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Jul 06, 2015

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Small-scale GTL company Velocys suspends CEO

Jul 6, 2015: Velocys plc, a company developing and commercializing smaller scale gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology, has suspended its Chief Executive Officer, Roy Lipski, pending an investigation into allegations of “serious misconduct.” The allegations do not involve any element of fraud or financial impropriety....

BMW Tests Plug-in Hybrid 2 Series Active Tourer

Jul 6, 2015: BMW has previewed its plug-in hybrid technology. As part of the BMW Group Innovation Days 2015, the German automaker showed off the 2 Series Active Tourer Plug-in Hybrid concept, which has the front wheels driven by a three-cylinder gasoline engine while an electric motor drives the rear wheels. If that sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because […] The post BMW Tests Plug-in Hybrid 2 Series Active Tourer appeared first on

Berkeley Lab analysis finds autonomous electric taxis could greatly reduce US LDV GHG emissions

Jul 6, 2015: Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have found that the per-mile greenhouse gas emissions of an electric autonomous taxi in 2030 would be 63-82% lower than a projected 2030 hybrid vehicle driven as a privately owned car and...

Tesla Beats Its Own Q2 Sales Projections, What Now Haters?

Jul 6, 2015: There are analysts and critics out there who think that Tesla Motors is slowing down, settling in, and producing far more cars than it actually sells. Oddly enough, after Tesla posted record-breaking quarterly sales numbers that surpassed even their own expectations, these analysts and critics have been mostly silent. I wonder why? The Q2 of The post Tesla Beats Its Own Q2 Sales Projections, What Now Haters? appeared first on Gas 2.

Ghosn: CO2 Limits and New Tech Poised To Make EVs Mainstream Viable

Jul 6, 2015: Having previously said affordable technology is coming into place for double-the-range-for-the-money EVs, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says the UN’s global climate change summit in Paris this November will also determine pressure for the zero-emission cars. “When we know exactly where the EU, US, China will be heading in 2030, I can tell you exactly how […] The post Ghosn: CO2 Limits and New Tech Poised To Make EVs Mainstream Viable appeared first on

UMTRI: average new car fuel economy in June drops from May; April EDI up

Jul 6, 2015: The average fuel economy (window-sticker value) of new vehicles sold in the US in June was 25.4 mpg—down 0.1 mpg from May, according to the monthly report from Dr. Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle at the University of Michigan Transportation...

BMW and SCHERM put 40t battery-electric truck into service for material transport in 1-year pilot

Jul 6, 2015: The BMW Group and the SCHERM group have put a 40-ton electric truck for material transport into service on public roads in a one-year pilot. The truck, a Terberg YT202-EV electric tractor, has successfully completed its first test drives. The...

Boston Nissan Leaf Buyers Enticed With Two Years of Free Charging

Jul 6, 2015: Nissan has added Boston as its 17th market to the list of those eligible for its No Charge to Charge free charging perk for Leaf buyers. The deal offers two years of charging through a network for buyers of new Leafs effective July 1. Included in the promotion is access to a growing network of […] The post Boston Nissan Leaf Buyers Enticed With Two Years of Free Charging appeared first on

Navigant forecasts global annual sales of LDVs of 122.6M by 2035, up 38% from 2015

Jul 6, 2015: In a new report, Navigant Research forecasts global annual sales of light duty vehicles will reach 122.6 million by 2035, up 38% from a projected 88.8 million this year, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.6%. Navigant Research...

£5,000 UK Consumer Plug-In Car Grant May Soon Expire

Jul 6, 2015: Time is running out in Britain for a generous £5,000 ($7,777) grant program for buyers of plug-in electrified vehicles. With now 35 cars to choose from, and more perks like free parking and charging offered as well, 36,000 grants have been spoken for out of an allotted 50,000 and it’s predicted the program could max […] The post £5,000 UK Consumer Plug-In Car Grant May Soon Expire appeared first on

Average New Car Window Sticker Is 25.4 mpg in June

Jul 6, 2015: The average fuel economy of new cars sold has increased over the years but not without minor setbacks, and June’s average window sticker was one of them, declining 0.1 mpg to 25.4 mpg. This tick backwards was documented by researchers Michael Sivak, Ph.D. and Brandon Schoettle of the Sustainable Worldwide Transportation University of Michigan Transportation […] The post Average New Car Window Sticker Is 25.4 mpg in June appeared first on

Warm-Up Lap: Ride Along with Monster Tajima at Pikes Peak

Jul 6, 2015: Last weekend Rhys Millen had the fastest overall time at the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, crushing the 12.42 mile course in just over 9 minutes. That was fast enough to set a new record for EVs, and beat another veteran racer, Monster Tajima, who had teamed up with Rimac Automobili to build a The post Warm-Up Lap: Ride Along with Monster Tajima at Pikes Peak appeared first on Gas 2.

Honda CEO: pushing to bring new FCV to market before FY end; electricity to be core technology in next-gen mobility products

Jul 6, 2015: In a speech outlining his future vision for Honda Motor, new President & CEO Takahiro Hachigo said that the company will strive to begin sales in Japan of the next-generation successor to the Clarity fuel cell vehicle (earlier post) before...

China’s ZTE pushing ahead with high-power wireless charging vehicle test deployment

Jul 6, 2015: ZTE Corporation, China’s largest listed telecommunications equipment company, is developing high-power wireless charging systems and services for electric vehicles, with a focus on public charging infrastructure. At a China-US workshop on electric vehicle standardization held in June (earlier post), Academus...

Lux: graphene severely underperforming commercially against “massive hype”

Jul 6, 2015: Market analyst firm Lux Research has maintained a skeptical stance about the commercial prospects of graphene even in the light of the material’s compelling properties. In a 2012 report “Is Graphene the Next Silicon...Or Just the Next Carbon Nanotube?”, Lux...

DOE to award up to $3M for cost-effective low-concentration CO2 capture or conversion for coal-relevant applications

Jul 6, 2015: The US Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a funding opportunity announcement (DE-FOA-0001342) for cost-effective CO2capture or conversion solutions for coal-relevant applications at low concentrations. Proposed technologies should mitigate CO2 from coal-relevant gases with CO2 concentrations of <1 vol% at...

Volvo Design Concept Could Revolutionize Baby Seat Safety

Jul 6, 2015: Volvo is applying its safety and luxury ethos to child seats. The company is showing off the Excellence Child Seat concept that builds off the XC90 Excellence Lounge Console concept that debuted earlier this year. This new baby-friendly concept gives parents the ability to swivel the seat counter-clockwise when seating the child and then locking […] The post Volvo Design Concept Could Revolutionize Baby Seat Safety appeared first on

Alaska EV company seeking crowd-funding for low-volume production AWD electric roadster

Jul 5, 2015: Ethos Electric Vehicles, a small, Alaska-based company building custom electric motorcycles and automobiles, has launched a $100,000 crowd-funding campaign for reworking an existing internal combustion engine kit car—the Graber Cars’ La Bala—into a low-volume production, all-wheel drive (AWD) electric roadster....

S Korean researchers develop new solid-state electrolyte for high-performance Li-ion batteries stable at high temperatures

Jul 5, 2015: South Korean researchers at the Center for Self-assembly and Complexity, Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Department of Chemistry and Division of Advanced Materials Science at Pohang University, have developed a new solid-state electrolyte based on an organic molecular porous solid...

MOL orders methanol carriers with first methanol dual-fuel engines

Jul 5, 2015: Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) has ordered methanol carriers with the first methanol burned dual-fueled low-speed diesel main engine. The engine building has already been completed, and its manufacturer, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., has test-operated the unit using...

New generation Fiat 500 features new engine lineup, more technology

Jul 4, 2015: Eight years after Fiat re-introduced the iconic Fiat 500 to the market (earlier post), the company has unveiled the next generation. Made by the Centro Stile Fiat, the car has a refreshed exterior and interior design. The new version has...

Happy Birthday America! Here’s A Corvette Driven By Brain Power

Jul 4, 2015: Once again the 4th of July is here, and whether you’re a Deadhead tripping face to Fare Thee Well Tour in Chicago, or a truck-drivin’ ‘Murican whose Independence Day plans include blowing stuff up and racially insensitive jokes, let’s take a day to celebrate living in this glorious country. Sure, America is far from perfect, The post Happy Birthday America! Here’s A Corvette Driven By Brain Power appeared first on Gas 2.

Uber Wants To Buy All Self-Driving Teslas in 2020

Jul 4, 2015: Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick recently said that when Tesla Motors’ vehicles become fully autonomous, he is interested in buying every one of them. The comments were relayed by venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson during last month’s Top 10 Tech Trends dinner, as reported by Charged EVs. Uber is a ride service that swaps fleet-owned taxis and […] The post Uber Wants To Buy All Self-Driving Teslas in 2020 appeared first on

Mercedes-Benz introduces next-gen OM 471 heavy-duty engine; more fuel efficient, more torque with fast build-up at very low revs

Jul 3, 2015: Mercedes-Benz Trucks has introduced the latest generation of its OM 471 six-cylinder, in-line heavy-duty diesel engine. The latest generation reduces fuel consumption by up to 3% while increasing torque; the new series is also spearheaded by a unit offering new...

CNOOC takes delivery of Asia’s first LNG tug

Jul 3, 2015: China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) has taken delivery of Asia’s first tugboat Hai Yang Shi You 525, designed to operate solely on liquefied natural gas (LNG) as ship’s fuel. Hai Yang Shi You 525, the first of two tugs...

Rolls-Royce to lead €6.6M autonomous ship research project

Jul 3, 2015: Rolls-Royce will lead a new €6.6-million (US$7.3-million) project that could pave the way for autonomous ships. The Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative will produce the specification and preliminary designs for the next generation of advanced ship solutions. The project is...

Energiepark Mainz comes online; hydrogen from wind power; Siemens 6MW electrolysis system

Jul 3, 2015: After a year in construction, Energiepark Mainz, a collaboration between Stadtwerke Mainz, Linde, Siemens and the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, was inaugurated in Mainz. (Earlier post.) The energy park will produce hydrogen using electricity from neighboring wind parks. Around...

Is This The 2016 Prius?

Jul 3, 2015: A report of what is presented as a sneak peek of a 2016 Prius Liftback (pictured top) and double-electric-range Prius Plug-in Hybrid are shown on a Taiwanese website. If the images are real, they may be the only ones known of the much-anticipated next-generation hybrid cars. The drawings look fairly convincing, having resemblance to the […] The post Is This The 2016 Prius? appeared first on

BMW i8 Get Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drivetrain

Jul 3, 2015: While Elon Musk believes electric cars are the future, and Toyota maintains that hydrogen fuel cells are a better idea, BMW has committed to playing both angles. After the successful launch of the BMW i3 and i8, the German automaker has rolled out a hydrogen fuel cell concepts based on an early i8 test mule. The post BMW i8 Get Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drivetrain appeared first on Gas 2.

Japan researchers propose trilithium niobate as high-energy cathode for Li-ion batteries

Jul 3, 2015: A team of researchers in Japan, including colleagues from the R&D Center at batter-maker GS Yuasa, are exploring Li3NbO4-based (trilithium niobate) materials as new and promising electrode materials for high-energy rechargeable lithium batteries. A paper on their work is published...

Study: even with high LDV electrification, low-carbon biofuels will be necessary to meet 80% GHG reduction target; “daunting” policy implications

Jul 3, 2015: A study by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Michigan State University colleague has concluded that even with a relatively high rate of electrification of the US light-duty fleet (40% of vehicle miles traveled and 26% by fuel),...

New bio-inspired catalyst for partial methane oxidation may aid small-scale GTL

Jul 3, 2015: A new bio-inspired zeolite catalyst, developed by an international team with researchers from Technische Universität München (TUM), Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Amsterdam, might pave the way to small scale gas-to-liquid (GTL) technologies converting natural gas to fuels...

Volkswagen Will Manage $6.6 Million Project To Develop Solar Fuels From Carbon Dioxide And Microbes

Jul 3, 2015: The European Commission announced it’s funding a new solar fuels research project, which will be spearheaded by Volkswagen AG. Just under 6 million euros ($6.6 million) has been allocated for the study under Europe’s research and innovation program Horizon 2020. Volkswagen AG has been named as the lead coordinator and will be joined by 11 […] The post Volkswagen Will Manage $6.6 Million Project To Develop Solar Fuels From Carbon Dioxide And Microbes appeared first on

America’s Lowest Carbon Footprint Cars

Jul 3, 2015: According to the U.S. EPA, a plug-in hybrid like a Ford Fusion Energi can save 7,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) tailpipe emissions per year compared to a 26-mpg non-hybrid Fusion, or enough to plant 79 trees. This is based on 15,000 annual miles, the trees are just a theoretical way to offset the greenhouse […] The post America’s Lowest Carbon Footprint Cars appeared first on

EcoBoost Engine Propels Ford Mustang Sales Explosion

Jul 2, 2015: Last year the 2015 Ford Mustang finally went on sale to a rabid Blue Oval fanbase, and it should come as no surprise that sales of the legendary muscle car have outpaced its aging rivals. Through the first five months of 2015, Mustang sales are up 55% compared to this time last year, with the The post EcoBoost Engine Propels Ford Mustang Sales Explosion appeared first on Gas 2.

ZF TRW to supply next-gen S-Cam4 systems to European automaker in 2018; ADAS and automated driving; sensor fusion

Jul 2, 2015: ZF TRW announced the initial contracts for its next-generation camera system—the S-Cam4 family—with a major European manufacture, with deliveries to begin in 2018. This fully scalable family of cameras is designed to meet the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for advanced...

Duke Energy upgrading Notrees 36 MW grid storage system with Samsung SDI Li-ion batteries

Jul 2, 2015: Duke Energy, Samsung SDI and Younicos are partnering to update Duke Energy’s 36-megawatt (MW) energy storage and power management system at the company’s Notrees Windpower Project in west Texas. The system, one of the US’ largest, has been operating since...

Honda Dumps Civic Hybrid, CNG Models

Jul 2, 2015: The Honda Civic Hybrid and Civic CNG are no more. The company has pulled the plug on 6 green cars in the past 10 years and now adds two more to the list The post Honda Dumps Civic Hybrid, CNG Models appeared first on Gas 2.

Tesla reports worldwide Q2 deliveries of 11,507 Model S; up 52% y-o-y

Jul 2, 2015: Tesla Motors announced 11,507 Model S deliveries worldwide for Q2 2015. This was a new company record for the most cars delivered in a quarter and represents an approximate 52% increase over Q2 last year. The company noted that there...

Daimler running 6 different electrified models in Silvretta E-Car Rally; hints at Li-sulfur

Jul 2, 2015: Daimler is running 6 different electrified models (7 vehicles in total) in this year’s Silvretta E-Car Rally (2 to 5 July); for the first time in this competition, the current Mercedes-Benz plug-in triad will compete against each other. Mercedes-Benz is...

First rear axle transmission crossbeam made of plastic in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class; 25% weight savings over aluminum

Jul 2, 2015: The first plastic transmission crossbeam in the rear axle subframe has been developed by ContiTech Vibration Control and BASF for the S-Class from Mercedes-Benz. The crossbeam is made from the engineering plastic Ultramid A3WG10 CR, a specialty polyamide from BASF...

Watch Rhys Millen Set A Record For EVs At Pikes Peak

Jul 2, 2015: This past weekend racers from around the world descended on Colorado’s famous Pikes Peak for the Race to the Clouds, a competition that has become increasingly dominated by electric vehicles. This year two big names, Rhys Millen and Monster Tajima, competed for the top spot in the electric car class, but it was Millen that The post Watch Rhys Millen Set A Record For EVs At Pikes Peak appeared first on Gas 2.

Fraunhofer developing process to ferment steel exhaust gases to fuels and chemicals

Jul 2, 2015: Fraunhofer researchers in Germany have developed a process for the conversion of CO-rich exhaust gases from steel plants into fuels and specialty chemicals. With the aid of genetically modified strains of Clostridium, the research team ferments the gas into alcohols...

Virginia Tech and FHWA bring SCRIM continuous pavement friction measurement system to US

Jul 2, 2015: In a project funded by the Federal Highway Administration, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute has brought the first Sideway-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine (SCRIM) to the United States. (SCRIM was originally developed by TRL in the UK.) The project objective...

California ARB approves first commercially ready at-berth ship emissions capturing system; alternative to shore power

Jul 2, 2015: Clean Air Engineering-Maritime (CAEM) received California Air Resources Board (ARB) approval for the first commercially ready ship emissions capturing system called the Maritime Emissions Treatment System (METS). The METS-1 is CAEM’s first-generation system. It is mounted and deployed from a...

Shell takes final investment decision for the Appomattox ultra-deepwater development in Gulf of Mexico

Jul 2, 2015: Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell) made final investment decision (FID) to advance the Appomattox deep-water development in the ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The Appomattox project is located 80 miles offshore (129 kilometers) from the nearest shoreline in Louisiana, in approximately...

BMW shows future drive technologies; 2 Series PHEV prototype, direct water injection in 3-cyl. engine, and fuel cell eDrive

Jul 2, 2015: During a driving event at the Miramas proving grounds in southern France, BMW presented future drive technologies, including the prototype of a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer with plug-in hybrid drive. This application of BMW eDrive technologies features the first...

Toyota Mirai Rated At 67 MPGe, 312 Miles Driving Range

Jul 1, 2015: To hear Toyota executives tell it, battery electric cars don’t stand a chance in the real world, and that hydrogen fuel cell cars are the real future. And at least in terms of driving range, the Toyota Mirai has fulfilled one of its biggest promises, providing over 300 miles of driving range per tank of The post Toyota Mirai Rated At 67 MPGe, 312 Miles Driving Range appeared first on Gas 2.

The Science Behind the Tesla P85D and Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Jul 1, 2015: On one end of the performance spectrum we have the 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat, a supercharged American muscle car made through decades of performance refinements. At the other end is the Tesla Model S P85D, which boasts 691 horsepower through a cutting-edge electric drivetrain unlike anything the world has seen before. Both cars deliver The post The Science Behind the Tesla P85D and Dodge Challenger Hellcat appeared first on Gas 2.

"The savings are insane": Denver couple share their experience of going car-free

Jun 30, 2015: Going car-free is now easier than ever, especially in urban areas. Just give it a try for a week or two and see how it works out!