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Sep 29, 2016

Wind Energy

Shermco expands electrical safety & tech training to St. Paul facilities

Sep 28, 2016: Shermco Industries, based in Irving, Texas, is expanding its electrical safety and technical training capabilities to its location in St. Paul, Minn. Windpower Engineering & Development…

Make Consulting’s Europe Wind Power Outlook 2016

Sep 28, 2016: Europe’s Wind Power Outlook capacity grew by 14.4GW in 2015, a 9% YoY expansion that increased cumulative capacity in the region to 149 GW and set a record of new added capacity in Europe. Windpower Engineering & Development…

Siemens launches three new turbines based on one onshore direct-drive platform

Sep 28, 2016: Siemens has launched an extended portfolio of its onshore direct-drive wind turbines for optimum performance at low, medium-wind sites and for in noise-sensitive regions. Thanks to a modular platform concept, all three machines share the same nacelle design. Different controller settings and rotor diameters let the new turbines adapt to specific wind and site conditions. As Windpower Engineering & Development…

Student discovers a way to destroy superbug bacteria without antibiotics

Sep 28, 2016: A 25-year-old student may have discovered a way to destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria without pummeling them with more antibiotics. Superbugs have successfully been destroyed in lab tests using a star-shaped polymer that literally rips the cells to shreds. This breakthrough could mean a complete overhaul in how the medical community approaches these deadly bacteria. Currently, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including MRSA, kill 700,000 people per year. Science says, however, that...

Indias new Solar Power Tree can light 5 homes in just 4 sq ft of land

Sep 28, 2016: A new solar power innovation launched earlier this summer in India, generating the same amount of power as a conventional array, but on a much smaller plot of land. The Solar Power Tree, developed by CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CMERI) went online in July in New Delhi. Union Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, touted the vertical arrangement of solar cells as a viable alternative to clean energy in regions where available land is...

Beautiful prefab houseboats let you live on the water with a minimal energy footprint

Sep 28, 2016: Though Bluefield Houseboats is based in Ireland, the design/build firm delivers worldwide and handles all aspects of the design process, from initial consultation to the final handover. All houseboats are manufactured in a factory before they’re shipped out for on-site assembly. Since the modular houseboats are custom-built with a free spanning structural system, homebuyers can design their own open-plan layout with a variety of spaces from 500 square feet up to 2,000 square feet across one or...

World's first typhoon turbine could power all of Japan for 50 years

Sep 28, 2016: An engineer in Japan is looking for a silver lining in the destructive typhoons that regularly drench the island nation. Atsushi Shimizu has invented the world’s first typhoon wind turbine, an egg beater-like contraption designed to harness the immense energy of storms as a unique renewable energy source. Shimizu believes that the energy from just one typhoon could power Japan for half a century. The amount of kinetic energy generated by a typhoon is enormous. The Atlantic Oceanographic...

9 of the most impressive Living Building Challenge certified projects

Sep 28, 2016: To become a Certified Living Building, a project must prove that it interacts with the natural environment like any other helpful biological force - improving its surroundings, rather than degrading it. Through passive features, net-zero or net-positive energy systems, and a host of other green initiatives, each project works to meet Living Building Challenge standards on seven different “petals,” or categories. These petals are Place, Water, Energy, Health & Happiness, Materials, Equity...

VW's new electric car goes further and costs less than the Tesla 3 or Chevy Bolt

Sep 28, 2016: Volkswagen is still recovering from the diesel scandal that has tarnished its "green" credibility. The automaker hopes to move past the diesel woes with a new range of electric cars that will come online around 2020. VW has just previewed one of those first electric cars with the debut of the new I.D. electric concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. About the same size as the current Golf, the I.D. will be the first of VW's new electric cars. Based on the automaker's new dedicated electric...

California's BrightSource Energy inks deal for massive new solar farm in China

Sep 28, 2016:   As part of the country’s ongoing bid to invest in renewable energy, China’s state-run utility this week inked a deal with Oakland-based BrightSource Energy to build a massive new solar mirror farm. The technology, which uses thousands of mirrors to concentrate sunlight and heat water to power a steam turbine, is the same design used in BrightSource’s Ivanpah power plant outside of Las Vegas.   The main advantage of thermal solar plants over traditional solar panel...

Ikea to transform an iconic Sydney Harbor ferry into a cozy houseboat

Sep 28, 2016: Ikea Australia is hosting a contest on Facebook to choose one lucky winner (and a friend) to spend the night in “the ultimate Ikea Harbour Home,” a ferry-turned-houseboat appointed throughout with items sold in Ikea stores. The global retailer of flat-pack furniture will transform an iconic ferry in Sydney Harbor into a cozy houseboat where two Ikea fans will enjoy a night of sightseeing, Snapchatting, and probably some Swedish meatballs. The contest is open to entries until October 5, 2016....

Uber rolls out unlimited rides in New York City for $100

Sep 28, 2016: Related: Uber customers can now order an electric car ride in Chicago Via Forbes Images via Uber (1,2)…

Impsa reaches settlement with creditors

Sep 28, 2016: ARGENTINA: Turbine maker Impsa has reached a final agreement with a majority of its creditors, ending two years of financial woes.

Hamburg 2016: Siemens head offshore concepts Jesper Moeller

Sep 28, 2016: GERMANY: Windpower Monthly TV, in association with Sentient Science, speaks to Siemens' head of offshore concepts and solutions Jesper Moeller.

These kaleidoscopic vases turn a single flower into a full bouquet

Sep 28, 2016: Saltik is a part of Form & Seek, a collective of young designers with the mission of creating new ways of looking at the world. The OP-vase collection features a unique pattern of carefully crafted cuts to magnify the beauty of the flowers placed underneath. Each piece is cut by hand in Istanbul, making each colorful vase one of a kind. Related: Hamanishi Design combines 3D modeling and traditional craftsmanship to create beautiful flower vases The glass structures fit around flowers...

Aerovelo bike shatters human-powered speed record by hitting 89.59 mph

Sep 28, 2016: Related: Fly through Ecuador's cloud forest on a human-powered sky bike!

This could be the United States' first endangered bee species

Sep 28, 2016: These are rough times for bees all across the world. In the US, the rusty patched bumble bee has been proposed for protections under the Endangered Species Act after a 90 percent decline in population over the last 20 years. If the proposal is accepted, it will become the first bee species to receive federal protections in the US. The rusty patched bumble bee can usually be found in the midwestern and northeastern United States, but their population has plummeted over the years. The...

Siemens launches three turbines from one platform

Sep 28, 2016: GERMANY: Siemens is extending its direct-drive onshore turbine range with the introduction of three new models.

Ontario scraps 600MW of new wind

Sep 28, 2016: CANADA: Ontario's government is scrapping its plan to buy another 930MW of renewable energy, including 600MW of wind power, as it grapples with mounting concern over rising power bills in the province.

Mesmerizing Abyss Horizon table recreates the oceans dramatic depths

Sep 28, 2016: Unlike Duffy London’s previous iterations, the Abyss Horizon is circular rather than rectangular. This table, in addition to being a striking conversation starter, is made to order and handcrafted by local artisans and in-house craftsmen. The layers of cut glass create the illusion of a bottomless sinkhole in the center of a table. The light-colored wood that surfaces at the top mimic islands and landforms with sandy white beaches and aquamarine waters. Related: Amazing Abyss Table Layers...

Hamburg 2016: Day two -- live blog

Sep 28, 2016: GERMANY: Up-to-date coverage from the WindEnergy Hamburg exhibition and WindEurope Summit as the industry descends on Germany.

Donald Trump denies saying "climate change is a Chinese hoax"- but his own Twitter account contradicts him

Sep 28, 2016: In 2012, Donald Trump tweeted that climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese. In last night’s presidential debate, he gaslit the entire world by stating “I did not say that.” What the Republican nominee seems to repeatedly forget is that anyone with an internet connection can fact check his nonsense and discover that, for someone who doesn’t believe in global warming, he sure has made some big investments in protecting his seaside properties from it. The concept of global...

Elon Musk reveals his big plan for colonizing Mars

Sep 27, 2016: SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has talked a lot about Mars over the past year or so, and today is no exception. This afternoon, the man behind wild ideas like the Hyperloop and solar roofs made an epic (and long-awaited) announcement revealing more details about his ambitious plans for colonizing the Red Planet. Musk warned months in advance that his plan would be “mind-blowing,” and he lived up to that promise today. Musk...

Eco-friendly Avalon House is a green-roofed beach getaway that takes only 6 weeks to build

Sep 27, 2016: The 106-square-meter Avalon House may be diminutive in size, but is big on design, which builds on the illusion of spaciousness. The house, which is oriented to oceanfront views, is clad in FSC-certified blackbutt hardwood timber milled from sustainably managed forests and topped with a green roof that minimizes rainwater runoff and solar penetration. The south and east facades open up to an outdoor veranda that blends indoor and outdoor living. The modular home is raised on a set of structural posts...

Medical hackers create $30 DIY EpiPen in defiance of corporate greed

Sep 27, 2016: This summer, news of price hikes affecting the EpiPen went viral. Since 2007, the cost of the drug has risen sharply from $57 a dose to $318 – an increase of 461 percent. This kind of price hike would be outrageous for any medication, but it’s particularly galling in the case of the EpiPen. The epinephrine autoinjectors are a lifesaving drug of last resort meant to halt anaphylactic allergic reactions long enough for people with severe allergies to seek emergency care. Now, a group of medical...

Hamburg 2016: Why join WindEurope?

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson and other board members dicuss the benefits of joining WindEurope at the summit taking place in Hamburg.

Hamburg 2016: Sentient Science on digitalisation

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: Executives from Sentient Science tell Windpower Monthly TV about the importance of digitalistaion and what they hope to get from WindEnergy Hamburg.

Hamburg 2016: Vestas smart data specialst Anders Hvashoj

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: Vestas vice president of smart data and consultancy business Anders Hvashoj tells Windpower Monthly TV, in association with Sentient Science, how they are embracing digitalisation.

Hamburg 2016: Expectations of the event

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: Windpower TV, in association with Sentient Science, asks delegates at the WindEurope members reception what they are expecting to get out of this week's event…

Hamburg 2016: Romo Wind co-CEO Jan Nikolaisen

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: WIndpower Monthly TV, in association with Sentient Science, speaks to the co-CEO of Romo Wind Jan Nikolaisen at the WindEnergy Hamburg event in Germany.

Punah Project recycles industrial waste into fashion-forward accessories

Sep 27, 2016: *Can you mention that we spotted this at Tent London at LDF? Related: Glitter Without Guilt: Ethical Rings Created from Recycled Precious Metals + Punah Project Punah Project, recycled materials, recycled metals, recycled products, Godrej & Boyce waste materials, India waste programs, recycled metal shoes, recycled metal clutch, metal crimping pieces…

These artists create mind-bending artwork solely from autumn leaves

Sep 27, 2016: Lorenzo Duran's Intricate Leaf Art Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran cuts away at leaves with surgical precision to create detailed landscapes, intricate symbols, and a variety of other images. Duran was inspired after seeing a caterpillar chomping away at a…

These maintenance-free, self-watering plants use biomimicry to flourish indoors

Sep 27, 2016: The Pikaplant Jar is the perfect accessory for the black-thumbed gardener, as it never needs watering. The high humidity atmosphere is contained inside the sealed jar, creating a sustainable recycling of air and water. The coffea arabica plant featured in the design is indigenous to Ethiopia’s western highlands, yet the company claims one of the original prototypes in its Amsterdam office for over 12 months. Related: Gorgeous self-watering green walls add life and fresh air to any room Also...

Hamburg 2016: Enel Green Power CEO Francesco Venturini

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: Enel Green Power CEO Francesco Venturini tells Windpower TV, in association with Sentient Science, about embracing digitalisation of wind.

Hamburg 2016: European wind's most exciting aspect

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: Windpower TV, in association with Sentient Science, asks delegates at the WindEurope members reception what is exciting them most about wind in Europe.

Hamburg 2016: The challenges facing European wind

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: Windpower TV, in association with Sentient Science, asks delegates at the WindEurope members reception what are the main challenges facing the European wind industry.

New study finds Earth heading for catastrophic 5-degree-Celsius warming

Sep 27, 2016: Related: Tenth of world's wilderness destroyed in last 20 years, study finds Via Images via…

2,000-year-old forgotten irrigation system unearthed at ancient Petra gardens

Sep 27, 2016: Ongoing archaeological digs at Petra have revealed a sophisticated irrigation system and water storage system that once enabled legendary gardens, luxurious pools, and incredible fountains in the middle of the desert. Petra’s decadent and perhaps indiscriminate use of such a rare resource is a symbol of the ancient Nabatean capital's former wealth and power in southwest Jordan. For the first time, archaeologists are beginning to understand the extent of its luxury. More Recent excavations...

Swarm of more than 100 earthquakes shakes California's Salton Sea

Sep 27, 2016: An earthquake swarm of more than 100 tremors shook the region close to the Salton Sea in California on Monday, according to reports from the U.S. Geological Survey. At least three of the quakes registered higher than a 4 on the Richter scale, in a series of earthquakes that began early morning and continued into the evening. The strongest of the earthquakes occurred Monday night. Although earthquake swarms sound like a terrifying phenomenon from a horror film, it is not an uncommon event...

Smart to start offering electric versions of all its models in 2017

Sep 27, 2016: Starting next year, Smart will offer an electric version of every model in its lineup. The company, owned by Mercedez-Benz, is well known as the maker of tiny smart cars and this historic move also makes it the first car company to offer an electric option on its entire line, even if that only includes three models. Although many details aren’t available yet, this marks an exciting development in the electric vehicle industry and for Smart, a small company trying to make a big impact on automotive...

Rooftop wheat fields elevate Chicago's urban farming scene to exciting new heights

Sep 27, 2016: (add to gallery) Omni Ecosystems is making amber waves in the urban agriculture scene of Chicago by cultivating fields of grain on rooftops. The wheat grown on the roofs of Studio Gang, a progressive architectural firm founded by MacArthur Fellow Jeanne Gang, demonstrates how even cereal crops can be sourced locally in the city. (picture)  …

Atlantas elevated Buckhead Park will connect a city separated by highways

Sep 27, 2016: Rogers Partners and Nelson Byrd Waltz are the firms behind the project, who hope to inspire other cities who are seemingly broken apart by sprawling highways to see how they can reintegrate and offer locals a beautiful gathering place. In Buckhead’s case, the area was divided by busy streets in the 1990s, causing a community divide. Rogers Partners explains how the project will "make the area whole again, providing the public with safe, easy and efficient access to the many amenities in the district.” Related:...

California looks to its roads for new source of renewable energy

Sep 27, 2016: California is putting $2 million into research to determine whether gridlock can be a beneficial source of electricity. The technology at the heart of the idea is piezoelectric crystals, which could turn mechanical energy from traffic into usable electricity that can be added to the power grid. The approach seeks to harness energy that is usually wasted, thus providing an additional source of renewable energy for the state’s residents. The California Energy Commission is looking for...

Hamburg 2016: Embracing digitalisation

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: Windpower TV, in association with Sentient Science, asks delegates at the WindEurope members reception how they are embracing digitalisation in their organisations.

Burbo Bank completes frequency control tests

Sep 27, 2016: UK: Dong Energy's 90MW Burbo Bank has successfully completed tests that demonstrate its ability to provide frequency response to support the national grid network.

MHI Vestas V164 to power Deutsche Bucht

Sep 27, 2016: DENMARK: MHI Vestas has been named as the preferred supplier for the 252MW Deutsche Bucht offshore project in the German North Sea.

Inspection and certification firm buys AWS Truepower

Sep 27, 2016: UNITED STATES: Illinois-based inspection and certification firm UL has acquired renewable energy consultants AWS Truepower for an undisclosed sum.

Hamburg 2016: Economics driving change says Krogsgaard

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: Economics has taken over from policy to drive change in the renewables sector, according to Nordex CEO Lars Bondo Krogsgaard.

Artist turns urban trash into amazing animal murals

Sep 27, 2016: We’ve featured Bordalo II’s works around the streets of Lisbon previously, and the prolific artist has continued to spread his environmental message around the world from the Unexpected art project in Ft. Smith, Arkansas to the Street Art Jam 2016 in Estonia. His lifelike animal sculptures are made almost entirely from trash and other locally found waste materials that he upcycles into new forms. The mixed-media base is then spray painted to bring life to his works of art. Related: Artist...

Hamburg 2016: Day one -- as it happened

Sep 27, 2016: GERMANY: The global wind industry is in Hamburg this week for the WindEnergy exhibition and WindEurope conference.