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Oct 06, 2015

Alternative Fuels

Will Steger Wilderness Center Renewable Showcase

Oct 6, 2015: Will Steger, a globally renowned climate expert, has announced a major milestone toward the completion of the Will Steger Wilderness Center, that will be used as a leadership retreat center. The facility now features a stand-alone, carbon free power system … Continue reading →…

BNEF: Wind, Solar Competing with Fossil Fuels

Oct 6, 2015: According to a new analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), this year has seen a shift in the generating cost comparison between renewable energy and fossil fuels. The report, “Levelised Cost of Electricity Update,” for the second half of … Continue reading →…

BioEnergy Bytes

Oct 6, 2015: Renewable Energy Group (REG) has announced that one of its subsidiaries has received approval from a Mississippi court to purchase certain equipment at the KiOR Columbus, LLC production facility. Under the approved asset purchase agreement, REG Synthetic Fuels, LLC paid … Continue reading →…

Nebraska Firefighters Train on Safety with Biodiesel

Oct 6, 2015: Firefighters across the country have been getting special training to work with renewable fuels, such as biodiesel and ethanol. One example is in Beatrice, Nebraska, where local firefighters are working with the Duonix Biodiesel plant. This article from the Beatrice … Continue reading →…

Biodiesel Helps Keep Heating Oil Prices Down

Oct 6, 2015: Good news going into the fall and winter chill: heating oil prices are expected to stay lower throughout the winter. And part of the reason for that is biodiesel. The National Oilheat Research Alliance says increases in production and the … Continue reading →…

On the Move in the Advanced BioEconomy: Kullman exits as DuPont CEO

Oct 6, 2015: In Delaware, DuPont announced that Ellen Kullman is stepping down as chair and CEO — independent director Edward Breen will take the roles on an interim basis while a search is undertaken for a new CEO. The news came as DuPont announced a reduction in projected 2nd half earnings from $).75 to $0.40, compared to […]…

New report says ethanol industry rebalanced in 2015

Oct 6, 2015: In Colorado, following 18 months of record earnings, the U.S. ethanol industry has rebalanced in 2015. As energy prices collapsed in late 2014, so did ethanol prices and plant margins. However, ethanol’s supply and demand has remained well balanced, and producers have maintained positive earnings, according to a new report from CoBank titled, “Ethanol Industry […]…

Tereos to open ethanol trading desk April 1

Oct 6, 2015: In France, Tereos is preparing to dive into ethanol trading on April 1, the start of its trading year, following the set up last year of Tereos Commodities when it began trading sugar. The new ethanol desk will be led by Laurent Ibars who previously traded commodities for Raizen and Cargill. The company produces 1.9 […]…

Brazilian hydrous ethanol seen rising 3% following Petrobras’ price shift on fossil

Oct 6, 2015: In Brazil, hydrous ethanol prices are expected to rise 3% as a result of Petrobras’ move to raise gasoline and diesel prices 6% and 4% respectively. Even with higher prices, the amount of ethanol sold is expected to also increase, boosting the overall national consumption of ethanol during the next 10 to 15 days before […]…

RFA launches newly redesigned website

Oct 6, 2015: In Washington, the RFA announced that it has launched a completely redesigned website. With the completion of the full rebuild, RFA has added new and enhanced content to further improve ease of navigation, usability, and end-user experience. The website will provide up-to-date market data and will feature news of importance to the ethanol industry, as […]…

Judge allows KiOR Columbis plant to sell off piece with REG and chipmakers first up

Oct 6, 2015: In Mississippi, REG Synthetic Fuels is paying $1.5 million for refining equipment from the former KiOR biofuel plant in Columbus while Georgia Renewable Fuels is paying an undisclosed price for wood-processing equipment after a judge approved the sales. GNF is waiting for court permission to locate its wood chipping plant either at the site of […]…

Karnataka’s state transport agency first to shift over to higher biodiesel blends

Oct 6, 2015: In India, the State Road Transport Corporation in Karnataka will run on between 20% and 100% biodiesel, starting with 10 vehicles now and expanding to the entire fleet over the next four months. The national government approved the higher biodiesel blends for transport on August 10, making Karnataka’s public bus fleet the first to switch […]…

ASU seeking permission to expand biofuel research area

Oct 6, 2015: In Arizona, Arizona State University is seeking permission from the Yuma County Board of Supervisors to expand its biofuels research onto other land outside its agricultural center in the city. The county’s planning commission approved the rezoning of rural land to allow biofuel production processing facilities in a 5-1 vote. The city’s planner argues that […]…

Senate banking committee votes down RFS gutting amendment 15-7

Oct 6, 2015: In Washington, the Senate Banking Committee voted 15-7 against the amendment brought by Sens. Pat Toomey and Dianne Feinstein that would have eliminated the corn ethanol component of the RFS, but it’s not immediately clear what that means. Does the Senate support the RFS? Or was it just that the oil exports bill the amendment […]…

The Digest Bioeconomy Index gains 1.63 percent to 52.99 as large caps rally

Oct 5, 2015: The Digest Bioeconomy Index, an index of publicly traded advanced bioeconomy stocks, gained 1.63 percent to 52.99 as large caps rallied. For the day, Solazyme (SZYM) rebounded 6.15 percent to $2.76, while Abengoa (ABGB) surged 10.27 percent to $5.26.  Among other equities, Gevo (GEVO) gained 5.21 percent to $2.02.  Overall, advances led declines 7 to […]…

New York Most Energy Efficient State

Oct 5, 2015: October is National Energy Awareness Month and a great time for families and businesses to find ways to reduce their energy use. On average, a household spend nearly $2,000 a year on energy bills. To bring awareness of the impact … Continue reading →…

Aemetis Harvests Record Sorghum Crop in Cali

Oct 5, 2015: Aemetis has announced the harvest of sorghum grown in Central California that grew between 12-15 feet tall. The 20 acre demonstration crop was grown using proprietary Nexsteppe seed genetics and harvested in 90 days by Aemetis. The water supply for … Continue reading →…

BCSE Calls for Passage of Clean Energy Programs

Oct 5, 2015: More than 580 companies including the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) are calling for the passage of legislation that provides the extension of expired and expiring tax incentives designed to promote the growth of clean energy and clean energy … Continue reading →…

BioEnergy Bytes

Oct 5, 2015: SkyPower has signed a landmark agreement with the Republic of Djibouti for the development of 200 MW of world-class solar projects to be built in four phases in Djibouti over the next four years. The company also announced alongside Prime … Continue reading →…

RFA Unveils New Website

Oct 5, 2015: The Renewable Fuels Association has unveiled a new website this morning. With improved user experience, the new site has new and enhanced content to further improve ease of navigation and usability. RFA’s website will provide up-to-date market data as well … Continue reading →…

Terpenes Emerge as Energy-Dense Players in Biofuel Market

Oct 5, 2015: Terpenes rarely make the nightly news, but these organic hydrocarbon byproducts of eucalyptus, pine, bacteria and even some species of butterflies and termites are emerging as energy-dense players in the energy biojet and biodiesel markets.

Biomass Energy Potential Far from Being Fully Exploited in China

Oct 2, 2015: Relative to other renewable energy power sectors, such as wind and solar power that have experienced explosive growth over the past several years, biomass power has played a minor role in the development of the Chinese renewable energy power industry over the same period. …

U.K. Labour Party Planning ‘Clean Energy Boom’ for Country’s Cities

Sep 29, 2015: The U.K. Labour Party does not plan to renationalize utilities if it wins the next election, its spokesperson on energy, Lisa Nandy, plans to say Tuesday...

US-China Cooperation on Climate Change: Don't Forget Waste-to-Energy Technologies

Sep 28, 2015: If the September 25, 2015 meetings in Washington between President Obama and President Xi of China yield no additional, substantive agreements to ease the tensions between the two countries in the arenas of monetary policy, currency devaluation, cyber-warfare or China's military build up in the Southeast Asian theater, they will be noted in the annals of environmental history for having yielded a historic, landmark commitment by China to start a national program in 2017 that will limit and put a price on greenhouse gas emissions. More than any other policy adopted by the Obama Administration with regard to climate change, the decision and success in forging ahead with coordinated strategies at the next global round of UN-sponsored global ne…

DOE Releases Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Hawaii

Sep 21, 2015: DOE released a final programmatic environmental impact statement for Hawaii to provide federal, state and county governments as well as the public and developers with a reference document for project-specific environmental reviews.

The 800 Ways Taxpayer Money Supports Fossil Fuel Industries

Sep 21, 2015: As world leaders converge on New York for a United Nations gathering that’s expected to have a strong emphasis on climate change, the OECD is pointing out 800 ways rich industrial nations support fossil fuels with taxpayer money, along with a handful of countries that are catching up quickly. The measures were worth $167 billion last year for the oil, natural gas and coal industries, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a Paris-based institution that advises 34 industrial nations. While that number has fallen from almost $200 billion in 2012, it easily exceeds the value of subsidies for renewables such as wind and solar. The findings released Monday are designed to stimulate debate on what const…

Makers of Fuel From Plants Feel Forsaken in Obama’s Climate Push

Sep 18, 2015: Producers of motor fuels from plant waste say they have been left behind in President Barack Obama’s push to fight climate change.

Report: Vermont Clean Energy Sector Jobs Increased 9.8 Percent Since 2013

Sep 17, 2015: Vermont saw a 9.8 percent increase in clean energy sector jobs since 2013, and jobs in the sector are expected to grow another 6.2 percent by March 2016, according to a recently released report from the Vermont Public Service Department’s Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF).

Stems, Sticks Seen Driving Biofuel’s Next Expansion After 2020

Sep 17, 2015: The next generation of biofuels that don’t use food crops as a raw material are starting to take hold, with a big expansion of the industry coming after 2020, one of the industry’s key suppliers said.

Extending Renewable Electricity Generation for Decades at Closed Landfill Sites

Sep 16, 2015: Conventional reciprocating engines and gas turbines have problems combusting landfill gas that is below 30-40 percent methane. So, when a landfill becomes inactive, the quality of the emitted landfill gas drops. And as the landfill gas’s methane content goes below 30 percent, the traditional decision is to decommission the power generation equipment, at which time the landfill will stop generating revenues from the sale of energy.

Michigan State University Wins DOE Grant for Five-Year Biofuel Study

Sep 14, 2015: Michigan State University (MSU) researchers recently won a $5 million U.S. Department of Energy grant to study how biofuel crops acquire nitrogen.

Microturbines Fuel Growth of the Biomass Industry

Sep 14, 2015: From pig farms to breweries, Capstone’s microturbines are making full circle cogeneration an economically and environmentally friendly reality for a diversity of industries.

China’s Guangdong Province Speeds Up Development of the Province’s Clean Energy Industry

Sep 10, 2015: The Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission has recently issued a development road map for the province’s nuclear and renewable energy sources, including natural gas, wind power and solar power.

Aviation and Greenhouse Gas Reductions: A Role for Renewable Jet Fuels

Aug 31, 2015: In a July 1 Federal Register notice, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) presented plans to control greenhouse gases (GHG) from aircraft. In August, in Washington, DC, EPA held a hearing on its proposal. About 40 people attended, with 14 providing comments.

PHG Energy Preparing Environmental Permit Application for TN Biomass Gasification Plant

Aug 31, 2015: PHG Energy (PHGE) is preparing to file with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation an environmental permit to build a biomass gasification plant in eastern Tennessee, a PHGE spokesperson said in an Aug. 29 interview.

The Future of California Utilities: AEE Convenes Stakeholders

Aug 31, 2015: What will be the 2050 business model for utilities in California that are being forced by the state to adopt massive renewable energy capacity? That was the basic question asked at a one-day conference held in Sacramento on Aug. 20 by Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), the national umbrella association for renewable energy organizations.

DOE Selects Two Biofuel Development Projects for Funding

Aug 28, 2015: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on Aug. 27 selected two new projects to receive up to $4 million to develop next-generation biofuels that will help reduce the cost of producing gasoline, diesel and jet fuels from biomass.

Agrivert Gets $150 Million to Finish U.K. Waste-to-Power Plants

Aug 25, 2015: Agrivert Ltd., a U.K.-based provider of waste-recycling facilities, secured 96 million pounds ($150 million) in refinancing to help complete two power plants that will turn waste into electricity.    …

Algae Nutrient Recycling is a Triple Win

Aug 24, 2015: Nitrogen and phosphate nutrients are among the biggest costs in cultivating algae for biofuels. Sandia molecular biologists Todd Lane and Ryan Davis have shown they can recycle about two-thirds of those critical nutrients, and aim to raise the recycling rate to close to 100 percent. Recycling nitrogen and phosphate has benefits that go far beyond cost. While nitrogen can be produced through a costly artificial nitrogen fixation process using natural gas and atmospheric nitrogen, phosphate is a limited natural resource that can be toxic at high concentration.

Why Renewable Energy in Latin America is a Winner

Aug 19, 2015: Renewable energy in Latin America has made some important gains over the last decade and seems positioned to continue in a positive direction thanks to several factors including steady gains in new projects and increased financial engagement by key players. In Central America and the Caribbean, two Latin American regions with large untapped potential for development, renewable energy technologies are poised to play a very important role in the region’s economic health. Globally, renewable energy has shown steady growth over the past decade. From 2004 to 2014, the global installed capacity of renewable energy sources increased from 814 gigawatts to 1,783 gigawatts. This trend was reflected by a six-fold increase in the yearly investmen…

Economic Impact Study Provides Insight into the Benefits of Biofuel

Aug 17, 2015: An economic impact study published by POET, one of the largest producers of ethanol in the world, is driving home the point about the crucial role the biofuel industry plays in the health of the economy, the environment, and the ability of the U.S. to free itself of its dependence on foreign oil. The report shows that POET produced 1.7 billion gallons of ethanol in 2014, generating $13.5 billion in sales for U.S. businesses and adding $5.4 billion to the GDP. The company operates 27 dry mill corn ethanol plants throughout seven states, producing 11 percent of the total national ethanol output and supporting some 40,000 full time jobs. The combined generated income of these jobs is in excess of $3 billion.

States Already Seek To Delay Clean Power Plan

Aug 14, 2015: Fifteen states led by coal-rich West Virginia asked a federal court to stall Obama administration rules intended to cut the use of fossil fuel for power plants and slow climate change. The request on Thursday is the first move by states to block President Barack Obama’s landmark initiative. It would freeze current regulations as they work to undo the new rules. The Clean Power Plan aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from U.S. power plants by 32 percent by 2030, based on 2005 emission levels, by requiring states and utilities to emit less carbon by using less coal and more solar power, wind power and natural gas.

Campus Flora Fuels Research into Bioenergy-Inspired Energy Storage

Aug 13, 2015: Dr. Umit Koylu, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology, has received a six-month $50,000 Innovation Corps Teams (I Corps) Program grant from the National Science Foundation to accelerate tech-transfer and explore commercialization of a biology-inspired polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell. And the campus flora is his inspiration.

Sugarcane Bioethanol Project in Sierra Leone Underscores the Challenge of Producing Bioenergy in the Developing World

Aug 11, 2015: West Africa may be one of the most difficult and dangerous regions of the world in which to work, posing challenges that can prove deadly for project developers and their stakeholders. An ambitious bioenergy project in Sierra Leone highlights the sometimes-blurry line that separates development that is sustainable from that which is exploitative, as well as the numerous challenges faced when undertaking projects in poorly developed communities and countries. As a Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) research team reports, a series of events — unexpected and anticipated — have taken their toll in terms of costs, revenues and the project development schedule of Addax Bioenergy Sierra Leone's (ABSL) Makeni project. As the SEI rese…

Unlikely Allies in North Carolina Clean-Energy Fight

Aug 10, 2015: With North Carolina’s renewable energy mandate under assault from Republican legislators, green groups seeking to save it have found an unlikely ally: the state’s hog industry. Smithfield Foods Inc. and other companies that raise and slaughter pigs have put aside decades of disagreements and united -- for the moment -- with environmentalists to defend the only state law in the nation that lists swine manure as a renewable resource. Smithfield has been the target of lawsuits, petitions and political campaigns for stashing hog manure in football-field size lagoons or spraying it on farm fields. Now the company says it has found a way to green its process: capturing the biogas rising off the manure and using it to make electricity.

Don’t Like Obama’s Clean Power Plan? Fine, Here’s Cap and Trade

Aug 6, 2015: Republican governors who boycott the Obama administration’s new power-plant regulations may instead get an offer they can’t refuse: a cap-and-trade system many of them also oppose. Five years after Republicans in Congress shot down President Barack Obama’s plan for carbon trading, his administration unveiled rules to combat climate change. They include a provision for carbon trading, which Republicans had criticized as a government intrusion in the workings of the free market. “It’s clear that what they’re trying to do — without establishing a federal cap-and-trade program — is set up a plan that has a very strong likelihood of becoming a de facto federal cap-and-trade program,” said And…

Obama’s Clean Power Plan: A “Huge Win for Algae”

Aug 5, 2015: In Washington, the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan has been hailed by the Algae Biomass Organization and other sections of the advanced bioeconomy as a “huge win for algae” with its OK for carbon capture and use technologies. The Clean Power Plan sets federal guidelines for states to follow in order to cut carbon emissions by 32 percent before 2030. According to the EPA, CO2 alone is responsible for 84 percent of the greenhouse gas problem. More than a third of that comes straight from existing power plants. The Plan is a final rule from the EPA, capping a years-long effort by the Obama Administration to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act, after efforts to pass legislation for cap-and-tr…

Renewable Energy Gains Greater Opportunity in US Clean Power Plan

Aug 4, 2015: After a year of being pummeled by opponents, Obama’s final carbon reduction plan emerged this week with an even stronger push for renewable energy. Wind and solar energy are centerpieces of the Clean Power Plan, the United States’ first ever rule to reduce carbon dioxide from power plants. The rule not only makes renewables one of the plan’s three central building blocks, but also creates special incentives to spur communities to build renewables more quickly than required. The revised version of the rule comes after a year of review, hundreds of meetings and 4.3 million public comments delivered to EPA.  It requires that states come up with plans to cut carbon pollution from power plants by 870 million tons, or 32 pe…