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Feb 21, 2017

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BMW Recalls US i3 REx Plug-In Hybrids for Problems With Fuel Line

Feb 21, 2017: BMW AG has recalled more than 19,000 i3 range-extended (REx) vehicles sold in the U.S. due to potential fuel vapor leaks that could cause a fire. The recall affects 2014 to 2017 model year models manufactured between March 2014 and December 2016. BMW discovered the car’s fuel tank vent line can rub against the sleeve […] The post BMW Recalls US i3 REx Plug-In Hybrids for Problems With Fuel Line appeared first on

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Review – First Drive

Feb 21, 2017: With the dawn of 2017, South Korea’s Hyundai Motors has begun rolling out an ambitious new mainstream line of Ioniq liftback sedans in the U.S. market that goes directly against Japan’s venerated Toyota Prius, king of the hybrids. It’s a battle for efficiency and consumer value between a well-established stalwart and a hungry and ambitious […] The post 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Review – First Drive appeared first on

Beautiful cabin pops up in ten days with minimal landscape disturbance

Feb 20, 2017: BIO Architects recently completed a modern modular cabin, proving yet again how beautiful homes can be affordable with the help of prefabrication. Commissioned by a young couple that desired a cost-effective home on the lake, the prefabricated cabin is the latest iteration in the Russian firm’s line of modular Dubldom homes. The dwelling, located at Pirogovo Lake in the suburbs of Moscow, was installed in roughly ten days with minimal site impact. The lakeside cabin, named DublDom...

GM Readying Thousands Of Self-Driving Chevy Bolts To Roll Out in 2018

Feb 20, 2017: General Motors plans to be the first company to bring thousands of self-driving vehicles to roads through its partnership with ride-hailing firm Lyft. Two sources familiar with GM’s plan told Reuters last week that thousands of self-driving all-electric Chevrolet Bolts will roll out by 2018, with most of them going to Lyft. The automakers has […] The post GM Readying Thousands Of Self-Driving Chevy Bolts To Roll Out in 2018 appeared first on

BMW and LEGO team up to create a futuristic flying motorcycle

Feb 20, 2017: It appears LEGO provides inspiration for everyone from preschool-aged future engineers to BMW. The two companies collaborated on the LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure model kit based on a BMW motorcycle. But as the LEGO Technic kits often offer an alternative build, designers from the two companies looked to the future to create a Hover Ride Design Concept - and then built one in real life.

Tech Companies Fight State Laws Favoring Automakers Over Startups In Self-Driving Car Testing

Feb 20, 2017: Tech companies and advocacy groups are battling potential new state laws that would only allow automakers to test autonomous vehicles in those states. A handful of states are considering enacting what’s usually called Safe Autonomous Vehicle acts that would bar technology companies and only allow vehicle manufacturers to test drive self-driving cars. The legislation kicked […] The post Tech Companies Fight State Laws Favoring Automakers Over Startups In Self-Driving Car Testing appeared first on

Tiny meditation shelters are the perfect place for hikers to connect with the forest

Feb 20, 2017: These small meditation shelters offer protection and a place to rest to hikers exploring the Lithuanian forest of Anykščiai. The project, named Gapahuk, is part of a larger Meditation Garden designed by Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio which has won the American Architecture Prize 2016. The shelters are meant to provide a space where people can reconnect with nature and find harmony with the environment. Used for individual meditation and as a place where hikers can rest and get warm, this cluster...

Mexico City is sinking - and it's going to cause some real problems

Feb 20, 2017: Mexico City, a scant mile and a half above sea level, is sinking. It's a turn of events that shouldn't surprise anyone with a rudimentary grasp of history. Established by the Aztecs in 1325, the city formerly known as Tenochtitlán occupies what was once a plexus of interconnected lakes that were first drained by the Spaniards, then paved over with concrete and steel by modern engineers. As a result, Mexico City has to dig deep—literally—to obtain fresh water for its 21 million residents. But...

London is charging old, polluting vehicles a 10 fine to drive in the city

Feb 20, 2017: As of October 23 2017, drivers of older and more polluting cars will have to pay an £10 fee if they want to drive in central London. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said last Friday that the “T-charge” as it’s being called, is being put in place in an effort to quell the massive amounts of pollution in the central city. That pollution reached high enough levels last week to warrant public warnings to residents about air quality. “It’s staggering that we live in a city where the air...

The Hague has been transformed into the 'World's Largest Mondrian'

Feb 20, 2017: Related: + Modrian to Dutch Via Archdaily…

It's time to dump diesel

Feb 20, 2017: The New York Times writes about how polluted the air is in London, and blames it on diesel and bicycles.

California city could become the first Zero Net Energy city in the U.S.

Feb 20, 2017: The city of Lancaster, California is one step closer to becoming a Zero Net Energy city - the very first in the U.S. The proposed ordinance, recently moved forward by the city council, will require all new homes to be equipped with solar panels or to take other steps toward energy mitigation. The end goal is to create a city with a truly sustainable future. “This is a great stride in Lancaster’s journey to become a Zero Net City,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris in a statement. “The...

High school students are building tiny homes to give to flood survivors

Feb 20, 2017: Last year, floods devastated West Virginia, destroying over 5000 homes and killing over 20 people. Since the storm, the state has struggled to provide adequate housing for those thousands made homeless by the storm. Yet high school students attending vocational schools may be leading the way to healing the community. The schools, which teach skills such as carpentry and plumbing are now mastering the necessary skills to design and build homes. Tiny houses to be exact- Related: Enter Here  Paragraph...

One in 11 US public schools are plagued by toxic air

Feb 20, 2017: When parents send their kids off to school, they might worry their child forgot their homework or won't eat enough at lunch. Air quality isn't usually among their worries. But a joint investigation from The Center for Public Integrity and Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting reveals almost 8,000 public schools in the United States are located within 500 feet of highways or roads - that's one in 11 schools. As vehicles travel along those roads, they pump out toxins that may seriously...

Stark Drive launches $400 full-size folding electric bike

Feb 20, 2017: For those who have been holding off on purchasing an e-bike until the prices come down, Stark Drive might just have broken the cost barrier.

Tesla Model X Tops List of 2017 Fuel-Efficient Sport Utility Vehicles

Feb 20, 2017: Sport utility vehicles are generally known as comfortable, spacious family transportation. The Tesla Model X ranked #1 in a Consumer Reports test of fuel-efficient SUVs. Is it worth the entry $88,000 price The post Tesla Model X Tops List of 2017 Fuel-Efficient Sport Utility Vehicles appeared first on Gas 2.

Ancient microbes survive inside massive cave crystals for 50,000 years

Feb 20, 2017: Scientists have found strange, ancient microbes in Mexico's Naica crystal caves that could be around 50,000 years old. Although the caves are so hot they've been described as hell - while also being so magical they've been described as Fairyland - the microbes have been able to survive for thousands of years trapped in crystals. Scientists who studied the microbes referred to them as super life.

First Roborace Autonomous Car Competition Ends In Crash

Feb 20, 2017: The first Roborace competition ended when one of the contestants missed a turn and crashed heavily. The good news is no one was hurt. The bad news is the car crashed. The post First Roborace Autonomous Car Competition Ends In Crash appeared first on Gas 2.

Hawaii aims to ban coral reef-killing chemical sunscreens

Feb 20, 2017: Evidence links sunscreen ingredients to dying coral reefs, and now Hawaii lawmakers are taking action. Fearing the loss of their state's reefs, which are popular tourist attractions, Senator Will Espero introduced a bill that would ban sunscreen with octinoxate and oxybenzone.

Imminent oil industry disruption? Norway may soon help us test the hypothesis

Feb 20, 2017: Electric car sales just reached 37% last month. And that's not the half of it.

Cigarette factory reborn as a light-filled city hall in Brussels

Feb 20, 2017: A building that once belonged to a cigarette factory has shed its smoky past for a new life in civil service. Mamout Architects, LD2 Architecture, and Stéphanie Willocx transformed the industrial structure into a two-story city-hall branch in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, a multicultural municipality in Brussels, Belgium. The modern renovated building is punctuated with large windows to let in natural light and to emphasize connection and transparency with the community. The three Brussels-based...

Canada Fossil Fuel Subsidies Total $3.3 Billion

Feb 20, 2017: Environmental groups say Canada provides $3.3 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies to oil and gas producers despite its pledge to be a world leader on climate change policies. The post Canada Fossil Fuel Subsidies Total $3.3 Billion appeared first on Gas 2.

JFK Airport is opening a $65 million pet terminal

Feb 20, 2017:     Traveling with pets just got a little bit easier for anyone passing through New York’s John F. Kennedy airport. A $65-million terminal for animals, the The ARK at JFK, has just unveiled the first part of a three-stage opening with its new “Pet Oasis.” For now, the facility will help educate pet owners on any flight requirements before takeoff, provide food and water for flights, receive incoming pets and help board others on their outgoing flights, and even microchip animals...

General Motors Asks States To Block Autonomous Car Competition

Feb 20, 2017: General Motors is pushing legislation in several states that would prevent Uber and Waymo from testing autonomous cars on their roads. It's a matter of safety, GM says, but others see it differently. The post General Motors Asks States To Block Autonomous Car Competition appeared first on Gas 2.

Peugeot launching Partner Tepee Electric at Geneva Motor Show

Feb 20, 2017: Peugeot will launch the Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. The electric leisure activity vehicle will go on the market in September. The new Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric has a 170-km (106-mile) range on the...

Plug-in Vehicles Continuing To See Soft Used Car Prices

Feb 20, 2017: Used car prices for electric cars continue to show signs of a soft market and loss for plug-in vehicle owners. InsideEVs had reported last month that off-lease and trade-in EVs were showing signs of “dirt cheap prices.” The Fiat 500e was auctioning as low as $4,000, and a few Tesla Model S vehicles are selling […] The post Plug-in Vehicles Continuing To See Soft Used Car Prices appeared first on

Ford Going Fully Autonomous Route As Engineers Fall Asleep At The Wheel

Feb 20, 2017: Ford Motor Co. has become convinced that fully autonomous is the necessary route to go for safe self-driving cars. Having Ford engineers fall asleep during autonomous vehicle test rides has created a convincing argument in favor of going with fully autonomous vehicles, reports Automotive News. Dozing off had happened before during long test rides, and […] The post Ford Going Fully Autonomous Route As Engineers Fall Asleep At The Wheel appeared first on

GM Autonomous Car Fleet May Launch In 2018

Feb 19, 2017: Sources tell Reuters that the GM autonomous car fleet could number in the thousands as soon as 2018. GM will use the Chevy Bolt as the basis for is self driving cars. The post GM Autonomous Car Fleet May Launch In 2018 appeared first on Gas 2.

Missouri community is building 50 tiny homes for homeless veterans

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Russia's historic metro stations captured in awe-inspiring photographs

Feb 19, 2017: The Moscow and St. Petersburg Metro was one of the most extravagant projects undertaken by the USSR, starting in 1935. Stalin directed his architects to bring a "bright future" to life through their designs. The finished stations are lined with polished marble and chandeliers, meant to mimic an artificial underground sun. Of course, Stalin's goal here was pure propaganda -- a reminder to the citizens of Russia that their sacrifices had been rewarded by the regime. Even today, many of the stations...

North Korea's 'Hotel of Doom' is the world's largest abandoned building

Feb 19, 2017: This pyramid-shaped hotel in North Korea, once a contender for the tallest hotel in the world, has remained unfinished since 1989 and instead became the world's largest abandoned building. The notorious 105-story Ryugyong Hotel, frequently referred to as the "Hotel of Doom," could come to life after all. An Egyptian company called Orascom started working on the project again in 2008. The structure, designed by Baikdoosan Architects & Engineers, first broke ground in 1987 in Pyongyang,...

China is building the world's first migratory Bird Airport

Feb 19, 2017: Located in Tianjin, Adrian McGregor, CEO & Lead Designer: “The earths bird fly ways are a wonder of the natural world. The proposed Bird Airport will be a globally significant sanctuary for endangered migratory bird species whilst providing new green lungs for the city of Tianjin." Related: + McGregor Coxall Migratory Bird Airport, Lingang Sanctuary, McGregor Coxall, bird sanctuary, airport bird sanctuary, eco architecture, animal architecture, conservation, bird sanctuary,...

Formula One Suspension Turmoil Could Upset Season Opener

Feb 19, 2017: A dispute is brewing over Formula One suspension rules just prior to the start of winter testing. Ferrari is challenging the legality of the suspension system used by Mercedes and Red Bull and is threatening protests at the first race in Melbourne in March The post Formula One Suspension Turmoil Could Upset Season Opener appeared first on Gas 2.

Gas2 Week in Review, February 19: Fuels, Drone Taxis, Solar Ambulances — and More

Feb 19, 2017: If you've missed any of the Gas2 news stories this week, here are the Top Five that brought to light innovations or controversies in transportation and sustainability The post Gas2 Week in Review, February 19: Fuels, Drone Taxis, Solar Ambulances — and More appeared first on Gas 2.

Study links PM2.5 pollution with millions of preterm births globally

Feb 19, 2017: A new study, led by a team from The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) at the University of York, has found that in 2010, about 2.7 million preterm births globally—or 18% of all pre-term births—were associated with outdoor exposure to fine...

Mobileye completes installation of collision avoidance technology across 4,500 New York City for-hire vehicles

Feb 19, 2017: Mobileye has completed the installation of collision avoidance technology across 4,500 for-hire vehicles in New York City. Together with Atlas Financial Holdings, Inc., a provider of passenger transportation insurance, Mobileye has equipped thousands of New York City-based rideshare vehicles—such as...

Massachusetts Could Use 100% Renewable Energy By 2050

Feb 18, 2017: Massachusetts may become the first state to require renewable energy for all its power needs including industry and heating. A new bill would set the goal at the year The post Massachusetts Could Use 100% Renewable Energy By 2050 appeared first on Gas 2.

7 charming off-grid homes for a rent-free life

Feb 18, 2017: Want to make rent and utility bills a thing of the past? We’ve rounded up seven off-grid homes that could be the answer to making your dreams a reality. Stylish and self-sufficient, these eco-friendly dwellings promise freedom from the grid. Many are even set atop wheels to let you can move with your home to almost anywhere you desire. Keep reading to see the seven charming homes that offer homeowners the chance to live off the grid and rent-free. WOHNWAGON Powered by solar energy...

EHang Autonomous Drone Service Coming To Dubai This Summer

Feb 18, 2017: The Roads and Transportation Authority says it intends to begin offering a passenger service this summer using a fleet of EHang autonomous drones. The post EHang Autonomous Drone Service Coming To Dubai This Summer appeared first on Gas 2.

Geologists find seventh continent hiding in plain sight

Feb 18, 2017: There's another continent on our planet, and it's been lurking in plain view for a long time. Geologists identify six continents, combining Asia and Europe into Eurasia, but a new study reveals New Zealand and New Caledonia are actually part of a seventh geologic continent called Zealandia. Not only is the information an exciting curiosity, but it could impact the politics and economics of the region.

Futuristic oceanscapers are floating villages 3D-printed from algae and plastic waste

Feb 18, 2017: The project aims to resolve the long-lasting tensions between the Western governments and the African countries when it comes to global energy consumption. Thanks to Archibiotics, a discipline pioneered by Callebaut, a new type of architecture would be born-one that combines renewable energies together with information and communication technologies (NTIC) in order to offer energy independence to each state in the world and end oil-related conflicts. Related: Vincent Callebaut Unveils Plans...

Strong honeycomb cargo shelf in new Ford EcoSport SUV made of recycled paper; 6lb floorboard holds ~700 lbs of cargo

Feb 18, 2017: The adjustable cargo floorboard in the all-new 2018 Ford EcoSport is made of high-strength 100% recycled paper honeycomb. Constructed from all-natural paper and water-based glue, the six-pound honeycomb floorboard is both eco-friendly and strong enough to handle nearly 700 pounds...

Curious Slanted House in Jakarta critiques establishment architecture

Feb 18, 2017: The Slanted House is located on a plot in Pondok Indah, a gated community built in the 1970s and 1980s. It is a rich neighborhood where prominent politicians, artists and celebrities built houses that borrow from the stylistic language of Mediterranean architecture, which is meant to showcase the owner's high social standing and success. Related: Budi Pradono’s Naturally Cooled R-House Brings Nature Indoors The slanted frame represents instability, while the glass-clad floors provide...

GM’s Maven Car-Sharing Service Adds Bolt EVs in LA

Feb 17, 2017: For those of you who haven’t heard of Maven, it’s a car-sharing app that’s owned by General Motors. And in a neat bit of corporate synergy, GM is adding its new Chevrolet Bolt EV to the fleet, at least in Los Angeles. The Bolt has a promised range of 238 miles and has now been […] The post GM’s Maven Car-Sharing Service Adds Bolt EVs in LA appeared first on

GM Betting Diesel Vehicles Will Win Over Former Volkswagen Customers

Feb 17, 2017: General Motors will be offering 10 Chevrolet and GMC vehicles by 2018 with diesel engines as it seeks to fill a gap left vacated by VW’s emissions cheating scandal. Meeting increasing federal fuel economy and emissions standards has also motivated GM to stay in the diesel engine category. The company sold 757,000 diesel vehicles worldwide […] The post GM Betting Diesel Vehicles Will Win Over Former Volkswagen Customers appeared first on

Scott Pruitt confirmed as head of the Environmental Protection Agency

Feb 17, 2017: In a major loss for the planet, the US Senate confirmed climate denier Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, an agency that Pruitt has sued numerous times and has promised to render toothless. Will no irony at all, Senate Majority Leader stated about the confirmation: "He's exceptionally qualified. He's dedicated to environmental protection." Pruitt calls himself "a leading advocate against the EPA's activist agenda," and true to his word, he has worked hard to...

Tesla to cover repair costs after Model S owner sacrifices his car to save a life

Feb 17, 2017: Not only are Tesla cars saving the environment, they're now quite literally saving lives. A Tesla Model S driver in Germany noticed another car swerving on the Autobahn, and when he saw that car's driver was unconscious, he risked his own vehicle to save the driver's life. Elon Musk got wind of the Tesla driver's heroism, and announced Tesla will pay for repairs to the Model S. Related:…

SPACE10 creates an open-source Growroom you can build at home

Feb 17, 2017:       images via Alona Vibe, Rasmus Hjortshøj, Niklas Vindelev and Space10…