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Dec 09, 2016

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Digest Bioeconomy Index jumps 1.40 percent to 59.21 as chemicals soar

Dec 9, 2016: The Digest Bioeconomy Index, an index of publicly traded advanced bioeconomy stocks, jumped 1.40 percent to 59.21 as chemicals soared on a Santa Claus rally.   For the day, Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) rebounded 10.06 percent to $9.85, while Amyris (AMRS) shed 4.05 percent to $0.77. Among other stocks, Metabolix (MBLX) rocketed up 70.00 percent to […]…

Leaf Resources teams with Novozymes to boost yields of cellulosic sugar production

Dec 8, 2016: In Australia, Leaf Resources announced a collaboration with Novozymes, the world’s largest producer of industrial enzymes, to further increase the yields and efficiency associated with Leaf Resources’ innovative biomass conversion technology. GLYCELL is a unique combination of well-established process engineering and advanced chemistry. The GLYCELL technology operates at low temperature and pressure, and uses crude […]…

Ribbon cutting to be held Monday at Southern Oil’s new advanced biofuels lab

Dec 8, 2016: In Australia, the small business minister is set to attend Southern Oil’s ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday where the company’s new $4 million advanced biofuels lab in Gladstone, Queensland will be officially opened. The lab is part of a wider $16 million investment in an advanced biofuels pilot plant that was announced earlier this year […]…

Kaidi gives the green light for EUR1 billion biodiesel investment in Finland

Dec 8, 2016: In Finland, China’s Kaidi has agreed to go ahead with the EUR1 billion investment in a biodiesel plant in the northern part of the country, with a groundbreaking set for sometime next year. The company is currently in negotiations with potential investors to ensure that the financial backing is in place before moving forward. Last […]…

Thailand to use spoiled rice as ethanol feedstock to fill the supply gap

Dec 8, 2016: In Thailand, 4 million metric tons of spoiled rice is set for use as feedstock for ethanol production to help fill the gap in supplies required to meet current blending mandates. The late start to the sugarcane crush means an ethanol supply shortage is expected in December and January, so the department of energy business […]…

Canadian community works to ensure ethanol plants never come to their town

Dec 8, 2016: In Canada, in response to the final decision against development of an ethanol plant at the Port of Oshawa, local authorities and activists are teaming up to ensure that policy is in place to keep potential ethanol development from coming to the community in the future. Authorities are going so far as to take the […]…

Nebraska drivers to save $17 million in 2016 thanks to ethanol blending

Dec 8, 2016: In Nebraska, drivers will save approximately $17 million by using ethanol-blended gasoline in 2016. The savings is based on lower prices for ethanol compared to wholesale gasoline and the state’s projected spark-ignition fuel consumption of 900 million gallons. Between August 2015 and August 2016, the cost of wholesale ethanol averaged 18 cents per gallon less […]…

WSU research shows consumers willing to pay 11% premium for biofuels

Dec 8, 2016: In Washington state, Washington State University research shows that consumers are willing to pay a premium of approximately 11 percent over conventional fuel. “We were surprised the premium was that significant,” said Jill McCluskey, WSU professor in the School of Economic Sciences. “We wanted to study people in different regions of the country, to make […]…

Senate subcommittee hearing tears into EPA and RFS challenges

Dec 8, 2016: In Washington, a hearing was held last week by the Senate Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs and Federal Management to tackle concerns surrounding the Environment Protection Agency’s handling of biofuel blending mandates under the Renewable Fuel Standard and recent reports from the White House’s General Accounting Office alleging that GHG emissions reductions goals won’t be achieved […]…

Biobased Upstream: A Yield revolution that anyone can Join

Dec 8, 2016: Beck’s joins the Benson Hill Biosystems genetics ecosystem In Missouri, more signs of the democratization of crop genetics arrives with news major seed retailer Beck’s will leverage CropOS, Benson Hill’s cognitive platform, to accelerate and enhance their corn breeding program. The Beck’s’ backstory Beck’s is a family-owned and operated seed company that serves farmers in […]…

Should EPA Increase Biofuels Use? Yes, It’s the Law

Dec 8, 2016: Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Should EPA increase biofuels use?” Energy diversity takes the win this week. EPA set final levels for biofuels use in 2017 under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) that are in line with the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, calling for the maximum 15 million gallons of conventional ethanol for the first time and ... Read More…

#Biofuels Could Benefit Under Trump

Dec 8, 2016: At the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) CSS & Seed Expo this week, noted agricultural economist Dan Basse with Ag Resource Company once again provided his global outlook for agriculture, which includes the outlook for biofuels. Basse noted that he doesn’t believe the Biodiesel Tax Credit, which expires on December 31, 2016, will be extended before the end of the ... Read More…

#Ethanol Exports Rise, Imports Fizzle

Dec 8, 2016: Ethanol exports continue to rise with another record breaking October with a total of 131.6 million gallons (mg), the highest monthly volume since December 2011. The U.S. government data was analyzed by the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and found that October exports were 32 percent higher than September of this year and 69 percent higher than in August of this ... Read More…

Sweden Releases Climate Roadmap 2050

Dec 8, 2016: Sweden has unveiled its Climate Roadmap – the country’s plan to help meet the EU initiative Roadmap 2050 for climate, transportation and energy. One key area to meet these goals, finds the plan, is the bio-based economy. For Sweden, its forest and forestry sector will play a major role in this emerging bio-based economy through more sustainable forest management, its ... Read More…

Study Shows People Will May More for #Biofuels

Dec 8, 2016: A new study has found that consumers are willing to pay more for second generation biofuels, in fact up to an 11 percent premium over conventional fuel. The research, “Consumer Preferences for Second-Generation Bioethanol,” was conducted by Washington State University (WSU) and published in the November issue of the journal of Energy Economics. “We were surprised the premium was that ... Read More…

Trump’s Pick of EPA Foe to Lead Agency May Spark Senate Fight

Dec 8, 2016: President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of a chief opponent of the Obama administration’s climate agenda and a staunch oil industry ally to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prompted vows to battle the nomination.

BioEnergy Bytes

Dec 7, 2016: The U.S. Energy Information Administration has released its December 2016 Short-Term Energy Outlook. The forecast for renewables: “U.S. wind power capacity is expected to increase by 11% next year, while utility-scale solar power capacity is set to grow by 27%.” Reuters is reporting that China is aiming to produce 4 million tonnes of ethanol by 2020, doubling output from the ... Read More…

EPA Holds RFS Rule Hearing in Chicago

Dec 7, 2016: The Environmental Protection Agency held a public hearing in Chicago yesterday to hear testimony the agency’s proposed Renewables Enhancement and Growth Support (REGS) rule. The rule includes several actions that would help allow the market to introduce greater volumes of renewable fuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Among those who testified was Renewable Fuels Association senior vice president Geoff ... Read More…

Nebraska Drivers Save $17M With #Ethanol

Dec 7, 2016: Ethanol-blended fuels are saving Nebraska consumers money at the pump this year – nearly $17 million. According to data analyzed by the Nebraska Ethanol Board (NEB), these savings are due to lower-prices for ethanol as compared to wholesale gasoline along with the state’s projected yearly fuel consumption of 900 million gallons. Today the most common ethanol blend sold across the ... Read More…

What Do the 2016 Elections Mean for the Clean Power Plan?

Dec 6, 2016: President-Elect Trump has repeatedly claimed that climate change is a “hoax,” and has appointed notorious climate denier Myron Ebell to run the transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

BETO to Issue Integrated Biorefinery Optimization Funding

Dec 6, 2016: The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO), a part of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced the intent to issue a funding opportunity announcement called, “Integrated Biorefinery Optimization.” The funding will support R&D to increase biorefinery efficiencies that result in a continuous operation and production of biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower at competitive prices to fossil-based products. Suggested methods for accomplishing ... Read More…

Queensland RFA: Gas Prices Intact With #Ethanol

Dec 6, 2016: The Queensland Renewable Fuels Association (Queensland RFA) has come out in support of ethanol after various statements from organizations claim that blending ethanol in the fuel supply will increase the price of gas. This, says Queensland RFA, is not true. The debate was heightened recently when the State of Government’s ethanol mandate passed along with a report from the Australian ... Read More…

Be the Change: Maine’s New Born Global Challenge

Dec 5, 2016: For some time in The Digest, we have examined the problem of matching capital to projects. As Ecostrat’s Jordan Solomon observed at ABLC Next a few weeks back, “the vast majority of projects are given junk ratings, if they can get rated at all.”…

The Port of Amsterdam Pursues a Bio-based, Circular Economy

Dec 5, 2016: As the fourth busiest European port in cargo tonnage, the Port of Amsterdam is of substantial economic importance to Amsterdam and the Netherlands. More than 2,000 companies use the port and generate €6 billion in revenue per year. Companies in the port area employ 55,000 people.

Merkel Plans to Challenge Trump on Renewables in G-20 Forum

Dec 2, 2016: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, fresh from taking over the presidency of the Group of 20 nations, plans to use her leverage to challenge Donald Trump’s skepticism about the value of renewable energy by pointing out where it’s a viable business.

Cities Are Crucial to the Future of Energy

Dec 2, 2016: Last month, politicians, energy executives, and energy experts met in Istanbul for the 23rd World Energy Congress. A new report written by Arup for the congress outlines that although cities consume the majority of the world’s energy and house the majority of its people, they have little control over how energy is produced, distributed, or used.

An Open Letter to President-Elect Trump on Clean Energy

Dec 1, 2016: For nearly two decades, we’ve been tracking and chronicling the transition to a clean-energy economy. While we know that we don’t see eye-to-eye with you on all of the issues, we wanted to send you the following “open letter” to update you on the clean-energy business opportunity, and what you might do as president to enable a massive infrastructure build out which supports American jobs and home-grown energy.

Renewable Energy in US Gained 24 Percent Through First Nine Months of 2016

Dec 1, 2016: The U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) on Nov. 29 released electric generation statistics through the end of September 2016. Generation from geothermal, solar, and wind energy increased by 24 percent compared with the first nine months of 2015. Non-hydro renewable energy, including biomass, has made up 8.5 percent of U.S. electric generation thus far in 2016.

IRENA Announces Funding Round for Renewables in Developing Nations

Nov 30, 2016: The International Renewable Energy Agency and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development have opened a fifth round of funding for renewable energy projects in developing countries.

Renewable Energy in the Age of Trump: Open for Business

Nov 30, 2016: In the age of Trump, all sustainability programs and policies will not be equal. Proven technologies and designs will surely be easier to market to the incoming administration than environmental regulation.

US Boosts Refiners’ 2017 Biofuel Quotas to Record Levels

Nov 29, 2016: The Obama administration is forcing refiners to use a record amount of biofuel next year, delivering a victory to Midwest farmers at the expense of oil companies that say they are struggling with the program’s costs.

Green Bonds Now Playing a Feature Role in Climate Smart Development

Nov 28, 2016: The UN Paris Climate Change Agreement went into force Nov. 4 having been ratified by the required minimum number of countries accounting for 55 percent of global carbon emissions. World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim deemed the day “a defining moment in human history.”…

What Does it Take? The Experts Report from Ottawa on Scaling up the Bioeconomy

Nov 23, 2016: This past week, a remarkable group of people gathered in Ottawa, perhaps described best as the “friends of Jeff” because the ostensible excuse for a get-together was Jeff Passmore’s Scaling Up Conference and because, to no surprise amongst those who know him well, Jeff has a legion of friends and no more so than in the corner of the advanced bioeconomy dedicated to deploying technology at scale.

Renewable Energy in the Age of Trump: The Politics of Change — What Now?

Nov 23, 2016: The sustainable energy/environment community is far from powerless to combat climate change or those who would deny its occurrence. The Nov. 8 election has created a different dynamic for pursuing the policy priorities of a clean energy economy and a sustainable global environment.

Six Ways to Support Sustainable Living for the Holidays

Nov 22, 2016: At Renewable Energy World, we know our readers are always looking for ways to support a sustainable way of living, and we like to help with that goal. That's why we’ve compiled our top six sustainably focused ideas for the holidays.

Economics Trumps Policy: Even President Trump Cannot Stop the Renewable Energy Juggernaut

Nov 21, 2016: Trump’s opposition to climate change policy no secret. Abolishing the EPA, revoking the Clean Power Plan and pulling American support from COP21 were all mentioned in his loose plan for America’s energy sector.

Demonstrated Excellence: The 2016 Power-Gen Woman of the Year Finalists

Nov 21, 2016: One of these three finalists will be named the 2016 POWER-GEN Woman of the Year during the Power Generation Week keynote session, which takes place in Orlando on Dec. 13. …

USDA Announces 2017 Biomass Crop Program Details

Nov 19, 2016: In Washington, USDA Farm Service Agency Administrator Val Dolcini announced Nov. 10 that $1.5 million will be available in fiscal year 2017 for farmers and foresters who harvest and deliver biomass for renewable energy.

Will Electric Utilities Embrace the Paradigm Shift?

Nov 19, 2016: The electric utility industry is currently in the midst of a major paradigm shift that could arguably be classified as one of the most important industry transitions of the 21st century.

Bicycle Friendly Amsterdam Aims for Clean Transport, Smarter Buildings, and a Circular Economy

Nov 18, 2016: Amsterdam, the Netherlands — Cycling is a big part of Amsterdam’s clean transport story. The city has more bikes than people and is increasing the number of green bikeways, separated from roads.

What Now? A Way Forward for the Clean Energy Community

Nov 16, 2016: I imagine many in the renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental communities are still trying to wake up from what they are hoping is just a bad dream. Well, let me tell you, Donald J. Trump is not the result of a piece of bad fish you ate or some incubus who has dropped in to disturb your sleep.

Improved Vehicle Performance with Fuel That’s Better for the Environment

Nov 16, 2016: Is it possible to increase vehicle performance and fuel efficiency while also slowing climate change through reduced greenhouse gas emissions?

Developer of New Mexico Biomass Project Files PURPA Complaint

Nov 14, 2016: Western Water and Power Production Ltd. LLC (WPP) on Nov. 7 filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission a petition for enforcement under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA) against the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission to remedy its alleged improper implementation of PURPA.

France Sets Fresh Renewable Targets for 2023

Nov 11, 2016: The French government has announced fresh targets for renewable energy capacity to be installed by 2023. The new objectives will serve as trajectories to be used in defining the priorities for the French government in relation to the development of renewable energy on mainland France between 2016 and 2023.

Trump’s Win ‘A Disaster’ for Plunging Renewable Energy Sector

Nov 11, 2016: Donald Trump’s surprise election victory turned into a bad day for clean energy investors. U.S. solar panel-maker SunPower Corp. had its worst decline in three months on Wednesday, dropping 14 percent to the lowest since the beginning of 2013. …

NDC Partnership to Help Countries Realize Promise of Paris Agreement

Nov 10, 2016: Now that the groundbreaking Paris Agreement on climate change has entered into force, how do countries make good on their national commitments to tackle this global threat?

BP Buys Jet Fuel Made from Garbage

Nov 10, 2016: BP Plc will invest $30 million in Fulcrum BioEnergy Inc., which makes biofuel from garbage, in a new partnership designed to curb airplane pollution.

President Trump: Energy, Reality, Focus

Nov 9, 2016: What might Donald Trump’s victory mean for people interested in the now-huge universe that seeks energy investments only if those investments reduce climate impacts? A review of some issues vis-à-vis the President-elect’s campaign planks:…

US Elections: What Trump’s Victory Means for the Bioeconomy

Nov 9, 2016: In Washington, Donald Trump captured the U.S. Presidency in an upset victory that confounded pollsters and political pundits even as it delighted supporters of his maverick candidacy based on themes of immigration and trade reform coupled with a message that government policies of the past generation had failed for too many Americans.

Chile will increase small hydropower generation with 3-MW Los Pinos hydropower plant

Nov 8, 2016: Chile's Schwager Energy and China-based Shenyang Yuanda Commercial & Investment Co. signed a memorandum of understanding on Nov. 3 to build the 3-MW Los Pinos run-of-the-river hydroelectric plant in southern Chile's Lagos region, according to BN Americas.  …