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Aug 10, 2020

Wind Energy

Equinor picks new CEO to ‘accelerate energy transition’

Aug 10, 2020: Incoming Equinor CEO Anders Opedal has been executive president of technology in the company's projects and drilling unit since 2018.

FOReT's accessories marry sustainability with high-fashion

Aug 7, 2020: Who says that beauty has to hurt the Earth? Many less harmful options exist, and FOReT proves this with its line of sustainable, eco-friendly cork jewelry.

BP to reduce oil, gas production by 40% to focus on clean energy

Aug 7, 2020: BP is slashing its fossil fuel production in favor of clean energy investments.

The states winning the carbon emissions fight may surprise you

Aug 7, 2020: Washington state's ambitious carbon control policies are so popular that some of them have been adopted by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Despite this, some pro-green energy states such as Washington fall behind in statistics on reduced emissions.

How to prepare your pets for the end of lockdown

Aug 7, 2020: Inhabitat talks with three veterinarians on how to prepare pets for a return to "normal."…

Self-sufficient garden-city skyscraper proposed for NYC

Aug 7, 2020: This futuristic tower is completely self-sufficient with the ability to generate food, water and energy onsite.

Facebook signs 170-MW PPA on under-construction Illinois wind project

Aug 7, 2020: Apex Clean Energy announced that Lincoln Land Wind has executed a power purchase agreement with Facebook for approximately 170 MW of renewable power from the Illinois project. With this latest in a series of transactions, Facebook is now Apex’s largest corporate customer by megawatt. Lincoln Land Wind will help Facebook meet its goal of supporting… The post Facebook signs 170-MW PPA on under-construction Illinois wind project appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

First power at Borssele III & IV

Aug 7, 2020: The 731.5MW Borssele III & IV wind farm has supplied its first power, and is due to be fully online by October 2020…

GE secures supercomputer access for offshore wind research

Aug 7, 2020: GE Research will use a US government supercomputer to conduct otherwise unfeasible research to lead to improved efficiencies in offshore wind production…

Nordex secures €350 million Covid-19 aid loan

Aug 7, 2020: Nordex's CFO said the loan would protect the company from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic…

Berkshire Residence targets Passive House standards

Aug 6, 2020: The home blends classic design and modern sustainability.

Analysis of renewable energy points toward more affordable carbon-free electricity

Aug 6, 2020: A study identifies long-term storage technologies that would enhance the affordability and reliability of renewable electricity.

Global warming to cause more deaths than all infectious diseases

Aug 6, 2020: A new study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that by the end of the century, the number of global warming-related deaths will rival that of deaths caused by all infectious diseases combined. The study estimates that high, uncontrolled greenhouse gas emission rates will increase global mortality rates to 73 deaths per 100,000 people.

1 million minks culled in Spain, the Netherlands

Aug 6, 2020: Fear of viral spread has led to the killing of more than 1 million minks on farms in Spain and the Netherlands.

Vollebak's Garbage Watch is a timeless solution for e-waste

Aug 6, 2020: Vollebak, a company at the core of sustainable clothing innovation, targets time itself with a new prototype, the Garbage Watch.

Oil engineer Aker Solutions unveils offshore wind blueprint

Aug 6, 2020: Aker Solutions sets out offshore wind business plan ahead of proposed spin-off…

Levis announces product line made with Cottonized Hemp

Aug 6, 2020: Levi's is making new jeans with hemp.

AWEA siting and project conferences to go virtual this September

Aug 6, 2020: The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has announced that the Wind Resource & Project Energy Assessment Conference and Wind Project Siting and Environmental Conference will be held virtually this September. AWEA is focused on reconstructing these events to create a valuable and successful online experience. Participants will have available live presentations, on-demand sessions, one on… The post AWEA siting and project conferences to go virtual this September appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Vestas hits 100GW of wind turbines under service

Aug 6, 2020: Vestas described its service division as a "highly profitable business with an even more promising outlook"…

RWE and Mitsubishi join Maine floating pilot

Aug 6, 2020: Offshore heavyweights enter US market for flagship floating demonstration project…

Mio Borsa unveils summer collection of vegan leather bags

Aug 5, 2020: Stylish, functional and affordable — Mio Borsa has dropped its new line of handbags.

Panda conservation efforts lead to unexpected losses

Aug 5, 2020: Many conservationists cite successful panda conservation efforts to show that protection measures work. That said, protecting pandas may come at a higher price than expected.

Over 500 new dams planned for protected areas worldwide

Aug 5, 2020: Governments around the world are changing boundaries and bypassing laws to give the green light on harmful dam construction.

Own goal? GE's lawsuit could backfire, IP expert warns

Aug 5, 2020: Vestas and Nordex may be the main beneficiaries of GE's legal action against SGRE…

Ugakei Circles sustainable nature park set to open in 2021

Aug 5, 2020: Enjoy glamping, camping, hiking and more at this upcoming nature park in Japan.

This fashion boutique in India is crafted from recycled materials

Aug 5, 2020: This fashion boutique is made with clay tiles, upcycled metal, recycled beer bottles and more.

CMS Enterprises secures 51% stake in 525-MW Texas wind farm

Aug 5, 2020: Pillsbury lawyers represented CMS Enterprises in the purchase of a majority 51% stake in the Aviator Wind project in Texas. Kansai Electric Power Co. has secured the other 48.5% of the 525-MW project. Once operational, Aviator Wind will be the largest single-phase wind project in the ERCOT area and the largest single-phase, single-site onshore wind… The post CMS Enterprises secures 51% stake in 525-MW Texas wind farm appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

'Vestas climate targets consistent with 1.5C Paris pledge' - independent scientists

Aug 5, 2020: Vestas has become the first renewable energy manufacturer to have its climate targets independently verified as aligning with the most ambitious target of the Paris Climate Agreement…

Ireland awards 480MW to wind in first green auction

Aug 5, 2020: Ireland has taken a ‘big step’ with its first clean energy tender, but prices can be cut further, claims the national wind energy association…

How to properly freeze fresh produce

Aug 4, 2020: Save money and stop food waste!

Zoos struggling to survive during pandemic

Aug 4, 2020: Zoos are on the brink of survival as revenues drop.

COVID-19 reduces UK carbon emissions by 30 million metric tons

Aug 4, 2020: While the virus has taken its toll on our lives, the environment is getting a big sigh of relief.

Global offshore wind fleet to reach 230GW by 2030 - GWEC

Aug 4, 2020: Industry body forecasts eight-fold increase in global offshore wind capacity by 2030…

Student Holly Grounds creates edible instant noodle packaging

Aug 4, 2020: Ramen is a college staple, but oodles of noodles can leave behind a trail of waste. One college student is rethinking instant noodle packaging.

Solar-powered House of Music mimics the shape of an orchestra

Aug 4, 2020: Mario Cucinella Architects has crafted a solar-powered community landmark that celebrates the town’s long-standing musical tradition.

GE sues Siemens Gamesa over variable-speed patent

Aug 4, 2020: GE has filed a complaint against rival manufacturer Siemens Gamesa's turbines…

Fast food, snacks and treats that are surprisingly vegan

Aug 3, 2020: Need a quick meal or snack? These mainstream foods are surprisingly vegan!

Severe coastal floods could affect 287 million people by 2100

Aug 3, 2020: Even if global warming is curbed today, millions of people will still be at risk of severe flooding.

IceWind launches residential wind turbines in the US

Aug 3, 2020: After a successful demo in Texas, IceWind is bringing residential wind turbines to the US.

Poland takes its foot off the onshore brake

Aug 3, 2020: The Polish government plans to unveil a new amendment to a damaging setback rule that has hindered onshore wind development before the end of the year, development minister Jadwiga Emilewicz announced after rappelling down from a turbine in central Poland.

Former railway yard to receive a green transformation in St. Petersburg

Aug 3, 2020: The old Tovarno-Vitebskaya railway yard is soon to become a vibrant linear park.

Check out this handmade wood cabin in North Carolina

Aug 3, 2020: This tiny wood cabin, called The Nook, is situated in a charming, forested area in Swannanoa.

Germany funds offshore wind-green hydrogen pilot

Aug 3, 2020: Government-backed pilot will chart course of Germany's first offshore wind-powered electrolyser…

‘Robot scarecrow’ sees dramatic drop in wind farm seabird poo

Aug 3, 2020: Scaring seabirds away from substations can stop offshore wind infrastructure from being defecated on, according to a study…

Nordex seeks to shed Europe pipeline

Aug 3, 2020: Nordex plans to sell its 2.7GW development portfolio of European wind and solar PV projects to renewables developer RWE, the German companies have announced.

Silvr offers smart alternative to single-use utensils

Jul 31, 2020: Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Silvr's innovative design team proves this with the new Silvr portable fork.

KFC confirms suppliers' chickens suffer from footpad dermatitis

Jul 31, 2020: A new report by KFC shows one-third of its chickens suffer from footpad dermatitis.

One-quarter of UK mammals face threat of extinction

Jul 31, 2020: While tigers and elephants regally pose for endangered animal posters, many smaller creatures are fading away unnoticed.

Prefab Floating Music Hub to set sail in Cape Verde

Jul 31, 2020: NLÉ is back with a Floating Music Hub as the next prototype in the firm's popular Makoko Floating System.

What to do with banana peels

Jul 31, 2020: It turns out there are many surprising uses for banana peels.