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Oct 25, 2016

Alternative Transportation

Alta Electric Moto-X Takes Historic First National-level EV Win

Oct 25, 2016: Weighing in at 251 lbs. and packing 40 HP from its 13,750 RPM electric motor, the Alta RedShift MotoX electric motorcycle seemed destined for greatness as soon as it debuted. A lot of electric startups look great on paper, though. It remained to be seen whether or not the RedShift could deliver on the track. [&hellip The post Alta Electric Moto-X Takes Historic First National-level EV Win appeared first on Gas 2.

Federal judge grants final approval to Volkswagen 2.0L TDI settlement in US

Oct 25, 2016: Judge Charles R. Breyer of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has granted final approval to the settlement agreement between Volkswagen and private plaintiffs represented by a Court-appointed Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC) to resolve civil...

UK government endorses controversial Heathrow airport expansion

Oct 25, 2016: Related: Exciting new designs for Heathrow Airport's expansion unveiled + Grimshaw Architects Via The Guardian Images via Grimshaw Architects…

Consumer Reports Names Tesla, Volt, and Prius Among Winners and Losers

Oct 25, 2016: The latest car reliability survey from Consumer Reports sees it recommending and not recommending certain models, including some of the most popular green cars sold. Data for the broad survey of all vehicle types came from over half a million vehicles from model year 200-2016, with some 2017s as well. “With that much information, Consumer […] The post Consumer Reports Names Tesla, Volt, and Prius Among Winners and Losers appeared first on

Social housing project with two "faces" channels Parisian duality

Oct 25, 2016: With one side solid brick and the other clad in steel, this social housing project expresses the duality of the area surrounding the peripherique beltway in Paris. Designed by Franco-Chilean agency Avenier Cornejo, the project faces the new high court designed by Renzo Piano and the greater Paris area on one side, and the Parisian suburbs on the other. The design of the building reflects the dual nature of its surroundings and uses different materials to eliminate borders. It channels the dynamism...

Mike Bloomberg wants cities to get ready for self-driving cars

Oct 25, 2016: What ever happened to this pioneer of active transportation?

Don't panic, but a massive hydrogen cloud is going to crash into the Milky Way

Oct 25, 2016: There’s a big cloud heading toward us, but it’s not the kind that looks like an elephant or your Uncle Todd. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has been tracking the so-called Smith Cloud, and the invisible cloud is charging toward the Milky Way at some 700,000 miles per hour. The Smith cloud is made up largely of hydrogen gas, which results in a cloud that cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be detected with radio waves. Of all the gaseous clouds floating around in space (and there are a lot...

Michael Bloomberg Urges Cities To Prepare For Self Driving Cars

Oct 25, 2016: Micheal Bloomberg is encouraging cities to start planning now for a future in which self driving cars will be the norm. He expects autonomous cars to alter the way residents interface with the urban environment. The post Michael Bloomberg Urges Cities To Prepare For Self Driving Cars appeared first on Gas 2.

Savari and SAIC Motors partner on V2X technology for China

Oct 25, 2016: V2X company Savari Inc. signed an agreement with SAIC USA, a fully owned subsidiary of Chinese automaker SAIC Motors, to manufacture and distribute the Savari V2X communications solutions in the Greater China and selected ASEAN countries. The companies are already...

World's first 3D-printed heart-on-a-chip could help end animal testing

Oct 25, 2016: When it comes to medical breakthroughs, the most exciting advances tend to involve technology that can lead to better and earlier diagnoses of various health problems. A team of Harvard University researchers has done just that, by developing an entirely 3D-printed “heart-on-a-chip” that may some day eliminate animal testing entirely. The innovation, which makes it possible to monitor heart performance, is the latest in a medical technology trend of building functional, synthetic replicas of...

Algae May Be Key To Better Lithium Ion Batteries

Oct 25, 2016: Researchers at the University of California - Riverside are experimenting with diatomaceous earth to make inexpensive, high power cathodes for lithium ion batteries. The post Algae May Be Key To Better Lithium Ion Batteries appeared first on Gas 2.

NHTSA issues Federal guidance to the automotive industry for improving motor vehicle cybersecurity

Oct 25, 2016: The US Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released proposed guidance for improving motor vehicle cybersecurity. The proposed cybersecurity guidance focuses on layered solutions to ensure vehicle systems are designed to take appropriate and safe actions,...

Divergent 3D partners with Altran to deploy 3D printing for car manufacturing

Oct 25, 2016: Divergent 3D, a manufacturing technology company focused on the automotive sector, has entered into a global development partnership with engineering research and development (ER&D) firm Altran. The partnership comes shortly following Divergent 3D’s signing a strategic partnership letter of intent...

REI announces plan to close all 149 stores on Black Friday

Oct 25, 2016: Related: California and Minnesota state parks are free on Black Friday + REI #OptOutside Images via REI Facebook and REI…

Beautiful organic food facility mimics the shape of traditional Chinese courtyard houses

Oct 25, 2016: Located on a 6,000-square-meter site surrounded by village housing and farmland, the Organic Farm processing plant disguises its industrial purpose with a series of fragmented structures arranged around a central courtyard. Most of the buildings are single-story with pitched roofs to complement the surrounding flat farm fields and small-scale architecture. The buildings are separated into four processing areas—Material Storage, the Mill, Oil Pressing Workshop, and Packing Area—each with access...

This reverse pyramid is a green urban community in the skies of Paris

Oct 25, 2016: If you always dreamed to live in a forest villa with a view on the Eiffel Tower, this is your chance. Designed by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto and the French Manal Rachdi Oxo Architects Mille Arbres project, or the Thousand Trees, is the 9-storey reversed pyramid in Paris that frees the ground for a park while bringing more trees along with green lifestyle up in the sky. The 127 residential units put on the top of this bold building can be said to be the world’s first village built out...

Solar-powered EcoPods are flat-packed tiny homes with a low environmental footprint

Oct 25, 2016: Until airlines began selling cheap tickets to the Azores islands in the mid-Atlantic ocean, the region enjoyed relative peace and tranquility. John Stenton, an architect involved with TADA, Tourism and Agribusiness Development Company of The Azores, wants to avoid the kind of ecological and socio-economic decline that usually accompanies an influx of tourism with a network of low-impact solar-powered EcoPods designed to uplift local landowners.

Zvexx Electric Motorcycle Is Best Thing From Switzerland Since Hot Cocoa

Oct 25, 2016: The Zvexx electric motorcycle is a stealthy road rocket with 898 lb-ft of torque and a 13 kWh battery. Made in Switzerland, it is a one-off concept that may be a precursor of other things to come. The post Zvexx Electric Motorcycle Is Best Thing From Switzerland Since Hot Cocoa appeared first on Gas 2.

Record-breaking CO2 levels mark a new era in the worlds climate

Oct 25, 2016:   Environmentalists around the world winced when global CO2 levels surged past 400 parts per million for the first time in recorded history in 2014. Now, it’s looking like last year’s records are the new normal – the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) believes 2016 will be the first full year to exceed the 400 ppm benchmark, in large part due to this year’s strong El Niño event.   While human CO2 emissions remained relatively static between 2014 and 2015,...

Rice University scientists find O-doped boron nitride-graphene hybrid excellent candidate for on-board hydrogen storage

Oct 25, 2016: Layers of graphene separated by nanotube pillars of boron nitride (PGBN) may be a excellent material for on-board hydrogen storage in vehicles, according to a computational study by a pair of Rice University scientists. The study by Rouzbeh Shahsavari and...

Inaugural meeting of Volkswagen Sustainability Council; Group makes €20M available for projects

Oct 25, 2016: Recently appointed by The Volkswagen Group’s Sustainability Council, recently appointed and comprising nine members from several nations—including Margo Oge, former director of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Transportation Air Quality—set the agenda for its work at its...

Large-scale study finds long-term exposure to air pollution linked to high blood pressure

Oct 25, 2016: Long-term exposure to air pollution is linked to a greater incidence of high blood pressure, according to the largest study to investigate the effects of both air pollution and traffic noise by following more than 41,000 people in five different...

Modern alpine home is built on the ruins of an old rustic structure

Oct 25, 2016: The S.V. house retains a traditional gabled form, but the interior and the front facade are decidedly modern in design. A reinforced concrete slab connects the stone walls on the first floor, while the use of brushed larch wood for the second floor, roof, and part of the facade soften the look of the natural stone and reinforce the building’s connection to nature. Large windows overlook views of the countryside and mountains while allowing natural light to flood the interior. Related: Tiny...

Sustainable home in Cornwall is wrapped in steam-bent wood

Oct 25, 2016: British designer Tom Raffield designed a beautiful steam-bent wooden home and filled it with hand-made products, furniture and lighting fixtures made from sustainable wood. The structure, built as an extension of an existing house in Cornwall, England, recently appeared on the Channel 4 TV show "Grand Designs". Tom and his wife Danielle bought an existing lodge located in the woodland at Trevano near Heslton, and designed a timber-clad extension that blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape....

Toyota’s Approach to Self-Driving Cars: Assist Drivers, Don’t Replace Them

Oct 25, 2016: Toyota’s ambition is to have self-driving cars on the road by 2020, but rather than replace the driver, the automaker’s top priority is to help them drive safely. “A completely autonomous car is not what we’re looking for,” said Seigo Kuzumaki, Toyota’s assistant chief safety technology officer, during a presentation to Automotive News. “Our priority […] The post Toyota’s Approach to Self-Driving Cars: Assist Drivers, Don’t Replace Them appeared first on

Gov’t Officials to Tour Elio Motors Factory Looking for Answers

Oct 24, 2016: After years of broken promises about new jobs and a boost to the economy, Gov't Officials are set to Tour Elio Motors Factory Looking for Answers The post Gov’t Officials to Tour Elio Motors Factory Looking for Answers appeared first on Gas 2.

New Diesel Emission Policies Kill 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300d

Oct 24, 2016: New Diesel Emission Policies in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal have Killed off the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300d in the The post New Diesel Emission Policies Kill 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300d appeared first on Gas 2.

Atticus Motors Robocar is a semi-autonomous EV with a 93-mile range and a possible price of $25,000

Oct 24, 2016: The autonomous electric car revolution might eventually include this lightweight EV that has a built-in bike carrier and a side-entry trunk.

Toyota Sees Transportation Study As Opportunity for Community Service and Developing Offerings

Oct 24, 2016: Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. is exploring transportation services as a good corporate citizen in its new hometown, and as a means to expand its mobility offerings. As Toyota constructs its new headquarters in Plano, Texas, for 4,000 employees, the automaker is working with government officials on finding solutions to traffic congestion and improved use of […] The post Toyota Sees Transportation Study As Opportunity for Community Service and Developing Offerings appeared first on

Honda CEO Says It’s Ready to Take a Huge Leap in Green Car Sales

Oct 24, 2016: Honda says it’s planning to skyrocket up from low-volume hybrid sales today to more than two-thirds of U.S. volume coming from green cars by 2030. CEO Takahiro Hachigo said that by 2030, he wants more than two-thirds of U.S. Honda and Acura volume to come from green cars such as traditional hybrids, plug-ins, fuel cell […] The post Honda CEO Says It’s Ready to Take a Huge Leap in Green Car Sales appeared first on

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Car Rated 366 Mile Range By EPA

Oct 24, 2016: It’s official. The Honda Clarity fuel cell sedan due out by the end of this year is officially rated by the EPA as the longest range electric car offered for sale in America — 366 miles. Now wait a minute, all you Tesla fanatics. Yes, we know there is a world of difference between the [&hellip The post Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Car Rated 366 Mile Range By EPA appeared first on Gas 2.

Will Mitsubishi’s Tie-Up With Nissan Strengthen Its Plug-in Car Ambitions?

Oct 24, 2016: Plug-in electrified vehicle enthusiasts may want to keep an eye on Mitsubishi’s bold plans to proffer many more cars to their liking this decade into next. Mitsubishi has been uniquely one of the most bullish and early on purveyors of electrified cars having introduced the i-MiEV in 2009 ahead of the 2011 Nissan Leaf, while […] The post Will Mitsubishi’s Tie-Up With Nissan Strengthen Its Plug-in Car Ambitions? appeared first on

13-year-old Maanasa Mendu invents groundbreaking clean energy device that costs just $5

Oct 24, 2016: Related:…

Toyota to Build Hybrid Transmission in Poland

Oct 24, 2016: Toyota Motor Europe has announced plans to build a new $165 million plant in Poland that will produce transaxles for hybrid vehicles and add two engine production lines at an existing plant. The new Toyota manufacturing facility will start production in 2018 located at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland (TMMP) in Walbrzych. “We are very pleased to be […] The post Toyota to Build Hybrid Transmission in Poland appeared first on

Nvidia Working with Tesla on Autonomous Driving Hardware

Oct 24, 2016: While there’s been speculation about Tesla working with Nvidia on its new fully autonomous driving hardware, now it’s official. Tesla Motors has announced that all Tesla vehicles — Model S, Model X, and the upcoming Model 3 — will now be equipped with a “supercomputer” through Nvidia’s Drive PX 2 AI computing platform, according to […] The post Nvidia Working with Tesla on Autonomous Driving Hardware appeared first on

Honda Bringing Longest Range Zero Emission Vehicle to US with Clarity Fuel Cell

Oct 24, 2016: The upcoming Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan will have the longest range of any zero emission vehicle in the U.S. based on an EPA rating of 366 miles. American Honda Motor Co. issued a press release today on receiving the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rating of 366 miles driving range and a fuel economy rating […] The post Honda Bringing Longest Range Zero Emission Vehicle to US with Clarity Fuel Cell appeared first on

Zaha Hadid Architects reveal oasis-inspired designs for Diriyahs Urban Heritage Administration Center

Oct 24, 2016: The 8,780-square-meter Urban Heritage Administration Center is considered a crucial part of the preservation and restoration efforts throughout the 120-kilometer Wadi Hanifah valley. The center’s design is a reflection of its geographical and cultural surroundings, particularly the way man interacted with nature to form the oasis within Diriyah’s Wadi Hanifah valley. To recreate the oasis environment indoors, the Urban Heritage Administration center is centered on an atrium with water, along...

Sunflare's new ultra-thin solar "wallpaper" can stick to any surface

Oct 24, 2016: Related: 1-micrometer-thin flexible solar cells can wrap around a pencil + Sunflare Via Treehugger Images via Sunflare…

TetraPOT uses mangroves to grow a greener sea defense system

Oct 24, 2016: Lee envisions the TetraPOT as a hybrid between artificial sea defense and natural sea defense, an idea encapsulated in his design slogan: “It is not only a defense, but also an ecosystem. A home for other living [things].” The TetraPOT is an opportunity to restore the world’s mangrove forests, 35% of which has been destroyed. Unlike the common tetrapod, the TetraPOT is partly hollowed out to create room for a biodegradable pot insert, soil, and...

BIG releases video sneak peek of Hyperloop designed to connect Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Oct 24, 2016: Dutch architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has released a teaser video showing off its design of a Hyperloop project that promises to link Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The ultra high-speed capsule transport aims to turn the 93-mile trip between the two busy cities into a minutes-long commute. Jakob Lange, a partner...

This massive farm grows 15% of Australia's tomatoes without soil, fresh water or fossil fuels

Oct 24, 2016: Did you know there is a way to grow tons of fresh fruits and vegetables with saltwater and solar energy? The good people at SunDrop Farms are doing just that with their Australian operation, where they grow 15 percent of the nation’s tomatoes. Seawater is piped in from a nearby gulf, desalinated using the reflected heat of the sun, and sprinkled on hydroponically grown produce in a revolutionary, renewable cycle of production. SunDrop Farms’ operation is fossil fuel-free, freshwater-free,...

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Streets are for people first

Oct 24, 2016: Not cars, not pedestrians, not cyclists, but people.

Axalta launches new one-component, self-bonding electrical steel coating; generators and motors

Oct 24, 2016: Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global manufacturer of liquid and powder coatings, has developed a new one-component self-bonding electrical steel varnish called Voltatex 1175W-1K. Self-bonding characteristics have become increasingly important in the production of high-quality magnetic cores for stators and...

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell EPA-rated with 366-mile range; longest of any ZEV

Oct 24, 2016: The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan (earlier post), launching later this year, received an EPA driving range rating of 366 miles (589 km) and fuel economy rating of 68 mpg of gasoline-equivalent combined, giving it the best range rating of...

Every Future Telsa Capable Of Autonomous Driving — For A Price

Oct 24, 2016: The hardware for full autonomous driving is now included in every Tesla made, but activating the software will cost buyers $8,000 above the base price of the car. The post Every Future Telsa Capable Of Autonomous Driving — For A Price appeared first on Gas 2.

DOE’s $10M Advanced Water Splitting Materials Consortium accelerating development of green hydrogen production

Oct 24, 2016: The Energy Department (DOE) recently announced $10 million, subject to appropriations, to support the launch of the HydroGEN Advanced Water Splitting Materials Consortium (HydroGEN). (Earlier post.) This consortium will utilize the expertise and capabilities of the national laboratories to accelerate...

Extraordinary national park gateway in China opens to a sea of bamboo

Oct 24, 2016: The park gateway is located in the Zhuhai National Park, in Guizhou province, South-West China. Hidden in the Bamboo Sea, the gate plays with the elements and creates an iconic entrance to the park. Its support system is made of concrete and bamboo hung from the glass roof that protects the bamboo from rain. Related: Studio Mumbai unveils handmade pavilion crafted from seven kilometers of bamboo In order to mitigate the effects of high humidity and temperature fluctuations on the material,...

Cell Impact signs collaboration agreement with Impact Coatings on surface treatment of fuel cell plates

Oct 24, 2016: Morphic Technologies’ subsidiary, Cell Impact, signed a collaboration agreement with PVD surface coating company Impact Coatings AB concerning new types of surface treatment material for fuel cell flow plates. The arrangement will add coatings from Impact Coatings to the products...