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Nov 13, 2019

Wind Energy

Solar-powered Austin home embraces sustainability in more ways than one

Nov 13, 2019: In South Austin, Miró Rivera Architects has completed the Westridge Residence, a contemporary home with an emphasis on sustainable design.

Excessive road salt threatens public health and wildlife

Nov 13, 2019: Many people and municipalities turn to road salt to de-ice wintry streets and sidewalks. Unfortunately, road salt poses serious environmental risks.

Mirrored outhouse disappears into a lush river valley landscape

Nov 13, 2019: In Australia’s Kangaroo Valley, Paddington-based design studio Madeleine Blanchfield Architects carefully crafted a freestanding bathroom that all but vanishes into its surroundings.

Four tiny pavilions make up a low-impact forest home in Mexico

Nov 13, 2019: A family that enjoys nature together, stays together — that's the idea behind the amazing, nature-inspired Casa de Bosque.

Tacoma's Dune Peninsula: from slag heap to beloved park

Nov 13, 2019: On a gorgeous fall day, people jog and walk dogs along Tacoma’s waterfront in the new Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance Park. Locals appreciate the almost miraculous transformation of this land.

GE to supply 180 onshore turbines for ENGIE projects in Oklahoma and South Dakota

Nov 13, 2019: GE Renewable Energy has been selected by ENGIE North America to supply 180 onshore wind turbines for two wind projects. The agreements include 88 2.8-127 turbines for the King Plains wind project in Oklahoma, and 92 2.7-116 turbines for the first phase of the Triple H Wind project in South Dakota. Construction on the projects… The post GE to supply 180 onshore turbines for ENGIE projects in Oklahoma and South Dakota appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Climate impact of hydropower varies widely

Nov 13, 2019: Hydropower is broadly considered to be much more environmentally friendly than electricity generated from fossil fuels, and in many cases this is true. However, a new study reveals that the climate impact of hydropower facilities varies widely throughout the world and over time, with some facilities emitting more greenhouse gases than those burning fossil fuels.

Loss-making continues at bullish Nordex

Nov 13, 2019: German manufacturer Nordex remains in the red, with a net loss of €21 million in Q3 2019. But the company was in buoyant mood as sales increased 16% "as expected".

World's stated policies 'not enough', IEA warns

Nov 13, 2019: Wind and solar PV are due to provide the majority of additional power generation to 2040 and renewables are set to overtake coal generation in the mid-2020s, but this will not be enough to meet the world's climate change targets, according to a new report.

LAVA designs carbon-neutral LIFE Hamburg with an edible green roof

Nov 12, 2019: Slated to open 2023, the solar-powered sustainable building will feature a carbon dioxide-absorbing green facade and an organic rooftop garden.

Look inside BIGs yin and yang-shaped Panda House in Copenhagen

Nov 12, 2019: With their cutest new inhabitants comfortably settled in, the Copenhagen Zoo and Bjarke Ingels Group have shared new pictures of the recently completed yin and yang-shaped Panda House, a new home for giant pandas Mao Sun and Xing Er.

NRG Systems offering bat deterrent system to Vestas turbine customers

Nov 12, 2019: NRG Systems, a designer and manufacturer of smart technologies for a range of wind, solar and meteorological applications, has signed a strategic agreement with Vestas Wind Systems A/S to offer turnkey Bat Deterrent Systems, complete with installation and service, for existing Vestas turbines. The global agreement covers Vestas turbines in all regions but is initially… The post NRG Systems offering bat deterrent system to Vestas turbine customers appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Collection of plant-based shirts raise awareness of endangered species

Nov 12, 2019: The collection includes vibrant, hand-drawn images that are printed on seaweed fiber T-shirts using natural dyes.

Tech-free hobbies that benefit you and the planet

Nov 12, 2019: Technology has become an integral part of our everyday life. From smartphones to smart appliances, the advancements continue to make our lives easier while simultaneous distracting us from traditional hobbies and interests. How we spend our time has changed so much over the past few decades that those seeking to reconnect with non-techy hobbies sometimes struggle to think of ways to spend their time that doesn’t involve a screen of some sort. So we’ve put together a list of eco-friendly hobbies...

Superconducting wind turbine chalks up first test success

Nov 12, 2019: A superconducting rotor has been successfully tested on an active wind turbine for the first time. The researchers designed, developed, manufactured a full-size superconducting generator for a 3.6 megawatt wind turbine, and field-tested it.

Cambridge students create the UKs most efficient solar-powered electric car

Nov 12, 2019: Helia is a solar-powered electric car that is so energy efficient, it can travel more than 500 miles at 50 miles per hour on the same amount of power it takes to boil a kettle.

Study shows where global renewable energy investments have greatest benefits

Nov 12, 2019: New study finds that the amount of climate and health benefits achieved from renewable energy depends on the country where it is installed. Countries with higher carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and more air pollution, such as India, China, and areas in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, achieve greater climate and health benefits per megawatt (MW) of renewable energy installed than those operating in areas such as North America, Brazil, and parts of Europe.

Top three western OEMs to corner 60% of market by 2028

Nov 12, 2019: The three leading western turbine OEMs will increase their combined market share from 47% in 2019 to more than 60% in 2028, according to a new forecast.

Asia Pacific to drive 'global market to 2030'

Nov 12, 2019: "Significant capacity additions" in Asia Pacific are expected to drive a 29% growth in the value of the global wind power market between 2019 and 2030, reaching $124.6 billion by the end of the forecasting period, according to new analysis.

A young couple creates a dreamy Scandinavian-inspired yurt home in Oregon

Nov 11, 2019: The couple’s modified yurt offers 930 square feet of light-filled living space furnished to ooze hygge vibes.

New e-snowmobiles bring eco tourism to the northern lights

Nov 11, 2019: Electric snowmobiles, powered by Arctic winds, are making northern-lights viewing experiences more eco-friendly.

LARQ: the world's first portable, self-cleaning water bottle

Nov 11, 2019: The LARQ water bottle features the world’s first portable, digital water purification system that relies on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery to keep it going.

Green-roofed addition brings a mid-century home into the 21st century

Nov 11, 2019: There are few things we love more than witnessing the transformation of something old into something new — and sustainable.

DPR office hopes to become Austins first WELL-certified workplace

Nov 11, 2019: Designed to follow sustainable principles, the net-zero energy office is fitted with energy-efficient fixtures, environmentally friendly materials and health-minded features that have earned the project WELL Silver and LEED Gold certifications.

Lars Bondo Krogsgaard leaves MHI Vestas

Nov 11, 2019: MHI Vestas co-CEO Lars Bondo Krogsgaard has resigned and has been replaced by former Vestas vice president of product management, Johnny Thomsen.

Outdated software leaves developers 'vulnerable' to cyber attacks

Nov 11, 2019: Renewable energy developers are "very unprepared" for cyber security attacks, a senior analyst for underwriter GCube told Windpower Monthly, after an attack victim was named in government documents.

Carney Logan Burke thoughtfully inserts a modernist jewel in Jackson Hole

Nov 8, 2019: After over twenty years of working with a family on their 180-acre Jackson Hole property, Montana architectural firm Carney Logan Burke has capped their fruitful relationship with the Queens Lane Pavilion, a modernist two-bedroom retreat with spectacular landscape views. Topped with a flat roof and surrounded by walls of glass, the minimalist pavilion was crafted as“art piece” that seamlessly blends into the landscape and the fifth project completed in the wildlife-rich riverine ecosystem. Architect...

Dramatically twisted timber weaves together in the Steampunk pavilion

Nov 8, 2019: In Tallinn, Estonia, a team of designers have merged traditional craftsmanship with digital modeling to create Steampunk, a sculptural pavilion that uses steam-bent hardwood and computer-aided design. Winner of the Tallinn Architecture Biennial 2019 Installation Program Competition, the spectacular artwork uses the laborious process of steam bending timber by hand, rather than robotic production, to call attention to the merits of traditional craftsmanship absent in machine building. Gwyllim...

Fiji's Cousteau Resort launches a new botanical program for guests

Nov 8, 2019: The initiative is part of a larger goal to protect the island’s natural environment.

Liebherr signs supply agreement with Mingyang Smart Energy

Nov 8, 2019: At the international wind energy fair China Windpower in Beijing, Liebherr Components signed a cooperation agreement with the country’s leading wind turbine OEM Mingyang Smart Energy. Under this serial manufacturing contract, Liebherr will supply the customer with significant quantities of main bearings. This will further secure Mingyang Smart Energy’s long-term business success in the Chinese… The post Liebherr signs supply agreement with Mingyang Smart Energy appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

First Smart Forest City in Mexico will be 100% food and energy self-sufficient

Nov 8, 2019: Milan-based architecture firm Stefano Boeri Architetti has unveiled innovative designs for a nature-infused smart city in Cancun, Mexico that will serve as a model for resilient and sustainable urban planning.

Enercon sends up distress flare as Germany's wind market collapses

Nov 8, 2019: Enercon has stopped placing orders with key production partners and launched a "transformation programme" to return the company to profitability as the German onshore wind market grinds to a halt.

These glass vases let you grow your own avocado tree no toothpicks required

Nov 8, 2019: While most home gardens tend to conceal the roots within decorated pots, Ilex Studio's new collection of glass vases displays one of the most underrated parts of a plant — the roots.

Africa set for nine-fold wind capacity increase

Nov 8, 2019: The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects Africa's wind power fleet to increase nine-fold between the end of 2018 and 2040, but the continent's small power markets and underdeveloped grids pose challenges to managing variability as renewables' penetration increases.

Snhetta-designed center may provide a rare look inside the worlds largest seed vault

Nov 7, 2019: Snøhetta has unveiled preliminary designs for The Arc, a proposed visitor center for Arctic preservation storage on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, a remote island north of the Arctic Circle.

San Francisco breaks ground on new "Tunnel Tops" national park

Nov 7, 2019: Today, San Francisco has broken ground on “Tunnel Tops,” a new 14-acre national parkland that will span two sections across the top of the Presidio Parkway highway tunnels.

This sustainable luxury smartwatch monitors climate change

Nov 7, 2019: Just in time for your conscious holiday shopping, Veldt, Inc. is unveiling its newest luxury smartwatch, the LUXTURE AARDE, designed with sustainability and wellness in mind.

Easy ways to make your home and garden more sustainable this fall

Nov 7, 2019: As the final leaves drop from the trees and the temperatures continue to plummet, you’ve likely already prepped the woodpile and dug out your winter wear. But before you head inside to hunker down with movies and hot cocoa, also prep your home and yard to act sustainably throughout the months ahead.

Siemens Gamesa unveils first 10MW nacelle

Nov 7, 2019: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has unveiled the first prototype nacelle for its SG 10.0-193 DD turbine at its factory in Brande, central Denmark.

Lemay injects new life into Montreals Expo 67 site

Nov 7, 2019: Using an integrated design approach, Lemay has enhanced the pedestrian experience.

GE's 12MW Haliade-X produces first power

Nov 7, 2019: GE Renewable Energy has generated first power from its 12MW Haliade-X prototype -- the world's largest and most powerful wind turbine.

US and China to 'challenge UK's top offshore spot'

Nov 7, 2019: The UK is likely to retain its position as world leader in installed offshore wind capacity over the next few years, but will face challenges from the US and China as the technology becomes more attractive in markets beyond western Europe, according to new analysis.

Vestas CEO warns of threat to profit from tariffs

Nov 7, 2019: "Unprecedented high activity levels" across all regions boosted Vestas' Q3 revenue by 30% over the same period last year, but CEO Henrik Andersen warned that tariffs and increased execution costs were threatening the company's profitability.

Architects reveal winning design for Western Sydney Airport

Nov 6, 2019: Located in Sydney’s new western Parkland City region, the green-field airport draws inspiration for its form and material palette from the unique local flora and nearby mountains.

Alliance of more than 11,000 scientists warns that our planet faces a climate emergency

Nov 6, 2019: At our current climate trajectory, humanity will likely face “untold suffering,” as reported in a new study signed by more than 11,000 scientists around the globe.

Copenhagens new eco-friendly bicycle hills hide parking for thousands of bicycles

Nov 6, 2019: Danish architectural firm COBE recently completed a one-of-a-kind public space in Copenhagen that not only serves as a multifunctional meeting place, but also provides covered parking for over 2,000 bicycles. Inaugurated in late August, Karen Blixens Plads is one of the largest public spaces in Copenhagen and measures over 20,000 square meters in size. The elevated undulating terrain helps break the large space down into small zones for activities and helps channel and slow rainwater to improve the...

High-tech wetsuit protects divers and surfers from toxic elements in the oceans

Nov 6, 2019: With ocean waters being polluted at an astonishing rate, swimmers, divers and surfers are putting their lives at risk simply by entering the water. Fortunately, Vissla and Surfrider have collaborated on a slightly depressing solution aimed to keep water-lovers safe. The Rising Seas Wetsuit is a high-tech body suit that uses nanotechnology to block the absorption of any harmful pollutants in the water. Additionally, Nitrile pads on the stomach, elbows and knees help surfers maintain their grip on the board, even in seriously slimy conditions.

Studio NAB wants to rehab parking lots into energy-producing urban gardens

Nov 6, 2019: Paris-based design firm Studio NAB has unveiled a proposal for transforming the traditional asphalt parking lot into an urban farming green space with solar-powered parking spaces. Created with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in mind, Studio NAB’s Car Park 2.0 rethinks the car park as a productive space that could generate green jobs, renewable energy, and food. Retained parking spaces would be set on permeable paving, rather than asphalt, and could be connected with solar-powered...

GE gets largest Chinese order for foreign OEM

Nov 6, 2019: GE Renewable Energy has won a 715MW order to supply turbines to a Chinese wind farm, which it claims is the largest onshore wind deal for a foreign OEM in the country.

Goldwind's world-first laser control system approved

Nov 6, 2019: DNV GL has approved Chinese manufacturer Goldwind's lidar-assisted control system for wind turbines -- the first time the certification body has verified a laser-aided system for turbine control.