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Mar 04, 2021

Wind Energy

Breitenbach Landscape Hotel features 14 Nordic cabins on stilts

Mar 3, 2021: The cabins are inspired by Scandinavian architecture, specifically traditional hytte retreats, which are used to reconnect with nature.

Volvo is going fully electric by 2030

Mar 3, 2021: This was a big week for Volvo, which made two bold and forward-looking announcements and debuted the C40 Recharge.

Enel begins construction on 350-MW wind + storage project in Texas

Mar 3, 2021: Enel, through its U.S. renewable subsidiary Enel Green Power North America, has started construction of Azure Sky wind + storage, its first large-scale hybrid project globally to integrate wind and battery storage at one site. Located in Throckmorton County, Texas, the 350-MW wind farm paired with approximately 137 MW of battery storage will be Enel’s… The post Enel begins construction on 350-MW wind + storage project in Texas appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Monarch butterfly population declines due to climate change and logging

Mar 3, 2021: Migrating monarch butterflies declined 26% in December 2020 compared to December 2019.

Daan Roosegaardes GROW is a colorful LED dreamscape

Mar 3, 2021: This field of LED lights can boost plant growth and reduce the use of pesticides.

ABS publishes report assessing US infrastructure readiness for offshore wind

Mar 3, 2021: ABS has published a report evaluating the U.S. offshore wind industry’s readiness to deliver the 40 GW of offshore wind capacity the International Energy Agency estimates will be installed by 2040. “Offshore Wind Report, Positioning for U.S. Expansion: U.S. Ports and Vessels Innovation,” is a document assessing U.S. port infrastructure, availability of specialist support tonnage… The post ABS publishes report assessing US infrastructure readiness for offshore wind appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

UK offshore wind hubs ‘big bang moment’ for industry

Mar 3, 2021: Renewables industry group welcomes ‘world-class offshore wind hubs’ and free ports in the north east of England to boost offshore wind…

Caf Terra is an urban oasis with raw earth surfaces in Dubai

Mar 3, 2021: Crafted as an urban oasis, Café Terra provides respite from both the heat and the bustle of the city.

Irish wind beats gas electricity generation for the first time

Mar 3, 2021: The Republic of Ireland’s onshore wind sector set new records last year and even outperformed gas, new findings show…

NRG Systems opens 7X Lidars service and support center in Vermont

Mar 3, 2021: NRG Systems, a designer and manufacturer of smart technologies for a range of wind, solar and meteorological applications, has opened a North American ZX Lidars service and support center at its headquarters in Vermont. NRG Systems introduced the UK-based Lidar OEM’s technology to North America in 2019, expanding distribution of ZX remote sensors to the… The post NRG Systems opens 7X Lidars service and support center in Vermont appeared first on Windpower Engineering & Development.

Spanish wind brings Europe’s lowest winter electricity prices

Mar 3, 2021: Wind power accounted for nearly a third of Spain’s national electrical generation between December 2020 and February 2021 – more than any other power source…

Nine demands to rapidly scale up renewable hydrogen

Mar 3, 2021: The Renewable Hydrogen Coalition hammers out the vital policies needed for Europe to rapidly scale up its uptake in the race for renewable hydrogen…

New apartments bring sustainable architecture to the Upper West Side

Mar 2, 2021: A new, luxury apartment complex on the Upper West Side meets the stringent Passive House standards.

Yara invests in green ammonia for renewable energy

Mar 2, 2021: By using hydropower with its existing ammonia plant, Norway’s Yara is about to manufacture green ammonia commercially…

LEED Gold Columbia Building cleans stormwater runoff with green roofs

Mar 2, 2021: The award-winning Columbia Building successfully meets its design targets with an attractive green roof and a visible stormwater management system.

Green renovation to a '50s California home features recycled denim insulation

Mar 2, 2021: A private residence in San Anselmo, California has received a green renovation with some unique features. Designers from Pfau Long Architecture expanded the space to 2,800 feet to help this project stick out from the rest, complete with sustainable solar power and recycled denim insulation.

Are Florida manatees starving to death?

Mar 2, 2021: Manatee mortality in Florida has shot up this year, with 358 recorded deaths in January and February. Last year, the first two months had a combined total of 143 deaths — less than half this year's current toll. Conservationists worry that the manatees are starving to death.

EDPR and Engie plan 1.5GW floating offshore wind off Greece

Mar 2, 2021: The Ocean Winds joint venture plans to work with Greece’s Terna Energy on developing what could be the country’s first offshore wind capacity…

These bioclimatic student dorms use low-cost, sustainable materials

Mar 1, 2021: In the tropical Vietnamese province of Dong Nai, Southeast Asian architecture firm T3 Architects has completed the Hippo Farm Bioclimatic Dormitories, a cost-effective housing structure that uses locally sourced materials and bioclimatic design principles to stay naturally cool and comfortable year-round.

USPS cuts emissions with new delivery vehicle fleet

Mar 1, 2021: USPS is getting a new fleet of efficient delivery vehicles.

Facebook Marketplace fuels illegal sales of land in the Amazon rainforest

Mar 1, 2021: Large parcels of land in the Amazon rainforest are being sold illegally on Facebook.

This home floats in a self-sufficient Amsterdam neighborhood

Mar 1, 2021: In a city characterized by fast population growth, Amsterdam residents are beginning to entertain alternative living situations.

Vattenfall appoints new head of business for wind

Mar 1, 2021: Helene Biström will return to Vattenfall to take charge of a division that has seen huge growth since she left the Swedish utility in 2010…

Modern, barn-inspired home ages gracefully in a wild Pozna meadow

Mar 1, 2021: The client wanted a Hollywood Western-inspired abode where she could fulfill her passions for horseback riding and raising cacti.

Vattenfall to end Danish onshore wind development

Mar 1, 2021: Swedish developer Vattenfall plans to focus its onshore wind activities for the Nordics region on its home market, but continue with Danish offshore wind…

First power at RWE’s largest offshore wind farm

Mar 1, 2021: Triton Knoll has delivered power to the UK grid for the first time – on schedule, despite challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic…

Flurry of acquisitions shows appetite for European wind

Mar 1, 2021: Oil majors and a Chinese developer were among companies buying into projects during a busy period for wind farm acquisitions in Europe…

Vestas lands first EnVentus order in eastern Europe

Mar 1, 2021: Danish manufacturer signs order for DTEK's 126MW Tiligulska project in Ukraine, adding to the 660MW it has already installed in the country…

A skyscraper will purify Shenzhens air with aquaponic gardens

Feb 26, 2021: Informed by 3D-modeling tools, the skyscraper features a futuristic, energy-efficient design with terraced levels, dramatic curves and expansive glazing.

MAD unveils solar-powered "Train Station in the Forest"

Feb 26, 2021: This summer, the Chinese city of Jiaxing will welcome an innovative transportation hub that will be topped with a lush "borderless park" to bring nature back to the urban environment.

Stranded at sea: 2000 cattle face culling by Spanish government

Feb 26, 2021: Stranded at sea with roughly 2000 cattle, two ships face are "crying out for help" from the Spanish government.

Topsoil is disappearing from Midwest farms

Feb 26, 2021: Almost one-third of crop-growing land in the upper Midwest is now devoid of its most fertile topsoil, says a controversial new study.

Wind deals help Boralex move towards five-year target

Feb 26, 2021: Canada-based developer reports it is on course to bring 2.8GW of renewables capacity online by 2023…

The Mawj 3D Printed Chair is inspired by the Arabian Sea

Feb 26, 2021: Off the shores of Dubai, the majestic Arabian Sea section of the northern Indian Ocean can trace its history back to important marine trade routes. Also known as the Sea of Oman, this massive body of water is known for its turquoise waters and unique wave patterns. This natural wonder was the inspiration behind Middle East Architecture Network's Mawj 3D Printed Chair, an innovative contemporary armchair meant to explore the potential of robotic 3D-printing in the furniture industry.

UK network operator sees wind top renewable growth by 2050

Feb 26, 2021: Wind triumphs in the future of Scotland’s energy generation capacity, according to all three visions set out this week by the Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks.

SkySails airborne wind system kite ships to Asia

Feb 26, 2021: Ambitious near-future tech from Hamburg offers a replacement for diesel generators in remote locations alongside plans to scale up with projects in Germany and Mauritius…

Rent a minimalist tiny home on the edge of a lake in Austria

Feb 25, 2021: It’s a minimalist tiny house handmade with a love of the outdoors in mind.

Seville's plan to turn oranges into electricity

Feb 25, 2021: When life gives you oranges, make electricity.

Mayonnaise is saving sea turtles after an oil spill in Israel

Feb 25, 2021: An unlikely hero is emerging in Israel’s fight to save sea turtles from one of the country’s worst ecological disasters.

Green terraces intersect a mixed-use tower in Shenzhen

Feb 25, 2021: Visitors can find respite from the hustle and bustle by visiting the lush terraces at Shuiwan 1979 Life Plaza.

EDP sets sights on 10GW wind growth by 2025

Feb 25, 2021: The Portugese developer has big plans to boost wind projects in the US and Europe to add 10GW gross wind capacity by 2025…

Adorable goat playground raises awareness of upcycling waste

Feb 25, 2021: NOMAD architects and Karina Aramanda have transformed wood waste into GO[A]T WASTE?, an educational pavilion and animal playground that raises awareness about the merits of upcycling.

Bladt to expand facilities for future offshore wind turbines

Feb 25, 2021: Bladt Industries plans to invest in its facilities in Odense, Denmark, to cater for new offshore wind turbines with tip heights of 250-300 metres…

China accounts for half of 2020 offshore wind additions

Feb 25, 2021: For a third year in a row, China leads global offshore wind installations, adding more than 3GW of capacity last year, according to GWEC…

Mexico’s ‘damaged’ clean energy transition needs fix, GWEC says

Feb 25, 2021: GWEC and the Global Solar Council make an urgent intervention calling on Mexico’s government to reject a bill to modify the country's electricity act…

EU wind growth too slow for climate targets, WindEurope warns

Feb 25, 2021: As wind installations slowed in Europe last year, industry body WindEurope warns that the EU is off track to hit its carbon-neutrality goal…

HempWood offers a sustainable wood alternative with endless applications

Feb 24, 2021: No trees were harmed in the making of HempWood.

Microplastics could affect the healing process for COVID-19 patients

Feb 24, 2021: A new study has found that microplastics can inhibit lungs that are growing or trying to heal themselves, particularly after health conditions like COVID-19.

Nearly 1/3 of freshwater fish face extinction

Feb 24, 2021: Just over half of the world’s fish species are freshwater species, consisting of about one-quarter of all vertebrate species on Earth.

Planet City explores housing the world population in one city

Feb 24, 2021: Planet City shows a possible future where a population of 10 billion people could live with minimal impact on the environment to give the rest of the natural world outside of the city’s borders a chance to rejuvenate.