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May 28, 2015

Wind Energy

NEC Energy Solutions introduces next-generation grid energy storage technology

May 28, 2015: NEC Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, introduced its next-generation SLD technology. It is the latest addition to the energy storage technologies available on the GSS grid energy storage platform. The SLD energy storage technology will utilize lithium-ion cells based on NEC’s lithium manganese oxide chemistry. The SLD technology, offered as complete turnkey systems Windpower Engineering & Development…

Protecting wildlife at wind energy plants with 3D ultrasonic whistle

May 28, 2015: Biologists at Texas A&M University are partnering with scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst at the interdisciplinary intersection of energy research and wildlife protection in a federally funded project to design and manufacture ultrasonic, whistle-like pulse generators to help bats and other wildlife steer clear of wind turbines. Michael Smotherman, an associate professor in Windpower Engineering & Development…

Win one free SkySpecs blade inspection from UpWind Solutions

May 28, 2015: UpWind Solutions, Inc., North America’s most comprehensive independent operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider for wind energy, adds blade inspections using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to their services by partnering with SkySpecs. The partnership will revolutionize the way wind turbines are inspected, by delivering high quality images for reports, improving safety and reducing inspection costs. Windpower Engineering & Development…

Innovative components pave way for cheaper wind energy

May 28, 2015: Wind turbines began cropping up across the landscapes of Spain and Germany in the 1990s'. These two countries have the highest wind energy production in the EU. But according to the Global Wind Energy Council, the global installed power capacity in Europe -- which is 134,007 MW -- has been surpassed by Asia with 141,964 MW, at the end of 2014. The wind power industry is arguably the most mature -- and fastest developing -- among renewable energies. But, there is still considerable room for improvement to compete with other sources of electricity.

Goldwind develops new tower designs

May 28, 2015: CHINA: Goldwind has announced two new tower designs targeting low wind sites and locations requiring a hub height of over 120 metres.

Santander launches $2 billion renewables investment firm

May 28, 2015: UK: Spanish banking group Santander and two Canadian pension funds have launched Cubico, a renewable energy investment firm.

Vestas wins 82.5MW Turkey deal

May 28, 2015: TURKEY: Local utility Bak Enerji Uretimi has awarded Vestas with an 83MW order to supply a project in central Turkey.

Wind-friendly China boosts Ming Yang Q1

May 27, 2015: CHINA: Ming Yang has reported revenues of CNY 1.33 billion ($215.3 million) in Q1, buoyed by pro-wind legislation in China, the company has said.

Dong completes Borkum Riffgrund 1 installations

May 27, 2015: GERMANY: All 78 Siemens 4MW turbines at Dong Energy's 312MW Borkum Riffgrund 1 have been installed.

Offshore project progress - 27 May

May 27, 2015: EUROPE: Recent updates from Vattenfall's Kentish Flats Extension in the UK and the Netherland's Eneco Luchterduinen site.

East Anglia One to include test site

May 26, 2015: UK: Scottish Power Renewables' 714MW East Anglia One project could include a small test site, according to information released by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc).

Preventing hydropower turbine failure

May 26, 2015: The Francis turbine is the most common type of water turbine used in Norwegian hydropower plants, and has been for many years. About half of the world’s Francis turbines are found in Norwegian plants.

Siemens 7MW set for Neart Na Gaoithe

May 26, 2015: UK: Siemens will manufacture its 7MW offshore turbine for Mainstream Renewable Power's Neart Na Gaoithe, following publication of the project's supply chain plan.

Westermost Rough fully online

May 26, 2015: UK: Dong Energy's 210MW Westermost Rough project has reached full output, less than two months after the final turbine was installed at the site.

Vestas wins 83MW deal in Poland

May 26, 2015: POLAND: Vestas has sealed an order for a 83MW project in Poland from Wind Field Korytnica.

Solar-powered Ecocapsule lets you live off-the-grid anywhere in the world

May 22, 2015: The compact Ecocapsule fits all the home necessities within an egg-shaped space measuring 4.5 meters (14.6 feet) in length, 2.4 meters (7.9 feet) in width, and 2.5 meters in height (8.2 feet). The total usable floor space is eight square meters (86 its…

Suction buckets set for Dudgeon substation

May 22, 2015: UK: SPT Offshore has been contracted by Sembmarine to supply its suction pile foundation for use on the substation at the 402MW Dudgeon project.

Dong reaches 3GW installed

May 22, 2015: DENMARK: Developer Dong Energy has installed 3GW of wind power offshore, as the turbine installation process nears completion at its 312MW Borkum Riffgrund 1.

Gallery: AWEA Windpower 2015

May 22, 2015: UNITED STATES: AWEA held its annual Windpower conference and exhibition in Florida this week with announcements from OEMs including Vestas, Siemens and GE.

Storms and microbes are behind the mystery of the wandering stones

May 21, 2015: The 'sailing' stones of Death Valley in California are famous for apparently moving by themselves, with the phenomenon not being exclusive to this North American desert but also occurring in Spain, in the Manchego lagoon Altillo Chica. Researchers have observed that wind from winter storms generates currents that can push the stones over a surface colonized by microbes. Then once the water has vanished, the mysterious trail is left on the dry bottom of the lagoon.

Zeschky leaves Nordex

May 21, 2015: GERMANY: Nordex has announced its chief executive Jurgen Zeschky is to leave the company after just over four years in the role.

EDF and Eneco hand MHI-Vestas 970MW deal

May 21, 2015: UK: MHI-Vestas (MV) has entered into a conditional agreement with the developers behind the Navitus Bay for the supply of up to 960MW.

American energy use up slightly, carbon emissions almost unchanged

May 20, 2015: Americans' energy use continued to grow slowly in 2014, fueled by increases in the use of natural gas, wind and solar, according to the most recent energy flow charts.

Offshore project progress - 20 May

May 20, 2015: WORLDWIDE: Recent updates from projects in Germany, the UK's Gwynt y Mor and Deepwater Wind's Block Island project in the US.

GE unveils digital project design tool

May 20, 2015: UNITED STATES: GE has launched a digital tool to help design projects using holograms and allow turbines to communicate with each other, boosting project output.

Dudgeon reaches CfD landmark

May 20, 2015: UK: The 402MW Dudgeon offshore project, developed by Statoil and Statkraft in the North Sea, has reached a contractual milestone as part of its Contract for Difference (CfD) subsidy.

Offshore wind turbine construction could be putting seals' hearing at risk

May 20, 2015: Noise from pile driving during offshore wind turbine construction could be damaging the hearing of harbour seals around the UK, researchers have found. They say more research is needed on how noise affects marine mammals' hearing and into engineering solutions to reduce noise levels.

AWEA Windpower 2015 - Day Three

May 19, 2015: UNITED STATES: The final day at AWEA Windpower 2015 in Orlando, Florida, the exhibition floor featured various virtual reality demonstrations, exhibitors reported deals being made despite fewer attendees than last year's event, and Vestas discussed plans to grow its service business by 30%.

AWEA Windpower 2015 - Day Two

May 19, 2015: UNITED STATES: Day two of the annual wind industry gathering featured discussions on the future worth of the PTC, trends in finance and maintenance, and plans from Vestas and Acciona in the US.

Shifting winds: An early warning for reduced energy

May 12, 2015: Chinook winds can precede large shifts in wind power output from wind farms -- a challenge for companies seeking to provide a constant stream of green energy to consumers. By establishing a connection between local meteorological events and power grid output, the researchers hope that they may ultimately help grid operators more accurately predict fluctuations in flow and manage the grid accordingly.

Could this giant straw be the solution to the problems with wind turbines?

May 8, 2015: Could a bladeless wind generator be the answer to solving the issues with wind - and save a few bird lives in the process? It can if you believe that the same technology we use to get your milkshake to your mouth could also power a community. Vertical a…

Wind turbines: Generating eco-friendly power with metal rotor blades

May 7, 2015: Wind turbines deliver environmentally friendly electricity. Yet the fiber-reinforced plastics often used in very large rotor blades are almost impossible to recycle. Not so with steel blades: since these are composed of steel, their recyclability exceeds 90 percent. Plus they cost significantly less than comparable plastic blades.

Vulnerable grassland birds abandon mating sites near wind turbines

May 6, 2015: Shifting to renewable energy sources has been widely touted as one of the best ways to fight climate change, but even renewable energy can have a downside, as in the case of wind turbines' effects on bird populations. In a new paper, a group of researchers demonstrate the impact that one wind energy development in Kansas has had on Greater Prairie-Chickens (Tympanuchus cupido) breeding in the area.

Industrial virtual factory lowers costs and reduces emissions

Apr 23, 2015: Scientists have developed a cloud-based, easily customized, modular software platform for improving the sustainability performance of industrial products by lowering production costs and reducing emissions. The platform provides a virtual collaborative environment for organizations that are jointly developing the same product and/or service. The system, created during the recently completed EPES (Eco-Process Engineering System for composition of services to optimise product life-cycle) project, effectively combines a context-aware approach, cloud services, industrial internet, collaborative networks, simulation and assessment of environmental impacts.

Tesla to unveil a battery on April 30 that will slash your home’s energy costs

Apr 22, 2015: It's finally official, almost. Two months ago Tesla told the world they had developed a battery to take your house completely off-grid, and just a couple of weeks ago Elon Musk teased that the company would unveil a new non-automotive product at their a…

Shifts in electricity generation spur net job growth, but coal jobs decline

Apr 7, 2015: In four years following the 2008 recession, the US coal industry lost more than 49,000 jobs, while the natural gas, solar, and wind industries together created nearly four times that amount, according to a new. Few of the new jobs were added in states hardest hit by coal's decline, particularly West Virginia and Kentucky.

One Texas city will run on 100 percent clean energy by 2017

Apr 1, 2015: In the heart of oil and republican climate-denier country, one Texas city is breaking down traditions and stereotypes – because it plans to be completely powered by solar and wind power by 2017. Jim Briggs, interim city manager of Georgetown, a city a…

Stormy weather ahead for wind farms?

Mar 30, 2015: Researchers will study the vibrations of wind turbines at a large Chilean wind farm along with health impacts on nearby residents. The goal is to make wind turbines more acceptable. Currently, scientists lack sufficient understanding of wind turbines' noise and best ways to mitigate the effects, they say.

Tree Shaped Wind Turbines to be Installed in Paris

Mar 23, 2015: Energy Inventions | Wind Power | Wind TurbinesA French company called New Wind is installing tree-shaped wind turbines at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, France. The company’s founder, Jérôme Michaud-Larivière came up with the idea while in a Paris square, when he “saw the leaves tremble when there was not a breath of air.” He hopes the trees can be […]…

Report: Wind could supply a third of the USA’s electricity by 2050

Mar 18, 2015: A new report from the U.S. Department of Energy's Wind and Water Power Technologies Office titled "Wind Vision: A New Era of Wind Power in the United States" finds that wind energy could supply 35 percent of the country's electricity by 2050. That is enough…

The Eiffel Tower Installs Two Wind Turbines

Mar 16, 2015: Energy Industry | Wind Power | Wind TurbinesThe 126 year old Eiffel Tower is going green! A pair of camouflaged VisionAIR5 wind turbines were installed inside the scaffolding on the second floor, and are expected to generate 10,000 kilowatt hours of electricity every year. That’s enough to power the tower’s entire first floor; including history exhibits, a souvenir shop and restaurants. The […]…

Possible Dual Rotor Technology for Wind Turbines

Mar 15, 2015: Energy Inventions | Wind Power | Wind TurbinesIowa State Aerospace Engineers Anupam Sharma and Hui Hu are exploring the possibility of adding a smaller, secondary rotor to wind turbines. The engineers studied the base of existing turbines and found two major problems. First, they are big round structural pieces that don’t harvest any wind energy because they are not shaped like an […]…

Global wind energy production increased 44% last year!

Mar 10, 2015: It seems the answer–to the world’s energy woes–truly is blowin’ in the wind, as worldwide wind power production nearly doubled last year. The year 2014 saw about 51,477 megawatts worth of wind capacity installed, which amounts to a 44 percent increase…

Benefits of adding a second, smaller rotor to wind turbines

Mar 9, 2015: Aerospace engineers are developing dual-rotor technology to improve the energy harvest of wind turbines. The idea to look for better performance by adding a second rotor to wind turbines came from a previous study. The researchers used wind tunnel tests to see how hills, valleys and the placement of turbines affected the productivity of onshore wind farms.

Meet the Makani Energy Kite

Mar 8, 2015: Energy Inventions | Wind Power | Wind TurbinesBack in 2013 Google purchased a company called Makani, creators of the Energy Kite. Their goal is to make wind energy pricing competitive with fossil fuels, and they believe a new approach is needed. The Energy Kite is a new type of wind turbine, designed to generate more energy using 90% less materials. “Makani’s energy […]…

Tiny Heirloom’s luxury micro homes let you live large in small spaces

Mar 6, 2015: Style isn’t the only thing that’s big in Tiny Heirloom’s luxurious and beautifully detailed tiny homes—the custom base model package starts at a hefty $65,000 price tag. For that price however, clients can expect high-end materials like granite countertops…

The Lateral Axis Wind Turbine

Mar 5, 2015: Energy Inventions | Wind Power | Wind TurbinesSri Lankan inventor Leelananda Jayasuriya just sent us this concept for a Lateral Axis Wind Turbine. The turbine functions just like a Ferris Wheel, with the blades orbiting in an epicyclical path around the central shaft. Leelananda believes there are many advantages to his design: it can rotate with the direction of the wind, it […]…

Swedish Strawscaper harvests energy from the wind with a kinetic hair-covered shell

Mar 4, 2015: Every once in a while an idea comes along that is so unlike anything before that it defies reference. Take Belatchew Lab Architecture’s Strawscraper, a skyscraper covered in hair that can harness the energy of the wind. The building looks as though it belongs…

Borrowing from whales to engineer a new fluid sensor

Mar 2, 2015: Researchers have borrowed from biological structures called tubercles that humpback whales use to maneuver in the ocean to make a piezoelectric energy harvester for use as an airflow or fluid speed and direction-sensing device.

Wind-powered freighters

Feb 27, 2015: To make ships more eco-efficient, engineers have been working with alternative fuels. A Norwegian engineer is currently pursuing a new approach: With VindskipTM, he has designed a cargo ship that is powered by wind and gas. Software will ensure an optimum use of the available wind energy at any time.