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Aug 15, 2020

Environment & Sustainability

SUNY New Paltz Engineering Innovation Hub achieves LEED Gold

Aug 14, 2020: In New York’s Hudson Valley region, the public liberal arts college SUNY New Paltz has earned a LEED Gold certification award for its newly completed Engineering Innovation Hub building.

Rare large blue butterflies reintroduced in Gloucestershire

Aug 14, 2020: Rare large blue butterflies just experienced their most substantial reintroduction into the wild. About 750 of the globally endangered butterflies successfully hatched from larvae and flapped around Rodborough Common in Gloucestershire this summer.

Earth Overshoot Day comes 3 weeks later this year

Aug 14, 2020: Earth Overshoot Day will fall on August 22.

Wild in Africa jewelry supports wildlife conservation charities

Aug 14, 2020: While healing from an injury in Nairobi, Shannon Wild found comfort in making beaded bracelets. She turned this passion into a new business.

Mightly kids clothing is GOTS- and Fair Trade-certified

Aug 14, 2020: Mightly's new clothing are made with organic, fair-trade cotton.

PriestmanGoode designs sustainable, plastic-free takeout containers

Aug 13, 2020: PriestmanGoode has designed a durable, endlessly reusable takeaway container for restaurants and homes alike.

North Carolina denies permit for extension of Mountain Valley Pipeline

Aug 13, 2020: A key water permit for the Mountain Valley Pipeline extension has been denied.

Migratory birds triumph over Trump administration

Aug 13, 2020: A federal judge strikes down the Trump administration's move to rewrite the Migratory Treaty Bird Act.

Stefano Boeri proposes SUPERVERDE urban greening modules

Aug 13, 2020: These green modules could increase biodiversity, decrease the urban heat island effect and demineralize soils.

Chipotle debuts surprising new venture: sustainable clothing

Aug 13, 2020: Stop thinking of Chipotle as just another restaurant and start thinking of it as a great new clothing line. The well-known Mexican chain has launched Chipotle Goods, a line of sustainable clothing made with responsibly-sourced materials.

Home Improvement Projects with a Potential Payoff

Aug 13, 2020: Most people know that home values will increase over time. But what a lot of people don’t know is that they can help raise their home value with a little... The post Home Improvement Projects with a Potential Payoff appeared first on About My Planet.

How Sustainability Has Become Mainstream

Aug 13, 2020: Sustainability has become mainstream because you can see it everywhere around the world. Companies and individuals are turning to sustainability as a sales pitch, and sustainability can be used to... The post How Sustainability Has Become Mainstream appeared first on About My Planet.

Natural Ways to and Unwind 

Aug 13, 2020: There are times when life can become overwhelming and drain all the energy from your body, leaving you tired and unproductive. Thankfully, there are several natural ways to relax, unwind,... The post Natural Ways to and Unwind  appeared first on About My Planet.

You Don’t Need to Be a Size 6

Aug 13, 2020: The influence of television, movies, and high-fashion magazines leads young girls to believe that they must maintain at least a size 6. If they are any larger, they feel inferior... The post You Don’t Need to Be a Size 6 appeared first on About My Planet.

How to Downsize Your House or Apartment

Aug 13, 2020: While there are many reasons to downsize from your house or apartment into a smaller space (perhaps to build your dream eco-home), there can be challenges. A smaller space with... The post How to Downsize Your House or Apartment appeared first on About My Planet.

The Importance of Comfort When Working Out

Aug 13, 2020: Remember those workout videos from the 1980s where the exercise instructor always told you to “feel the burn”? While it’s important to exert yourself during exercise, it’s even more essential... The post The Importance of Comfort When Working Out appeared first on About My Planet.

Do You Need a Change of Scene? 

Aug 13, 2020: While most people enjoy a steady, predictable life, a few like a change of scene at regular intervals.  Perhaps, you’re someone who loves a change of scene because it refreshes... The post Do You Need a Change of Scene?  appeared first on About My Planet.

How to Start a Sustainable Business in Southern California

Aug 13, 2020: In recent years, business sustainability has come up; however, it remains a new term for some individuals. Numerous organizations are discovering approaches to lower their environmental effect by using resources... The post How to Start a Sustainable Business in Southern California appeared first on About My Planet.

The Evolution Of Shopping Malls In America

Aug 13, 2020: Many things happened in 1956. Dwight D. Eisenhower was President Of The United States.  Elvis Presley got into the United States Music Charts for the first time with his hit,... The post The Evolution Of Shopping Malls In America appeared first on About My Planet.

Tips for First Time Budgeters

Aug 13, 2020: If you’ve ever read any sort of financial advice, you’ll already be aware that there’s one uncomplicated rule to the whole shebang – you have to have a budget. This... The post Tips for First Time Budgeters appeared first on About My Planet.

How Everland is changing the eco-retreat scene

Aug 12, 2020: It's time to escape to Everland for family- and eco-friendly fun.

Indigenous Amazon communities use tech to protect the forest

Aug 12, 2020: Indigenous communities in Brazil leverage technology to protect the Amazon and its resources. For a long time, Indigenous communities have protected the forest from illegal loggers and poachers.

Cod are disappearing due to global warming

Aug 12, 2020: Cod lovers might have to change their preferences soon. According to new research published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, global warming may cause a decline in cod populations. Cod thrive in cool water, and global warming pushes the species to the brink of extinction.

Meet eBussy, the new modular, electric truck-to-van

Aug 12, 2020: The eBussy doesn't look like your typical electric vehicle. This innovative creation offers more than you might expect!

The Lookout House celebrates site's volcanic history

Aug 12, 2020: When Faulkner Architects was asked to design a house on a spectacular site in Truckee, California, the Placer County-based design practice allowed the beautiful landscape to dictate the design. The contemporary home, aptly named Lookout House for its views, emphasizes indoor/outdoor living with its full-height glazing and natural material palette.

EN-Roads Climate Policy Simulator Webinar

Aug 11, 2020: By Mairin Shields-Brown (Facilitator)Tuesday, August 11, 2020On July 29th, the BCSEA conducted a webinar inviting interested sustainability professionals to participate in a game-like challenge utilizing the EN-Roads simulator.  The EN-Roads Climate Policy Simulator is an up-and-coming technological and educational tool that is useful in teaching people how we can effectively approach the climate crisis. Essentially, the simulator incorporates all variables that contribute to the rise and fall of global temperatures within the sectors of energy, technology, and land use.  Marija Velickovic and I as facilitators, along with BCSEA Board Director Arman Mottaghi as our host organized the attendees into groups. Each group represented d…

Testbeds repurposes architectural mockups into community assets in NYC

Aug 11, 2020: The project will reuse luxury real estate mockup structures as garden buildings, sheds, classrooms and more.

ZHA creates modular, low-carbon housing platform for Roatn Prspera

Aug 11, 2020: Clients can virtually plan their modular, low-carbon and even net-zero homes.

This energy-efficient home in Spain has a rainwater-fed infinity pool

Aug 11, 2020: Find Casa Palerm on the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca, located in the Spanish Mediterranean.

Apple Hotel gains a green-roofed wellness center in South Tyrol

Aug 11, 2020: Apfelhotel is a nature-focused retreat tucked away in northern Italy.

MVRDV plans to sustainably repurpose the Dutch Expo 2000 Pavilion

Aug 11, 2020: The resident will transform the Dutch Pavilion into a co-working space.

10 fun and fascinating facts about sharks

Aug 10, 2020: Just in time for Shark Week on Discovery Channel, here are 10 interesting facts about sharks.

Canada's last Arctic ice shelf has collapsed

Aug 10, 2020: The Milne Ice Shelf, the largest remaining intact ice shelf in Canada, has collapsed. According to researchers studying the Milne Ice Shelf, the ice shelf collapsed in just two days at the end of July and lost about 40% of its area.

This tiny house is insulated with cork and powered by solar

Aug 10, 2020: The Natura tiny home is sustainable inside and out.

Solar-powered Brink Tower is a sustainable solution to Amsterdams housing shortage

Aug 10, 2020: Brink Tower offers high-quality housing and plentiful green space in Amsterdam.

Green-roofed CLT home opens up to a dreamlike garden in Germany

Aug 10, 2020: The design marries the natural landscape and the built environment.

FOReT's accessories marry sustainability with high-fashion

Aug 7, 2020: Who says that beauty has to hurt the Earth? Many less harmful options exist, and FOReT proves this with its line of sustainable, eco-friendly cork jewelry.

BP to reduce oil, gas production by 40% to focus on clean energy

Aug 7, 2020: BP is slashing its fossil fuel production in favor of clean energy investments.

The states winning the carbon emissions fight may surprise you

Aug 7, 2020: Washington state's ambitious carbon control policies are so popular that some of them have been adopted by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Despite this, some pro-green energy states such as Washington fall behind in statistics on reduced emissions.

How to prepare your pets for the end of lockdown

Aug 7, 2020: Inhabitat talks with three veterinarians on how to prepare pets for a return to "normal."…

Self-sufficient garden-city skyscraper proposed for NYC

Aug 7, 2020: This futuristic tower is completely self-sufficient with the ability to generate food, water and energy onsite.

Berkshire Residence targets Passive House standards

Aug 6, 2020: The home blends classic design and modern sustainability.

Global warming to cause more deaths than all infectious diseases

Aug 6, 2020: A new study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that by the end of the century, the number of global warming-related deaths will rival that of deaths caused by all infectious diseases combined. The study estimates that high, uncontrolled greenhouse gas emission rates will increase global mortality rates to 73 deaths per 100,000 people.

1 million minks culled in Spain, the Netherlands

Aug 6, 2020: Fear of viral spread has led to the killing of more than 1 million minks on farms in Spain and the Netherlands.

Vollebak's Garbage Watch is a timeless solution for e-waste

Aug 6, 2020: Vollebak, a company at the core of sustainable clothing innovation, targets time itself with a new prototype, the Garbage Watch.

Levis announces product line made with Cottonized Hemp

Aug 6, 2020: Levi's is making new jeans with hemp.

Mio Borsa unveils summer collection of vegan leather bags

Aug 5, 2020: Stylish, functional and affordable — Mio Borsa has dropped its new line of handbags.

Panda conservation efforts lead to unexpected losses

Aug 5, 2020: Many conservationists cite successful panda conservation efforts to show that protection measures work. That said, protecting pandas may come at a higher price than expected.

Over 500 new dams planned for protected areas worldwide

Aug 5, 2020: Governments around the world are changing boundaries and bypassing laws to give the green light on harmful dam construction.

Ugakei Circles sustainable nature park set to open in 2021

Aug 5, 2020: Enjoy glamping, camping, hiking and more at this upcoming nature park in Japan.