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Jan 22, 2021

Environment & Sustainability

How the Sunrise Movement is changing the climate activism game

Jan 21, 2021: The Sunrise Movement represents a growing force that encourages all citizens to work towards better balance for the planet at an individual, governmental or corporate level.

Reindeer herders in Norway take a wind farm to court

Jan 21, 2021: Reindeer herders of the Sámi Indigenous community have moved to a court of appeals in Norway to challenge a proposed wind power project.

Student inspires Miami-Dade County Public Schools to shift to electric buses

Jan 21, 2021: Holly Thorpe, a middle school student at Miami-Dade County Public Schools, has pushed the school district to shift from diesel-powered buses to electric buses.

MIA Architecture's office blends into the landscape with a mirrored facade

Jan 21, 2021: If ever there is a building type to emphasize dynamic appeal and make a statement, it should belong to an architectural firm.

House of Childhood is a daycare that emphasizes energy efficiency

Jan 20, 2021: Translated House of Childhood, the building was designed by Tectoniques Agency and is functional, inviting, striking and environmentally friendly.

Federal court dismisses Trump's rollback on regulating carbon emissions

Jan 20, 2021: A federal court has turned down the Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to lessen carbon emission regulations for coal plants.

Gothenburg, Sweden develops world's first zero-emissions zone

Jan 20, 2021: The Swedish city of Gothenburg is developing the world's first large-scale zero-emissions city zone. In collaboration with Volvo Cars, Gothenburg's Green City Zone initiative will be open to economic activities, allowing people to participate in businesses while supporting a sustainable environment.

Former prison site to transform into green mixed-use district

Jan 20, 2021: In the Copenhagen suburb of Albertslund, the former Vridsløselille prison site will take on new life as an attractive mixed-use district with a strong emphasis on nature. The development plan for the 160,000-square-meter district will combine the design proposal by Danish architectural firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and landscape architects BOGL with the scheme put forth by COBE Architects.

Need a bike helmet? 'Grow It Yourself' with mycelium

Jan 20, 2021: Tired of replacing all those plastic bike helmets? Now, there's a more sustainable option. The 100% compostable Grow It Yourself Helmet is made from mycelium.

The Mountain tiny home comes with a skylit cedar shower

Jan 19, 2021: Designed and built by CoMak Tiny Homes in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this tiny home on wheels packs a ton of cool features into a pretty small package.

Biden expected to cancel Keystone XL project on first day in office

Jan 19, 2021: Sources close to the US. President-elect Joe Biden indicate that the President plans to cancel the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline project.

US solar panels may be partially produced via slave labor

Jan 19, 2021: The production of polysilicon and other solar panel parts in Xinjiang is suspected to be through slave labor. Will the US stop importing these problematic parts?

A new LEED Gold civic center will reinvigorate downtown Long Beach

Jan 19, 2021: Long Beach Civic Center Master Plan redesigns the downtown area into a vibrant, mixed-use district with multiple LEED-certified structures.

Could contraception for pigeons be a humane option for population control?

Jan 19, 2021: To get rid of pigeons, people typically trap, shoot or poison them. OvoControl is trying long-term birth control instead.

5 Tips for Finding Reliable Contractors for Your Home Renovation

Jan 19, 2021: If you’re planning on doing a home renovation, you want to make sure that you hire only reliable contractors. If you hire the wrong contractor, you could end up with... The post 5 Tips for Finding Reliable Contractors for Your Home Renovation appeared first on About My Planet.

The Wzai 2.0 smart plant can give anyone a green thumb

Jan 18, 2021: Have you ever found yourself with a struggling houseplant, demanding to know why it won't thrive? Let the Wázai 2.0, the world's smartest bonsai, turn you into a master home gardener.

Seagrass purges 900M plastic bits from the Mediterranean yearly

Jan 18, 2021: A new study has found "Neptune Balls" full of plastic that wash ashore are the product of seagrass, which collects and purges plastic pollution from the water.

Cobalt-free batteries will make EVs more affordable

Jan 18, 2021: If the high price tag is all that stands between you and your dream Tesla, you might be able to afford one in a few years thanks to cobalt-free batteries.

This green-roofed cabin is made from local cedar and glass

Jan 18, 2021: Made from sustainable building materials, the Bowen Island House maintains deep connections to nature while minimizing environmental impact.

Dolmen Shelter renderings imagine stone-shaped guest rooms

Jan 18, 2021: Sibling team Davit and Mary Jilavyan have imagined a boutique hotel with stone-shaped guest rooms partially inspired by their housing complex in Moscow. The project, known as Dolmen Shelter, is a fictional rendering that the duo hopes to someday see brought to fruition by their friends in the building industry. x Mylea Better Shoes are made from mushroom leather

Jan 15, 2021: As the fashion world looks for alternatives to plastic and leather, mycelium is rising to the top of the material supply chain.

Trump administration opens 3.4M acres of owl habitat to loggers

Jan 15, 2021: More than 3 million acres of land, formerly protected habitat for threatened owls, have been opened to loggers.

Former Michigan governor charged for role in Flint water crisis

Jan 15, 2021: Seven years after the infamous Flint, Michigan water crisis, former governor Rick Snyder was charged Wednesday for his part in the environmental disaster.

A micro-house offers a formerly homeless resident both privacy and connection

Jan 15, 2021: In working closely with the client, the architects crafted a home that respected her desires for privacy without compromising a sense of community.

Stefano Boeri Architetti designs prefab COVID-19 vaccination centers for Italy

Jan 15, 2021: All aspects of the project, which was completed free of charge, are united by a floral logo of a pink primrose and the motto “With a flower, Italy comes back to life.”…

Victor Restis Says More Sustainable Practices in International Shipping and Trade Are Long Due

Jan 15, 2021: I believe that global pandemics –COVID-19 for example – is proof that we need to be mindful of how industry and commerce interact with our natural environment and its resources.... The post Victor Restis Says More Sustainable Practices in International Shipping and Trade Are Long Due appeared first on About My Planet.


Jan 15, 2021: When it comes to setting up your own business, you may understandably be eyeing a larger city. Although that may come with more competition, it may also come with more... The post BRIAN FERDINAND: YOU SHOULD START YOUR BUSINESS IN NEW YORK CITY, AND HERE’S WHY appeared first on About My Planet.

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency – How Do Debt Collection Agencies Work?

Jan 15, 2021: If you are in debt and you have missed your payments multiple times then it is likely that you are going to start getting calls from debt collection agencies. When... The post Brennan & Clark Collection Agency – How Do Debt Collection Agencies Work? appeared first on About My Planet.

Arie Eric de Jong – Why Kanye West Will Be Remembered As One Of the Great Artists

Jan 15, 2021: When we talk about greats in the hip-hop world, the likes of Biggie and Pac, Jay-Z, Nas and Eminem, we are more often than not talking about their ability to... The post Arie Eric de Jong – Why Kanye West Will Be Remembered As One Of the Great Artists appeared first on About My Planet.

Enrico Andreoli Montreal and More, Where to Travel To Post-Pandemic

Jan 15, 2021: It is fair to say that each and every one of us is tired and sick of this pandemic situation. With this being said however, there is very little that... The post Enrico Andreoli Montreal and More, Where to Travel To Post-Pandemic appeared first on About My Planet.


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Cashier Myricks – What Are The Benefits of Digital Nomadism?

Jan 15, 2021: A digital nomad is someone who has made the lifestyle choice to leave the traditional world of working and to instead hit the road and make money as they go.... The post Cashier Myricks – What Are The Benefits of Digital Nomadism? appeared first on About My Planet.

Rising S Company – Reminder of The Importance of Survival Planning

Jan 15, 2021: This time lat year I can remember that one of my friends sent me a link to something ‘cool’ in his words, and the link took me to the Rising... The post Rising S Company – Reminder of The Importance of Survival Planning appeared first on About My Planet.

Past and future come together at the sustainable Auric Hall

Jan 14, 2021: How can architecture serve the needs of culture and civilization? IMK Architects, a pioneer in urban design founded in 1957, answers that question with Auric Hall, its new project in Aurangabad, India.

Drought leaves Istanbul with just 45 days' worth of water

Jan 14, 2021: Turkey's capital Istanbul could run out of water in the next 45 days if rain does not fall.

The European bison population is no longer vulnerable

Jan 14, 2021: The European bison’s population has increased sufficiently for it to be removed from IUCN’s list of vulnerable species.

A bamboo meditation center overlooks sunset views in Chiang Mai

Jan 14, 2021: Locally sourced bamboo and adobe bricks make up the new Meditation Cathedral & Sunset Sala, a cluster of organically shaped buildings on top of a hill in northern Chiang Mai.

Adidas Outdoor line furthers brand's push for sustainability

Jan 14, 2021: While many big businesses and brands cause overwhelming environmental problems, Adidas works to clean up its act. In a bold move last January, Adidas acknowledged its contribution to plastic waste, noting the waste's negative impacts on the world's oceans.

Message from our Board Director – Olga Kosarewicz

Jan 13, 2021: Olga KosarewiczWednesday, January 13, 2021On behalf of the BCSEA Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers - we wish you and your family a year full of health, success, and happiness.  Welcome to 2021! Apparently, the number 21 is connected with luck, risk, taking chances, and rolling the dice. It’s the number of spots on a standard dice and also the name of a family of card games, including blackjack that are popular with gamblers. All of which seems strangely appropriate for a year of unusual uncertainty. The great prize on offer is the chance of bringing the coronavirus pandemic under control. But in the meantime risks abound, to health, economic vitality, and social stability.  Despite the rollout of vaccines in the clo…

Accessibility to be Improved at FBC Fast-charging Stations

Jan 13, 2021: Tom Hackney and William J. Andrews Wednesday, January 13, 2021  A joint initiative by BCSEA and the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) has resulted in new commitments by FortisBC Inc. to improve accessibility for EV drivers with disabilities at public fast-charging stations. As we reported in October 2020 (see “BCUC Grapples With Fast-Charging Rates”), BCSEA is intervening in the Utilities Commission’s proceeding to determine the rates that FBC will be allowed to charge EV drivers at its public fast-charging stations in south-central BC. In November, BCSEA and VEVA agreed to work together as joint interveners in the proceeding. The groups quickly…

An autism-friendly hospital emphasizes nature for resiliency and healing

Jan 13, 2021: Charleston, South Carolina has raised the bar for inclusive healthcare design with the opening of the new Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion.

2 gorillas at the San Diego Zoo test positive for COVID-19

Jan 13, 2021: The gorillas showed symptoms, including coughing, at the San Diego Zoo last week.

Trumps name found scraped into a manatees back

Jan 13, 2021: A manatee in Florida has been found with the name Trump scraped into the algae on its back. Authorities are asking for help finding the person responsible.

Mint Tiny Homes Loft Edition model is full of natural light

Jan 13, 2021: For those who love the idea of a tiny home but hate the thought of feeling cramped inside a small space, the Loft Edition model from Mint Tiny Homes should definitely be on the radar.

LEED Gold-targeted Knight Campus advances scientific innovation

Jan 13, 2021: The University of Oregon recently welcomed the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, a 160,000-square-foot campus built to accelerate groundbreaking scientific discovery and development in a collaborative multidisciplinary environment.

Studio Rygalik's Circula bench uses sustainable materials

Jan 12, 2021: Designed by Tomek Rygalik, Circula is a circular bench made from sustainable materials such as FSC-certified wood, recycled plastic and phosphate steel.

50 countries pledge to conserve 30% of land and water

Jan 12, 2021: The High Ambition Coalition (HAC) for Nature and People has made a pledge to protect 30% of the land and water on Earth by 2030.

Bee-killing pesticide approved for emergency use in the UK

Jan 12, 2021: Not only is this chemical thought to kill bees, but rainwater will wash it from fields into rivers.

Nonprofit Washed Ashore crafts art and jewelry from ocean plastic

Jan 12, 2021: Washed Ashore is an environmental nonprofit that spreads the message about ocean pollution using the visual appeal of art.

AirBird alerts users to open windows when CO2 is too high

Jan 12, 2021: AirBird has taken flight as a product that measures and reports on the air quality indoors.