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Aug 03, 2015

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Arctan — Stanford University’s Next Solar Car

Aug 3, 2015: Originally published on EV Obsession. While solar cars are still more oddity than practical vehicle, it’s still nice to see some of the improvements made to various prototype vehicles over the last few years. Much of these improvements seem to relate the desire to win the various solar car races out there. Who can resist [&hellip The post Arctan — Stanford University’s Next Solar Car appeared first on Gas 2.

Mercedes-AMG To Go Hybrid by 2020

Aug 3, 2015: Mercedes-AMG models will have hybrid powertrains by the end of the decade. According to the German automaker’s head of research and development, Thomas Weber, hybrid AMG performance cars could be on sale by 2020 due to increasing pressure on the performance sub-brand to reduce CO2 output of its model lineup. Currently, Mercedes offers a few […] The post Mercedes-AMG To Go Hybrid by 2020 appeared first on

EV Infographic With Ton Of Interesting Stats

Aug 2, 2015: I’m fairly turned off to infographics these days, as many are simply a lot of colors and squiggly lines with little substance. However, some really good ones come across my desk from time to time. Thanks to a good friend, Amber Archangel, I’ve got a great one to share. The infographic was created for Car Leasing Made [&hellip The post EV Infographic With Ton Of Interesting Stats appeared first on Gas 2.

OSU team develops new aqueous lithium-iodine solar flow battery; 20% energy savings over Li-I batteries

Aug 2, 2015: After debuting the first solar air battery—a photo-assisted charging Li-O2 battery—last fall (earlier post), researchers at The Ohio State University led by Professor Yiying Wu have now developed a new system combining a solar cell and a battery into a...

Gas2 Exclusive Interview: SunEdison & NASCAR Launch Hi-Tech Solar Partnership

Aug 2, 2015: SunEdison becomes first NASCAR official Solar Energy Partner, hopes to engage entire stock car racing supply chain in renewable energy The post Gas2 Exclusive Interview: SunEdison & NASCAR Launch Hi-Tech Solar Partnership appeared first on Gas 2.

Top 20 Gas2 Stories In July

Aug 2, 2015: If you don’t obsessively read every single Gas2 article… something’s wrong with you! Actually, probably not. In fact, there’s probably a higher likelihood that you are a sane person. Nonetheless, if you skip stories here or there, take a look at our top 20 stories from July and make sure you didn’t miss any gems. [&hellip The post Top 20 Gas2 Stories In July appeared first on Gas 2.

2015 Toyota Auris — 3rd Date

Aug 2, 2015: Wondering what I discovered on my 2nd and 3rd dates with the 2015 Toyota Auris? I didn’t think so, but I’m going to tell you anyway, and I do have some good and “interesting” surprises. One very cool thing I discovered when I got into the car and started fooling around was that there was an [&hellip The post 2015 Toyota Auris — 3rd Date appeared first on Gas 2.

DOE to award up to $80M to two advanced nuclear reactor projects

Aug 1, 2015: The US Department of Energy (DOE) issued a funding opportunity announcement (DE-FOA-0001313) to support the research, development, and demonstration of advanced nuclear reactor concepts. The announcement represents an early step in increasing investment in nuclear advanced reactor technologies, the DOE...

Renewable Energy Group to acquire Imperium Renewables

Aug 1, 2015: Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG) will acquire substantially all the assets of Imperium Renewables, Inc., including a 100-million gallon nameplate capacity biomass-based diesel refinery and deepwater port terminal at the Port of Grays Harbor, Washington. (Earlier post.) Under the terms...

Volkswagen Group selects LG as FAST partner for high-voltage batteries

Aug 1, 2015: The Volkswagen Group nominated the first 44 suppliers who will be collaborating with the Group on a new common strategic level under the joint FAST initiative. Among the 44 is LG Electronics for the supply of high-voltage batteries. (Earlier post.)...

Researchers Boost Wireless Charging Efficiency With Magnetic Field Enhancement

Aug 1, 2015: Researchers at North Carolina State University in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University have shown that passing wireless power transfer through a magnetic resonance field enhancer (MRFE) increases efficiency by at least 100% as compared to air alone. The MRFE can be something as simple as a copper loop and has the potential to boost efficiency by 5,000% in [&hellip The post Researchers Boost Wireless Charging Efficiency With Magnetic Field Enhancement appeared first on Gas 2.

Tesla Model X Spotted Hauling A Trailer

Aug 1, 2015: We’ve got more spy shots! In the latest two, via Teslarati, you can see a Tesla Model X mule/release candidate hauling a big trailer (presumably with weights in it) while hauling ass. Check ’em out: It’s been said before, but in case you missed that, Model X towing capacity is supposed to be close to [&hellip The post Tesla Model X Spotted Hauling A Trailer appeared first on Gas 2.

Teslas are about to start driving themselves on the highway, Elon Musk says on Twitter

Jul 31, 2015: A new software update that will enable some 'autopilot' features is almost ready.

Aeristech launches new 48V electric supercharger

Jul 31, 2015: UK-based Aeristech has introduced a new 48V electric supercharger capable of continuous operation at high boost levels. Independently validated by Ricardo and MAHLE Powertrain UK, the technology provides greater efficiency and easier packaging than a mechanical supercharger or a two-stage...

Daimler wraps up eMERGE EV 2-year fleet trial, launches larger eMERGE2 with EVs and PHEVs

Jul 31, 2015: Daimler reports that the two-year eMERGE real-world trial of 146 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles has been completed. Those taking part in the project were private and business customers in Berlin, Potsdam and North Rhine-Westphalia. The lowest average energy consumption...

Tesla CPO Program Study Comes To Interesting Findings

Jul 31, 2015: Edmunds has conducted a little study of Tesla’s certified pre-owned (CPO) program and has come up with some interesting findings. Edmunds looked at registration data for 1,600+ Tesla already bought through the program. The general story is that these are different buyers than buyers of new Teslas. (Who would’ve guessed?) The buyers are younger, less wealthy, [&hellip The post Tesla CPO Program Study Comes To Interesting Findings appeared first on Gas 2.

Australia Losing Millions ($$$) From Slow Electric Car Transition

Jul 31, 2015: A new report has found that Australia is set to lose about $350 million over the next 20 years from not having many incentives stimulating a faster shift to electric cars. Currently, just about 1,000 electric cars are driving the road in Australia (or 0.01% of the market), and policymakers aren’t doing much to speed [&hellip The post Australia Losing Millions ($$$) From Slow Electric Car Transition appeared first on Gas 2.

General Motors’ Onstar Had Hacking Vulnerability

Jul 31, 2015: One hacker claims he has a device that can take over any GM vehicle equipped with OnStar. Samy Kamkar calls his device OwnStar and built it for around $100 and allows the hacker to lock, unlock and start the car. Unlike the recent Jeep Cherokee and Uconnect hack, which was done wirelessly and remotely, OwnStar […] The post General Motors’ Onstar Had Hacking Vulnerability appeared first on

EU Sends €€€ To Netherlands For EV Charging

Jul 31, 2015: As if Dutch leadership with EV incentives, EV charging, and EV sales wasn’t enough, the Netherlands just got another boost. The European Commission is set on giving the Netherlands nearly €33 million for EV charging infrastructure across the country. The funding comes from the EU’s “Green Deal” program. The program is to supplement local government and private support [&hellip The post EU Sends €€€ To Netherlands For EV Charging appeared first on Gas 2.

Delphi acquires Ottomatika and invests in Quanergy to boost automated driving and ADAS capabilities

Jul 31, 2015: To enhance its leading active safety and automated driving capabilities, Delphi has acquired software company Ottomatika, and has made a strategic investment in 3D LiDAR sensing leader, Quanergy. These strategic moves strengthen Delphi’s advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) applications and...

Skeleton introduces 24V ultracap Engine Start Module for trucks

Jul 31, 2015: European manufacturer Skeleton Technologies announced the availability of a new 24V Engine Start Module (SkelStart ESM), which uses high-performance ultracapacitor technology to ensure engine start at any time, in any conditions. The SkelStart ESM is designed in a form factor...

ARPA-E to award $14.5M to 5 projects to reduce energy use for transportation

Jul 31, 2015: The Energy Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) announced $14.5 million in funding for five projects in ARPA-E’s newest program, the Traveler Response Architecture using Novel Signaling for Network Efficiency in Transportation (TRANSNET). Many travelers’ and commuters’ transportation choices waste...

ON Semiconductor introduces series of advanced image co-processors for next-gen automotive cameras

Jul 31, 2015: ON Semiconductor has introduced a new series of image co-processors to enable high dynamic range (HDR) 1080p automotive camera systems. Designed to work in conjunction with the company’s high performance 2 megapixel (MP) and 1.2 MP image sensor devices, the...

Obama orders creation of National Strategic Computing Initiative; delivering exascale computing

Jul 31, 2015: President Obama issued an Executive Order establishing the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI). The NSCI is a whole-of-government effort designed to create a cohesive, multi-agency strategic vision and Federal investment strategy, executed in collaboration with industry and academia, to maximize...

Diesel Costs Less Than Gas In More Than 20 States

Jul 31, 2015: Diesel fuel prices are at their lowest levels since 2009. According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, diesel fuel was cheaper than gasoline in 21 states while being significantly cheaper than Midgrade and Premium gasoline. In fact, in the state of California, diesel is 70 cents cheaper per gallon than Regular gasoline. If you’ve been […] The post Diesel Costs Less Than Gas In More Than 20 States appeared first on

Countdown: Eight Months To Tesla Model 3 Release Date

Jul 30, 2015: The Tesla Model 3 may be the most anticipated electric car on the horizon and as people search for news, a few tidbits of new and seemingly new information surfaced last week. Some of it appears to be conjecture, but Autocar, a widely read publication in the UK last Thursday authoritatively stated the Model 3 […] The post Countdown: Eight Months To Tesla Model 3 Release Date appeared first on

Tesla's gigantic factory in California shot in glorious 4K video by a drone

Jul 30, 2015: One of the largest buildings on Earth is now dedicated to making electric cars.

Delphi invests in Tula; Dynamic Skip Fire cylinder deactivation

Jul 30, 2015: Delphi has made a minority investment in Tula Technology, the developer of Dynamic Skip Fire cylinder deactivation technology. (Earlier post.) The software-enabled powertrain technology integrates advanced digital signal processing with advanced powertrain controls to create a variable displacement engine. DSF...

Refer 10 New Tesla Buyers, Get a Free Model X

Jul 30, 2015: Tesla is starting a new referral program that will encourage people to refer new car buyers to the brand with a chance to get a free Model X. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, explained the new discount strategy yesterday during an earnings call yesterday afternoon. Simply put, current Model S owners can refer new […] The post Refer 10 New Tesla Buyers, Get a Free Model X appeared first on

Elon Musk Signs Letter Urging Military To Cancel Artificial Intelligence Robots

Jul 30, 2015: Just as consumers are eagerly hoping for driverless cars, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and hundreds of others are urging military researchers to be careful what they wish for. Not quite predicting the day that Skynet becomes self aware, Musk, and others including Stephen Hawking are urging them to cease development of autonomous artificial intelligence weapons. […] The post Elon Musk Signs Letter Urging Military To Cancel Artificial Intelligence Robots appeared first on

First pump sales of Gevo isobutanol-blended gasoline in US at Express Lube Service Station in Texas

Jul 30, 2015: Gevo, Inc. announced that Express Lube of Fredericksburg, Texas, is the first US service station to sell gasoline blended with Gevo’s renewable isobutanol at the pump. Gevo anticipates this to be the first of many retail locations to offer the...

BYD and Alexander Dennis partner on new $30M deal for single-deck electric buses in London

Jul 30, 2015: BYD Company Ltd. and Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL), Europe’s fastest growing bus and coach builder, have formed a new alliance and confirmed a £19-million (US$30-million) deal that will see the introduction of London’s first large-scale, zero-emission, single deck bus fleet....

Audi C-BEV Concept To Be Shown In Frankfurt Prior To Q6 EV

Jul 30, 2015: The Audi C-BEV concept will debut in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, likely previewing the upcoming Q6 electric crossover. Renderings of the Audi C-BEV concept made an early appearance on the Internet today, revealing what will likely be the recently rumored 2019 Audi Q6 aimed to take on the Tesla Model X electric crossover. […] The post Audi C-BEV Concept To Be Shown In Frankfurt Prior To Q6 EV appeared first on

ICCT study assesses EV promotion and uptake in top 25 metropolitan areas in US

Jul 30, 2015: A new study by a team at the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has found that the top metropolitan markets in the US for electric vehicles tend to be characterized by a combination of relatively progressive promotional activities; more...

Canada aligns Tier 3 regulations with US

Jul 30, 2015: Canada has aligned new vehicle and fuel standards with the United States to cut air pollution from on-road vehicles. Canada’s Tier 3 regulations will introduce more stringent air pollutant emission standards for new passenger cars, light-duty trucks and certain heavy-duty...

Bosch, Toyota and startups join CalCharge energy storage effort

Jul 30, 2015: CalCharge, a California initiative designed to accelerate breakthrough energy storage technologies, welcomed six new member companies, including Bosch and Toyota Motor Corporation. The newly announced charter members, Bosch and Toyota, along with general members Blue Current, Ensor, EnZinc and ITN...

Researchers engineer first low-methane-emission, high-starch rice; benefits for GHG control, food and bioenergy

Jul 30, 2015: Rice—the staple food for more than half of the world’s population—is one of the largest manmade sources of atmospheric methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Now, however, with the addition of a single gene from barley (SUSIBA2), a team of researchers...

Brazil’s UNICA opposes EPA’s proposed RFS changes; says sugarcane ethanol can meet volume requirements

Jul 30, 2015: UNICA, the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, this week submitted formal comments to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opposing the agency’s proposed reductions (relative to the volumes originally specified) to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) volume targets for 2014, 2015...

Caterpillar ending collaboration with Navistar on vocational trucks; bringing design and production in-house

Jul 30, 2015: Caterpillar Inc. will begin independently designing and manufacturing its vocational truck product family at its plant in Victoria, Texas. The plant, which opened in 2012, currently produces hydraulic excavators. Caterpillar launched its first vocational truck, the CT660, in the North...

Forecast: marine hybrid propulsion market to reach $4.5B by 2022

Jul 30, 2015: A market study recently published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) projected that revenue from the global marine hybrid propulsion market will rise from US$2.24 billion in 2013 to US$4.46 billion in 2022—an 8.02% CAGR. The research report, titled “Marine Hybrid...

Texas-Based Company Giving Away 10 New Teslas

Jul 30, 2015: Never mind that Texas is in a stand-off with Tesla over rights to open stores, Stream is bringing 10 new Model S sedans to its Dallas headquarters to give away for free. The company, a “provider of services for the connected home, including Energy Services, Mobile Services and Protective Services,” will do the honors this […] The post Texas-Based Company Giving Away 10 New Teslas appeared first on

Momentum Dynamics Says Wireless Electric Car Charging Is Ready Now

Jul 29, 2015: Imagine being able to wirelessly recharge an electric car in less than one hour instead of plugging in and waiting 4-7 hours or longer. Far off future fiction? No fact today, and something Momentum Dynamics has working in prototype form as it quietly works with companies intent on incorporating inductive charging technology into passenger cars […] The post Momentum Dynamics Says Wireless Electric Car Charging Is Ready Now appeared first on

Volkswagen MY2016: high-end driver assistance moves throughout the lineup; next-gen MIB II infotainment system

Jul 29, 2015: For the 2016 model year, Volkswagen is offering a number of advanced driver assistance (ADAS) features that were only previously available on the premium Touareg SUV, and is also adding some new ones that democratize driver assistance for the compact...

Average Age For Cars in US Increases To 11.5 Years

Jul 29, 2015: The average vehicle on U.S. roads is roughly 11.5 years old. That means that the average car driving beside you was bought brand new in 2004 (like the 2004 Civic, seen below). According to IHS Automotive, overall vehicle registrations have grown by 2 percent compared to last year, and now sit at a record 257.9 […] The post Average Age For Cars in US Increases To 11.5 Years appeared first on

IHS: average age of light vehicles in US rises slightly in 2015 to 11.5 years; length of new vehicle ownership hits record high

Jul 29, 2015: The combined average age of all light vehicles on the road in the US has climbed slightly to 11.5 years, based on a snapshot of vehicles in operation (VIO) taken 1 January 2015, according to IHS Automotive. Registrations for light...

Global Bioenergies bio-isobutene process hits 70% of commercial yield at R&D scale

Jul 29, 2015: Global Bioenergies announced that its bio-isobutene process has reached 70% of the commercial yield at R&D scale. The targeted commercial yield is 3.84 tons of low-cost, industrial-grade sugar for 1 ton of high-purity high-value bio-isobutene. This is a huge milestone....

GM OnStar tops 1 billion customer interactions

Jul 29, 2015: GM OnStar has fielded more than 1 billion requests from customers, who interact by phone, mobile app or embedded cellular service in their cars and trucks. Launched nearly 19 years ago as an industry-first service that would place a call...

Ricardo officially opens new Vehicle Emissions Research Center

Jul 29, 2015: Ricardo formally opened its new £10-million (US$15.6-million) Ricardo Vehicle Emissions Research Center (VERC) as part of the company’s centenary celebrations at its world headquarters in Shoreham-by-Sea, UK. The new Ricardo VERC is designed to accommodate the development requirements of the...

Qualcomm and BRUSA sign commercial wireless electric vehicle charging license agreement

Jul 29, 2015: BRUSA Elektronik AG, an automotive Tier 1 power electronics supplier, has licensed Qualcomm Incorporated’s Halo (earlier post) patented inventions to commercialize Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) systems for Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EVs). Under the terms of the agreement,...

UPS announces renewable diesel agreements with Neste, REG and Solazyme; up to 46M gallons over next 3 years

Jul 29, 2015: UPS announced agreements for up to 46 million gallons of renewable diesel over the next three years, constituting a 15-fold increase over prior contracts and making UPS one of the largest users of renewable diesel in the world. Neste, Renewable...