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Sep 30, 2020

Wind Energy

Proud Pour wines and cider benefit bees, oceans and coral reefs

Sep 29, 2020: Every purchase of Proud Pour wine helps restore oyster and bee habitats, save sea turtles and plant baby coral reefs.

California votes to protect Joshua trees

Sep 29, 2020: They have become the first plant species in California to be granted protection from climate change.

World leaders commit to Earth's recovery

Sep 29, 2020: Sixty-four world leaders have signed a new Leaders' Pledge for Nature. But some key players are notably absent in promising to slow environmental ills.

Webinar: Fight back against icing impacts this winter – November 4

Sep 29, 2020: Wednesday, November 4, 2020 2 pm ET / 11 am PT     While no one can stop the weather from happening, you can do more to lessen the impact of icing events on wind farm operations. To do that you need a process or plan to address and mitigate the impacts. From the early… The post Webinar: Fight back against icing impacts this winter – November 4 appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

An indoor-outdoor home in Colombia is remodeled with local reclaimed wood

Sep 29, 2020: Located at the top of a mountain in Colombia’s Calandaíma River Valley, Casa Volcanes is a stunning home that promotes indoor-outdoor living and natural materials.

BiodiverCity will transform Penang South Islands into an eco-tourism spot

Sep 29, 2020: A new island destination is in the works in Malaysia, and it's set to put the spotlight on sustainable development.

Wider renewables sector outpaces wind for job growth

Sep 29, 2020: Worldwide wind power jobs inched up 0.8% in 2019 – a slower rate of growth than the 4.3% average across the wider renewable energy sector…

Why half of oil and gas workers are looking to offshore wind

Sep 29, 2020: Offshore wind and renewables were the most popular choices for a potential career change among UK offshore oil and gas workers in a new survey…

New grounding and bond meter from TEGAM

Sep 28, 2020: TEGAM has released a new 710A grounding and bond meter ideal for at-height wind turbine repair jobs. TEGAM’s new BKDP-M2 Display Probe puts the metering information in your hand with its display in the probe body to keep the information in your field of vision. The highly visible OLED display is readable in dark areas and… The post New grounding and bond meter from TEGAM appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

HoekHome gives furniture a sustainable makeover

Sep 28, 2020: Thanks to modern furniture companies such as HoekHome, furniture assembly has changed. You can assemble HoekHome's click-together furniture with no tools other than your hands.

Trump administration appoints climate change deniers to NOAA

Sep 28, 2020: The Trump administration has already appointed one climate change denier to NOAA this month and is set to appoint another.

ASOS launches first circular fashion collection

Sep 28, 2020: This fall, online retailer ASOS is launching its first collection of circular fashions.

The durable Solo New York backpack can accompany all of your adventures

Sep 28, 2020: We tested the Re:vive Mini Backpack on a number of outdoor adventures. Here's how it held up.

Third Nature imagines a zero-emission regenerative city district in Bergen

Sep 28, 2020: An old logistics port and ferry terminal in Bergen, Norway has been reimagined into an inspiring zero-emission district.

FPS Engineering receives DOE funding for floating offshore wind turbine design

Sep 28, 2020: FPS Engineering & Technology, a newly formed engineering and technology company in Houston, recently received funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Project Agency–Energy (ARPA-E) for hull design, analysis and optimization of the ARCUS Vertical- Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) in support of Sandia National Laboratories. The funding is part of an award under… The post FPS Engineering receives DOE funding for floating offshore wind turbine design appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Oil trader Trafigura to invest in 2GW of renewables

Sep 28, 2020: Commodity trading firm and fund manager form new company Nala Renewables targeting 2GW to be operating, in late-stage development or construction by 2025…

UK boosts offshore pipeline by 2.8GW with extension leases

Sep 28, 2020: Seabed landlord the Crown Estate awards developers leases for six project extensions, taking the UK offshore pipeline to 40GW…

Japanese wind industry criticises offshore tender price cap

Sep 28, 2020: The Japanese wind power sector believes the proposed JPY 29,000/MWh ($274/MWh) price cap for upcoming tenders is too low…

Republicans propose eliminating PTC subsidy

Sep 28, 2020: The newly introduced PTC Elimination Act contrasts sharply with a Democrat bill proposed earlier this summer to extend the US' wind power sector's main support scheme…

HOH Cafe is a shipping container coffee shop hidden in a tranquil park

Sep 25, 2020: Tucked away into a forested area on the edge of Taiwan’s Zhubei City, the HOH Cafe is a shipping container coffee shop that offers a quiet respite for the area’s busy residents.

No new gas-powered cars by 2035, California governor says

Sep 25, 2020: California Governor Gavin Newsom's new executive order bans the sale of all new gasoline-powered cars and passenger trucks by 2035. After that, only zero-emissions new cars will be sold in the state of California. Californians will still be able to own, drive, buy and sell used cars that run on gas.

Record number of pilot whales get stranded, die in Tasmania

Sep 25, 2020: Over 380 long-finned pilot whales have been confirmed dead after nearly 500 were stranded on Tasmania's west coast.

Worker dies in fall at US wind farm

Sep 25, 2020: A 39-year-old man fell to his death while working uptower on a turbine at the Langford wind project in Texas…

How to make soy wax candles for a cozy, autumnal home

Sep 25, 2020: Learn how to make DIY soy candles for your home and to give as gifts.

Denmark launches tender for Thor

Sep 25, 2020: The auction for the planned 800-1,000MW Thor offshore project will have a deadline of November 2021…

Abu Dhabi Flamingo Visitor Center blends into the landscape

Sep 25, 2020: Petr Janda / brainwork studio has won an international competition with its design of the Abu Dhabi Flamingo Visitor Center, a proposed center that would service the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve located southeast of central Abu Dhabi.

GE Renewable Energy secures 576MW Invenergy order

Sep 25, 2020: Orders for 576 MW of onshore wind tech from Invenergy include GE’s 2.X-127 and 2.X-116 turbines…

Vestas wins 144MW supply deal in Greece

Sep 25, 2020: Vestas grows its market share in Greece with a new 144MW order…

Sweden and Norway agree end to electricity certificate scheme

Sep 25, 2020: The possibility of an extension to the two countries' shared electricity system creates uncertainty, wind industry groups claim…

Wind sector calls for more ambition as German cabinet approves energy reform

Sep 25, 2020: Germany's federal cabinet has approved reform to help renewables provide 65% of the country's electricity by 2030…

The Heimplanet Travel Pack gets a sustainable new upgrade

Sep 24, 2020: Adventure luggage and tent company Heimplanet has given its popular travel pack a 2020 upgrade.

China plans to go carbon-neutral by 2060

Sep 24, 2020: China, the world’s biggest source of carbon dioxide, is aiming for carbon-neutrality by 2060.

Critical Antarctic glaciers are drifting away

Sep 24, 2020: The findings, which follow analyses of satellite imagery, indicate that a natural buffer that prevents the glaciers from breaking away is deteriorating at a rapid rate and could lead to destructive sea level rise.

Indie comic book characters are brought to life as unique cardboard cutouts

Sep 24, 2020: After creating a life-size board game out of cardboard, Luanga ‘Lue’ Nuwame has combined his love of cardboard crafting with another passion — rare comic book action figures.

New Tokyo Toilet Project designs public restrooms to foster inclusivity

Sep 24, 2020: Japan-based Nippon Foundation has launched its Tokyo Toilet Project to design and build new, inclusive public toilets at 17 different locations throughout the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

Vattenfall to balance Finnish wind for Google

Sep 24, 2020: Swedish energy firm Vattenfall will level out production from a wind farm powering tech giant Google…

From golf to gardens: Houston's new botanical garden opens

Sep 23, 2020: It's a loss for golfers but a big win for plant lovers. After decades in the planning stage, the Houston Botanic Garden finally opened September 18 on the former Glenbrook Golf Course in southeast Houston. The garden serves as yet another draw for locals and visitors to explore Sims Bayou, a watershed area near Hobby Airport that already includes miles of walking and biking trails and countless places to launch canoes.

Melting Florida panther statue highlights climate change

Sep 23, 2020: A sculpture of Florida panthers is melting in the sun to show the impacts of climate change.

This tiny device can scavenge wind energy from the breeze you make when you walk

Sep 23, 2020: Most of the wind available on land is too gentle to push commercial wind turbine blades, but now researchers have designed a kind of 'tiny wind turbine' that can scavenge wind energy from breezes as little as those created by a brisk walk. The method is a low-cost and efficient way of collecting light breezes as a micro-energy source.

NYC Metronome clock now displays deadline for irreversible global warming

Sep 23, 2020: The Climate Clock shows that we have about 7 years to stop irreversible effects of global warming.

The Redress Design Award is making sustainable fashion an industry standard

Sep 23, 2020: Redress has announced the 2020 winners for the Redress Design Award.

Garden House brings nature back to the city

Sep 23, 2020: The home “brings nature back to the city” with inviting outdoor areas for gathering with friends and neighbors.

Oil major Shell to supply Microsoft with renewable energy

Sep 23, 2020: Details over a commitment to wind power remain sparse in a deal between big oil and tech that could be transformative if it delivers on its promise…

Cross-sector group developing '100% recyclable' blade

Sep 23, 2020: Between 85% and 90% of a wind turbine’s total mass can be recycled today, but a new research group hopes to produce an entirely recyclable blade…

'Questions remain' over China’s carbon neutrality pledge

Sep 23, 2020: Chinese premier Xi Jinping told the UN General Assembly that the world's top emitter plans to reduce its carbon emissions from 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2060…

Tiny House Sustainable Living blog documents life in an off-grid tiny home

Sep 22, 2020: Jennifer of Tiny House Sustainable Living documents tiny home construction, off-grid living and homesteading on her blog.

Botswana elephant deaths caused by cyanobacteria

Sep 22, 2020: The mysterious elephant deaths in Botswana this summer were caused by a toxic blue-green algae.

17,000 Tiehms buckwheat, rare wildflowers of Nevada, destroyed

Sep 22, 2020: After a controversy between conservationists and lithium mining interests, 40% of the population of Tiehm's buckwheat was mysteriously destroyed last weekend.

US investors plan 4.4GW Taiwanese project

Sep 22, 2020: US-owned Swancor Renewable Energy this week filed for environmental permits for its planned 4.4GW Formosa 4 project…

Biden vs Trump on environmental issues and climate change

Sep 22, 2020: Here’s a quick rundown on where the presidential candidates stand on environmental issues and climate change.