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Feb 08, 2016

Alternative Transportation

Tesla Discontinues Model S 85 kWh Battery

Feb 8, 2016: Tesla has discontinued the 85 kWh battery in its Model S sedan. It has also dropped the rear wheel drive configuration on all but the entry level S 70. The post Tesla Discontinues Model S 85 kWh Battery appeared first on Gas 2.

Berkeley Lab scientists find that polycrystalline graphene is not very resistant to fracture

Feb 8, 2016: Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have developed the first known statistical theory for the toughness of polycrystalline graphene, which is made with chemical vapor deposition, and found that it is indeed strong...

First UAV test flight with Cella solid-state hydrogen storage and fuel-cell power system

Feb 8, 2016: The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) recently completed a UAV test flight using Cella Energy’s hydrogen-based power system. The system is based on Cella’s solid, nanostructured chemical hydride hydrogen storage material which is capable of releasing large quantities of...

New algorithm improves speed and accuracy of pedestrian detection; cascade detection + deep learning

Feb 8, 2016: Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a pedestrian detection system that performs in near real-time (2-4 frames per second) and with higher accuracy (close to half the error) compared to existing systems. The technology, which incorporates...

Ford and Pivotal collaborate on software platform for FordPass

Feb 8, 2016: Ford is working with platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider Pivotal to build a software platform supporting FordPass, announced at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) (earlier post), that will enable the company to innovate rapidly and to iterate on new applications...

Renesas Electronics and TTTech collaborate on new ADAS-ECU development platform with high computing performance and advanced functional safety

Feb 8, 2016: Renesas Electronics Corporation and TTTech Computertechnik AG, a global leader in robust networking and safety controls, have agreed to collaborate on the development of a new automotive platform solution aimed at providing a future-proof, high-performance advanced electronic control unit (ECU)...

Renesas camera video processing circuit block with low latency, high performance, and low power consumption for SOC for autonomous driving

Feb 8, 2016: At the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) held in San Francisco earlier this month, Renesas Electronics announced the development of a new video processing circuit block for use in automotive computing system-on-chips (SoCs) that will support autonomous vehicles. The newly...

Purdue team uses pollen grains as basis for carbon architectures for Li-ion anodes

Feb 8, 2016: A team at Purdue University has used pollens as the basis for carbon architectures for anodes in energy storage devices. As reported in an open-access paper in Nature’s Scientific Reports, Jialiang Tang and Vilas Pol converted bee pollen and cattail...

Study finds E20 offers higher peak load capacity and thermal efficiency than gasoline in RCCI combustion

Feb 8, 2016: Professor Rolf Reitz and Reed Hanson at the University of Wisconsin-Madison report on their investigations into reactivity-controlled compression ignition (RCCI) combustion in a light-duty, multi-cylinder, compression ignition engine over steady-state and transient operating conditions with both petroleum and bio-derived fuels...

TDI Diesel Owners To Get Generous Compensation By Volkswagen

Feb 8, 2016: Volkswagen is expected to offer generous compensation packages for the owners affected by its diesel scandal. Although the German automaker has not determined whether vehicle owners will receive cash, car buy-backs, repairs or replacement vehicles, Kenneth Feinberg, the attorney VW hired to oversee the claims process, believes an overwhelming majority will accept the eventual compensation […] The post TDI Diesel Owners To Get Generous Compensation By Volkswagen appeared first on

World’s Fastest Motorized Log Car Built In Canada

Feb 8, 2016: We’re not sure how many log cars exist in the world, but this is the fastest one. The founder and owner of Pioneer Log Homes of B.C. and a star of HGTV Canada’s Timber Kings, Bryan Reid Sr., has set a Guinness World Record for “fastest motorized log.” Known as the “Cedar Rocket,” the motorized […] The post World’s Fastest Motorized Log Car Built In Canada appeared first on

Toyota Super Bowl Ad Features 2016 Prius As a Getaway Car

Feb 8, 2016: In the event people have not heard yet that the 2016 Prius shatters former conceptions of how Toyota’s hybrid handles, its Super Bowl has just shared the message far and wide. At the Toyota media drive last November, cone courses at the decommissioned El Toro airbase in California showed the new car to be a […] The post Toyota Super Bowl Ad Features 2016 Prius As a Getaway Car appeared first on

Electric Cargo Motorcycle From Current Motors Comes 4 To A Box

Feb 7, 2016: The Current Motors Mini-Fleet In A Box is a standard shipping container modified to hold 4 electric cargo motorcycles and recharge them with solar power. Each has a range of 50 miles, can carry 450 lbs and can be recharged in only 5 hours. The post Electric Cargo Motorcycle From Current Motors Comes 4 To A Box appeared first on Gas 2.

RAND Electric Boat is Unsinkable, Self Bailing, And Fun!

Feb 7, 2016: The RAND Picnic electric boat is self-bailing and unsinkable. It uses an electric outboard motor and can cruise up to 16 hours on one battery charge. The post RAND Electric Boat is Unsinkable, Self Bailing, And Fun! appeared first on Gas 2.

University Of Montana Chooses Electric Buses

Feb 7, 2016: The student led transportation system at the University of Montana has ordered to zero emissions electric Porterra buses for its campus routes. They will be delivered in September. 2016. The post University Of Montana Chooses Electric Buses appeared first on Gas 2.

Gasoline consumption in California rose 2.4% during FY 2014-15; largest yearly increase in a decade

Feb 7, 2016: The California State Board of Equalization (BOE) announced that gasoline consumption in the state rose 2.4% during fiscal year (FY) 2014-15, the largest yearly increase since FY 2003-2004 (increase of 2.6%). The rise in fuel consumption signals a strengthening California...

Brooklyn–Queens Connection: The Future of NYC Transit

Feb 6, 2016: In a $2.2 billion proposal, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio looks to begin installation of a 16 mile streetcar line connecting Brooklyn and Queens via the East River. The idea is to facilitate transportation for some of New York’s growing, yet still transit-deficient, areas. Imagine a trolley system lining the East River and delivering a long-awaited public transit [&hellip The post Brooklyn–Queens Connection: The Future of NYC Transit appeared first on Gas 2.

Bikesharing A Commuter’s Business

Feb 6, 2016: Citi Bike certainly has taken off in New York City. The bikesharing system is enjoyed by adventurous tourists, recreational residents, and daily commuters alike. However, new statistics are emerging that show commuters are actually representing an impressive percentage of Citi Bike riders. This supports the wheels turning in federal legislation to make “bikeshare” an official [&hellip The post Bikesharing A Commuter’s Business appeared first on Gas 2.

Who Should Pay For Electric Car Charging Infrastructure?

Feb 6, 2016: Who should pay for electric car charging infrastructure? Utilities in California want their customers to pay. Is that fair? The post Who Should Pay For Electric Car Charging Infrastructure? appeared first on Gas 2.

NREL and BESC discovery explains higher biomass degrading activity of C. thermocellum; potential boon for cellulosic biofuels

Feb 6, 2016: Researchers at the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the BioEnergy Science Center (BESC) have discovered a new cell-free cellulosomal system in Clostridium thermocellum—the most efficient single biomass degrader characterized to date —that is not tethered to the...

Honda Offers Hybrid Odyssey Minivan – In Japan

Feb 6, 2016: Honda has a new plug-in hybrid Odyssey for the home market but no plans to bring it to the US. Automakers need to stop being afraid to sell plug-in cars. The post Honda Offers Hybrid Odyssey Minivan – In Japan appeared first on Gas 2.

Buckeye Bullet 3 Targets LSR This Summer

Feb 6, 2016: The Buckeye Bullet 3 will attempt to set a land speed record for a battery powered car at the Bonneville Salt Flats this year. The car has 3000 horsepower and an estimated top speed of 372 mph. The post Buckeye Bullet 3 Targets LSR This Summer appeared first on Gas 2.

DOE’s Office of Technology Transitions issues first call to launch new energy technologies from national laboratories to market

Feb 6, 2016: As part of a continued push to encourage energy innovation and commercialization, the US Department of Energy’s Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) issued its first solicitation for proposals that help bring advanced energy technologies to market. The office’s Technology Commercialization...

BMW Focusing on Hybrids for the Future of M Performance Vehicles

Feb 5, 2016: Hybrid vehicles don’t have to be fuel sippers, they can be performance vehicles, as well. And, BMW is banking on that assertion, as comments made by vice president for engineering Dirk Hacker suggest. BMW Blog reports that Hacker told AutoExpress this: “We will look at electrification – I think it could be inevitable – but […] The post BMW Focusing on Hybrids for the Future of M Performance Vehicles appeared first on

Electric Cars, Hybrids Stand Atop ‘Greenest Vehicles’ List

Feb 5, 2016: It’s not surprising that hybrids and electric cars would dominate any list of top “greenest” vehicles, and that’s the case with the annual Greenest Vehicles list as compiled by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The non-profit focuses on advocating on the behalf of energy policies, and it released its 2016 list of […] The post Electric Cars, Hybrids Stand Atop ‘Greenest Vehicles’ List appeared first on

Toyota Prius Super Bowl Ad Is…..Interesting?

Feb 5, 2016: The Toyota Prius Super Bowl ad campaign is called Heck on Wheels. Is it a slyly funny comment on society or just stupid? The post Toyota Prius Super Bowl Ad Is…..Interesting? appeared first on Gas 2.

€3.4M OmniSteer project seeks to increase urban maneuverability with highly-integrated lateral and transverse guidance systems for EVs

Feb 5, 2016: Automobile maneuverability is limited by cramped inner city conditions. Those who need to park their vehicles frequently—such as delivery services and mobile care providers—lose a lot of working time searching for and then getting into parking spaces. New chassis types...

Continental urea sensors for efficient SCR NOx aftertreatment in diesels; measuring level, quality and temperature

Feb 5, 2016: Continental has begun production of urea sensors for the first time to support more efficient exhaust-gas aftertreatment in diesel engines. The sensor measures the level, quality, and temperature of the aqueous urea solution in the “AdBlue” tank used in conjunction...

German team reconfigures Li-S battery for improved performance; new porous conductive separator coating

Feb 5, 2016: Researchers in Germany report significant improvement in specific capacity and cycling stability of “reconfigured” Li-S cells compared to a standard cell setup. At a constant charging rate of C/5, cells with their modified separator showed 2.5 times higher residual capacity...

Americans Watch As Honda Launches High-MPG Odyssey Hybrid Minivan in Japan

Feb 5, 2016: A month after Fiat-Chrysler announced America’s first plug-in hybrid minivan, long-time minivan leader Honda announced an Odyssey hybrid too – for its home market. Honda’s announcement this week is that today dealers across Japan will begin offering its Odyssey with a version of the Accord Hybrid’s powertrain alongside conventionally powered Odysseys. The new gas-electric variant comes […] The post Americans Watch As Honda Launches High-MPG Odyssey Hybrid Minivan in Japan appeared first on

HRL Laboratories achieves 1st demo of GaN CMOS FET technology

Feb 5, 2016: Researchers at HRL Laboratories, LLC, have achieved the first demonstration of gallium nitride (GaN) complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) field-effect-transistor (FET) technology. In doing so they have established that the semiconductor’s superior transistor performance can be harnessed in an integrated circuit. This...

U Toronto study measures GDI emissions in urban near-road environment

Feb 5, 2016: A study of emissions from gasoline direct injection (GDI) vehicles in an urban near-road environment in Toronto over a wide range of weather conditions (February 2014 to January 2015) found that—other than for NOx and CO—the GDI engines had elevated...

Hyundai Heavy introduces first Tier III-compliant high pressure SCR for 2-stroke marine engines

Feb 5, 2016: Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the world’s largest shipbuilder and a leading marine engine maker, has produced the first High Pressure Selective Catalytic Reduction (HP SCR) system for the significant reduction of NOx emission from 2-stroke marine engines. The HP SCR...

NREL patents method for continuous monitoring of materials during manufacturing; benefits for fuel cell components, semiconductor wafers

Feb 5, 2016: The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) was recently issued a patent for a novel method that rapidly characterizes specialized materials during the manufacturing process. This approach significantly improves on standard quality control techniques by allowing...

Study shows viability of RCCI in a two-stroke engine; higher efficiency than direct-injection spark ignition

Feb 5, 2016: A team at the Engine Research Center (ERC), University of Wisconsin-Madison has demonstrated the viability of reactivity-controlled compression ignition (RCCI) in a two-stroke engine. (Earlier post.) A paper on their work is published in Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical...

Researchers create graphene-like structure with transition metal atoms

Feb 5, 2016: An international group of physicists led by the University of Arkansas has created an artificial graphene-like structure with transition metal atoms in place of carbon atoms. The U of A-led group published its findings in Physical Review Letters. Graphene, discovered...

President Obama proposes 50% increase in spending on clean transportation, funded by $10/barrel tax on oil

Feb 5, 2016: President Obama has laid out a plan for building a “21st Century Clean Transportation System”, the investment for which would be funded by a new $10 per barrel fee on oil paid by oil companies, which would be gradually phased...

Toyota Superbowl Ad Teaser Shows Prius Is ‘Heck on Wheels’

Feb 5, 2016: Like it or not, Toyota’s pre-Superbowl ad for the 2016 Prius takes counterintuitive to a new level portraying itself as a ride of choice for tough guys, sort of. It does get your attention, and may induce more than a few rolled eyebrows as well, but if it makes the vehicle memorable, people get over […] The post Toyota Superbowl Ad Teaser Shows Prius Is ‘Heck on Wheels’ appeared first on

Study finds nanoparticle NMC material used in Li-ion batteries harms key soil bacterium

Feb 4, 2016: Nanoparticle nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC), an emerging material that is being rapidly incorporated into lithium-ion battery cathodes, has been shown to impair Shewanella oneidensis, a key soil bacterium, according to new research published in the ACS journal Chemistry of...

Why are these bicycling models not wearing helmets?

Feb 4, 2016: Because they have become an emotional battleground of "shouty strangers shouting at other shouty strangers"…

Change in magnesium alloy microstructure changes corrosion resistance and improves potential for transportation applications

Feb 4, 2016: Changing the microstructure in magnesium alloys improves their corrosion resistance, and so improves the possibilities for the transport sector to use these materials to decrease the weight of vehicles, according to work done by Mohsen Esmaily, researcher in Atmospheric Corrosion...

ANGP gets exclusive license to UTRC technology for conformable natural gas vehicle storage tanks

Feb 4, 2016: Adsorbed Natural Gas Products (ANGP) announced an exclusive licensing agreement with United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) allowing ANGP to use UTRC’s patent-pending technology—developed with support from DOE’s ARPA-E (earlier post)—to develop and produce the first commercially viable conformable adsorbent-based low...

New Flyer completes 1,150 mile in-service demonstration of the Xcelsior battery-electric bus for Miami-Dade Transit

Feb 4, 2016: New Flyer of America, a subsidiary of New Flyer Industries, the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses and motor coaches in the United States and Canada, has completed a two-week in-service demonstration with Miami-Dade Transit of the New Flyer Xcelsior...

Connected Energy and Renault to collaborate on energy storage and EV charging technology; second-life batteries in E-STOR

Feb 4, 2016: Renault and distributed energy storage company Connected Energy are partnering to develop sustainable and efficient ways of using electric vehicle batteries at the end of their useable in-vehicle life in order to supply innovative and more affordable vehicle charging solutions....

Berkeley team develops host-guest nanowires for efficient water splitting and solar energy storage

Feb 4, 2016: Although metal oxides that absorb visible light are attractive for use as photoanodes in photoelectrosynthetic cells, their performance is often limited by poor charge carrier transport. Researchers from UC Berkeley and colleagues have now addressed this issue by using separate...

Honda to begin sales of hybrid Odyssey minivan in Japan on Friday

Feb 4, 2016: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will begin sales of an affordably-priced hybrid version as well as the newly refreshed gasoline-powered version of the Honda Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute premium minivans on Friday, 5 February, at dealerships across Japan. (Earlier post.) The...

Albemarle granted permit to increase lithium brine extraction rates in Chile; MOU for 27-year lithium quota

Feb 4, 2016: Albemarle Corporation, a premier specialty chemicals company and leader in the production of lithium and lithium derivatives, has been granted approval by the Environmental Assessment Commission (CEA) of the Antofagasta Region to increase its currently authorized lithium brine extraction rate...

New German ecoPtG project seeks to make power-to-gas commercially viable with help of automotive technology

Feb 4, 2016: In collaboration with engineering partner IAV, the Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg, ZSW); the Reiner Lemoine Institut (RLI); and Wasserelektrolyse Hydrotechnik (HT) are researching cost-effective methods of producing hydrogen with the...

News of Cadillac ELR’s Eventual Cancellation Circulates, Again

Feb 4, 2016: Poor Cadillac, its extended-range electric ELR only introduced in 2014 was again reported this week as to-be-canceled and it’s only now just enjoying an early mid-cycle refresh. The news this week nearly duplicating the gist a story run last April is that Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen “confirmed” on Monday the car will get the […] The post News of Cadillac ELR’s Eventual Cancellation Circulates, Again appeared first on

Elon Musk Cancels Model X Order For ‘Super Rude’ Customer

Feb 3, 2016: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has denied service to a customer for being “super rude.” U.S. venture capitalist Stewart Alsop wrote a post stating that Musk canceled his Model X pre-order following a phone conversation. It appears the phone conversation was in response to another post Alsop had written, where he complained about a delay in […] The post Elon Musk Cancels Model X Order For ‘Super Rude’ Customer appeared first on