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Oct 04, 2015

Wind Energy

UpWind Solutions to install clever before-the-hub wind speed instrument on North American wind turbines

Oct 3, 2015: UpWind Solutions Inc., an independent full service provider for the North American wind industry, and ROMO Wind, a Danish-Swiss wind turbine optimizer, have recently entered into a strategic relationship. With the partnership, ROMO Wind’s patented iSpin technology, which measures the wind in front of the rotor, will be available for customers in the USA, Canada Windpower Engineering & Development…

UpWind Solutions and ROMO Wind start strategic partnership for American market

Oct 2, 2015: UpWind Solutions, an independent full-service provider for the wind industry, and ROMO Wind, a Danish-Swiss wind-turbine optimizer, have recently entered into a strategic relationship. With the partnership, ROMO Wind’s patented iSpin technology, which measures the wind in front of the rotor, will be available for customers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico for the first Windpower Engineering & Development…

ILSCO introduces new line of anti-turn mechanical connectors

Oct 2, 2015: ILSCO, the supplier of electrical connectors, grounding, and compression devices for utility and industry, is offering a new line of mechanical connectors. The connectors are manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloy and are suitable for use with copper or aluminum conductors. The chamfered wire entry helps simplify the conductor insertion. The aluminum mechanical lugs (Type ATTA and ATAU) come with Windpower Engineering & Development…

Offshore Project Progress - 2 October

Oct 2, 2015: EUROPE: Recent project updates from German project Wikinger, the Nobelwind site in Belgium, Krieger's Flak in Denmark and two of Dong Energy's developments in the UK.

India pledges 'bold' 60GW wind target

Oct 2, 2015: INDIA: India is targeting 60GW of wind power by 2022 as part of its COP21 climate change pledge.

Alstom confirms French Haliade factory plans

Oct 2, 2015: FRANCE: Alstom will go ahead with building two factories at Cherbourg, manufacturing blades and towers for the Haliade 6MW turbine.

EWE joins Trianel for second 200MW phase of Borkum West 2

Oct 2, 2015: GERMANY: Germany developers EWE and Trianel have formed a joint venture to develop the 200MW second phase of Borkum West 2 wind project.

Exotic solar and wind-powered Bangkok Tree House resort is a masterpiece of sustainable design

Oct 1, 2015: Located a few miles from the bustling streets of central Bangkok, this eco-friendly resort pushes the limits of sustainable passive design. Its sustainability features are endless, including LED lighting powered by solar and wind energy, solar cookers, rainwater harvesting, floors, as well as walls and ceilings built from reclaimed wood and bamboo and insulated with discarded juice cartons. The hotel and restaurant complex named The Bangkok Tree House, was conceived by 36-year-old Jirayu (Joey) Tulyanond, who wanted to see how far can one go to create a comfortable retreat relying on sustainable design. It turns out, pretty darn far - hit the jump for a closer look.

Morocco 850MW tender deadline extended

Oct 1, 2015: MOROCCO: The deadline for bids for 850MW of wind power has been extended at the request of the five bidders in order to "optimise their offers", the National Office of Energy and Water (ONEE) said.

Nordex supplies exclusive 2.65MW turbine to UK project

Oct 1, 2015: UK: Nordex has developed a 2.65MW turbine for exclusive use at a high-wind site in northwest England.

Apex places 151MW Siemens order

Oct 1, 2015: UNITED STATES: Apex Clean Energy has selected Siemens to supply turbines to a 151MW project in Oklahoma, southern US.

Enel GP exits Portugal in €900m deal

Sep 30, 2015: PORTUGAL: Renewable energy developer Enel Green Power has sold its Portuguese subsidiary and assets to investment firm First State Wind Energy Investments for €900 million.

Energy Absolute places 126MW Thailand order with Vestas

Sep 30, 2015: THAILAND: Vestas has won a 126MW deal from Thai renewable energy developer Energy Absolute.

Moventas expands uptower repairs

Sep 29, 2015: UNITED STATES: Finnish gearbox manufacturer Moventas is now offering uptower replacement of low-speed planetary stage gears and bearings for GE 1.5MW wind turbines in North America…

America has fallen behind on offshore wind power

Sep 29, 2015: The United States has fallen behind on offshore wind power, experts say. Their findings show that while offshore wind turbines have been successfully deployed in Europe since 1991, the U.S. is further from commercial-scale offshore wind deployment today than it was in 2005.

Offshore wind farms could be more risky for gannets than previously thought, study shows

Sep 28, 2015: Offshore wind farms, which are to be built in waters around the UK, could pose a greater threat to protected populations of gannets than previously thought, according to a new study.

United Kingdom: Navitus Bay loses final battle

Sep 25, 2015: The 970MW Navitus Bay project being developed off southern England was halted by the UK government on 11 September.

Technology 3MW model: Vestas reveals low-wind V136-3.45MW turbine

Sep 25, 2015: Vestas revealed its new 3.45MW low-wind V136 onshore turbine exclusively to Windpower Monthly before its launch at the Husum Wind 2015 trade fair in September.

Delay to repair of at-risk cable delayed delayed

Sep 25, 2015: DENMARK: A date to repair two sections of the export cable at Dong Energy's Anholt project is yet to be decided, Danish transmission system operator has said.

Projects: Experience needed for 250MW Egypt tender

Sep 25, 2015: EGYPT: Egypt has launched an international tender to design, build, own and operate a 250MW wind installation in the West Nile area. In order to qualify, applicants must have completed at least three projects with a minimum capacity of 50MW each.

Manufacturing: Walney deal for EEW-Bladt JV as it opens in UK

Sep 25, 2015: Offshore Structures Britain (OSB) - a UK-based joint venture between German EEW and Danish Bladt Industries - will supply transition pieces for Dong Energy's 660MW Walney Extension project, located in the Irish Sea.

Technology: Four low-wind launches

Sep 25, 2015: Higher towers, longer blades, quieter and with increased capacities were highlights of new models launched by four global turbine makers at Husum, Germany in September.

Germany: Government seeks industry guidance on auctions

Sep 25, 2015: "Please tell us your views, we need your expertise", Uwe Beckmayer, parliamentary state secretary of the German federal economy ministry, appealed to the wind industry gathered at the opening of the Husum Wind 2015 event in September. He was calling for input to the ongoing consultation on competitive tendering to set the support rate for wind energy from 2017. Beckmayer stressed the importance of designing auction rules that will maintain the current diversity of players in the German wind sector.

Germany: Shareholder consolidation issues add to developer woes

Sep 25, 2015: At a time when wind developers in Germany are navigating a new period of regulatory upheaval and facing competitive auctions to set onshore wind support levels, it is not ideal to also have to channel corporate energy into resolving shareholder disputes.

Norway: Approval for 200MW after owl concession

Sep 25, 2015: Approval for a 200MW onshore wind development has been given the go-ahead by the Norwegian energy ministry three years after its first application.

Company merger: GE shifts wind focus to France with Pecresse appointment

Sep 25, 2015: Since GE first made overtures to Alstom about a possible takeover deal last year, little has been revealed about what the US company plans to do with the business. This is especially true of the wind division, where the two companies cross over in products and market presence.

Portable wind turbine Kickstarter raises almost entire goal in one day

Sep 22, 2015: Plugging into renewable energy is a challenge for many of us. Despite the rapidly falling cost of solar panels, there are many green-minded folks who don’t own a roof to install them on. Wind energy is an option in lots of areas, but a similar problem…

Greening the electric grid with gas turbines

Sep 21, 2015: Much of the nation's energy policy is premised on the assumption that clean renewable sources like wind and solar will require huge quantities of storage before they can make a significant dent in the greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation. A new study pokes holes in that conventional wisdom. The analysis finds that the supply of wind and solar power could be increased tenfold without additional storage.

Margot Krasojevic’s solar-powered sand turbine hotel aims to stop the spread of the Gobi Desert

Sep 21, 2015: Desertification and dust storm has been the topic of research for many years, prompting designers and scientist across the world to try and find a sustainable solution. One of the most recent proposals involves the planting of the Green Wall of China, a…

Jay Whitacre takes the Lemelson-MIT Prize for his saltwater battery

Sep 19, 2015: The 2015 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize has gone to Jay Whitacre for his invention of the Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) battery. The battery, used primarily in combination with solar and wind energy systems, was created using abundant and non-toxic resources a…

Boost in available wind power for the Midwest with global warming

Sep 18, 2015: Mother Nature will be delivering a future gift of 2 percent more wind energy in the Midwest, U.S. if regional climate models are correct, according to new research.

Roofgarden Arnhem’s Watertower is a wooden flat-pack structure powered by the wind

Sep 8, 2015: We would like to introduce you to the Watertower that Dutch architect Arno Geesink and I (Rick Tegelaar) developed for Roofgarden Arnhem. ( The tower is built to be lightweight, flat packed and to be assembled with manpower a…

Aspen, Colorado becomes third U.S. city powered totally by renewable energy

Sep 7, 2015: Three is a magic number. And Aspen, Colorado has hit that enchanted numeral by becoming the third city in the U.S. to power itself with 100 percent renewable energy. Aspen Times reports that the city has reached this milestone after more than a decade a…

How to curb emissions: Put a price on carbon

Sep 3, 2015: Literally putting a price on carbon pollution and other greenhouse gasses is the best approach for nurturing the rapid growth of renewable energy and reducing emissions. While prospects for a comprehensive carbon price are dim, especially in the US, many other policy approaches can spur the renewables revolution, according to a new policy article.

As wind-turbine farms expand, research shows they could offer diminishing returns

Aug 31, 2015: A slowdown effect triggered by wind turbines is substantial for large wind farms and results in proportionally less renewable energy generated for each turbine versus the energy that would be generated from an isolated wind turbine, scientists report.

Technique designed to predict how much energy waves will be bringing

Aug 31, 2015: Marine energy has a great future potential according to the experts, but there is still a long way to go before it can be used on a large scale. A team of researchers has now developed a technique to forecast wave energy several hours in advance.

Way for eagles and wind turbines to coexist

Aug 27, 2015: Collisions with wind turbines kill about 100 golden eagles a year in some locations, but a new study that maps both potential wind-power sites and nesting patterns of the birds reveals sweet spots, where potential for wind power is greatest with a lower threat to nesting eagles.

Researchers develop a battery clean enough to eat

Aug 26, 2015: In our wildest dreams, enviro-geeks imagine a future in which solar hover cars zip silently by while our homes and factories chug along completely pollutant-free, powered only by the wind and the sun. But, what happens when the wind stops blowing and is…

Solar-powered Sustainer Homes give you the freedom to live anywhere

Aug 18, 2015: Sustainer Homes was conceived as a solution to the housing crisis faced by younger generations, which struggle with rising rents and exorbitant housing prices. “Independence and sustainability define the home of tomorrow,” write the Sustainer Homes…

World’s first off-grid Ecocapsule home to hit the market this year, shipping in 2016

Aug 15, 2015: What is the Ecocapsule? It is a smart house powered by solar and wind energy which allows people to extend their off-grid stay almost to a whole year. The Ecocapsule can serve as a micro-house, cottage, pop-up hotel, humanitarian unit or even as for It…

New technology could reduce wind energy costs

Aug 13, 2015: When a bearing inside a wind turbine is subject to a load, its thickness is reduced by a very small amount due to elastic deformation, and the speed of sound is affected by the stress level in the material. Both these effects change the time of flight of an ultrasound wave through a bearing. A novel technique has been developed to predict when bearings inside wind turbines will fail which could make wind energy cheaper.

5-foot-long python hitches ride on Baltimore’s floating Water Wheel

Aug 11, 2015: Baltimore’s Water Wheel picked up an unexpected and alarming visitor last week: a five-foot-long ball python found cozied up on the machine’s solar power inverter. The managers of the Water Wheel—a floating solar- and wind-powered trash collector…

Price of wind energy in the United States is at an all-time low, averaging under 2. 5¢/kwh

Aug 10, 2015: Wind energy pricing is at an all-time low, according to a new report. The prices offered by wind projects to utility purchasers averaged under 2.5¢/kWh for projects negotiating contracts in 2014, spurring demand for wind energy.

Japan just installed the world’s largest floating wind turbine off the coast of Fukushima

Aug 4, 2015: After the massive disaster in the wake of the 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that destroyed the Fukishima nuclear power plant, it would seem that the country has learned its lesson. Engineers are now installing the world’s largest wind turbine…

Off-grid earthen abode in Senegal gets all its energy from wind and solar

Aug 3, 2015: Unlike many earthen structures, the Khamsa earth house looks quite luxurious. Atelier Koe constructed the home from concrete-reinforced bricks made from clay, which was harvested from the site on which the structure now sits. The same machine that those…

Lobster-eye imager detects soft X-ray emissions

Jul 28, 2015: A group of scientists have described developing and launching their imager, which centers on "Lobster-Eye optics," as well as its capabilities and future applications in space exploration.

Deepwater Wind breaks ground on the U.S.’s first offshore wind farm (finally)

Jul 27, 2015: While offshore wind farms have been operational in Europe since the 1990s, efforts to establish any such projects off the U.S. coast have stalled amid funding and environmental concerns. And so, some eight years after it was proposed, the Deepwater 30…

Wind energy provides 8% of Europe's electricity

Jul 24, 2015: EU’s grid connected cumulative capacity in 2014 reached 129 GW, meeting 8% of European electricity demand, equivalent to the combined annual consumption of Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Ireland. According to a report, the impressive growth of the industry will allow at least 12% electricity share by 2020, a significant contribution to the goal of the European energy and climate package of 20% share of energy from renewable sources.

NASA wants to explore Jupiter with wind-powered robot spacecrafts

Jul 23, 2015: NASA scientists, desperate to explore Jupiter and other planets with no solid surface to speak of, have figured out a way to overcome the challenges of those gas giants. Wind-powered robots, called ‘windbots’, are the way to go, according to a team…

Siting wind farms more quickly, cheaply

Jul 17, 2015: A new statistical technique that yields better wind-speed predictions than existing techniques do -- even when it uses only three months' worth of data -- has been revealed by researchers. That could save power companies time and money, particularly in the evaluation of sites for offshore wind farms, where maintaining measurement stations is particularly costly.