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Feb 12, 2016

Wind Energy

Cost of Capital: 2016 Outlook

Feb 12, 2016: Editor’s note: This article is an excerpt from law firm and consultants Chadbourne Parke‘s Project Finance NewsWire. It includes part of a discussion between industry veterans on renewable energy and project finance. The full interview is available here.   More than 2,000 people listened in January as a group of project finance industry veterans talked about the Windpower Engineering & Development…

Vestas receives 200-MW turbine order in the U.S.

Feb 12, 2016: Vestas maintains that it has received an unconditional order in the United States for 100 of its V110-2.0 MW turbines for a total of 200 MW. The project currently remains undisclosed at the customer’s request. According to Vestas, the contract includes supply and commissioning of the wind turbines, as well as a five-year customised Active Output Windpower Engineering & Development…

First Reserve acquires Mariah North Wind Power project in the Texas Panhandle

Feb 12, 2016: First Reserve, one of the largest global private equity and infrastructure investment firms exclusively focused on energy, announced the acquisition of the Mariah North Wind power project from Mariah Acquisition. Upon completion, Mariah North Wind is expected to generate 230 MW of wind power, serving the high-demand ERCOT market in Parmer County, Texas, with a Windpower Engineering & Development…

Carbon Trust tests 3D offshore wind mapping

Feb 12, 2016: IRELAND: The Carbon Trust has started a three-month campaign to trial scanning lidars able to create 3D wind maps to test the technology's ability to deliver more accurate measurements for entire offshore sites and ultimately help cut the costs of offshore wind.

Analysis: Siemens acts on turbine collapse with more checks

Feb 12, 2016: EUROPE: Questions remain over who pays for the additional inspections required following the failure of a Bonus turbine at the Danish Paludan Flaks offshore project in November.

Gallery: MHI Vestas V164 prototypes at Maade

Feb 12, 2016: DENMARK: MHI Vestas has installed two prototypes of its V164 8MW turbine at a site in Maade, near Esjberg in west Denmark.

EBRD adds €500m to Turkey renewables fund

Feb 11, 2016: TURKEY: The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development has added €500 million to its renewable energy fund in Turkey, increasing the total available to banks to €1.5billion.

Dong sells Burbo Bank Extension stake

Feb 11, 2016: UK: Dong Energy has sold a 50% stake of its 258MW Burbo Bank Extension project to repeat investors Danish pension fund PKA and Lego Group owner Kirkbi I/S.

Obama's Clean Power Plan faces delay

Feb 10, 2016: UNITED STATES: In a significant setback for President Barack Obama's climate change agenda, the US Supreme Court has temporarily blocked his plan to regulate emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Siemens 7MW to power Danish pilot

Feb 10, 2016: DENMARK: Four Siemens 7MW turbines will be used at a demonstration project in Denmark, following a call for proposals by the Danish Energy Agency (DEA).

Dong announces Vindeby decommissioning

Feb 10, 2016: DENMARK: One of the first offshore wind projects ever constructed will be dismantled after 25 years of operation.

Giant turbine blades could bring exponential growth to U.S. wind power market

Feb 9, 2016: The wind power industry is abuzz with the missing link that could bring offshore 50-megawatt (MW) wind turbines to the United States and, rest assured, it won’t be overlooked again. The answer? Just go bigger. Massive, 650-foot-long rotor blades promise to transform offshore wind energy generation, with a design that is cost-effective and modular. The enormous blade is currently under development, with giant blades designed after the natural movement of palm trees in a storm. Research...

Dong acquires second US offshore zone

Feb 9, 2016: UNITED STATES: Danish offshore wind developer Dong Energy has acquired the 1GW development zone off the coast of New Jersey, north-east US, from RES Americas.

Europe wind installations grow despite onshore fall

Feb 9, 2016: EUROPE: Developers added 12.8GW of new wind capacity in 2015, a 6.3% increase on 2014 thanks to a doubling of offshore additions and despite a 7% fall in onshore installations.

Suzlon investigating turbine fall in Brazil

Feb 9, 2016: BRAZIL: Suzlon has confirmed local reports of the collapse of a wind turbine in Brazil, but insists the remaining machines at the 25.2MW wind projects are safe to operate.

Vestas profits up 75% in 2015

Feb 9, 2016: DENMARK: Vestas pre-tax profits increased to €925 million in the 2015 financial year on the back of a strong order intake totalling almost 9GW.

Hexicon and Atkins form floating partnership

Feb 8, 2016: UK: Hexicon, the Sweden-based floating foundation design and engineering firm, has appointed Atkins Renewables as its engineering partner to develop a multi-turbine floating platform.

WKN to sell French projects to John Laing

Feb 8, 2016: GERMANY: WKN, the developer owned by PNE Wind, will sell 50MW of wind projects being developed in France to John Laing Investments, part of the John Laing Group…

New England attracts 2.7GW bids for wind

Feb 8, 2016: UNITED STATES: A 600MW request for proposals (RFP) for clean energy generation in New England has attracted bids from more than 2.7GW of wind projects, with at least two including storage.

The UK will soon house the world’s largest offshore wind farm

Feb 5, 2016: A Danish wind energy giant recently announced a plan to build the world's largest offshore wind farm near the Yorkshire coast. The Hornsea project, as it's being called, would take up more than 400 square kilometers about 120km from land, and should be fully operational sometime in 2020. The company behind this ambitious project is DONG Energy, Denmark's state-backed energy utility. The Hornsea project is expected to generate 1.2GW of power once it comes online -- the first wind farm...

Offshore Project Progress - 5 February

Feb 5, 2016: EUROPE: Recent project updates, including Iberdrola's Wikinger project in the German Baltic Sea and Statoil's floating project planned for off the Scottish coast.

Centrica nears wind exit with asset sale

Feb 5, 2016: UK: Utility Centrica and its partner has sold its 194MW Lynn & Inner Dowsing offshore wind project and the 26MW Glens of Foundland onshore site to a consortium lead by the Green Investment Bank.

Gallery: A2Sea vessel capsizes after grounding

Feb 4, 2016: DENMARK: A2Sea's jack-up crane vessel Sea Worker has capsized off the coast of Denmark after it ran aground last week.

Ming Yang board accepts privatisation bid

Feb 4, 2016: CHINA: The board of Chinese turbine manufacturer has entered into a "definitive merger agreement" with the group's chairman and CEO that prices the firm at $408 million.

RES awards Senvion 22.55MW UK deal

Feb 4, 2016: UK: Senvion has been awarded the turbine supply contract for a 22.55MW project being developed by RES on the west coast of Scotland.

Rapid dispersal of aircraft pollution

Feb 3, 2016: A series of aerofoil-shaped panels downwind of an airport runway could break up the plumes of exhaust gases from departing aircraft, preventing those gases from staying near the ground and so dispersing them more quickly.  A similar array could be used to prevent vehicle pollutants accumulating downwind of motorways, or even to disperse ground frosts over arable fields, report reserachers.

INFOGRAPHIC: Ending our fossil fuel addiction by 2050

Feb 2, 2016: The world is totally hooked on fossil fuels, and this fatal addiction has us living on borrowed time, facing climate change that threatens to wipe out life on this planet. But while we remain dangerously over-reliant on fossil-fuel power right now, it isn't too late to make a change. If we take steps in the right direction we can beat our addiction. To safeguard the future, we must spark an energy revolution and if we do, we could end our fossil fuel addiction by 2050. This infographic shows how...

Long-lasting rust protection for offshore wind turbines

Feb 2, 2016: Offshore wind farms generate energy from the raw winds out at sea. But the salty air causes them to rust. For such plants to be profitable, they have to re- main in service for at least 25 years – which is impossible without regular maintenance. In the future, the use of innovative materials and technologies will make this task less onerous and cheaper. Researchers are developing a protective film that will optimize the repair process and are working on the necessary inspection criteria.

Enormous blades could lead to more offshore energy in US

Jan 28, 2016: A new design for gigantic blades longer than two football fields could help bring offshore 50-megawatt (MW) wind turbines to the United States and the world.

Cellulose nanogenerators could one day power implanted biomedical devices

Jan 27, 2016: Implantable electronics that can deliver drugs, monitor vital signs and perform other health-related roles are on the horizon. But finding a way to power them remains a challenge. Now scientists have built a flexible nanogenerator out of cellulose, an abundant natural material, that could potentially harvest energy from the body -- its heartbeats, blood flow and other almost imperceptible but constant movements.

Recognizing health concerns in wind energy development a key recommendation in new study

Jan 26, 2016: As wind energy development blossoms in Canada and around the world, opposition at the community level is challenging the viability of the industry. A new study identifies four major factors leading to disputes over wind farms, and offers recommendations on avoiding disagreements.

Engineer models heart valves, wind turbines for better designs, performance

Jan 26, 2016: Computer modeling technologies are being developed to help engineers design better machines. The models are being applied to wind turbines, artificial hearts and gas turbines.

NJ Governor Chris Christie vetoes offshore wind power bill

Jan 21, 2016: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has vetoed legislation that would have made it easier to apply for small offshore wind projects near Atlantic City. The developer Fishermen's Energy had been hoping to reapply to begin a small 20 MW pilot project, which it's been fighting to have approved since 2011. The bill would have allowed the state's Board of Public Utilities (BPU) to open a new window for wind farm applications. In the past, the BPU has denied the developer's applications,...

Denmark just broke its own wind power record for the second year in a row

Jan 18, 2016: In Denmark, the wind is strong and the people are smart. They must be, because Denmark just beat its own wind power generation record—again. According to a new report issued last week, wind power now makes up 42.1 percent of total electricity consumption in the country, which is the highest share anywhere in the world. These are the final figures for 2015, released by Energinet, the agency responsible for Denmark’s power grids, after tallying up all of the wind hours for the year. Energy experts...

Texas sets wind energy record as turbines produce 40% of the state’s electricity

Jan 15, 2016: On December 20th, sustained winds of 20-30 mph provided 40% of the state's power in Texas for 17 hours straight. At its peak, the wind generated 13.9 gigawatts of power, filling 45% of the state's total electricity needs, enough to power over 230 million incandescent bulbs. Despite the sustained surge of power, the energy grid was able to function without any instability or brownouts, making this a major win for wind energy. This may seem surprising, given Texas's reputation as an...

INFOGRAPHIC: The greenest countries in the world and how they score on energy efficiency

Jan 5, 2016: In 2014, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy graded the largest countries in the world on their energy efficiency. Some countries, like Germany, knocked their scores out of the park, while others (we're looking at you, Spain) didn't do so well. This infographic shows how the top countries rated and what they can do to improve energy efficiency in the future so they can raise their scorecard. + Half Price AU The article above was submitted to us by an Inhabitat reader....

The U.S. now has 50,000 wind turbines fighting climate change

Dec 28, 2015: With the recent news of nearly-zero waste cities and Costa Rica achieving 99 percent renewable energy this year, the US has a lot of catching up to do. This year marked an upswing in the production of wind energy, however, as the number of operating turbines reached 50,000 and utility-scale wind farms reached 980. Throughout all the US states and Puerto Rico, this means 70 gigawatts of wind energy have made their way to the power grid. The years to come should be even more promising. Wind...

Innovative new wind turbine from Iceland is tough enough for the strongest gales

Dec 27, 2015: Iceland already runs on 100 percent renewable energy. Most of it comes from geothermal sources, but researchers have been working on ways to harness the incredibly powerful winds in the region. Traditional wind turbines would spin out of control in the high winds common to the small country, and one bright inventor realized that an entirely different type of wind turbine was needed to withstand the winds. In fact, IceWind’s CW1000 wind turbine may be even better than its skinny counterparts. Iceland...

Costa Rica achieved 99% renewable energy in 2015

Dec 24, 2015: As many nations are discussing the best methods for reduce global reliance on fossil fuels and slowing down global warming, there are a few countries who are lightyears ahead of the game. Costa Rica has achieved 99 percent renewable energy use this year, showing the rest of us how it is possible to use sustainable and readily available energy sources if we want it badly enough. Costa Rica’s lush jungles and waterfalls make hydropower one of the most accessible natural energy resources...

Kestrel inspires unpowered, autonomous glider to climb higher

Dec 18, 2015: Researchers have drawn inspiration from the way kestrels hover above their prey to develop an autonomous fixed-wing micro air vehicle (MAV) that can gain height from convenient updrafts.

Norway's EV purchasing spree is climate friendly, researchers say

Dec 18, 2015: If every other passenger car in Norway is plugged into the electric network by 2020, Europe will have to produce more electricity – mainly from coal-fired power plants – to meet the demand. But it will be a plus for the climate nonetheless.

The world’s first off-grid EcoCapsule is now available for pre-order

Dec 17, 2015: With just 8.2 square meters of floor space, the compact EcoCapsule may seem small on the outside, but the interior looks surprisingly spacious and comfortable. Clad in an insulated fiberglass and aluminum shell, the off-grid pod houses up to two people and includes a bathroom with a shower and composting, waterless toilet; a small kitchen area with a sink and two-burner stove; sofa that folds out into a double bed; ample storage; low-flow fixtures; desk space; LEDs; and electric hookups. All the...

A new study says US could run completely on clean energy by 2050

Dec 15, 2015: “Protecting the climate, creating jobs, saving money” is the tagline for one of the newest projections for creating a sustainable future in America. The Clean Energy Future report details how we can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent and rely completely on renewable energy sources by 2050, all while adding hundreds of thousands of jobs to the economy and becoming a leader in environmentalism. Surprisingly, there are other studies out there with the same optimism for the US. Can we really...

Uruguay now gets almost 95 percent of its energy from renewable sources

Dec 7, 2015: As the world awaits the news from Paris about the next international climate deal, some smaller nations are taking big steps toward a future filled with clean and renewable energy that doesn’t contribute to global warming. This week, Uruguay reports huge gains in clean energy infrastructure that directly translated into cost savings. In less than 10 years, the developing country has reduced its environmental impact and energy costs simultaneously by implementing enough clean energy infrastructure...

UN report takes global view of 'green energy choices'

Dec 2, 2015: A new UNEP report offers a comprehensive comparison of the greenhouse gas mitigation potential for a number of alternative energy methods -- including wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro.

Offshore wind farms: Measuring buoy reduces costs

Dec 1, 2015: Building and operating offshore wind farms is an expensive business. To be able to estimate the profitability of the plants, first the wind potential must be determined. Researchers have now created a wind measurement buoy with sophisticated, precise measurement technology that supplies the necessary data.

Ride a wind turbine in this crazy wind farm amusement park

Nov 30, 2015: If you’ve ever wanted to see the views from atop a wind turbine, your wish may soon come true. The Dutch renewable energy company Qurrent just unveiled plans to transform a wind farm into the “world’s first sustainable theme park.” Designed in collaboration with Jora Entertainment, the park will be packed with adrenaline-pumping rides from the world’s tallest spiraling water slide to an incredibly fast attraction on a turbine blade booster. While Qurrent’s planned 8,000-square-meter...

Storing solar energy underground for a cloudy day

Nov 24, 2015: A common criticism of a total transition to wind, water and solar power is that the US electrical grid can't affordably store enough standby electricity to keep the system stable. Now a researcher proposes an underground solution to that problem.

Solutions to reduce effect of wind power on digital communications

Nov 23, 2015: Wind farms can now be designed to minimize their effects on television broadcasting and mobile communications. Methods and tools developed in a new research project allow an optimal location to be identified for wind turbines, where interference on television broadcasting and mobile connections is minimized, report investigators.

Copenhagen is building the craziest bike lane… ever

Nov 20, 2015: Copenhagen is known for its bike-friendly culture, but the Copenhagen Gate project is going to take bike lanes to a whole new level - literally. Work is finally set to start on Steve Holl Architect’s skyscrapers in Copenhagen, which will consist of two skyscrapers joined by a bike lane 213 feet in the air. The architect announced that construction could finally begin as early as 2016 and, once completed, the skyscrapers will act as a gate into the city with a bike lane/pedestrian bridge that will...