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Jun 28, 2016

Alternative Transportation

Tesla May Be Bringing EV Chargers to Gas Stations

Jun 28, 2016: Tesla Motors may soon be adding another retail store chain to its charging network, and this one is quite different than Nordstrom. According to the Washington Post, the automaker has been in preliminary talks on installing its chargers at Sheetz gasoline and convenience stores in six states in the mid-Atlantic region. The Times does not […] The post Tesla May Be Bringing EV Chargers to Gas Stations appeared first on

EAFO Ranks Top European Nations Offering PEV Incentives

Jun 28, 2016: Some European Union members are doing better in terms of government incentives for plug-in electrified vehicle sales and charging station deployment, and the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) recently listed them. . Of all EU member states, Austria is the European nation with the widest selection. Austria offers its residents incentives in all eight categories […] The post EAFO Ranks Top European Nations Offering PEV Incentives appeared first on

Zubie to provide auto makers with vehicle diagnostic and performance insight from its connected car/telematics data and analytics

Jun 28, 2016: Zubie, a connected-car platform and telematics service provider, is partnering with major auto manufacturers to leverage its repository of data and analytics to enhance the manufacturers’ understanding of vehicle performance and reliability. Zubie’s data, collected as frequently as every second,...

Lux: plug-in vehicle battery market to hit $10B in 2020; 6 carmakers = 90% of demand; VW to show most growth

Jun 28, 2016: Led by Tesla, China’s BYD, and Volkswagen, the battery market for plug-in vehicles will rise to $10 billion in 2020, with electric vehicles (EV) emerging as the drivetrain of choice, according to a new forecast by Lux Research. Volkswagen will...

Spectacular triangular mountain cabin designed for the edge of a cliff

Jun 28, 2016: The most important thing to know about the Triangle Cliff House design is that it wasn’t created for a client. Arndt’s firm Lichtect runs a bi-monthly design challenge, and this concept is Arndt’s personal response to the prompt requiring a home design for a fictional cliff. The artist went for the gusto with a structure that straddles the cliff’s edge, creating an amazing view from the lower level with floor-to-ceiling windows that gape out over a gorgeous mountain lake nestled in the valley...

VW To Pay Diesel Owners up to $10K Each; Total Bill Hits $14.7B

Jun 28, 2016: Details on exactly how Volkswagen will pay back customers and the U.S. government over its diesel emissions scandal have been finalized. To settle with owners, Volkswagen has put together a pool of $10.033 billion to cover the cost of buybacks, emissions fixes and cash settlements. The brand has also agreed to pay the US government […] The post VW To Pay Diesel Owners up to $10K Each; Total Bill Hits $14.7B appeared first on

Volvo Trucks D13 engine with turbo compounding improves fuel efficiency up to 6.5% and delivers more torque

Jun 28, 2016: Volvo Trucks North America is adding a turbo compounding option for the Volvo D13 engine. By converting wasted heat energy, the 13-liter D13 with turbo compounding improves fuel efficiency by up to 6.5 percent%, while also delivering up to 100...

Mitsubishi Will Debut Plug-in Hybrid Concept at Paris Motor Show

Jun 28, 2016: Mitsubishi Motors is jumping on the PR bandwagon early. In a photo tease, the company announced it will take the wraps off a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) concept at the Paris Motor Show — that’s next September. Called the “Ground Tourer Concept,” the Japanese automaker provided few details about the concept. Billed as an upmarket SUV, […] The post Mitsubishi Will Debut Plug-in Hybrid Concept at Paris Motor Show appeared first on

VW promises $14.7 billion to U.S. owners of cars affected by emissions cheating scandal

Jun 28, 2016: Today, Volkswagen filed court documents outlining its pledge to pay $14.7 billion to American buyers of its two-liter diesel cars, as part of a settlement of the emissions cheating scandal that broke last summer. That amount would translate to $1,000 to $7,000 per customers, depending on the age of each vehicle. Under the terms of the settlement, which will not become final for another month, VW agrees on payouts for vehicle buybacks or repairs for diesel vehicles impacted by the company’s deliberate...

620,000 people walk on water: Christos miracle on Lake Iseo

Jun 28, 2016: With no fences and no fear you can walk these days on water of Lake Iseo in Northern Italy. Such an extreme and unique idea realized by the Bulgarian-born and New-York-based artist Christo seem to have become one of the most popular experiences that the country can offer this summer. The temporary 4,5 km long and completely free installation open for sixteen days only (from 06.18 to 07.03) has already broke all records exceeding the most daring expectations in terms of number of visitors. While the...

Small Changes In Air Pollution Could Save Millions Of Lives

Jun 28, 2016: A new report says even small changes in air pollution standards could have dramatic effects on the number of people who get sick or die each year as a result of breathing pollutants caused by burning fossil fuels. The post Small Changes In Air Pollution Could Save Millions Of Lives appeared first on Gas 2.

Spiraling Algaevator sucks up CO2 to produce clean, green algae biofuel

Jun 28, 2016: Created as part of the Burglars of Transnatural Transparency (BoTT) Lab pavilion, the Algaevator is a gravity-based algae photobioreactor built to explore the architectural possibilities of biotechnology utilities. The resulting lightweight and transparent structure comprises three separated spirals intercoiled between a heat-fused, watertight, and layered membrane. “An algae photobioreactor is an artificial environment used to increase the production of algae through the introduction of slow movement,...

Ceres Power to demonstrate SOFC stack technology for EV range extender with Nissan; light commercial vehicle

Jun 28, 2016: UK-based Ceres Power Holdings, a spin-out from Imperial College, is leading a consortium that includes Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd and M-Solv to develop a compact, on-board solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack as a range extender for an electric...

3D-printed house in China can withstand an 8.0 earthquake

Jun 28, 2016: 3D printing companies have turned to homes as an ultimate test of their craft, and one Chinese company accomplished the feat in just 45 days. HuaShang Tenda printed a two story, about 4,305 square feet home in Beijing. Not only was it 3D printed, the company also claims it's earthquake resistant, and could endure a quake measuring eight on the Richter scale.

Borgward BX7 Plug-In Hybrid SUV Wins Plus X Awards

Jun 28, 2016: Borgward BX7 plug-in hybrid crossover SUV has won several prestigious Plus X awards. It is on sale now in China. The post Borgward BX7 Plug-In Hybrid SUV Wins Plus X Awards appeared first on Gas 2.

How & Why Tesla Model 3 Crushes The Auto Industry

Jun 28, 2016: I think we could call Julian Cox’s main presentation (he gave a couple) during our Berlin Cleantech Revolution Tour conference the keynote presentation of the conference. It was an eye-opening presentation (even for me) on why the Tesla Model 3 could be the key electric car that upends the global auto industry — and, no, this [&hellip The post How & Why Tesla Model 3 Crushes The Auto Industry appeared first on Gas 2.

Serpent-shaped hotel coils around site contours in the Beskid Mountains

Jun 28, 2016: It's not easy to find the delicate balance between enjoying a beautiful landscape and destroying it - particularly not mountainous environs that require a particular kind of resilience. Challenged for a competition to pattern a hotel in the Beskid Mountains, dd Architekci sought to create an eye-catching design that would merge with the topography in order to minimize its impact upon it. The resulting serpent-shaped hotel coils around green space with ultimate respect for both guests and the land....

Volkswagen & Audi to pay >$14.7B in US to settle 2.0L diesel emissions case; $2B of that to promote ZEVs

Jun 28, 2016: Under a class action settlement agreement filed today (earlier post), Volkswagen and Audi in the US will pay more than $14.7 billion to settle complaints arising from its cheating on emissions from its 2.0-liter diesel engines. The class settlement creates...

6 important steps we need to take to slow down climate change

Jun 28, 2016: Restore ecosystems Regenerative agriculture Net zero greenhouse gas emissions 100% renewable energy Energy efficiency…

Tesla Quietly Settles Model X Lemon Law Suit

Jun 28, 2016: The owner of a Tesla Model X who sued the company under the California Lemon Law says Tesla has agreed to take the car back. The company confirms this. Neither side has anything more to say on the matter. The post Tesla Quietly Settles Model X Lemon Law Suit appeared first on Gas 2.

Cocoon-like bamboo pavilion in Saigon celebrates traditional Vietnamese craft

Jun 28, 2016: This was a pavilion for architecture exhibition which was held on April 2016 in Saigon, Vietnam. The pavilion, designed by architect Nguyen Hoa Hiep (a21studio), was mainly made of bamboo and poonah paper with a participation of Saigon architecture students. This pavilion was inspired by the cocoon of insects in nature. With a size of 9m x 18m, this space shows 17 works of 7 firms in architecture exhibition of Saigon Architects. This pavilion used 800 sticks of bamboo for setting up the frame...

Win a Tentsile Tree Tent and BioLite Energy Kit (worth $1072) in the Inhabitat off-grid camping giveaway

Jun 28, 2016: Summer is just a few weeks away, so it's prime time for an adventure in the great outdoors. But going off-grid doesn't have to mean giving up modern comforts - which is why we've partnered up with BioLite and Tentsile to give away an awesome camping prize package worth over $1000! Our grand prize winner will receive a Tentsile Stingray tree tent and a BioLite Energy Kit (complete with a CookStove, a Solar Panel 5+, and a PowerLight Mini), and one lucky runner-up will receive a brand new BioLite Baselantern....

NOAA has a plan to protect the oceans from troubling noise pollution

Jun 28, 2016: As if the world's marine animals didn't have enough to worry about -- with climate change, ocean acidification, and overfishing threatening their existence -- emerging research over the past several decades has also suggested that devastating "noise pollution" could be invisibly destroying their habitats. Now, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released a first of its kind roadmap for researching and managing the impact of ocean noise on marine life. Why...

Hyperloop Getting A Warm Welcome In Russia

Jun 28, 2016: Hyperloop One says it has entered into a partnership with the city of Moscow to explore connecting its system with the city's transportation grid. The post Hyperloop Getting A Warm Welcome In Russia appeared first on Gas 2.

Volkswagen Will Pay $14.7 Billion To Settle Emissions Cheating Case

Jun 28, 2016: On June 28, Volkswagen and federal officials will present a proposed settlement to law suits resulting from its diesel emissions cheating scandal. The total pay out may exceed $15,000,000,000. The post Volkswagen Will Pay $14.7 Billion To Settle Emissions Cheating Case appeared first on Gas 2.

Korea team investigates characteristics of SI dual-piston free-piston engine linear generator

Jun 28, 2016: Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) have developed and are investigating the characteristics of a prototype of a dual-piston spark-ignition (SI) free-piston engine coupled with a linear alternator...

SunPower nabs record for world's most efficient rooftop solar panel

Jun 28, 2016: Solar panel efficiency is the holy grail of the solar power world, and SunPower just propelled the industry further with the "most efficient rooftop solar panel" in the world. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory confirmed their module has an efficiency of 24.1 percent, greater than the previous record of 22.8 percent also held by SunPower.

Wrightspeed named as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

Jun 28, 2016: Wrightspeed Inc., developer of heavy-duty range-extended electric vehicle powertrains, was named one of the current crop of World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers—and was the only purely automotive technology company so selected. Designed as a replacement for conventional piston engine and...

Report finds US automakers remain profitable under future CAFE standards even with fuel price fluctuation

Jun 28, 2016: Even with wide-ranging unpredictable gas prices, US automakers will remain profitable and suppliers will benefit under existing national fuel economy standards slated to be in place until 2025, according to a new economic analysis brief prepared by independent automotive industry...

Wildlife biologists take a tiny house research base on expedition

Jun 28, 2016: A group of Canadian wildlife biologists preparing for an expedition to study whale and dolphin species will take their research base with them on location. The BigWhaleTinyHouse, built using donated components by several companies, including Atlas Roofing, is an energy-efficient mobile house that will withstand different environmental conditions throughout the duration of the expedition and help the team raise awareness about sustainable living. The tiny living unit will function as research base...

Range Extender and Self-Steering Tech to Debut on Nissan Electric Vehicle

Jun 28, 2016: Nissan is focused on introducing two new technologies this year on a new electric vehicle as it strives to become a leader in EVs and autonomous vehicles. The Japanese automaker will add a new range extender engine for its electric vehicles in hopes of relieving range anxiety. In addition, it will begin rolling out its […] The post Range Extender and Self-Steering Tech to Debut on Nissan Electric Vehicle appeared first on

Tesla Adds 75 kWh Version to Model S Lineup

Jun 28, 2016: Tesla Motors has added another trim level to the Model S lineup – a 75 kWh version. The 75 Model S was quietly added as the fourth version over the weekend, and is now a standalone offering that joins the 60 kWh, 90D and P90D variants. Earlier this month, Tesla announced the re-introduction of the […] The post Tesla Adds 75 kWh Version to Model S Lineup appeared first on

Jam Furniture transforms reclaimed timber into sleek minimalist designs

Jun 27, 2016: Jam Furniture: Making reclaimed timber contemporary. They are inspired by reclaimed materials and minimalist design. The team at Jam have a passion for working with timber that tells a story, timber that has had a life long before it was carried through…

Electric Racers Finish 2nd and 3rd At Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Jun 27, 2016: Rhys Millen, last year’s Pikes Peak Hillclimb winner, bettered his own electric modified division record yesterday during this year’s competition. Racing the four-wheel drive 1,368 horsepower Drive eO PP1100 electric prototype car, he set a time of 8:57,118, which was nearly 10 seconds faster than last year, and another electric race car record. Despite a faster […] The post Electric Racers Finish 2nd and 3rd At Pikes Peak Hill Climb appeared first on

ISEA Is Raffling Off a 2016 Tesla Model S

Jun 27, 2016: ISEA is again raffling off a Tesla Model S, one of the most desirable cars in the country. Get the details and enter to WIN! The post ISEA Is Raffling Off a 2016 Tesla Model S appeared first on Gas 2.

Key Questions Remaining Just a Few Months Before 2017 Chevy Bolt Launch

Jun 27, 2016: With maybe four months to go before the 2017 Chevy Bolt begins rolling off the Orion, Mich. assembly line, important questions remain. The actual start of production is officially a mystery, but a document General Motors released online, then pulled so it could scrub disclosure of an October production start date, has added to insiders’ […] The post Key Questions Remaining Just a Few Months Before 2017 Chevy Bolt Launch appeared first on

New NASA tech could provide the entire solar system with internet

Jun 27, 2016: NASA is celebrating the first deployment of a new technology at the International Space Station (ISS) that makes it much easier, faster, and more efficient to transmit data to Earth. Essentially, it’s the first step toward internet connectivity in space that is just as reliable as your home Wi-Fi signal. The new system, called Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN), provides a smart solution to interrupted connections, and lays the groundwork for Solar System-wide internet connectivity in the...

INFOGRAPHIC: 8 ways to lower your utility bill this summer

Jun 27, 2016: My teammates and I just whipped up an illustration that tackles eight ways folks can lower their utility bills (and be kinder to mother Earth) this summer. Given your love for the occasional infographic, I wanted to submit it for your review. bills are…

Amazing landscape carpets transform your living room into a lush, grassy meadow

Jun 27, 2016: These aren't your grandmother's shag carpets - Alexandra Kehayoglou creates incredible rugs that look like miniature pastures and meadows. Each hand-tufted piece is a tribute to the landscape of the artist's native Argentina. As a granddaughter of Greek immigrants,…

Nearly every room in this lush Jakarta home connects with the outdoors

Jun 27, 2016: Award-winning London-based RAW Architecture Workshop team led by Realrich Sjarief created this beautiful, airy upscale home in Indonesia. Dubbed Rumah Kotak Kayu (“Wooden Box House”), the three-level home features beautiful wooden floors, sprawling windows, and multiple terrace gardens. The result is a unique residence that allows its owners to enjoy life inside, outside, and sometimes both at the same time. The London-based architecture firm created the home for a client in Puri Indah,...

Cambridge researchers are growing bone for greener buildings

Jun 27, 2016: Related: Michael Green on Why Wood Skyscrapers are Better than Concrete and Steel Towers Via Engadget Images via eVolo and Zhang Yu on Flickr…

Striking louvered facade controls solar gain and updates an aging retail space

Jun 27, 2016: The store is housed in a 1960's building which consists of two main volumes with a maximum footprint of 70m by 52m. It is mainly a single storey building with a 3 storey volume located on the south west corner providing additional space for future use. The brief was to redesign the main facade of the building whilst keeping the store open for customers. It was therefore decided on an early stage that most of the construction and assembly of components would be completed off site in order to...

Plants grown in Mars-like soil are officially declared edible

Jun 27, 2016: Back in March, scientists from the Netherlands' Wageningen University successfully grew ten different crops in Mars-like soil provided by NASA. But there was a catch: they couldn't eat the food. They worried it contained heavy metals like cadmium and lead, which was present in the Mars soil stimulant.

Net-zero passive home in North Carolina can power an electric car with solar

Jun 27, 2016: Project: Murphy-Dunn Net Zero House Location: Chapel Hill, NC Completed: 2015 Architect: Arielle Condoret Schechter, AIA, Architect, Chapel Hill, NC Builder: Kevin Murphy, NewPhire Building, Chapel Hill, NC Photographer: Duffy Healy The modern, net zero passive house that architect Arielle Condoret Schecher, AIA , designed for her favorite builder, Kevin Murphy of NewPhire Building and his family of four, is, according to Murphy, “a warm and functional family...

Student invents turntable-speaker that spins off of upcycled and biodegradable materials

Jun 27, 2016: This curious little creature, Innova, is Holly Jensen’s take on a turntable-speaker system made from entirely upcycled and biodegradable materials. A student of Victoria University of Wellington she is particularly interested in both unusual and environmental product design, pushing the public’s perception of household objects and beautifying items once considered to be obsolete. Due to the time and cost limits of the project, certain aspects of the design were not able to be made environmentally...

Volkswagen Considers China For First Battery Factory

Jun 27, 2016: The Volkswagen Group is trying to decide where to invest billions in one or more factories to manufacture battery cells and packs, and China appears to be on top of the list. Automotive News is reporting that a source close to senior management said, “China is likely one of the first, since we think electromobility […] The post Volkswagen Considers China For First Battery Factory appeared first on

First Karma Revero Brings Carmaking Back to Southern California

Jun 27, 2016: The first Karma Revero plug-in hybrid rolled off the new California assembly line last month, making good on parent company Wanxiang’s earlier U.S. production promises. Karma Automotive opened up its 555,670-square-foot factory in Moreno Valley, Calif. The new assembly plant utilizes tooling and equipment relocated from the Fisker Karma plant in Finland. “A flame-red 1993 […] The post First Karma Revero Brings Carmaking Back to Southern California appeared first on

Pianist's chilling performance amid melting glaciers eulogizes the Arctic

Jun 27, 2016: Chances are, you will never see a piano concert like this one again. In a symbolic performance organized by Greenpeace, acclaimed Italian composer and pianist plays an original composition entitled “Elegy for the Arctic,” while he and his piano float in the Arctic Ocean. The Wahlenbergbreen glacier outside of Svalbard, Norway provides the backdrop, calving icebergs into the water to punctuate Einaudi’s chilling melody. The musical...

India's Magic Breeze villa will be a giant park in the sky

Jun 27, 2016: Penda recently released further plans for the Magic Breeze residential complex in Hyderabad, India.

KTH team develops new cost-effective water-splitting electrocatalyst for H2 production

Jun 27, 2016: Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have developed a new cost-effective electrocatalyst for water-splitting to produce hydrogen. The monolayer of nickel–vanadium-layered double hydroxide shows a current density of 27 mA cm−2 (57 mA cm−2 after ohmic-drop correction) at an overpotential of...