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Oct 05, 2015

Alternative Transportation

Intelligent Energy announces US$1.8B deal for ~27K telecom towers in India; fuel cell power for ~70%; landmark in fuel cell deployment

Oct 4, 2015: UK-based fuel cell developer Intelligent Energy will purchase contracts from GTL Limited to supply energy-management services across more than 27,400 telecom towers in India—about 6.4% of the country’s total. Essential Energy, a subsidiary of Intelligent Energy in India, will assume...

Cohda introduces new 360˚ radar for V2X connected vehicles

Oct 4, 2015: Cohda Wireless is introducing a low-cost, 360-degree radar for vehicles fitted with V2X connected car systems. The new V2X-Radar delivers a 360-degree sensor that can detect buildings, road signs and also older vehicles that are not equipped with V2X technology....

Tesla delivered 11,580 vehicles in Q3 of 2015

Oct 4, 2015: Tesla Motors reported delivering 11,580 vehicles in the third quarter of 2015, including the first few units of Model X. Despite one week of planned production shutdown, this delivery level represents a 49% increase over Q3 last year as well...

Chevrolet Unleashes Attack Ads Against Prius And LEAF

Oct 3, 2015: Chevrolet is preparing TV ads that attack the Toyota Prius and Nissan LEAF instead of telling people about all the advances in technology in its own car The post Chevrolet Unleashes Attack Ads Against Prius And LEAF appeared first on Gas 2.

More Affordable Tesla Model X, Model Y With Falcon Wing Doors Planned

Oct 3, 2015: A more affordable Tesla Model X may be coming in about a year, but with what size battery? Also, a Model Y is in the works, maybe with falcon wing doors The post More Affordable Tesla Model X, Model Y With Falcon Wing Doors Planned appeared first on Gas 2.

A Flying Car that Takes You Sightseeing: Is This the Future of Transportation?

Oct 3, 2015: Created by design team Akki Reddy Challa, Fabien Chancel, and Michael Harboun, The Aeon Project takes on the challenge of melding interactive apps with a flying car. Their vision can be driven manually or in automatic mode to create an interactive vision of…

LISSEN researchers develop energy-dense Li-metal free Li-sulfur battery; Volkswagen the automotive partner

Oct 3, 2015: EU-funded researchers in the €3.7-million (US$4.2-million) LISSEN (Lithium Sulfur Superbattery Exploiting Nanotechnology) project have developed a new energy-dense lithium-sulfur battery using a new lithium metal-free battery configuration based on the use of lithiated silicon as the anode and a nanostructured...

Daimler, Linde and TOTAL open fifth hydrogen filling station in Baden-Württemberg

Oct 3, 2015: Daimler, Linde and TOTAL are continuing their joint plans for the expansion of the German hydrogen infrastructure with the opening of a fifth hydrogen refueling station in Baden-Württemberg. This follows on the openings at the Geiselwind motorway service area—the first...

Argonne releases latest updates to GREET life-cycle analysis models

Oct 3, 2015: The Argonne National Laboratory’s Systems Assessment Group has released GREET 2015 models and associated reports. GREET (The Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation Model) is a full life-cycle model used to evaluate and compare the environmental impacts...

2016 Chevy Volt Ads Take Serious Poke At Leaf and Prius

Oct 3, 2015: Which would you rather have, a 2016 Chevy Volt or a Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf? While we’re curious, the question is really Chevrolet’s as its new attack ads have gone live online and reportedly will appear on TV as well. According to Steve Majoros, Chevrolet director of car marketing, the automaker will be advertising […] The post 2016 Chevy Volt Ads Take Serious Poke At Leaf and Prius appeared first on

Volkswagen Not Sure it Cheated on EU Emissions Tests

Oct 3, 2015: Two weeks after admitting to cheating on U.S. EPA diesel emissions tests, Volkswagen is still not sure if it did the same in Europe. The Volkswagen Group has admitted that it hasn’t established whether the illegal software was used during New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) testing in Europe. Although it has established that 11 million […] The post Volkswagen Not Sure it Cheated on EU Emissions Tests appeared first on

Top Alternative Transportation Jobs This Week

Oct 3, 2015: Alternative transportation is what we do around here at Gas2, whether it’s fuel sipping hybrids, full blown EVs, bikes, or public transit. As an industry, it’s a great place to work, and a great way to make a living while making a difference. To sign up for a newsletter entirely devoted to our blog posts on [&hellip The post Top Alternative Transportation Jobs This Week appeared first on Gas 2.

GM Says Li-ion Battery Cells Down To $145/kWh and Still Falling

Oct 2, 2015: In a somewhat unusual move for an automaker, GM divulged this week it is far along the curve toward li-ion batteries cheap enough to sell its reasonably priced Bolt at a profit. Entering 2016 GM said its cells cost $145 per kilowatt-hour, and by late 2021, they could be at the $100 mark. Without actually […] The post GM Says Li-ion Battery Cells Down To $145/kWh and Still Falling appeared first on

Chevy Bolt Production Confirmed For 2016

Oct 2, 2015: As has been unofficially reported until now, this week General Motors confirmed it will begin production of the 200-plus-mile range Chevy Bolt next year. The occasion for the disclosure was a presentation by Executive Vice President and President, North America Alan Batey speaking to analysts at GM’s annual Global Business Conference in Michigan. The Bolt […] The post Chevy Bolt Production Confirmed For 2016 appeared first on

Canadian Study Shows EV Range Anxiety Is Real

Oct 2, 2015: A Canadian study released in April, 2015 shows that EV range anxiety is real and has a powerful effect on how drivers use electric cars in the real world. The post Canadian Study Shows EV Range Anxiety Is Real appeared first on Gas 2.

Bridgestone successfully builds passenger car tires with 100% guayule-derived rubber

Oct 2, 2015: Bridgestone Corporation has successfully built passenger tires with 100 percent of its natural rubber-containing components derived from guayule, a desert shrub that grows in arid regions. Natural rubber is contained in the plant’s barks and roots. (Earlier post.) Built at...

You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda Cub EV Concept

Oct 2, 2015: You meet the nicest people on a Honda- and, if this new concept is any indication, you'll soon get to meet the nicest people on an all-electric Honda Cub! The post You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda Cub EV Concept appeared first on Gas 2.

Daimler Trucks testing the first series-production semi-autonomous truck on public roads

Oct 2, 2015: Daimler Trucks today demonstrated the first series-production truck to operate on an automated basis—automation level 2 (partially automated driving)—on the A8 public highway between Denkendorf and Stuttgart. The standard Mercedes-Benz Actros equipped with the Highway Pilot system is approved as...

What We Know About The Tesla Model X

Oct 2, 2015: After a very long wait, the Tesla Model X has finally transitioned from rumors and spy shots into to a solid vehicle ready for delivery. CEO Elon Musk revealed the production version of the Model X in front of an exuberant crowd on Tuesday, delivering the first few at the end of his presentation. At […] The post What We Know About The Tesla Model X appeared first on

September 2015 Dashboard

Oct 2, 2015: The monthly sales Dashboard is a collaboration of and Baum & Associates, a Michigan-based market research firm focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electric vehicle market. Overall sales for September continued at an extremely high level, albeit down from August 2015 (a normal seasonal trend), but up significantly from September 2014. […] The post September 2015 Dashboard appeared first on

2/3 of Americans Would Use High Speed Rail Network

Oct 2, 2015: A new survey shows that over two thirds of Americans would consider using high speed rail instead of airlines to travel across the country The post 2/3 of Americans Would Use High Speed Rail Network appeared first on Gas 2.

Life with a used Nissan Leaf: The first month

Oct 2, 2015: Yes, I took the plunge. Here's what I learned.

ARB posts discussion draft of new proposed mobile-source emissions reduction strategy through 2030; Advanced Clean Cars 2 regulation

Oct 2, 2015: The California Air Resources Board (ARB) staff has published a discussion draft of a proposed strategy for further regulation and reduction of mobile source—cars, trucks, and off-road equipment—emissions. The approach described is designed to meet simultaneously federal air quality standards;...

Toyota Mulling More Fuel Cell Vehicles

Oct 2, 2015: Can you see in your mind’s eye the vision of a “Hydrogen Society” and myriad future hydrogen fuel cell vehicles all running clean on electricity? Toyota can, and while its Mirai was just born practically yesterday, the automaker is talking about it having offspring beyond the four-passenger, four-door $57,500 sedan presently offered only in select […] The post Toyota Mulling More Fuel Cell Vehicles appeared first on

Audi begins providing individual customer information on vehicles affected by emissions testing cheat

Oct 2, 2015: Audi has implemented a feature on its national Audi websites that will allow a customer to enter his or her Audi’s VIN number to determine whether or not that particular Audi has the software defeat device for emissions testing. The...

Coke and Pepsi Work to Reduce Vehicle Emissions

Oct 2, 2015: Can bitter rivals Coke and Pepsi come together to save the world? Probably not, but they can burn thousands of barrels less each year if they try hard! The post Coke and Pepsi Work to Reduce Vehicle Emissions appeared first on Gas 2.

California ARB announces $24M grant solicitation for zero-emission truck and bus pilot commercial deployment projects

Oct 2, 2015: The California Air Resources Board (ARB) announced a grant solicitation for Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Pilot Commercial Deployment Projects. Up to $23,658,000 is available for this project from FY 2014-15 funds. Up to an additional $60,000,000 may be available for...

IBM Research paves way for post-silicon future with carbon nanotube electronics

Oct 2, 2015: IBM Research announced an engineering breakthrough that could accelerate the replacement of silicon transistors by carbon nanotubes to power future computing technologies. IBM scientists demonstrated a new way to shrink transistor contacts without reducing performance of carbon nanotube devices, opening...

Ford launches first Focus Electric ad

Oct 2, 2015: Almost 4 years after the car’s market introduction (December 2011) and after selling some 5,500 units, Ford has launched its first Focus Electric ad. The ad ties to a larger Ford campaign, “By Design”—the first dedicated campaign for Ford cars,...

Caltech, JPL designed megasupramolecule fuel additive reduces intensity of post-impact fuel explosions

Oct 2, 2015: Researchers at Caltech and JPL used statistical mechanics to design a polymeric fuel additive that can self-assemble into “megasupramolecules” (≥5000 kg/mol) at low concentration (≤0.3 weight percent) and thus can reduce the intensity of post-impact fuel explosions that occur during...

Gi FlyBike Folding Electric Bicycle Is Way Cool!

Oct 2, 2015: The Gi FlyBike is a folding electric bicycle that can be carried with you on the subway or in an elevator. It can be locked and unlocked using a phone app. The post Gi FlyBike Folding Electric Bicycle Is Way Cool! appeared first on Gas 2.

VW says complete investigation of emissions scandal will take several months; suspending General Meeting in November; report on solutions next week

Oct 2, 2015: In a statement issued following its meeting on 30 September the Executive Committee of Volkswagen AG’s Supervisory Board said that it has concluded that the completion of investigations into the emissions testing scandal will take at least several months. For...

28.5 Liter “Beast Of Turin” Runs Again After 100 Years

Oct 2, 2015: A 1911 Fiat S76, known as the Beast of Turin, had its 28.5 liter engine started for the first time in a century last year after being restored by its owner The post 28.5 Liter “Beast Of Turin” Runs Again After 100 Years appeared first on Gas 2.

Volkswagen of America CEO to testify before House Subcommittee next week on emissions affair; request for all related documents

Oct 2, 2015: As part of its ongoing investigation into Volkswagen’s emissions issues, the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, chaired by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, 8 October. The hearing...

Chevrolet to Begin Testing Self-Driving Volts Late 2016

Oct 2, 2015: GM has announced that it will be testing a fleet of self-driving Chevrolet Volts late next year. The fleet of 2017 Chevrolet Volts will be seen roaming around the American automaker’s Technical Center campus in Warren, Mich., and employees there will be able to summon one of the Volts and select their destination through an […] The post Chevrolet to Begin Testing Self-Driving Volts Late 2016 appeared first on

EPA tightens ground-level ozone standard to 70 ppb

Oct 1, 2015: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its final rule revising the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ground-level ozone to 70 parts per billion (ppb) from 75 ppb to protect public health. Ground-level ozone forms when nitrogen oxides...

Panoz Reveals 74 MPG Deltawing Production Road Car

Oct 1, 2015: We blasted Panoz' drawings of a road legal Deltawing GT when they debuted last year, but it's starting to look pretty decent in the flesh. Check it out! The post Panoz Reveals 74 MPG Deltawing Production Road Car appeared first on Gas 2.

Honda Fuel Cell Car Estimated To Deliver 435-Mile Range

Oct 1, 2015: At the end of this month, Honda is planning to unveil its near-production fuel cell vehicle, currently named the FCV. The debut – scheduled to occur at the Tokyo Motor Show – will feature a hydrogen-powered sedan very similar to the final version Honda is bringing to market next year. Honda said it has made […] The post Honda Fuel Cell Car Estimated To Deliver 435-Mile Range appeared first on

Michigan State partners with ExxonMobil to advance algae biofuels

Oct 1, 2015: A new $1-million relationship between Michigan State University and ExxonMobil will expand research designed to progress the fundamental science required to advance algae-based fuels. David Kramer, MSU’s John Hannah Distinguished Professor in Photosynthesis and Bioenergetics at the MSU-DOE Plant and...

GM planning to “own” the customer relationship beyond the vehicle; autonomous Volts, car sharing and fuel cells

Oct 1, 2015: General Motors CEO Mary Barra and her leadership team outlined the company’s plans to capitalize on the future of personal mobility by owning the customer relationship beyond the vehicle, building upon nearly two decades of connectivity leadership. GM also said...

ITM Power, Symbio FCell and Arcola Energy partner to provide integrated package of fuel cell vehicles, fueling and support to UK fleet operators

Oct 1, 2015: ITM Power has signed an agreement with Symbio FCell and Arcola Energy to provide an integrated package of fuel-cell-based commercial vehicles, on-site fuel and after-sales support for UK commercial fleet operators. The agreement is to work together to provide fleet...

Ricardo demonstrates processes for evaluating light-duty diesel emissions under coming Real Driving Emissions (RDE) regs

Oct 1, 2015: Despite the continuing and significant reductions in the legislated limits of light-duty diesel vehicle NOx emissions under the European Euro 1 through 5 regulations of recent years, many studies have demonstrated that real-world NOx emissions appear not to have been...

Barley straw shows potential as feedstock for biobutanol

Oct 1, 2015: The hemicellulose sugars of barley straw can be effectively fermented into biobutanol, when starch is added during the pre-treatment or fermentation process, according to a new University of Eastern Finland study. Seeking to find alternatives to ethanol as a fuel,...

INL analysis of 5 large-scale PEV and charging projects finds public charging infrastructure not needed everywhere to enable PEV adoption

Oct 1, 2015: Idaho National Laboratory has released the voluminous findings from its analysis of five large-scale PEV and charging infrastructure projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Collectively, these projects represent the largest-ever deployment, data collection and analysis, and reporting...

Joule achieves US EPA registration for CO2-recycled ethanol

Oct 1, 2015: Joule, the developer of a direct, single-step, continuous process for the production of solar hydrocarbon fuels using engineered cyanobacteria, announced that its fuel-grade Sunflow-E ethanol has been registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for commercial use in E10...

WPI team develops process to recover rare earth elements from discarded motors of electric and hybrid vehicles

Oct 1, 2015: In an effort to help develop a sustainable domestic supply of rare earth elements and lessen US dependence on China for materials that are vital to the production of electronics, wind turbines, and many other technologies, two researchers at Worcester...

Google Looking for Partners To Bring Self-Driving Cars To Market

Oct 1, 2015: Google is actively seeking established manufacturing partners to help bring its self-driving car to market. Earlier this month, Google announced that it was hiring former Hyundai CEO John Krafcik to head the company’s self-driving car project and now it’s working on a business plan to bring its autonomous technology to the masses. Company co-founder Sergey […] The post Google Looking for Partners To Bring Self-Driving Cars To Market appeared first on

Fuel cell company Intelligent Energy extends development program with existing Asian automotive customer

Sep 30, 2015: Fuel cell technology company Intelligent Energy has extended its joint development program with one of its existing Asian automotive OEM customers. The new contract is worth around £6.5 million (US$10 million) and is expected to last for approximately two and...

California ARB releases draft plan to cut short-lived climate pollutants

Sep 30, 2015: The California Air Resources Board (ARB) released a draft Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy. The draft strategy describes proposed actions the State will take to move forward aggressively to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs). SLCPs include methane, black...

Drayson Technologies introduces RF energy harvesting technology Freevolt; first application in air quality monitor

Sep 30, 2015: Lord Drayson, CEO and Chairman of Drayson Technologies, introduced Freevolt: an energy harvesting technology that turns ambient radio frequency waves (RF) into usable electricity to charge low-power electronic devices. The patent-pending technology was developed by an international team from Drayson...