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Oct 27, 2016

Alternative Fuels

Get ready for divided government, again

Oct 27, 2016: By Douglas L. Faulkner, The Cleantech Conservative Special to The Digest Unless conventional wisdom is wrong once more in this crazy election cycle, odds are high that whoever wins the White House will face significant resistance in Congress. If elected, Hillary Clinton likely will face at least a Republican House of Representatives. Donald Trump would […]…

Christopher Hogan Joins Growth Energy

Oct 27, 2016: Christopher Hogan has joined Growth Energy as their new Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs. In this role, Hogan will oversee all aspects of the organization’s efforts to raise awareness of ethanol’s importance as America’s leading source of clean, affordable, homegrown energy. “I’m excited to join the dynamic team at Growth Energy and help shape a new generation of ... Read More…

Renewable fuel from vehicle exhaust: Oak Ridge’s catalytic breakthrough

Oct 27, 2016: Researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory have come up with a highly-efficient process to make liquid fuels directly from carbon dioxide and water. Because burning fuels in an internal combustion engine produces CO2 and water as its byproducts, the new discovery is, essentially, a form of reverse combustion. It’s a simple concept, but over the […]…

Trump Leading Farm Country in Agri-Pulse Poll

Oct 27, 2016: A new nationwide poll commissioned by Agri-Pulse reveals that a majority of farmers and ranchers favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. Fifty-five percent of those surveyed said they support Republican Trump while 18 percent indicated they support Democrat Clinton. Only 2 percent plan to vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and just 1 percent for ... Read More…

Florida Farm to Fly: The Digest’s 2016 Multi-Slide to aviation biofuels supply-chain economics

Oct 27, 2016: At the biennial CAAFI (Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative) meeting in Washington DC, Florida’s Treasure Coast development chief Ben DeVries presented the compelling economics for growers to replace acreage lost to citrus greening with sweet sorghum used as feedstock for advanced jet biofuels. With sugar costs below 9 cents a pound and yet compelling economics for the […]…

Keeping Exports on the Move

Oct 27, 2016: With yet another record grain crop this year, having the transportation infrastructure to keeping it moving is more important than ever. “Transportation is everything,” said Ken Eriksen with Informa Economics at this week’s Export Exchange, sponsored by the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and the U.S. Grains Council. Eriksen says grain exports are expected to set a record this year at ... Read More…

Supply Demand Outlook for DDGS at #ExEx16

Oct 27, 2016: At Export Exchange 2016 in Detroit this week, Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) Senior Vice President Geoff Cooper delved into the supply-demand outlook for U.S. ethanol industry co-product exports, with a focus on distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS). “We’re looking at record ethanol production this year, so obviously we’re going to be producing a record amount of distillers grains as ... Read More…

Justice Delayed — New Sources of Carbon Pollution and the Clean Power Plan

Oct 27, 2016: Anyone following the Justice Delayed series knows I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop in the continuing saga of challenges to the Clean Power Plan. Well—it dropped.

Applied, precompetitive R&D: The Digest’s 2016 Multi-Slide Guide to Los Alamos’ algae projects

Oct 27, 2016: Los Alamos National Lab is engaged in applied, precompetitive R&D in Algae Biotechnology and Bioenegineering. The activities are divided into: molecular tools, technologies, and resources for strain improvement; improved strains ; and bioenegineering technologies for increasing algae biomass productivity and the energy-efficiency of algae processing steps   Los Alamos gave the following presentation as an update on their efforts.

For cars of the future, the fuels they need, today, from algae

Oct 27, 2016: Of all the many wonders at the Algae Biomass Summit this week, perhaps there was nothing more interesting in terms of the Department of Energy’s laudable attention to the sector than a poster from NREL on a project “to screen microalgal biomass to discover novel molecules which have potential to be used as gasoline fuel.” In […]…

Digest Bioeconomy Index slips 0.37 percent to 59.91 as enzymes decline

Oct 27, 2016: The Digest Bioeconomy Index, an index of publicly traded advanced bioeconomy stocks, slipped 0.37 percent to 59.91 as enzymes declined. For the day, Novozymes (NZMB) fell 10.13 percent to $37.44, while while Deinove (ALDEI.PA) recovered 4.00 percent to $2.08. Among other equities, BioAmber (BIOA) jumped 5.92 percent to $5.01. Overall, declines led advances by a […]…

Amyris closes strategic partnership and financing with nutraceuticals market leader

Oct 27, 2016: In California, Amyris has executed definitive agreements for its strategic partnership and financing with a global nutraceuticals market leader as previously described on September 30, 2016. These agreements include the expansion of a new nutraceutical market that is expected to represent $40-$50 million of annual revenue once developed and scaled, a related strategic investment, and […]…

Chinese ethanol imports plummet 74% in September

Oct 27, 2016: In China, ethanol imports plummeted in September to just 10,121 cu m, down 74% from August that in turn had been 54% higher than July following several months of dwindling imports. All but 19 cu m came from the US, which was denatured ethanol. Total imports for the year through September are at 692,815 cu […]…

Australian regulator justifies nearly doubling ethanol prices

Oct 27, 2016: In Australia, the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal recommended the wholesale price of ethanol should be A$1.35 per liter compared to the 60 to 80 cents paid now, going against what many thought would have been a regulatory measure to help reduce the price of E10 and drive consumers to fill up with the fuel. […]…

Zimbabwe energy regulator stocks up on ethanol to keep E15 through rainy season

Oct 27, 2016: In Zimbabwe, the country’s energy regulator has begun stocking up on ethanol supplies in case there are future challenges with the main produce Green Fuel so that the market doesn’t suffer from shocks as it has during the past year when production was limited due to the rainy season. The ethanol blend is back up […]…

Weltec Biopower Showcases Biogas Technologies

Oct 26, 2016: Weltec Biopower is showcasing its biogas technologies during the upcoming Energy Decentral in Hanover, Germany taking place November 15-18, 2016. For the first time, the company will promote its slurry and digestate processing system “Kumac.” According to the company, the system, which is fully automated, reduces the liquid manure and digestate volume by 50 percent. In a four-stage procedure, clear ... Read More…

Which Candidate is Better for Agricultural Exports?

Oct 26, 2016: Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “What is most important to food sustainability?” Sustainability is no longer simply a word used in agricultural circles. Consumers are also weighing in and therefore food companies are recognizing the importance of sustainability in agriculture, but some aren’t understanding technology and food production work hand-in-hand. Yet, this poll stresses agriculture’s point. All factors need ... Read More…

Researchers Create Better Algae Oil Producers

Oct 26, 2016: Researchers have discovered a way to make algae better oil producers without sacrificing growth. The team, led by James Umen, Ph.D., associate member at Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, found a mutation in the green alga Chlamydomonas that substantially removes a constraint that is widely observed in micro-algae where the highest yields of oil can only be obtained from starving ... Read More…

Megatrends Mean New Opportunities at #ExEx16

Oct 26, 2016: A number of global megatrends can mean new opportunities for agribusiness moving forward, according to Chris Nolan with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), who gave the keynote address at the 2016 Export Exchange this week in Detroit. Nolan identified five global megatrends – demographic shifts, global economic power shifts, accelerating urbanization, resource scarcity, and evolving technology – that provide opportunities for the agricultural ... Read More…

Biomass-to-Power System to Use Radioactive Fukushima Wood

Oct 26, 2016: Japan is turning to a small German company to generate power from timber irradiated by the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear meltdowns.

USGC Chairman Bullish on #ExEx16

Oct 26, 2016: The chairman of the U.S. Grains Council is attending his first Export Exchange this week in Detroit and he is very impressed. Maryland farmer Chip Councell says he is amazed by the number of attendees and the prospects that the event offers for U.S. grain suppliers. “We have over 200 international customers from 35 countries,” said Councell. “It’s a great ... Read More…

#ExEx16 Considers Election Impact on Trade

Oct 25, 2016: Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Bob Dinneen had the unenviable task of talking about the U.S. presidential election to an international audience at Export Exchange 2016 today in Detroit. “I know half of you are sick to death of the election and just want it over, and half of you are watching in somewhat bemused amazement wondering what in ... Read More…

Encouraging Results from ABB's Hybrid Renewable Microgrids

Oct 25, 2016: Low-carbon microgrids have assumed a place in the strategic agendas of some of the world's largest power and industrial engineering corporations. That includes Swedish-Swiss ABB, whose roots in the now fast moving microgrid market segment date back some 25 to 30 years.

Renewing Forests in Colorado: Opportunities for Bioenergy

Oct 24, 2016: When you think of Colorado, images of snow-capped mountains and lush evergreen forests may come to your mind. But Colorado’s forests have been under attack. It began more than two decades ago when severe drought led to an infestation of mountain pine beetles, spruce beetles, and other pests. The beetle infestation, over time, killed millions of acres of lodgepole pine trees and other tree species. There is now an abundance of dead trees standing on the mountainsides of central and western Colorado.

State of the Art Biomass Plant for Copenhagen

Oct 24, 2016: Finnish Valmet and Danish HOFOR Energiproduktion A/S have signed a €150 million (US$163 million) contract for development of a state-of-the-art biomass combined heat and power plant for Copenhagen, Denmark.

Excellence in Action: Renewable Energy World Announces Finalists, Honorable Mentions for 2016 Project of the Year Awards

Oct 24, 2016: PennWell Corporation and Renewable Energy World are pleased to announce our 2016 Renewable Energy Project of the Year Finalists. Projects are nominated by the industry and finalists are selected by a committee of editors from PennWell Corporation.

Unlocking the Clean Energy Value of Dormant Corporate Properties — Part Two: Procurement

Oct 20, 2016: Dormant corporate properties are low-hanging fruit for corporate procurement. The corporate owner already has the liability for the underlying contamination. Provided the owner is sufficiently creditworthy and willing to indemnify the developer and EPC contractor, the path forward for clean energy development is open.

Expanded 350-MW Nedre Rossaga hydropower station now operational in Norway

Oct 19, 2016: Statkraft opened its renovated and expanded 350-MW Nedre Rossaga hydropower station on Oct. 18.

Unlocking the Clean Energy Value of Dormant Corporate Properties — Part One: Advantages

Oct 19, 2016: More than 60 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have adopted sustainability commitments. Many other leading businesses have similar initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources, increase efficiency, generate cost savings and give back to their communities.

3 Breakthroughs Show How Bioenergy Innovations are Energizing the Energy Landscape

Oct 19, 2016: At the U.S. Department of Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office, we think of innovation as a way to work toward continuously improving the world that we are leaving for future generations.

Flytings of Fancy: A Call for a Balanced National Biomass Resource Plan

Oct 19, 2016: The battle between the biomass energy and power industry and members of the environmental community continues to rage in Washington. The catalyst of the conflagration is on-going consideration of the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2016 (S. 2012).

Sustainable Amsterdam: A ‘Win-Win’ Post-Fossil Fuel Strategy

Oct 19, 2016: Convinced that a rapid transition away from fossil fuels would be a “win-win” for the city, Amsterdam officials are committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 80–90 percent by 2050, largely eliminating reliance on fossil fuels.

Part VI: Justice Delayed — Stop Saying That: President Trump Can Still Mess with the Paris Agreement

Oct 12, 2016: Over the past few days my in-box has been overflowing with hopeful news about the Paris climate agreement.  Today hope became promise.  As of Wednesday evening, 72 nations responsible for 56.8 percent of global emissions formally filed their ratification papers.

Aviation Climate Agreement Reached at ICAO

Oct 10, 2016: In Canada, the worldwide aviation industry has applauded a crucial climate agreement reached by governments meeting at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The negotiations, to put in place the world’s first carbon offsetting scheme for any global sector, have had the backing of the aviation industry, which first proposed the measure in 2009.

Airline Industry's Low-Carbon Future Needs Fuel Nobody Makes in Volume

Oct 10, 2016: The airline industry’s plan to ease its impact on global warming hinges on fuels made from vegetable oil, corn and household garbage. The hitch: nobody has ever been able to produce the stuff in the volumes needed.

Landmark Change for Renewable Gas Markets in the UK

Oct 7, 2016: Renewable gas holds a nascent status in the UK, but a recent change in rules for reporting greenhouse gas emissions may provide a promising route for its expansion via enabling large consumers to demonstrate reduction in their carbon footprints by using biomethane.

Republicans Split Over Renewing Alternative-Energy Tax Breaks

Oct 5, 2016: House and Senate Republican leaders are at odds over whether to renew expiring alternative-energy tax breaks during Congress’s lame-duck session after the Nov. 8 election.

Wind Cheapest Power Source in Argentina Renewable Auction

Oct 3, 2016: Wind was the cheapest source of energy in Argentina’s first power auction after the country implemented reforms designed to transform its fossil fuel-dependent grid.

Global Renewable Energy Investments Edged Up Slightly in 2015

Sep 30, 2016: In a new report, the International Energy Agency said that renewable energy occupied a 17 percent share of global energy investments in 2015, up slightly from 16 percent in 2014.

Should the UK Do More for Renewable Heating?

Sep 30, 2016: News at the end of August that over 50,000 green heating schemes had been approved since the inception of the Renewable Heat Incentive in April 2014 caused some in the industry to hail a new era of heat pumps, biomass boilers and CHP.

What Will a Clinton or Trump Presidency Mean for Renewable Energy? Part 2 – Renewable Energy’s Uncertain Future?

Sep 30, 2016: The U.S. has 50 unique policy laboratories, many of which have economies larger than many of the countries on earth. They have something to say when it comes to energy policy.

Tennessee mayors preview waste-to-energy plant

Sep 29, 2016: The world's largest waste-to-energy downdraft gasification plant is being constructed in Tennessee — area mayors were invited to take a look at the facility in preparation for full startup early next month.

Part IV: Justice Delayed — Will Politics Trump Justice in the Case of the Clean Power Plan?

Sep 29, 2016: By the time this column is published, oral arguments in the legal challenge to the Clean Power Plan will have already been made. The en banc panel of 10 appeals court judges is not likely to render its decision before the New Year.  No matter the opinion, it will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

What Will a Clinton or Trump Presidency Mean for Renewable Energy? Part 1 – The History

Sep 29, 2016: Here we are again. Election 2016. Deemed “the most important election of our lifetimes” — the same claim made about the 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012 Presidential elections. As usual, each side is predicting that if their candidate’s opponent wins, we will witness the end of American democracy as we know it.

DC Court Judges ‘Very Skeptical’ of Challenges to EPA’s Clean Power Plan, NRDC Says

Sep 28, 2016: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Tuesday heard oral arguments in the State of West Virginia v. EPA, the case challenging the legal basis of the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan.

US Presidential Debate: Hillary Advocates for Solar, Trump Criticizes Clean Energy Support

Sep 27, 2016: Hillary wants to put 500,000,000 solar panels in place during her presidency meanwhile Trump wants to get rid of the Clean Power Plan because he believes that climate change isn’t a threat and regulations are hurting the American economy. That was the takeaway for clean energy supporters who watched last night’s debate between U.S. Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R). To anyone who watched the debate, it was apparent that should she be elected, Clinton will support and work to continue similar clean energy initiatives that have been put forth by Obama. Trump, on the other hand, will work to undo them. Clinton views clean energy as a job-boosting economic opportunity for the U.S.: “We can deploy a…

Using Renewable Energy Agreements to Mitigate Risk

Sep 26, 2016: By directly sourcing renewable energy, more and more companies are reducing energy costs and energy price volatility while achieving their sustainability and climate change goals. However, many potential renewable energy buyers are worried about the risks associated with committing to a long-term power purchase agreement.

Cuba Turns to Foreign Investors to Boost Renewable Energy

Sep 23, 2016: Nearly two years after presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced a thaw in relations, Cuba’s communist government is turning to foreign investors to boost renewable energy as it faces cutbacks in cheap oil imports from Venezuela.

UK Forecast to Miss Renewable Heating Target

Sep 23, 2016: A report published by the UK Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECCC) forecasts that “on its current course, the UK will fail to achieve its 2020 renewable energy targets.”…