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May 01, 2016

Wind Energy

MHI to maintain 50% stake in offshore wind power joint venture

Apr 29, 2016: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has decided to maintain 50% ownership of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S (MVOW). MHI had announced a call option on September 27, 2013 to increase its investment in the equally-owned joint venture company with Denmark’s Vestas (Vestas Wind Systems A/S) in the offshore wind power business. MHI has since decided that Windpower Engineering & Development…

Senvion secures turbine order in Japan and opens office in Tokyo

Apr 29, 2016: Senvion, one of the world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturers, announced the opening of its office in Tokyo to service the local market. Furthermore, Senvion has secured the go ahead to deliver three turbines to a wind farm in Japan. The wind farm will use three Senvion MM92 turbines designed to withstand extreme wind loads with Windpower Engineering & Development…

Atlantic Pioneer gets to work at Block Island Wind Farm

Apr 29, 2016: The first U.S.-built and operated offshore wind farm crew transfer vessel was named at an official christening ceremony in Quonset Point, Rhode Island this week. Following the Christening the “Atlantic Pioneer,” owned and operated by Atlantic Wind Transfers, the commercial wind support services arm of Rhode Island Fast Ferry, will embark on the first phase Windpower Engineering & Development…

Offshore Project Progress - 29 April

Apr 29, 2016: EUROPE: Recent project updates from ScottishPower Renewables' UK project and details of Statoil's involvement at an E.on site in Germany.

PTC drives busy Q1 in the US

Apr 29, 2016: UNITED STATES: Over 15.2GW of US wind capacity was under construction or in advanced stages of development at the end of the first quarter of 2016, according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

Vestas suffers revenue dip despite record order intake

Apr 29, 2016: DENMARK: Vestas recorded orders totalling 2.4GW in the first quarter of 2016, but revenues were 4% down year-on-year.

Vattenfall earnings increase in 'stable' Q1

Apr 28, 2016: SWEDEN: Vattenfall has reported a 7% year-on-year increase in pre-tax earnings in its first quarter of 2016, with its wind business increasing by 12.7%.

Analysis: Industry questions German sustainability

Apr 28, 2016: GERMANY: The German government's draft renewables act revealed a reduced offshore growth plan that raises questions over the industry's viability.

MHI decides against taking JV ownership

Apr 28, 2016: DENMARK/JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) will not take up the option of acquiring a majority stake in their offshore joint venture with Vestas.

Americans used less energy in 2015, but more wind, solar, and geothermal power

Apr 27, 2016: A look back on the year 2015 shows how Americans have used less energy overall than prior years, yet the popularity of renewable power continues to grow. It may only be a matter of time before the scales tip far enough that our dependence on coal, oil, and natural gas is a thing of the past. Each year the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory releases energy flow charts which reflect the previous year’s energy use and consumption. Measured in British Thermal Units, or quads, the...

Windicator Data

Apr 27, 2016: GLOBAL: Latest forecast installed and operating wind power capacity around the world (MW) from January 2016 to 1 May 2016, plus our unique Feelgood Factor.

Analysis: Wind to play swing-producer role in Germany

Apr 27, 2016: GERMANY: The German government revealed details in its draft renewable energy act 2016, relegating onshore wind to a supporting role, dependent on developments by all other renewables.

Dong to explore APAC opportunities

Apr 27, 2016: DENMARK: Dong Energy is opening an office in Taiwan to "explore offshore wind opportunities" in the Asia-Pacific region as its wind operations helped the company's pre-tax earnings increase 35% year on year in the first quarter.

Senvion opens Japanese regional office

Apr 26, 2016: JAPAN: Senvion is steaming ahead with its globalisation plans as its opens an office in Japan to service the local market, just weeks after opening a base in India.

Analysis: Bosnia on the path to wind

Apr 26, 2016: BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Bosnia and Herzegovina moved closer to becoming a wind energy producer with the awarding of a turbine supply contract to Siemens for the 50.6MW Mesihovina wind farm.

Moventas upgrades UK testing facility

Apr 26, 2016: UK: Finnish gearbox manufacturer Moventas is incorporating a 3.6MW test rig in its Huddersfield workshop.

Statoil enters Germany with E.on partnership

Apr 25, 2016: GERMANY: Developers Statoil and E.on will jointly build the 385MW Arkona project in the Baltic Sea, marking the Norwegian company's first foray into German waters.

Analysis: Argentina targets 10GW of renewables

Apr 25, 2016: ARGENTINA: Argentina could be on the brink of a wind energy boom capable of transforming the struggling electricity market.

Offshore Project Progress - 22 April

Apr 22, 2016: EUROPE: Recent updates from three projects in Germany and confirmation Siemens will supply the 309MW Rentel project in Belgium.

Gallery: Vestas assembles four-rotor concept

Apr 22, 2016: DENMARK: Vestas this week unveiled its 900kW four-rotor wind turbine concept being assembled at a test site in Denmark.

SunEdison files for bankruptcy

Apr 22, 2016: UNITED STATES: Renewables developer SunEdison has filed for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in New York.

John Laing £65m share proposal

Apr 21, 2016: UK: John Laing Environmental Assets Group (JLEN) is seeking to raise £65 million (€82.3 million) from a share offering after exhausting its credit facility.

Senvion expansion starts with 299MW Chile deal

Apr 21, 2016: CHILE: Mainstream Renewable Power has awarded German manufacturer Senvion a 299MW contract to supply turbines to two projects in Chile.

China halts northern project approvals

Apr 21, 2016: CHINA: China's National Energy Administration (NEA) has suspended approval of new wind power projects in six northern regions due to the amount of wind energy wasted last year.

New studies highlight energy development's impact on birds

Apr 20, 2016: A special collection of open access articles has been published, highlighting the impact that energy development is having on North America's bird populations.

So long lithium, hello bacteria batteries?

Apr 6, 2016: As renewable energy sources grow, so does the demand for new ways to store the resulting energy at low-cost and in environmentally friendly ways. Now scientists report a first-of-its-kind development toward that goal: a rechargeable battery driven by bacteria.

57% of Scotland’s energy came from renewables in 2015

Apr 5, 2016: A new report published by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change shows that 57.7% of Scotland's electric consumption came from renewable sources in 2015, exceeding the country's 50% target for the year. This milestone comes in spite of the UK government's recent decision to end public subsidies for onshore wind farms a year earlier than initially planned. Clean energy proponents are praising the success of the Scottish National Party's renewable energy initiatives, and holding...

This massive wind-powered skyscraper would cool the entire planet

Mar 28, 2016: Italian architects Paolo Venturella and Cosimo Scotucci of Paolo Venturella Architecture designed a fantastical Global Cooling Skyscraper that’s designed to attack global warming by cooling the entire planet. The architects cited the challenges of climate change as an inspiration; they said the strategies we have to combat global warming are not enough, and only a “global strategy” could halt the nature disasters resulting from climate change. So they designed an imaginative...

Renewable energy investments: Major milestones reached, new world record set

Mar 24, 2016: Coal and gas-fired generation attracted less than half as much capacity investment as renewables last year; Renewables added more to global energy generation capacity than all other technologies combined; For first time, developing world investments in renewables (up 19 percent in 2015) topped developed nations' (down 8 percent); and world record total of $286 billion invested in renewables last year; makes $2.3 trillion over 12 years.

Scientists track down origin of bats killed by wind turbines using chemical fingerprints

Mar 17, 2016: A new study tracks down the origin of bats killed by wind turbines in the Appalachian region using stable isotope and genetic analysis in hopes of better understanding the risks to affected populations.

Windlicht by Roosegaarde reveals the true beauty of green energy

Mar 16, 2016: Special software and tracking technology detect the windmill blades rotating at 280 kilometres per hour. Green lines of light connect the blades, creating a dynamic play of light and movement. According to Daan Roosegaarde: "Windlicht creates the missing link between the Dutch and the beauty of our new landscape.” Related: Glow-in-the-Dark ‘Smart Highways’ Replace Street Lights in the Netherlands Daan Roosegaarde was inspired by Kinderdijk. For him these windmills from 1740 are a perfect...

Computer simulations may help golfers tame the sport's 'scariest 155 yards'

Mar 16, 2016: Engineers have devised a computer model to unravel the wicked wind conditions that plague the world's greatest golfers at the course that hosts one of the sport's most storied tournaments, The Masters, in Augusta, Georgia.

Paul Lukez Architecture breaks ground on sustainable multi-use development in China

Mar 10, 2016: PLA collaborated with Jue Zhan and Brooks Mostue to create a plan for a unique, sustainable development that will include more than 1,000 residential units for the growing city of nine million people. Although a key goal of the project was to meet China’s future goals for a reduced environmental impact, the team was also challenged by the requirement to align the design with local culture. This is not a new task for the PLA crew, who have executed many other sustainable architectural projects that...

Drawing inspiration from nature, student designs a new type of wind turbine

Mar 5, 2016: Since childhood, Michael Carruth, a junior in the environmental design program at CU-Boulder, has been fascinated with nature. Long hours spent playing outdoors, observing swirling leaves, clouds scudding across the sky and the way seed pods spin in the wind: experiences like these inspired Carruth to design a new type of wind turbine.

TwingTec’s high-flying wind turbine generates power in hard-to-reach places

Mar 3, 2016: Wind turbines mounted on tethered wings are a growing trend in renewable energy, in part due to their portability as well the ability to loft a group of the flying turbines to create a wind farm without eating up as much surface space as traditional stand-up turbines. TwingTec has smartly designed their entire wind energy system to be fully autonomous, and the whole system packs into a single 20-foot shipping container. This feature makes it easily deployable and well suited for use in any remote...

Re-thinking renewable energy predictions

Mar 3, 2016: A new study on fluctuations in wind power describes how to find errors in forecasting renewable energy needs.

Novel ocean-current turbine design: Taming oceans for 24/7 power

Mar 3, 2016: Researchers have proposed a novel ocean-current turbine design. Fossil fuels propelled the Industrial Revolution and subsequent technological advances. However, our future cannot be based on them, if only because they are a finite resource; and we are very close to exhausting them. Ocean currents are another source of power, comparable to fossil fuels in terms of consistency and reliability, and at the same time, clean and renewable.

Analysis finds tax credit extensions can impact renewable energy deployment, electric sector

Mar 1, 2016: New analysis explores the potential impact of recently extended federal tax credits on the deployment of renewable generation technologies and related US electric sector carbon dioxide emissions.

A long-term EKG for wind turbines

Mar 1, 2016: Offshore wind turbines have to take a lot of punishment, and this is particularly true for their foundations, which are anchored in the seabed. Divers periodically descend to inspect these structures for defects, but in the future, such checks will be faster and easier to carry out thanks to a new sensor ring.

Offshore wind parks: Interactions and local climate

Feb 29, 2016: In 2015 alone, more than 500 offshore wind turbines were connected to the grid in Germany. So far, mutual interactions of wind parks and their potential effects on local climate have been approximated with models only. Thanks to their wide installation, however, it is now possible for the first time to study their effects in reality.

Norway announces plans for Europe’s largest onshore wind farm

Feb 26, 2016: In yet another example of how progressive European countries have become in the advancement of alternative energy, Norway has just announced plans to construct the largest onshore wind farm the continent has ever seen. The giant project will double the nation’s wind energy capacity and move it farther away from dependence on fossil fuels. Norway is already a leader in oil production, yet has been taking a turn toward greener, renewable energy lately. The nation widely supports electronic...

Bat-flight inspires unique design for micro air vehicles

Feb 18, 2016: Researchers have designed innovative membrane wings inspired by bats, paving the way for a new breed of unmanned Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) that have improved aerodynamic properties, can fly over long distances and are more economical to run.

Engineers have found a way to harvest wind energy from trees

Feb 12, 2016: Imagine if a world full of forests generated all the energy we need. Well, that dream could become reality with a new form of energy production. The technology is called piezoelectricity, and it refers to the electric charge produced from a vibration applied to any material. According to a new report in the Journal of Sound and Vibration, the movement of trees in the wind produces vibrations that could be successfully converted into energy. The study, administered by engineers at Ohio State's...

Giant turbine blades could bring exponential growth to U.S. wind power market

Feb 9, 2016: The wind power industry is abuzz with the missing link that could bring offshore 50-megawatt (MW) wind turbines to the United States and, rest assured, it won’t be overlooked again. The answer? Just go bigger. Massive, 650-foot-long rotor blades promise to transform offshore wind energy generation, with a design that is cost-effective and modular. The enormous blade is currently under development, with giant blades designed after the natural movement of palm trees in a storm. Research...

The UK will soon house the world’s largest offshore wind farm

Feb 5, 2016: A Danish wind energy giant recently announced a plan to build the world's largest offshore wind farm near the Yorkshire coast. The Hornsea project, as it's being called, would take up more than 400 square kilometers about 120km from land, and should be fully operational sometime in 2020. The company behind this ambitious project is DONG Energy, Denmark's state-backed energy utility. The Hornsea project is expected to generate 1.2GW of power once it comes online -- the first wind farm...

Rapid dispersal of aircraft pollution

Feb 3, 2016: A series of aerofoil-shaped panels downwind of an airport runway could break up the plumes of exhaust gases from departing aircraft, preventing those gases from staying near the ground and so dispersing them more quickly.  A similar array could be used to prevent vehicle pollutants accumulating downwind of motorways, or even to disperse ground frosts over arable fields, report reserachers.

INFOGRAPHIC: Ending our fossil fuel addiction by 2050

Feb 2, 2016: The world is totally hooked on fossil fuels, and this fatal addiction has us living on borrowed time, facing climate change that threatens to wipe out life on this planet. But while we remain dangerously over-reliant on fossil-fuel power right now, it isn't too late to make a change. If we take steps in the right direction we can beat our addiction. To safeguard the future, we must spark an energy revolution and if we do, we could end our fossil fuel addiction by 2050. This infographic shows how...

Long-lasting rust protection for offshore wind turbines

Feb 2, 2016: Offshore wind farms generate energy from the raw winds out at sea. But the salty air causes them to rust. For such plants to be profitable, they have to re- main in service for at least 25 years – which is impossible without regular maintenance. In the future, the use of innovative materials and technologies will make this task less onerous and cheaper. Researchers are developing a protective film that will optimize the repair process and are working on the necessary inspection criteria.

Enormous blades could lead to more offshore energy in US

Jan 28, 2016: A new design for gigantic blades longer than two football fields could help bring offshore 50-megawatt (MW) wind turbines to the United States and the world.

Cellulose nanogenerators could one day power implanted biomedical devices

Jan 27, 2016: Implantable electronics that can deliver drugs, monitor vital signs and perform other health-related roles are on the horizon. But finding a way to power them remains a challenge. Now scientists have built a flexible nanogenerator out of cellulose, an abundant natural material, that could potentially harvest energy from the body -- its heartbeats, blood flow and other almost imperceptible but constant movements.