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Nov 26, 2020

Solar Energy

ESW Beauty makes eco-friendly sheet masks your skin will love

Nov 26, 2020: Few people would argue that the convenience and skincare benefits of sheet masks outweigh the environmental harm and extra waste these products create. Offering a solution to this puzzling problem, ESW Beauty’s Raw Juice Cleanse Sheet Masks will help your skin without harming the environment.

Inspiring mud-and-bamboo Anandaloy Building uplifts a Bangladeshi community

Nov 26, 2020: This unconventional project combines sustainable construction and social development to catalyze local development in rural Bangladesh.

Fiat 500 3+1 electric vehicle gets a fresh redesign

Nov 26, 2020: The Fiat 500 3+1 electric car is designed to attract customers who want a smart, sustainable ride that blends style and functionality.

Fram Museum extension is dedicated to environmental education

Nov 25, 2020: The building follows the architects' vision "that architecture exemplifies how we care for our environment."…

Denmark's top fur cooperative is closing

Nov 25, 2020: While animal-lovers may rejoice at the end of Kopenhagen Fur, it comes after the culling of 17 million mink.

New eco-friendly, decomposing construction foam unveiled

Nov 25, 2020: Researchers have come up with a new, more eco-friendly and effective form of building insulation material. The new material was developed due to the shortcomings of the traditional polyurethane-based foam insulators.

The Ocean Cleanup launches sunglasses made from ocean plastic

Nov 25, 2020: Profits from the sunglasses go toward the organization's cleanup efforts in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Arplan envisions a new, green City Oasis for Latvia

Nov 25, 2020: City Oasis is expected to serve as an example of sustainable urban planning for the future.

Reused teak and earthy stone make up a luxury Goan home with canal views

Nov 24, 2020: This luxury home makes the most of its lush, tropical surroundings.

Climate change is leading to increased winter drownings

Nov 24, 2020: Skating, ice fishing, and other survival and recreational activities are becoming more dangerous as rising temperatures lead to weaker ice.

New global bee map gives scientists a conservation baseline

Nov 24, 2020: A new, global bee map is tracking the more than 20,000 bee species on Earth to help aid in their conservation.

MVRDV unveils sustainable Chengdu Sky Valley masterplan

Nov 24, 2020: Sky Valley will promote self-sufficient lifestyles.

A lakeside, prefab home in Quebec aims for LEED Gold

Nov 24, 2020: See how an architect turns the site of a humble country home into a beacon of sustainability that shines LEED Gold.

Submit your vegan recipes to win this sustainable chef's kit!

Nov 23, 2020: Share your original vegan holiday recipes with Inhabitat for a chance to win an air fryer, bamboo cutting boards, a knife set and Stasher bags!

The top 10 houseplants of 2020 and what's trending for 2021

Nov 23, 2020: With so many people staying at home because of coronavirus, plants are becoming a popular and easy way to spruce up interior spaces, balconies, porches and outdoor living areas. But which plants are most popular? Research from Flowercard reveals 2020's trendiest houseplants and what to expect in 2021.

Engineering student turns food waste into renewable energy

Nov 23, 2020: What if those old carrots you never got around to eating could be a renewable energy source?

A geometric double roof promotes natural cooling at this Tropical Chalet

Nov 23, 2020: This four-bedroom villa relies on perforated brick for natural ventilation while remaining protected from the elements.

Researchers overcome barriers for bio-inspired solar energy harvesting materials

Nov 23, 2020: Inspired by nature, researchers can demonstrate a synthetic strategy to stabilize bio-inspired solar energy harvesting materials. Their findings could be a significant breakthrough in functionalizing molecular assemblies for future solar energy conversion technologies.

Nwa, the design for a self-sustaining city on Mars

Nov 23, 2020: As part of scientific work for a competition organized by the Mars Society, an American non-profit dedicated to exploring the Red Planet, architecture firm Abiboo has unveiled design concepts for a sustainable city on Mars. The project, called Nüwa, ranked as a finalist among 175 projects submitted from around the world for the 2020 competition.

Indonesian eco village features rammed earth domes and ocean views

Nov 20, 2020: Dome Lombok enjoys stunning ocean views, permaculture gardens, a farm-to-table restaurant, an organic juice bar, an outdoor cinema and a swimming pool.

NOAA report shows climate change is killing Floridas coral reefs

Nov 20, 2020: The report shows that most corals are dying because of climate change and its effects.

1% of global population causes 50% of all carbon pollution emitted by the aviation industry

Nov 20, 2020: Only 1% of people cause half of all aviation pollution globally. Super emitters pollute the environment at the expense of millions of people who do not fly.

Renowned landscape architects unveil designs to save the Tidal Basin

Nov 20, 2020: The National Mall Tidal Basin is under threat from daily flooding. Experts are reimagining this iconic, beloved space for the future.

Architects turn waste into trendy glamping shelters in Rotterdam

Nov 20, 2020: Sleep in a dumpster or a tiny home made of trash at Culture Campsite.

GMC unveils electric Hummer for 2022

Nov 19, 2020: The 2022 Hummer EV will include several features that are brand-new to the GMC lineup of electric vehicles.

Flea treatments are poisoning Englands rivers

Nov 19, 2020: The chemicals in flea treatments are killing bugs they were never meant to encounter. “Fipronil is one of the most commonly used flea products and recent studies have shown it degrades to compounds that are more toxic to most insects than fipronil itself,” said Rosemary...

Green hydrogen: Buoyancy-driven convection in the electrolyte

Nov 19, 2020: Hydrogen produced by using solar energy could contribute to a climate neutral energy system of the future. But there are hurdles on the way from laboratory scale to large-scale implementation. A team has now presented a method to visualize convection in the electrolyte and to reliably simulate it in advance with a multiphysics model.

Plastic waste incineration skyrockets carbon emission rates

Nov 19, 2020: For the U.K., burning plastic stands in the way of goals to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2050. An open letter by to the prime minister encourages change.

Old bathhouses get new life via NPS adaptive reuse program

Nov 19, 2020: The 9,000-square-foot Superior Bathhouse finds new life as a restaurant, event space and the world's first microbrewery to use hot spring water for brewing beer. This project represents one of the success stories revitalizing both the town of Hot Springs and the overlapping national park.

Solar One Statement on the 2020 Election

Nov 19, 2020: It seemed like it would go on forever, but the 2020 U.S. election is finally over. However the work of restoring and repairing our democracy for the future is just beginning. Many of us had hoped for a more decisive end to the division that……

Niraamaya Retreat honors traditional design with local materials

Nov 19, 2020: This resort is a haven for wellness and rejuvenation.

Eight Ways to Make Drinking Wine More Eco-Friendly

Nov 19, 2020: The post Eight Ways to Make Drinking Wine More Eco-Friendly appeared first on Sustainablog. Thinking about opening a bottle of vino for Earth Day? Here are some great tips for making sure that the wine you choose also has a light impact on the planet. The post Eight Ways to Make Drinking Wine More Eco-Friendly appeared first on Sustainablog.

Architect designs his own breezy, plant-filled home in Los Angeles

Nov 18, 2020: Several additional green design elements, including a Tesla Powerwall and solar panels, further reduce the home's carbon footprint.

System can sterilize medical tools using solar heat

Nov 18, 2020: Autoclaves, which are used to sterilize medical tools, require a steady supply of hot, pressurized steam. Researchers have come up with a way to generate that steam passively, using just the power of sunlight, to help maintain safe, sterile equipment at low cost in remote locations.

Permaculture design expert Matthew Prosser builds a family dome home

Nov 18, 2020: A dome home in Turkey uses natural materials and passive design elements for a simple, affordable and sustainable profile.

Chic geothermal-powered home embraces indoor-outdoor living

Nov 18, 2020: Dutch design studios Bedaux de Brouwer and i29 have blurred the boundaries between indoors and out at Outside In, an aptly named 400-square-meter villa for a family of four. Completed in September 2020, the luxury home makes a verdant green patio the heart of its living area and features expansive glazing all around to take in views of the surrounding garden.

Affordable senior housing gets a climate-responsive upgrade in California

Nov 17, 2020: To stay within a tight budget, the architects employed sustainable, low-tech strategies.

Bacardi announces new biodegradable bottles

Nov 17, 2020: Bacardi is bringing some good cheer to this rough year.

Prime Roots offers ready-made, plant-based holiday meals

Nov 17, 2020: Prime Roots is offering veganized Thanksgiving favorites, including garlicky mashed potatoes, balsamic and bacon Brussels sprouts and, of course, turkey.

Zero-emission airport concept wins 2020 Fentress Global Challenge

Nov 17, 2020: The winning design features a zero-emission, air-purifying airport not for planes, but for flying cars.

Brussels train station transformed into wooden shopping and event center

Nov 17, 2020: The Gare Maritime railway station in Brussels has seen a huge transformation. The building, formerly one of Europe's largest railway stations for goods, has been renovated into a new city district shopping and event development made of cross-laminated timber.

This nature center proves zero-energy is possible even in wintry Minnesota

Nov 16, 2020: Environmental stewardship comes alive in spectacular fashion at the new Westwood Hills Nature Center.

Tristan da Cunha establishes a massive marine protected area

Nov 16, 2020: This small, British overseas territory of just 250 people has created the world's fourth-largest marine protected area.

High carbon emissions predicted for Black Friday

Nov 16, 2020: Black Friday emissions are expected to equal carbon emissions from over 400 long flights.

Jules Ferry School is a model for a sustainable learning environment

Nov 16, 2020: A school in France is showing the world how to use eco-friendly design to create much more than buildings.

Solar cells: Mapping the landscape of Caesium based inorganic halide perovskites

Nov 16, 2020: Scientists have printed and explored different compositions of caesium based halide perovskites. In a temperature range between room temperature and 300 Celsius, they observe structural phase transitions influencing the electronic properties. The study provides a quick and easy method to assess new compositions of perovskite materials in order to identify candidates for applications in thin film solar cells and optoelectronic devices.

Redress winner launches puffer jacket made of upcycled materials

Nov 16, 2020: This unique puffer jacket makes use of textile waste.

Architects envision a lush, solar-powered oasis to cool Abu Dhabi

Nov 13, 2020: Oasys is a winning conceptual design to help 'Cool Abu Dhabi'.

Will gene editing and cloning create super cows that resist global warming?

Nov 13, 2020: Livestock emit about 14.5% of all greenhouse gases, and now their gassy ways are coming back to haunt them.

New green materials could power smart devices using ambient light

Nov 13, 2020: Researchers have developed environmentally friendly materials that could harvest enough energy from indoor light to power wireless smart devices.