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Sep 29, 2016

Alternative Fuels

China Adds Anti-Subsidy Duties to US DDGS

Sep 29, 2016: China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) has announced it will now impose an anti-subsidy duty on U.S. imports of distillers’ dried grains (DDGS) (with or without solubles), in addition to the anti-dumping duties announced last week. The anti-subsidy duties will be implemented as of September 20 and range from 10 percent to 10.7 percent. The U.S. Grains Council (USGC), Growth Energy ... Read More…

Neste Takes Leadership Role in EU Biojet Initiative

Sep 29, 2016: In 2011 the European Commission, along with other organizations, launched the European Advanced Biofuels Flightpath initiative to help the EU meet Paris Climate Agreement targets. It has been announced that Henrik Erämetsä, Head of Aviation Regulation at Neste has been appointed Co-Chair and will serve alongside Ruben Alblas from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Biofuel companies taking part in the initiative ... Read More…

DOE announces funding for DuPont to optimize bioconversion technology

Sep 29, 2016: In Washington, the U.S. Department of Energy announced the initial selections for the second cohort of the Technologist in Residence (TIR) Program. Three national laboratories will receive nearly $1.2 million to advance collaborative research and development focused on improving the manufacturing processes of industry partners. The TIR Program is designed to streamline engagement and increase […]…

Global Bioenergies and Clariant announce first isobutene production from wheat straw hydrolysate

Sep 29, 2016: In France, Global Bioenergies and Clariant are proud to announce the first isobutene production from a wheat straw hydrolysate, in the industrial pilot of Pomacle Bazancourt. This success is the result of a collaboration initiated more than 18 months ago, and has been made possible by combining Clariant’s proprietary process, allowing for the conversion of […]…

SEC charges KiOR successor and former CEO with “failure to disclose” on yields; settlement looms

Sep 29, 2016: In Washington, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Texas-based Mard, Inc., formerly known as KiOR, Inc., and its former CEO and President Fred Cannon for “failing to disclose important assumptions about the yield that KiOR had claimed to have achieved through the company’s proprietary process of converting wood and other biomass into crude […]…

Kuwait biofuel plant aims to export to EU and US

Sep 29, 2016: In Kuwait, the Mina Al-Ahmadi biofuel plant has its sights on the European and US markets for exporting the fuel it will produce when online in 2018. The facility is about 65% completed and should produce 800,000 barrels of biofuels per day at full production capacity. The fuel will seek compliance with European environmental standards […]…

Tight spot supply for Argo Chicago sees prices jump

Sep 29, 2016: In Illinois, tightness in supply of spot Argo Chicago ethanol has seen prices jump more than 8 cents per gallon in the past week and nearly 2.5 cents just on between Monday and Tuesday. The next few weeks are expected to remain tight as export product is loaded.  September’s export activity has ramped up thanks […]…

ACE calls for federal pathway to enable carmakers to meet CAFE-GHG standards with ethanol

Sep 29, 2016: In South Dakota, in comments submitted this week to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and California Air Resources Board (CARB), the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) called for a federal pathway to be established enabling automakers to meet future CAFE-GHG standards with high-octane, low-carbon fuels […]…

North Carolina State and USGS find bioenergy may impact wildlife in the southeast

Sep 29, 2016: In North Carolina, research from North Carolina State University and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) finds that choosing how to meet bioenergy goals means making trade-offs about which wildlife species and ecosystems will be most impacted. The work focuses on the southeastern United States, but yields general insights that could inform bioenergy policy globally. “There […]…

Sandia lab makes lignin breakthrough using soil bacteria

Sep 29, 2016: In California, abundant, chock full of energy and bound so tightly that the only way to release its energy is through combustion — lignin has frustrated scientists for years. With the help of an unusual soil bacteria, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories believe they now know how to crack open lignin, a breakthrough that could […]…

New York City approves biodiesel blending bill for bio-heat

Sep 29, 2016: In New York state, the city of New York has taken another significant step in reducing the region’s carbon footprint by passing legislation Sept. 28 that incrementally displaces 20 percent of the heating oil sold within the city with cleaner-burning, sustainable biodiesel. The bill, which was passed Sept. 28 by a 47-3 vote and is expected […]…

Industrial biotech employment to triple to 1.5 million in the EU by 2030: new report

Sep 28, 2016: In Brussels, EuropaBio released a report concluding that Industrial Biotech contributes over €30 billion to the EU economy and around 500 000 jobs. The new study was launched in the European Parliament as part of a series of activities across Europe celebrating European Biotech Week. The Report’s employment data The report found that the core […]…

New York Increases Use of #Biodiesel

Sep 28, 2016: New York City has passed legislation to increase the use of biodiesel, in the form of Bioheat, and decrease the use of heating oil. The bill, which passed today by a 47-3 vote, increases the amount of biodiesel in heating oil from the current 2 percent level to five percent by October 1, 2017 then to 10 percent in 2025, ... Read More…

Final RFA Octane Webinar Sept. 29

Sep 28, 2016: The Renewable Fuels Foundation is hosting its last of five webinars tomorrow (Thursday, September 29, 2016) focused on ethanol’s unqiue octane properties, its importance as a blend component in today’s gasoline supply, and its potential role as the low-carbon octane source of choice in future fuels. The fifth webinar will focus on the economics of high octane fuels, specifically the ... Read More…

Future Trade with Cuba is Up in the Air

Sep 28, 2016: Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “What’s your opinion of the Bayer-Monsanto deal?” The mega merger is still in the news and a small majority of pollers seem to believe the Bayer-Monsanto deal is bad news for the industry. As the companies work out the kinks farmers will soon see what the future holds and how this consolidation will impact ... Read More…

Michigan Mass Rolls Out Propane

Sep 28, 2016: Flint, Michigan Mass Transportation Agency (Flint MTA) has rolled-out 16 new propane buses. According to Blue Bird, this is the largest one-time Propane Vision bus purchase to date for commercial use. Flint MTA estimates that when compared to the replaced diesel buses, each propane bus will reduce 800 pounds of nitrogen oxide and 35 pounds of particulate matter per year. ... Read More…

Pacific Ethanol to Install 5 MW Solar Energy System

Sep 28, 2016: Pacific Ethanol, Inc. has announced the purchase and installment plans for a new 5 megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) power system at its Madera, California biorefinery that produces ethanol, wet distiller grains and corn oil. The solar plant will be located adjacent to the Pacific Ethanol industrial facility, which currently sits on 137 acres in Madera County, California. The 5 ... Read More…

BioEnergy Bytes

Sep 28, 2016: Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Global Bio-fuels Market 2016-2020” report to their offering. The report forecasts the global biofuels market to grow at a CAGR of 5.87% during the period 2016-2020. The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global biofuels market for 2016-2020. The report also presents the vendor landscape and ... Read More…

DC Court Judges ‘Very Skeptical’ of Challenges to EPA’s Clean Power Plan, NRDC Says

Sep 28, 2016: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Tuesday heard oral arguments in the State of West Virginia v. EPA, the case challenging the legal basis of the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan.

GROWMARK to Purchase Suncor’s Share of UPI

Sep 27, 2016: GROWMARK will be purchasing Suncor’s assets in Ontario, Canada-based UPI, which provides energy products, including propane, throughout Ontario. As part of the agreement, GROWMARK will purchase Suncor’s 50 percent interest in UPI. Once complete, UPI will be 100 percent owned by GROWMARK. The transaction is subject to conditions including regulatory approvals and terms were not disclosed. “The agreement aligns with ... Read More…

Chevron, ISU Partner on Advanced Biofuel Project

Sep 27, 2016: Iowa State BioCentury Research Farm has entered into a joint project with Chervon, U.S.A. University engineers to develop a pilot plant to develop and demonstrate solvent liquefaction, an advanced biorenewables technology. The technology converts biomass into a bio-oil that can then be processed into biofuels or biochemicals and biochar, a fertilizer that has the ability to enrich soil. Iowa State ... Read More…

US Presidential Debate: Hillary Advocates for Solar, Trump Criticizes Clean Energy Support

Sep 27, 2016: Hillary wants to put 500,000,000 solar panels in place during her presidency meanwhile Trump wants to get rid of the Clean Power Plan because he believes that climate change isn’t a threat and regulations are hurting the American economy. That was the takeaway for clean energy supporters who watched last night’s debate between U.S. Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R). To anyone who watched the debate, it was apparent that should she be elected, Clinton will support and work to continue similar clean energy initiatives that have been put forth by Obama. Trump, on the other hand, will work to undo them. Clinton views clean energy as a job-boosting economic opportunity for the U.S.: “We can deploy a…

Using Renewable Energy Agreements to Mitigate Risk

Sep 26, 2016: By directly sourcing renewable energy, more and more companies are reducing energy costs and energy price volatility while achieving their sustainability and climate change goals. However, many potential renewable energy buyers are worried about the risks associated with committing to a long-term power purchase agreement.

Cuba Turns to Foreign Investors to Boost Renewable Energy

Sep 23, 2016: Nearly two years after presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced a thaw in relations, Cuba’s communist government is turning to foreign investors to boost renewable energy as it faces cutbacks in cheap oil imports from Venezuela.

UK Forecast to Miss Renewable Heating Target

Sep 23, 2016: A report published by the UK Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECCC) forecasts that “on its current course, the UK will fail to achieve its 2020 renewable energy targets.”…

jetBlue Makes Record-setting 330-Million Gallon Renewable Jet Fuel Order

Sep 22, 2016: In New York, jetBlue announced a 10-year, 330 million gallon renewable jet fuel purchase agreement with SG Preston. This marks one of the largest renewable jet fuel purchase agreements in aviation history, and the largest, long-term, binding commitment by any airline globally for HEFA (hydro-processed esters and fatty acids) renewable jet fuel. The first deliveries are scheduled for 2019.

Part III: The Clean Power Plan: Justice Delayed — The Juvenile Justice League

Sep 22, 2016: I interrupt the Justice Delayed series for something slightly different. The series has thus far focused on the challenge to EPA’s authority in the matter of the Clean Power Plan (CPP). Today, I want to shift the discussion to a law suit filed in the federal district court in Oregon.

World Bank makes US$390 million loan Pakistan's Tarbela hydroelectric plant extension

Sep 21, 2016: The World Bank has approved US$390 million in additional financing to be used by Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority for extensions of its Tarbela hydroelectric plant.

Green Jet Fuel From Steel Mill Waste Debuted by Virgin Atlantic

Sep 16, 2016: LanzaTech Inc., based in Skokie, Illinois, produced 1,500 gallons of the fuel known as Lanzanol. It’s made from ethanol created through a fermentation process. It’s estimated to be 65 percent cleaner than conventional jet fuel, according to a statement on Virgin Atlantic’s website.

Renewables Trump Fossil Fuels

Sep 15, 2016: Let me get this out right up front: I’m not a fan of Donald Trump and I won’t be voting for him. Over the past year, I’ve been both captivated and repulsed by the Republican presidential candidate’s bullying tactics,…

Amsterdam’s Challenging Green Agenda

Sep 14, 2016: Speedily reducing a city’s greenhouse gas emissions to protect the climate may sound straightforward. Amsterdam’s experience as a front-runner in the global race to reduce GHGs, however, reveals that the process can be challenging.

Does Renewable Energy Raise Electricity Prices?

Sep 13, 2016: Since the big push from the U.S. government for investment in renewable energy in 2009, we’ve had the opportunity to see how prices have changed between states that have made large investments in renewable energy, and those that have not.

Natural Gas: A Bridge Fuel — But for How Long?

Sep 13, 2016: On Aug. 17, the U.S. Energy Information Administration daily update announced that CO2 emissions from natural gas would soon surpass coal. That’s troubling.

A Renewable Energy Giant Has Left Us

Sep 12, 2016: One of the most influential people of our time has passed away this week, and his impacts have been huge.

Petroleum Today, Bio Tomorrow, BIOFOREVER

Sep 9, 2016: In Belgium, the BIOFOREVER consortium of 14 European companies emerged from stealth with the news that they have started their demonstration project for the conversion of woody biomass to value adding chemical building blocks.

California Passes New Bioenergy, Climate Legislation

Sep 9, 2016: The Bioenergy Association of California (BAC) said it worked with its members to help pass several important bills that will significantly increase renewable gas production and use.

Part II: The Clean Power Plan: Justice Delayed — For Whom the Rule Tolls

Sep 9, 2016: I suppose it should come as no surprise that leading members of a do-nothing Congress are encouraging the states to do nothing to plan for the possible eventuality that the Clean Power Plan will be upheld by the courts.

Appeals Court Rejects Complaints Over Air Permit for Biomass Cogen in California

Sep 8, 2016: A three-judge panel at the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Sept. 2 denied a petition for review of a decision of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granting Sierra Pacific Industries a prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) permit for construction of a new biomass-burning power plant at its lumber mill in California.

Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2016: August Earnings

Sep 8, 2016: My Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2016 model portfolio continued to coast upward in August after five months of blistering performance since February, while clean energy sector benchmarks and real managed portfolio, the Green Global Equity Income Portfolio (GGEIP), pulled back slightly.   …

23 States to Rely on Geothermal, Solar, or Wind Power as a Primary Source of Electric Generation in 2016

Sep 8, 2016: At the end of the 20th century, electric generation in the U.S. came primarily from five sources; coal, nuclear, natural gas, petroleum, and hydroelectric. In 1999, 45 states relied on three of those five energy sources for their top three sources of electric generation. The exception was five states, which had biomass in their top three. There wasn’t much energy diversity in electric generation back then.

Relying Heavily on Voluntary Corporate Compliance, Netherlands Lags EU Nations in Renewable Energy Use

Sep 8, 2016: The Netherlands would like to be regarded as a pacesetter in renewable energy, but it lags behind most other European Union nations, with only 5.8 percent of its energy coming from renewable sources. Whereas it is striving to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, the Netherlands’ climate policy relies heavily on voluntary compliance from the corporate sector and has been controversial.

US and China Join Paris Agreement, Bringing it Much Closer to Taking Effect

Sep 6, 2016: The United States and China on Sept. 3 formally joined the Paris Agreement in a ceremony in Hangzhou, China, ahead of the G20 Summit. President Obama and President Xi both deposited their country’s official instrument with United Nations Secretary, General Ban-Ki Moon.

Reducing the Impact of the UK’s Heating Problem

Sep 6, 2016: While the UK has backtracked on a few renewable issues of late, including cutting subsidies for wind and solar, one thing is clear— they have a target to reach for reducing carbon emissions and, at the moment, they look like they will fail to meet this for 2020. That’s less than four years away and the government’s energy and climate change policy seems in a little disarray to say the least.

Clinton v. Trump: Where Will Energy Go Next?

Sep 2, 2016: With just over 70 days left until the general election, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump offer voters two very different visions for the country’s energy agenda and the future of renewables.

Breaking Down Barriers to Renewable Energy Development in the Caribbean

Sep 1, 2016: Most Caribbean islands began generating electricity for municipal use around the 1930s through the establishment of public utility companies. But it wasn’t until the U.S. military began occupying several islands prior to WWII for strategic purposes, and constructing self-contained naval bases with state-of-the-art diesel generators, that increased energy production and distribution really started moving forward.

Drax Joins UK's Hinkley Debate With Biomass Conversion Offer

Aug 29, 2016: The owner of what was once the U.K.’s biggest coal plant joined a growing list of companies jostling for position to fill a potential energy gap if the government drops plans for an 18-billion pound ($23 billion) nuclear station in Somerset.

Where’s Butanol, or Other Substitutes for Gasoline Besides Ethanol?

Aug 29, 2016: A reader writes: I’d hoped that the biofuels crowd would have gotten beyond ethanol by now. The industry has made progress creating all kinds of specialty chemicals from renewable sources and more or less successfully brought them to market.  There’s jet and diesel in commercial use whether or not they’re yet profitable.

Moving Beyond the Generation Fixation: Grid Transformation Key to Delivering on Paris

Aug 26, 2016: The year is 1878. The city of Paris is hosting the third annual World Fair, featuring the latest in fine art and innovative machinery. For the first time in history, 64 electric street lamps, running the length of the Avenue de l’Opera from the Louvre to the Palais Garnier Opera House, are lit with the flick of a switch.

IFC, Canadian Government Invest in Biomass Power for the Philippines

Aug 26, 2016: The International Finance Corporation (IFC), in cooperation with the Government of Canada and the Clean Technology Fund, will invest $161 million in three biomass power plants in the Philippines.

Five Things You Need to Know Before the Clean Power Plan Oral Argument

Aug 25, 2016: The Clean Power Plan oral argument is coming up soon. On Sept. 27, attorneys will present their arguments in front of the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.