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Nov 28, 2015

Wind Energy

Gallery: Popcorn 'acts as oil' in emergency exercise

Nov 27, 2015: GERMANY: Dong Energy carried out an emergency exercise at its recently completed 312MW Borkum Riffgrund 1 offshore project, where popcorn was used to simulate an oil spill…

Western Canada sets ambitious growth plans

Nov 26, 2015: CANADA: Prospects for growth in installed wind power has received a boost of some 5GW from Alberta's plan to phase out coal, and another 2GW from Saskatchewan's greenhouse gas reduction target.

Offshore wind vital to help UK reach carbon target

Nov 26, 2015: UK: Considerable volumes of offshore wind will be needed to reach UK's carbon target, says the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) in its fifth carbon budget for 2028-2032.

Lack of ambition threatens French offshore sector

Nov 26, 2015: FRANCE: The industry is concerned by the unambitious government targets for offshore wind's part in sourcing 40% of electricity from renewables by 2030.

Gamesa wins 103MW US deal from Enbridge

Nov 26, 2015: UNITED STATES: Canadian energy firm Enbridge has contracted Gamesa to supply turbines to a newly acquired 103MW project in West Virginia, US.

LG Chem and GS E&R team up to build “world’s largest” energy storage project for Korean wind farm

Nov 25, 2015: Lithium-ion battery maker LG Chem Ltd announced a deal to build what’s described as the world’s largest wind energy storage project in South Korea. Under the agreement with local power producer GS E&R, a 50-MWh storage system will be installed at a wind farm in Yeongyang, North Gyeongsang province. Once complete, the new energy storage facility Windpower Engineering & Development…

SaskPower to develop more wind power with a new goal of 50% renewables

Nov 25, 2015: SaskPower, the principal electric utility in the province of Saskatchewan, has committed to reducing emissions for a more environmentally sustainable future. The corporation has set a target to double the percentage of renewable electricity generation capacity in Saskatchewan by 2030. “An objective of 50% renewable power by 2030 is ambitious, but I’m confident SaskPower can meet Windpower Engineering & Development…

Recent Brazilian certification marks GE as the only supplier of generators at 3.15 MW compliant with Finame requirements

Nov 25, 2015: GE has announced the completion of the nationalization of its 3.15 MW Double Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) which integrates with onshore wind turbines of 3 MW power range. Windpower Engineering & Development…

Statoil awards Hywind Scotland anchor contract

Nov 25, 2015: UK: Norwegian developer Statoil has awarded Scottish engineering firm Isleburn the contract to provide suction anchors to the 30MW Hywind Scotland project.

Government provides additional support for Russian industry

Nov 25, 2015: RUSSIA: The energy ministry has increased support for its emerging wind industry in a bid to attract more foreign investment.

EWEA 2015: Envision bringing 'unique angle' to Europe

Nov 25, 2015: FRANCE: Chinese turbine manufacturer Envision can bring a "unique angle" to Europe, according to the company's managing director, Lei Zhang, at the EWEA 2015 conference in Paris, France.

New York to push for 50% renewable energy target

Nov 24, 2015: UNITED STATES: New York state governor Andrew Cuomo is set to reveal steps to force the state to reach a 50% renewable energy target by 2030.

Anholt restarts power production

Nov 24, 2015: DENMARK: Dong Energy's 400MW Anholt offshore project is producing power again following the repair to sections of the export cable, transmission operator confirmed.

Solutions to reduce effect of wind power on digital communications

Nov 23, 2015: Wind farms can now be designed to minimize their effects on television broadcasting and mobile communications. Methods and tools developed in a new research project allow an optimal location to be identified for wind turbines, where interference on television broadcasting and mobile connections is minimized, report investigators.

Siemens turbines find favour in Italy

Nov 23, 2015: ITALY: In the past year Siemens has taken orders for 130MW of installed capacity spread across three projects in southern Italy.

Offshore Project Progress - 20 November

Nov 23, 2015: WORLDWIDE: Recent project updates from the German Veja Mate site, the US' first offshore wind project and four sites surrounding the UK, including ScottishPower Renewables' East Anglia zone.

Copenhagen is building the craziest bike lane… ever

Nov 20, 2015: Copenhagen is known for its bike-friendly culture, but the Copenhagen Gate project is going to take bike lanes to a whole new level - literally. Work is finally set to start on Steve Holl Architect’s skyscrapers in Copenhagen, which will consist of two skyscrapers joined by a bike lane 213 feet in the air. The architect announced that construction could finally begin as early as 2016 and, once completed, the skyscrapers will act as a gate into the city with a bike lane/pedestrian bridge that will...

Inox Wind set to double production facilities

Nov 20, 2015: INDIA: Inox Wind has opened a blade facility in Barwani, Madhya Pradesh, part of a new production site that will lift the company's annual output to 1.6GW…

EWEA 2015: Adwen looks to Asia for sales of lighter 5MW turbine

Nov 19, 2015: FRANCE: The trend for larger offshore turbines is very strong and very fast, said Adwen chairman Philippe Kavafyan, who will use the JV's experience of its 5MW operating fleet to benefit its 8MW model.

EWEA 2015: Technical understand is key to investor confidence

Nov 19, 2015: FRANCE: Understanding the nuances of wind turbine behaviour in less than ideal conditions is imperative to gaining investor confidence and cutting project capital costs, said Peter Stuart, head of technical innovation at RES.

Analysis: Investors cautiously welcome new auction system

Nov 19, 2015: POLAND: Poland's wind energy sector is preparing for a new market framework effective from 1 January, where projects will compete for 15-year fixed-price tariffs through auctions.

Gallery: EWEA 2015 event in Paris

Nov 19, 2015: FRANCE: The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) held its annual conference and exhibition in Paris between 17 and 20 November.

Enercon adds low wind models to 2MW and 4MW range

Nov 19, 2015: GERMANY: German manufacturer Enercon announced details of the new 4.2MW low wind turbine with a record onshore blade length of 141 metres.

Energy Union update gives clarity - EWEA

Nov 19, 2015: EUROPE: European Commission vice president Maros Sefcovic said the energy union plan is on track in a 'State of the Energy Union' update, which EWEA called a 'statement of intent'.

Analysis: As construction boom ends, manufacturers look elsewhere

Nov 19, 2015: CANADA: Turbine manufacturers lured to Canada by multi-gigawatt procurement programmes and local content requirements are recalibrating as the market feeding their manufacturing facilities starts to wane.

Clean energy accounted for nearly half of all new power last year

Nov 12, 2015: As if you needed any further proof that clean energy has fossil fuels on the run, a recent report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows renewable energy accounted for nearly half of all new power plants built in 2014. The Guardian reports that the IEA stated this factoid represents a “clear sign that an energy transition is underway” on planet Earth. According to the IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2015 report, the milestone also means that green energy is the second-largest electricity...

Engineers test taller wind turbine towers made from precast concrete

Nov 11, 2015: Engineers are testing new concrete technology for taller wind turbine towers. The idea is to build taller towers that are also easy to transport and assemble. Taller towers provide access to the faster and steadier winds above 100 meters.

Germany is on track to get a third of its electricity from renewable resources this year

Nov 6, 2015: The country of Germany has reached some impressive landmarks when it comes to its use of alternative, renewable energy sources this year. The record for most energy from renewable sources in one day was reached on July 25th of this year when the nation achieved 78% of its use from environmentally sound methods. Projections for the whole year estimate that a third of their electricity will come from solar, wind, and other sustainable sources, making the country quite a role model in a time when we...

Low-cost offshore wind turbine created

Nov 6, 2015: Researchers have designed and patented a floating platform for offshore wind turbines that can reduce energy costs to 12 euro cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) through a more efficient design and cheaper building materials.

World’s largest floating wind farm gets the green light in Scotland

Nov 3, 2015: Offshore wind power is booming in Europe. And when it’s completed, the Hywind project will be the largest floating wind farm development in the world, producing enough power to light up nearly 20,000 homes. Owned by Norway’s Statoil, Hywind just got its marine license from the Scottish government – giving it the go-ahead for installation about 25 kilometers off the coast of Peterhead, Scotland. The pilot project proposed by Statoil will feature five floating turbines capable of producing 6...

Making green fuels, no fossils required

Nov 2, 2015: Converting solar or wind into carbon-based 'fossil' fuels might seem anything but green, but when you start with carbon dioxide -- which can be dragged out of the air -- it's as green as it gets. The technology that makes it economically feasible isn't available yet, but a recently published paper presents nice step forward in the effort to not just sequester carbon dioxide, but turn it into a useful fuel that is part of a carbon-neutral future.

Exploiting renewable energy while allowing for protecting biodiversity

Oct 29, 2015: Global expansion of bioenergy possesses serious threats to biodiversity, whereas solar energy could have potential for power provision with limited impacts on biodiversity, say experts.

On soft ground? Tread lightly to stay fast

Oct 9, 2015: Soft steps and large feet can allow animals and robots to maintain high speeds on very loose soil and sand. These findings offer a new insight into how animals respond to different terrain, and how robots can learn from them.

Exotic solar and wind-powered Bangkok Tree House resort is a masterpiece of sustainable design

Oct 1, 2015: Located a few miles from the bustling streets of central Bangkok, this eco-friendly resort pushes the limits of sustainable passive design. Its sustainability features are endless, including LED lighting powered by solar and wind energy, solar cookers, rainwater harvesting, floors, as well as walls and ceilings built from reclaimed wood and bamboo and insulated with discarded juice cartons. The hotel and restaurant complex named The Bangkok Tree House, was conceived by 36-year-old Jirayu (Joey) Tulyanond, who wanted to see how far can one go to create a comfortable retreat relying on sustainable design. It turns out, pretty darn far - hit the jump for a closer look.

America has fallen behind on offshore wind power

Sep 29, 2015: The United States has fallen behind on offshore wind power, experts say. Their findings show that while offshore wind turbines have been successfully deployed in Europe since 1991, the U.S. is further from commercial-scale offshore wind deployment today than it was in 2005.

Offshore wind farms could be more risky for gannets than previously thought, study shows

Sep 28, 2015: Offshore wind farms, which are to be built in waters around the UK, could pose a greater threat to protected populations of gannets than previously thought, according to a new study.

Portable wind turbine Kickstarter raises almost entire goal in one day

Sep 22, 2015: Plugging into renewable energy is a challenge for many of us. Despite the rapidly falling cost of solar panels, there are many green-minded folks who don’t own a roof to install them on. Wind energy is an option in lots of areas, but a similar problem…

Greening the electric grid with gas turbines

Sep 21, 2015: Much of the nation's energy policy is premised on the assumption that clean renewable sources like wind and solar will require huge quantities of storage before they can make a significant dent in the greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation. A new study pokes holes in that conventional wisdom. The analysis finds that the supply of wind and solar power could be increased tenfold without additional storage.

Margot Krasojevic’s solar-powered sand turbine hotel aims to stop the spread of the Gobi Desert

Sep 21, 2015: Desertification and dust storm has been the topic of research for many years, prompting designers and scientist across the world to try and find a sustainable solution. One of the most recent proposals involves the planting of the Green Wall of China, a…

Jay Whitacre takes the Lemelson-MIT Prize for his saltwater battery

Sep 19, 2015: The 2015 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize has gone to Jay Whitacre for his invention of the Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) battery. The battery, used primarily in combination with solar and wind energy systems, was created using abundant and non-toxic resources a…

Boost in available wind power for the Midwest with global warming

Sep 18, 2015: Mother Nature will be delivering a future gift of 2 percent more wind energy in the Midwest, U.S. if regional climate models are correct, according to new research.

Roofgarden Arnhem’s Watertower is a wooden flat-pack structure powered by the wind

Sep 8, 2015: We would like to introduce you to the Watertower that Dutch architect Arno Geesink and I (Rick Tegelaar) developed for Roofgarden Arnhem. ( The tower is built to be lightweight, flat packed and to be assembled with manpower a…

Aspen, Colorado becomes third U.S. city powered totally by renewable energy

Sep 7, 2015: Three is a magic number. And Aspen, Colorado has hit that enchanted numeral by becoming the third city in the U.S. to power itself with 100 percent renewable energy. Aspen Times reports that the city has reached this milestone after more than a decade a…

How to curb emissions: Put a price on carbon

Sep 3, 2015: Literally putting a price on carbon pollution and other greenhouse gasses is the best approach for nurturing the rapid growth of renewable energy and reducing emissions. While prospects for a comprehensive carbon price are dim, especially in the US, many other policy approaches can spur the renewables revolution, according to a new policy article.

As wind-turbine farms expand, research shows they could offer diminishing returns

Aug 31, 2015: A slowdown effect triggered by wind turbines is substantial for large wind farms and results in proportionally less renewable energy generated for each turbine versus the energy that would be generated from an isolated wind turbine, scientists report.

Technique designed to predict how much energy waves will be bringing

Aug 31, 2015: Marine energy has a great future potential according to the experts, but there is still a long way to go before it can be used on a large scale. A team of researchers has now developed a technique to forecast wave energy several hours in advance.

Way for eagles and wind turbines to coexist

Aug 27, 2015: Collisions with wind turbines kill about 100 golden eagles a year in some locations, but a new study that maps both potential wind-power sites and nesting patterns of the birds reveals sweet spots, where potential for wind power is greatest with a lower threat to nesting eagles.

Researchers develop a battery clean enough to eat

Aug 26, 2015: In our wildest dreams, enviro-geeks imagine a future in which solar hover cars zip silently by while our homes and factories chug along completely pollutant-free, powered only by the wind and the sun. But, what happens when the wind stops blowing and is…

Solar-powered Sustainer Homes give you the freedom to live anywhere

Aug 18, 2015: Sustainer Homes was conceived as a solution to the housing crisis faced by younger generations, which struggle with rising rents and exorbitant housing prices. “Independence and sustainability define the home of tomorrow,” write the Sustainer Homes…

World’s first off-grid Ecocapsule home to hit the market this year, shipping in 2016

Aug 15, 2015: What is the Ecocapsule? It is a smart house powered by solar and wind energy which allows people to extend their off-grid stay almost to a whole year. The Ecocapsule can serve as a micro-house, cottage, pop-up hotel, humanitarian unit or even as for It…