi-billion dollar solar company specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of photovoltaic (PV) cells, modules and systems. Roughly 90% of sales are abroad with, as yet, very little uptake in China itself. The company seeks advantage by using low cost labour rather than high cost machinery.

China’s Energy Future

In 2006 China passed a renewable energy law to encourage the growth of clean energy companies. The government’s new enthusiasm compliments a market already driven by external factors such as the high price of oil, concerns over energy security, and the energy demands of a vast and still poor country. In recent years China has advanced in many high technology industries, which will only help to facilitate further research and development of alternative technologies like solar photo voltaics, wind power, hydrogen fuel and transportation technologies. These combined factors will certainly lead to a booming alternative energy economy in China.

  • Richie

    Informative article, this really helped me with my Environmental Science class project on alternative energy.

  • Elnora Rodgers

    Interesting articles. I enjoyed reading energy news from a consumer standpoint.


  • Matthew

    This is great China has billions of people and even if America does everything right, with China’s demand for energy global warming couldn’t be reversed, but if China does get more renewable resources for energy and in a worldwide effort we can reduce the effects of global warming.

  • john

    There is an alternative fuel that allow would every country in the world, including the USA, China, & India to comply with Kyoto protocols, yet I doubt it will be discussed at the G-8 summit.

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