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Jul 28, 2016

Alternative Fuels

Syngenta’s Enogen corn used in more than 20 ethanol plants in the US

Jul 28, 2016: In Switzerland, Syngenta says that its Enogen corn is used at more than 20 dry grind ethanol plants across the US. The plants represent about 10% of national ethanol production volume. Combined with its Cellerate partnership that allows for cellulosic ethanol production, the two technology solutions can help plants boost ethanol production by more than […]…

New study looks at economic side of butanol from propylene and syngas

Jul 28, 2016: In Texas, Intratec Solutions released a report presenting an economic analysis of n-Butanol production from propylene and syngas, assuming a plant located on the US Gulf Coast. The process under analysis is similar to the LP OXO technology jointly licensed by JM Davy and Dow, employing Selector 30 catalyst. This detailed study presents plant construction […]…

Reuters analysis shows 20% of US car fleet can safely use E15

Jul 28, 2016: In New York state, Reuters analysis shows 20% of the US car fleet could safely use E15, much higher than the 14% estimated by the American Automobile Association in June 2015, and that number will continue to rise as drivers buy new vehicles going into the end of the year. Despite growing capability, full fleet […]…

European feed industry worried about supplies if market switches purely to second-gen

Jul 28, 2016: In Belgium, the European feed industry is concerned that a move away from first generation biofuels post-2020 and a complete focus on advanced biofuels will have negative impacts on feed availability. Most of the EU’s animal feed produced in Europe comes from rapeseed meal. Imports are limited to the EU’s de facto ban on many […]…

New York City’s Department of Sanitation goes biofuel in a big way

Jul 28, 2016: In New York state, New York City’s Department of Sanitation has integrated B20 into its entire diesel-powered fleet with half of them continuing to use the fuel even in winter. The department is also experimenting with drop-in fuels, like renewable diesel and dimethyl ether (DME) in a tie-up with Mack. The overall fleet has 2,000 […]…

World Bank sees biofuels losing out due to cheaper oil

Jul 28, 2016: In Washington, the World Bank’s most recent Commodities Markets Outlook says Lower energy prices have also eased pressures to produce biofuels as an alternative energy source. Biofuels production has been an important driver of demand growth for food commodities in the past decade. The OECD agrees that lower demand for biofuel will mean a drop […]…

New law to allow Penn State to research hemp growing and applications

Jul 28, 2016: In Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf signed a law on July 20 allowing the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and institutions of higher education to grow hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) for research purposes. Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences is working with the state department of agriculture to develop the policies, procedures and applications needed to facilitate […]…

Hillary Clinton’s energy advisor takes a past on RFS reform questions

Jul 28, 2016: In Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton’s energy advisor has chosen to stay mum about potential reforms to the RFS following comments by President Barack Obama’s former energy advisor that the blending mandate could use some adjustments. Though the advisor cautioned against “throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” she said that some modifications could be made to […]…

Taxing virtue as sin: US tax rate on E85 renewable fuel soars past 100%

Jul 27, 2016: The US passed a dubious and historic milestone this week. The tax rate on E85 renewable fuels now exceeds 100% in some formulations. By comparison, the tax rate on E10 renewable fuel is running at an estimated 41% and the tax rate on straight gasoline is running at an estimated 35%. As Shakespeare observed in […]…

Zero Net Energy Farms: The Digest’s 2016 Multi-Slide Guide to Biodico

Jul 27, 2016: Biodico is matching the CEC funds to develop a real-world conceptual design that combines solar cogeneration, wind turbines, anaerobic digestion and gasification at Red Rock Ranch in Five Points, Fresno County, California. In May, we reported that the company picked up a $1.2 million grant for its Zero Net Energy Farms project from the California Energy Commission, […]…

UK Cautiously Optimistic New Government May Be Good for Renewables

Jul 27, 2016: Amid the upheaval of Brexit lies cautious optimism that Theresa May’s new government may hold better times for the UK renewable energy industry. Gone is the hawkish chancellor George Osborne — determinedly pro nuclear and fracking — while former energy and climate change secretary Amber Rudd, whose policy lurches over subsidy levels damaged so many green businesses, is now Home Secretary.

IIT Researchers Receive #Bioethanol Patent

Jul 27, 2016: Two scientists from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Ben Stark and Tony Sanny, have received a patent for a method to genetically engineer bacteria and yeast to increase bioethanol production. During the development process, the team focused on cellulosic biomass from twigs, branches, plant stalks, husks and woodschips. This patent is Stark’s, who is a professor of biology, and Sanny’s, ... Read More…

Let’s Flood Twitter with the #BestPowerProjects

Jul 27, 2016: Tell us about your power projects! On August 3, join the global power industry for a TweetUp about YOUR power projects: those that you are working on, those that are going to come online or those that you love.   We’re asking the power industry to tweet photos, articles, comments and questions about the power projects they are working on, have worked on, plan to work on or have admired from afar.   Pumped storage in Hungary? Wind power in Germany? Solar in China? Geothermal in Indonesia? Bioenergy in the UK? Hydropower in Africa? Energy Storage in the U.S.? Not to mention gas, coal, and nuclear projects in Italy, India and Russia, respectively. Tweet about them to show the world where the #BestPowerProjects are loc…

Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders

Jul 27, 2016: During the United Nations High Level Political Forum’s Sustainable Development Goal Business Day held in New York, the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) launched a new report detailing the path to global aviation sustainability. “Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders,” finds that over the next 20 years, aviation-supported jobs worldwide will increase to over 99 million and GDP to $5.9 trillion. The ... Read More…

.@EthanolRFA Kicks Off FSMA Training in Omaha

Jul 27, 2016: The first of four sessions focused on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements and how ethanol and distillers grain producers can comply kicked off in Omaha, Nebraska today. The educational series is sponsored by the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and led by Kelly Davis, RFA’s director of regulatory affairs. She was joined by Iowa State University professor Charlie Hurburgh ... Read More…

Al-Corn’s Randy Doyal Talks #Ethanol on Car Clinic

Jul 27, 2016: Last Saturday, Bobby Likis, host of nationally syndicated car-talk radio program “Bobby Likis Car Clinic,” shared the mic with CEO of Al-Corn Clean Fuel Randy Doyal. The ethanol facility is located in Claremont, Minnesota. Doyal is also the chairman of the board of the Renewable Fuels Association. During the program, Doyal discussed ethanol and its benefits to local and national ... Read More…

Bind It or Blend It: Accelerating the Renewable Jet Fuel Market

Jul 26, 2016: We would like you to consider the proposition that alcohol-to-jet fuels, known as ATJ to the three-letter acronym enthusiasts, deserve two RINs and two credits under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard. For cellulosic jet fuels, two gallons under the cellulosic waiver credit provision and two gallons under the cellulosic production tax credits.

BioEnergy Bytes

Jul 26, 2016: The General Motors Orion Assembly plant that builds the Chevrolet Bolt EV ranks as the eighth largest user of green power generated onsite in the U.S. among the EPA’s Green Power Partnership Partners. Over half of the plant is powered by methane captured from decomposing trash in a nearby landfill. The Malaysian Biodiesel Association (MBA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ... Read More…

CEI Releases Another Anti-#RFS Report

Jul 26, 2016: A new report released this week by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) is arguing that the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) should be repealed for its “numerous economic, ethical and real-world problems”. “Running Drivers into the Blend Wall: Push to Ratchet up Renewable Fuel Standard Rewards Ethanol Lobby at Consumers’ Expense,” argues the RFS rewards the ethanol industry at consumers expense. ... Read More…

USDA Seeks Applications for Biobased Funds

Jul 26, 2016: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking applications for funding to help support the development of advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals and biobased products. Funding is being provided through the Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical and Biobased Product Manufacturing Assistance Program, formerly known as the Biorefinery Assistance Program. The program provides loan guarantees of up to $250 million to develop, construct and ... Read More…

Mycogen Seeds, Richard Childress Promote Biofuels

Jul 26, 2016: This past weekend, Mycogen Seeds along with Richard Childress Racing (RCR) sported a new paint scheme for the No. 3 Dow/Mycogen Chevrolet SS driven by Austin Dillon. The paint scheme included the company logo of POET, one of the world’s largest producers of ethanol and other biorefined products. The Crown Royal 400 at the Brickyard NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race ... Read More…

Auto Channel’s Rauch Talks Ethanol in Australia

Jul 26, 2016: The Biofuels Association of Australia (BAA) is hosting the National Biofuels Symposium 2016 in Brisbane on August 22-23, 2016. On the ticket is The Auto Channel’s Marc J. Rauch, an outspoken advocate of ethanol and alternative energy who has taken Big Oil head on. He is a frequent participating speaker at industry and media events and recently traveled to Taiwan ... Read More…

Part I: It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over — A COP21 Reality Check

Jul 26, 2016: The world is teetering on the brink of a clean energy sea change. The environmental righting of the global ship is motivated by a combination of factors including: growing acceptance of the reality of catastrophic warming; consumer adoption of clean energy options; incorporation of environmentally sustainable practices by industry; and, recombinant investing by the public and private sectors, e.g., through the Clean Energy Investment Initiative and green bonds. Virtually every nation on the planet—even the traditionally most reluctant regimes like Russia, China and India—has signed on to the Paris climate accords (COP21).

#Peanut Oil Could be New Fuel Source

Jul 26, 2016: Providing a new jet fuel source could be a new market for the peanut industry, one that is in the process of being evaluated by both USDA and the Navy. “I think we owe it to ourselves that any time we can get our product into a new market that we explore these options,” said Dr. Marshall Lamb with the ... Read More…

Curbing the US Marijuana Industry’s Energy Appetite with Renewables Policy

Jul 25, 2016: As voters go to the polls this November, at least four states will consider ballot questions on marijuana legalization. Pending proposals in Nevada, Maine and California would authorize recreational marijuana use, while Floridians will vote on whether to allow medical marijuana use.

Efficiency and Renewable Energy are the Only Future We Can Afford

Jul 22, 2016: Eduardo Porter, in a recent piece entitled “How Renewable Energy is Blowing Climate Change Efforts Off Course,” demonstrates that one can bend so far backwards to support nuclear energy that one ends up with their head in the entirely wrong place. Developing and operating more renewable energy electricity generation is an essential component of decarbonizing our electricity grids. Mr. Porter characterizes renewable energy commitments in several countries as ambitious infatuations that have led to a glut requiring adjustments to grid operations. He thinks grid operators mindlessly attach more renewable energy generation to the grid as in some kind of blindfolded pin-the-tail game.

UK House of Lords Seeks Input on Brexit’s Effect on Energy, Climate Policy

Jul 21, 2016: Will the price of power go up? Could the lights go out? Britain’s shock withdrawal from the European Union poses big questions, and urgency was in the air when the House of Lords, Parliament’s chamber responsible for amending legislation, quizzed two experts in energy and climate change last week.

West Africa Regional Workshop — Energy Access to Off-grid Rural Communities

Jul 21, 2016: Smart Village Initiative (SVI) organized a three-day workshop on Energy Access to Off-grid Communities for Sustainable Development. Despite the increasing efforts towards improved access to modern energy services at the global, regional and national levels, energy poverty remains a major global challenge. Studies show that about 1.1 billion people globally live without access to electricity...

How Renewable Energy Is Blowing Climate Change Efforts Off Course

Jul 20, 2016: The United States, and indeed the world, would do well to reconsider the promise and the limitations of its infatuation with renewable energy. "The issue is, how do we decarbonize the electricity sector, while keeping the lights on, keeping costs low and avoiding unintended consequences that could make emissions increase?"…

Iran Plans First Tender to Draw $12 Billion Green Investment

Jul 19, 2016: Iran is planning its first tender for utility-scale renewable energy projects by year end as it begins a green power build out that could draw $12 billion of investment by the time it’s complete.

Data Points: Sustainable Energy in America 2016

Jul 19, 2016: It is a new era for American energy. In 2015, increased use of sustainable energy set the stage for a U.S. triple play of carbon reductions, cost savings, and economic growth.

US Energy Department Invests $15 million in Algae Tech to Crush the Costs

Jul 18, 2016: In Washington, as the DOE’s Bioenergy 2016 conference opened its third day, the Energy Department announced up to $15 million for three projects aimed at reducing the production costs of algae-based biofuels and bioproducts through improvements in algal biomass yields.

Where Now on Climate Change for the UK?

Jul 18, 2016: It was a gamble that went spectacularly wrong for Tory Prime Minister David Cameron: Allow the UK to decide through a national referendum on their future participation in the EU and hope that they choose to remain.

Mexico's Green Energy Puzzle

Jul 15, 2016: Over the last few years, Mexico has made a series of policy decisions that show its commitment to addressing climate change.

German Industry to Keep Exemption From Paying Green Power Fee

Jul 14, 2016: Thousands of German companies are set to keep their exemptions from payment of green power fees in a shakeup of the nation’s financial support for renewable energy, lawmakers in Berlin said.

Black & Veatch, Schneider Electric to Build Microgrid at Marine Corps Air Station in California

Jul 13, 2016: Black & Veatch on July 5 said that it has formed a joint venture with Schneider Electric USA for the design and construct of an energy security microgrid at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego.

Battery and Biofuel Research Energized by New State-of-the Art Facility Down Under

Jul 13, 2016: Professor Thomas Maschmeyer is the Director of the Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology (AINST) and an experimental chemist. He is working to integrate new battery and solar cell technologies into the walls and roofs of new houses.

Africa Energy Forum, London: Progress Takes Time But Quick Action is Needed  

Jul 11, 2016: The mood at the Africa Energy Forum, a show dedicated to energy projects in Africa, that took place for three days in the end of June in London was uplifting. Visitors came in large numbers, the forum’s grounds were busy with companies showcasing their latest technologies, and the seminars depicted the highs and lows of investing in Africa today.

Utility Renewables Rise, But Fail To Lift All Boats; State Policies Play A Big Role

Jul 11, 2016: This just in: Americans are getting more and more of their electricity from renewable sources. Okay, so maybe that isn’t exactly “news” if you follow the sector, but it’s important to underline from time to time regardless.

From the Editor

Jul 9, 2016: If renewables didn't have policy support, there wouldn't be much of a market, so the saying goes.

Brexit: Insights from Renewable Energy Businesses

Jul 8, 2016: Brexit; It’s been the buzz word dominating the media recently and it’s likely to continue for some time. The UK’s decision to leave the EU has left both supporting sides of the ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ campaign in a somewhat collective state of uncertainty as to how this decision will impact the country right now and in the future years.

HoSt starts construction of biogas plant in England

Jul 6, 2016: HoSt received an order for the construction of a new biogas plant in Suffolk, England. It is the second order with the same customer where HoSt built a plant in 2015.

New Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Starts Building a Green Future

Jul 5, 2016: People watched closely when China launched the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) last year. The new multilateral development bank boasted an initial capital of $100 billion, a founding membership of 57 countries (with 24 more waiting to join end of this year), and a mandate to be “lean, clean and green.” After its first annual general meeting and seminars this week, it appears that the AIIB is starting to move in a positive direction.

The Battle of Silo: Connecting the (Policy) Dots on Renewable Energy

Jul 5, 2016: I was recently reminded of the policy maker’s penchant to think in straight lines, when preparing to brief a Vietnamese delegation of energy, environment and economic development ministers. The USAID sponsored delegation was touring the U.S. to gain greater appreciation of the role renewable energy technologies are playing in our domestic energy economy—in an effort to better appreciate the role they might play in theirs.

Poll Shows Widespread Support for New York’s REV Initiative

Jul 1, 2016: New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative is transforming how utility stakeholders view the power sector’s future, but for the first time polling has revealed widespread support for REV from consumers themselves.* Evidence of strongly positive attitudes toward clean energy in general, and REV in particular has major implications for utilities and regulators.

Dong Energy Funds First Power Plant Using Bugs to Clean Up Waste

Jul 1, 2016: Novozymes A/S, the world’s largest supplier of enzymes, won a contract for the first full-scale power plant that will use the bugs to clean up household waste.

Brexit and the Bioeconomy

Jul 1, 2016: OK, the UK is exiting the EU, Cameron has resigned, Scotland is considering secession, Moody’s put the British credit rating on watch, and 12 shadow ministers of the Labor Party were either sacked or resigned, as the UK’s extraordinary political crisis unfolds. Markets melted on last week, with $2 trillion in value wiped off the globe’s account books — the largest one-day value downgrade in world history.

Duke Gives Queue Priority to Four Projects Using Animal Waste

Jul 1, 2016: The North Carolina Pork Council, the North Carolina Poultry Federation, the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, the Public Staff of the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC), Duke Energy Carolinas LLC and Duke Energy Progress LLC told the NCUC in a June 27 filing that a break is needed in the interconnection queue process for power projects using animal waste as fuel.

Argentina Launches Innovative Renewables Program

Jun 30, 2016: Argentina will hold a public auction on August 22 to buy 1,000 MW of renewable energy under an innovative program called “RenovAR” that includes a “green trust fund” to provide security and confidence to investors.

Leveraging Live Video Broadcast Technology to Streamline Renewable Energy Site Management

Jun 28, 2016: In the renewable energy industry, many companies worldwide find that distances between offices and installation sites pose a significant challenge for surveying and project management.