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Jan 22, 2022

Wind Energy

Coral in the Mediterranean threatened by heatwaves

Jan 21, 2022: A new study has found that heatwaves associated with climate change are threatening coral populations in the Mediterranean. The study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society Biology, established that corals could be wiped out unless action is taken soon.

Tonga faces environmental damage after massive eruption

Jan 21, 2022: The world’s most powerful eruption in more than 30 years has left the Pacific Island nation of Tonga an ashy mess. The January 15 eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai, a massive underwater volcano, has left unknown environmental consequences in its wake.

Canton Avenue harkens back to the Silk Road of China

Jan 21, 2022: The Canton Avenue by MOK Design for the Westin Pazhou Hotel in Guangzhou is a walk back in time, revisiting the days when the hotel was a stop on the historic Silk Road of China.

19th century Harlem house restored to be energy efficient

Jan 21, 2022: A 19th-century house, owners interested in passive house design and an architectural firm came together with a resulting blend of original elements married to modern innovations in a big-city row house.

Urban Forest is set to be the greenest residential building

Jan 21, 2022: Urban Forest designed by Koichi Takada Architects and developed by Aria Property Group received approval to be built in South Brisbane, Australia. The 20-storey building will house 194 apartments, all trimmed out with luscious vertical garden balconies.

Spanish firms Sener and Amper developing new floating platform for 15MW offshore wind turbines

Jan 21, 2022: Sener and Amper plan to use experience from the Kincardine wind farm to create a new floating platform…

MingYang wins 1GW Chinese order for 11MW offshore wind turbines

Jan 21, 2022: Chinese turbine manufacturer secures contract for two large wind farms in deep waters off south-east China…

Wind turbine maker Siemens Gamesa reports big Q1 loss and cuts guidance

Jan 21, 2022: Turbine manufacturer reports continuing supply chain challenges and market volatility in preliminary results…

Aptera upgrades its unique solar-charging EV

Jan 20, 2022: Aptera's three-wheeler enclosed electric car has already made its mark as a unique new offering on the EV scene. The solar self-charging car never needs to be plugged in, all while competing with mid-level Teslas for range when charged as a traditional EV. Now, Aptera says it has completed some major upgrades to make the cars even more competitive. Here's what's new with Aptera's revolutionary EVs.

Indoor-outdoor living drives this design for VAVA House

Jan 20, 2022: Architecture takes a variety of forms and serves many purposes, but most people would agree that the best home is one that meets the family's needs and lifestyle goals. To this end, VAVA House was designed to emphasize shared space and a connection to the outdoors.

Meditation cottage fits on the tiniest lakefront space

Jan 20, 2022: Sometimes, architecture is about specific design elements or striking visual characteristics. Sometimes, it’s more about letting the location of the structure have the last word. Situated on a slim slice of shorefront land in eastern Finland, the Kynttilä (candle) is a sustainable meditation cottage that honors unique location requirements.

LEED Gold HEC Montreal will house AI research

Jan 20, 2022: HEC Montreal, designed by Provencher_Roy, is a partnership between Montreal's business community and local students and researchers. The certified LEED Gold center is located at the intersection of the Quartier des Affaires, Quartier des Spectacles and the Quartier International on a historic site of Canada.

Argentina seeks domestic wind turbine manufacturing boost

Jan 20, 2022: New private-public initiative launched to attract investment in manufacturing components for renewable energy sources…

Energy efficient bamboo device in Vietnam is a cooling system

Jan 20, 2022: AREP, a multidisciplinary architecture agency, created a cooling system prototype based on the history, culture and original designs used by ancient civilizations. Called an adiabatic urban cooling system, the idea dates back centuries, yet is still perhaps the most natural solution for the challenges of cooling modern Vietnamese cities facing regular heat waves.

MidAmerican plans 2GW-plus wind and solar project in the US

Jan 20, 2022: US utility unveils plans for its Wind Prime project, which would feature 2,042MW of wind and 50MW of solar capacity…

US gives Ørsted and Eversource green light to build New York’s first offshore wind farm

Jan 20, 2022: BOEM’s final approval enables Ørsted and Eversource to begin construction of 12-turbine wind farm off the US’s east coast…

IMMERST floating community is adaptable, modular and prefab

Jan 19, 2022: As buildable land becomes increasingly scarce, long-standing yacht company Stephens Waring Design has developed a new design concept called OASys (Ocean Architectural System), which could be the answer for coastline challenges like animal habitat conservation, erosion and lack of suitable development space.

ExxonMobil plays dirty to deny role in the climate crisis

Jan 19, 2022: ExxonMobil has turned to intimidation in attempts to stop its critics from taking legal action. The giant oil company is trying to use an unusual Texas law to target critics outside the state. Exxon has asked the Texas Supreme Court to allow it to use rule 202 to take on California municipal officials.

132-MW South Fork offshore wind project approved to start construction

Jan 19, 2022: South Fork Wind, New York’s first offshore wind farm, has received approval of the project’s Construction and Operations Plan (COP) from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), which is the final decision needed from the agency to move the project toward the start of construction. The COP approval outlines… The post 132-MW South Fork offshore wind project approved to start construction appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Polar researchers discover enormous icefish nesting site

Jan 19, 2022: They have see-through skulls, transparent blood, and they built 60 million nests beneath the frigid waters of the Antarctic Sea. They’re Jonah’s icefish, and a polar research team has just discovered what might be their largest breeding colony in the world.

Airavat is a home in the clouds flowing with beauty

Jan 19, 2022: Airavat, a "home in the clouds," is a new creation by reD Architects on the outskirts of Mumbai that casts a striking complement to its natural surroundings.

Ambitious new EV charging network launches in the US

Jan 19, 2022: Access to charging stations is one of the stumbling blocks for America's proposed electric vehicle future. Missouri-based EOS Linx found a way to combine its work in advertising, security, data analytics and renewable energy into an interesting package that could quickly boost EV drivers’ charging options.

Wind turbine maker Vestas crowned world’s most sustainable firm by Corporate Knights

Jan 19, 2022: Danish wind turbine manufacturer recognised in global ranking for its recycling and emissions reduction goals…

US to tackle transmission barriers to net zero ambitions

Jan 19, 2022: Department of Energy plans to build long-distance transmission lines to better connect the US’s renewables fleet…

Colombia to open new wind farm amid indigenous protests

Jan 19, 2022: President to cut ribbon at country’s first new wind farm in a decade as army is called in to protect projects under construction…

US agency rules on GE-Siemens Gamesa wind turbine grid technology patent dispute

Jan 19, 2022: US government agency rejects most of GE’s intellectual property infringement claims against Siemens Gamesa…

The climate crisis could sink the UK's economy by 2045

Jan 18, 2022: The U.K. is at risk of losing 1% of its economy every year by 2045 due to the climate crisis. This is according to the U.K. government's recent assessment of the risks posed by climate change. In a five-year analysis of the climate risk, officials determined that the U.K. stands to lose even more if actions are not taken to reverse the climate crisis.

Coal production in China reached record high in 2021

Jan 18, 2022: Despite global cries for an end to fossil fuel use, China’s coal production reached record levels last year. The government encouraged miners to ramp up production, working at maximum capacity to increase China’s economic growth.

Create your own trees out of greenscreen's 3D trellis

Jan 18, 2022: The greenscreen gsTree modular trellis system has won the 2021 Architizer A+ Product Award for conceptual design, the largest awards program in architecture and design. This unique 3D trellising system forms a tree-like shape that elevates and then spreads, growing plants to 10-feet heights.

Apex Clean Energy begins developing North Dakota’s largest wind project

Jan 18, 2022: Minnesota electric cooperative Great River Energy has reached an agreement with Apex Clean Energy to receive renewable energy from a 400-MW wind energy project in McLean County, North Dakota. The Discovery Wind project, expected to reach commercial operations in 2025, will be the single largest wind project in North Dakota and will deliver renewable energy… The post Apex Clean Energy begins developing North Dakota’s largest wind project appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Zero waste homes are 3D printed in less than 24 hours

Jan 18, 2022: Industries around the world are constantly innovating, however, the construction industry has been slow to adopt new technologies. Mighty Buildings is changing all that with the development of a concrete-replacement known as light-stone material (LSM) used to 3D print a home in less than 24 hours.

Carbon-neutral Nabr apartments are move-in ready by 2023

Jan 18, 2022: Designers at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) are disrupting the housing market with a completely new way to buy a customized sustainable apartment. You can buy one entirely through software.

Owl wing design reduces aircraft, wind turbine noise pollution

Jan 18, 2022: Researchers used the characteristics of owl wings to inform airfoil design and significantly reduce trailing-edge noise. The team used noise calculation and analysis software to conduct a series of detailed theoretical studies of simplified airfoils with characteristics reminiscent of owl wings. They applied their findings to suppress the noise of rotating machinery. Improving the flow conditions around the trailing edge and optimizing the shape of the edge suppressed the noise.

New York contracts offshore wind power from BP and Equinor

Jan 18, 2022: Developers firm up agreements to sell power from 2.5GW of offshore wind farms off the east coast of the US…

AI and machine learning: Bridging the divide between a wind development pipeline, operations and ROI

Jan 18, 2022: By Alex Baldassano, global head of energy transition, Climavision Energy transitions have been occurring globally since the 1800s. As demand patterns shifted and production technologies matured, the world witnessed an industrial revolution-fueled need for coal. This supply cornerstone gradually gave way to crude oil-based energy production in the early 1900s. Succumbing to the global oil… The post AI and machine learning: Bridging the divide between a wind development pipeline, operations and ROI appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Nordex’s wind turbine orders up by a third in 2021

Jan 18, 2022: German turbine manufacturer sees orders for its Delta4000 series dominate its order book in 2021 – as it did in 2020…

Siemens Gamesa to supply Iberdrola with most powerful Spanish onshore wind turbines to date

Jan 18, 2022: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy says Iberdrola is now due to be the first developer to deploy its 5.X platform in Spain…

Passive design helps Lucio building regulate its temperature

Jan 17, 2022: The architectural design of the Lucio office building in Lille, France, integrates with the sun for variable lighting and temperature control in a smart passive design.

Green roofs top Marmormolen's sustainable timber architecture

Jan 17, 2022: The timber design for Copenhagen's upcoming large commercial building Marmormolen shows sustainable architecture leadership from designers Henning Larson and Ramboll. Lush with green roofs, a waterfront garden and more, the project shows what a commercial building can be to a community.

New ACME Pavilion employs sustainable CLT construction

Jan 17, 2022: Design house ACME's director Friedrich Ludewig drew on the inspiration of Alpine architecture and nearby Olympic Park to guide the design of The Pavilion at Stratford Square in east London, a gently undulating pavilion made using cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction.

Vegan handbags' new line was inspired by photography and women

Jan 17, 2022: Investing in a long product lifespan is one of the most sustainable actions companies and consumers can make. NOIRANCA, a company singularly aimed at this goal, has debuted a line of handbags with a commitment to protecting the environment.  Quality is the primary objective at NOIRANCA, with the belief that creating a timeless look will keep the bag in circulation longer and out of the landfill for many years to come. Unlike many companies that prime their profits by promoting fast...

New chip brand upcycles corn germ for water-saving snack

Jan 17, 2022: Americans eat a million tons of tortilla chips per year. But as we crunch our snack foods, few of us ever realize their water cost. Million tons of chips have a water footprint of 180 billion gallons.

CIP backs $3 billion Chilean onshore wind-to-green hydrogen project

Jan 17, 2022: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners join AustriaEnergy and Oekowind for project powered by 1.7GW onshore wind…

Neoen starts work on wind-solar-storage hybrid project in South Australia

Jan 17, 2022: Developer starts construction of first 412MW wind farm in its Goyder Energy Zone hub in South Australia…

Mexico launches debate over controversial energy reform

Jan 17, 2022: Lawmakers to discuss proposals that would limit private companies' involvement in Mexico's power industry…

Wind energy ‘needs to grow faster’ to keep up with rising demand — IEA

Jan 17, 2022: Energy demand and power emissions at "unprecedented” levels call for higher investment in renewables…

BP, Shell, Vattenfall and Ørsted win leases in Scottish offshore wind tender

Jan 17, 2022: Consortia led by BP, Shell, Vattenfall, Northland Power and Falck Renewables among those successful in ScotWind tender…

Urwahn Platzhirsch e-bike wins major sustainability award

Jan 14, 2022: German bike maker Urwahn has received the German Sustainability Award 2022, Europe's biggest award for social and ecological commitment to helping the planet, for its E-Bike Platzhirsch. The Platzhirsch is a 3D-printed steel electric bike with a gorgeous matte frame.

Prague Meander competition to reinvent Prague neighborhood

Jan 14, 2022: Urban planning is central for new or re-imagined areas that house and employ the population. Sometimes it’s a process that happens before a city even takes root. Other times, as in the case of Prague Meander, an area is given a second life.

Town Enclosure art installation is made of CLT panels

Jan 14, 2022: Lots of art are meant to be seen and not touched. It is visible to the public but separate, untouchable and unknowable. That is not the case with Town Enclosure, an art installation that's also functional. The incredible design was created by CLB Architects.