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Nov 29, 2015

Alternative Fuels

Emerging Nations Hit Record Clean Energy Investments

Nov 27, 2015: According to the new report Climatescope, developing nations have surpassed the world’s wealthiest countries in securing more renewable energy investments. Climatescope is a clean energy country competitiveness index, interactive report and online tool supported by the U.S., U.K. and Inter-American … Continue reading →…

BioEnergy Bytes

Nov 27, 2015: Iberdrola Renewables announced it has resumed full construction of the El Cabo Wind Farm in Torrance County, New Mexico. The 298 MW project will feature up to 149 wind turbines and is slated for commercial operation in the second half … Continue reading →…

Canada Commits to Greater Wind Energy Use

Nov 27, 2015: The Alberta government has made a commitment to use renewable energy to replace two-thirds of the electricity currently produced by coal-fired electricity generation. As part of this plan, the government has indicated that wind energy will be the primary source … Continue reading →…

South Africa seeking indigenous second and third generation biofuel demos

Nov 27, 2015: In South Africa, the Department of Science and Technology has launched a Statement of Interest call related to a possible call for proposals to demonstrate second and third generation biofuel production technologies. Proposals are sought from South African nationals who have already reached proof of concept with their technologies, have an existing company and can […]…

European ethanol market may open up to the US in wake of Abengoa fallout

Nov 27, 2015: In the Netherlands, Abengoa’s potential bankruptcy has the European market looking to potential imports to help fill the supply gap withdrawal of the major producer would leave, with the US seen as the main arbitrage opportunity. Brazil’s export capacity is limited at the moment because its crush is ending and is entering the inter-harvest period […]…

Ethanol production hits record 1 million barrels per day production

Nov 27, 2015: In Washington, the Energy Information Agency says ethanol production hit a record 1 million barrels per day last week thanks to a huge corn harvest—the third highest on record—with producers going whole hog while prices are cheap and DDGS demand remains high. The figure is seen as a major milestone ahead of the EPA’s decision […]…

Indonesian biodiesel producers ramp up production ahead of B20

Nov 27, 2015: In Indonesia, biodiesel producers are ramping up production ahead of an expected B20 mandate in 2016, with installed capacity seen going to 8 million kiloliters from the current 6.8 million kiloliters. In order to run on B20, the national automobiles association wants producers to boost quality specs so as not to harm vehicle engines. If […]…

British Airways drops Solena project after failure to raise funds to build plant

Nov 27, 2015: In the UK, Solena’s project to develop a MSW-to-aviation biofuel facility in conjunction with British Airways has been dropped due to the company’s failure to raise the necessary investment to build the plant in light of low oil prices. The company needs $70 per barrel oil prices to be competitive at the proposed 16 million […]…

Malaysian palm oil refiners want joint policies with Indonesia

Nov 27, 2015: In Malaysia, as Indonesia’s palm oil producers focus on the domestic market, the country’s refiners are concerned about losing access to crude palm oil as CPO producers look to fill the gap in the market left by Indonesia. The national refiners association is calling for a joint policy with Indonesia to ensure the same market […]…

Stanford grants funds for faculty research including biosynthetic modification of cellulose

Nov 27, 2015: In California, the Precourt Institute for Energy and the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy at Stanford University have awarded 12 faculty seed grants totaling $2.1 million for groundbreaking research on clean energy. Launched in 2010, the seed grant program funds faculty research with the potential for high impact on energy supply and use. Included among […]…

India calling on industrial sectors to take up biofuel consumption

Nov 27, 2015: In India, the transport minister who has long favored a transition to biofuels is now taking a sectoral approach, encouraging individual sectors to switch to biofuels such as the construction equipment industry. He is calling for a major push to boost national highways to 150,000 km from the current 90,000 km and wants to see […]…

Answers for your questions about biofuels, renewable chemicals, biomass and more.

Nov 27, 2015: Q. We’ve heard a lot about carbon capture, but what about carbon capture and conversion (to a more soluble, transportable and storable form), for example conversion to bicarbonate? A. To date, all ventures in the carbon capture and use field have contemplated co-location with a point carbon source. To some extent, logistics dictate this, since […]…

Birthplace of major technologies: The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Nov 27, 2015: Today, more than 4,300 are employed at PNNL; the FY14 business volume was $1.02 billion. The Richland campus includes unique laboratories and specialized equipment as well as the William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, a DOE Office of Science national scientific user facility. In addition to the Richland campus, PNNL operates a marine research facility in Sequim, Washington; […]…

#Thankful4Ag Today and Everyday

Nov 26, 2015: As we contemplate our full plates and full bellies on Thanksgiving, remember that all the food we are blessed to have in this country is brought to you by farmers and ranchers, with a lot of help from our Creator. … Continue reading →…

GRID Alternatives Helps Bring Solar to Families in Need

Nov 25, 2015: When we think of Thanksgiving and helping those in need, many people take action to help provide food. Yet this holiday, thanks to GRID Alternatives, employees from Mitsubishi Electric and California State University Long Beach’s Disabled Student Services, two low-income … Continue reading →…

Rubio Commits to Supporting RFS

Nov 25, 2015: At a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa this week, presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio committed to supporting the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) through 2022. According to America’s Renewable Future (ARF), this is the most in-depth answer Sen. Rubio has … Continue reading →…

BioEnergy Bytes

Nov 25, 2015: Simply Voting Inc. has announced that it has chosen clean, pollution-free energy for its Canadian facilities through Bullfrog Power. Bullfrog’s green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities. Harvest … Continue reading →…

Nanoparticle Helps Harvest Algae, Brew Biodiesel

Nov 25, 2015: Researchers in Taiwan have made a magnetic nanoparticle for harvesting microalgae, extracting algae oil and converting the oil’s fatty acids into a methyl ester, used in biodiesel. This article from the Taipei Times says a National Taiwan University (NTU) team … Continue reading →…

Pilot Hill Wind Project Goes Online

Nov 24, 2015: The Pilot Hill Wind Project, a 175 MW wind farm located in Illinois, has begun commercial operations. The EDF Renewable Energy project was made possible through Microsoft Corporation’s commitment to purchase the power under a 20-year purchase power agreement. Pilot … Continue reading →…

Experts Present Case for Ethanol vs Gasoline

Nov 24, 2015: Leading experts in the field of lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis and agricultural land use today responded to claims that corn ethanol and other biofuels are somehow worse for the climate than petroleum. A panel of scientists and economists refuted … Continue reading →…

New York To Mandate 50 Percent Renewable Energy by 2030

Nov 24, 2015: New York Governor Cuomo plans to issue a mandate, called the Clean Energy Standard, to require that New York State achieve 50 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2030 according to a press release issued on November 23 by Richard Kauffman, Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York within the Governor’s office.

U.K. Bioenergy Group Adds 25 MW Waste-to-Power Plant in Hull

Nov 24, 2015: Bioenergy Infrastructure Group obtained finance for a 25-megawatt waste-to-power plant in Hull that’s the first in the U.K. to include a Contract for Difference with the government to smooth out prices for the power it generates.

Japan Passes FIT Peak: Now What for 87 GW Renewable Queue, 2030 Energy Mix?

Nov 24, 2015: Between July 2013 and July 2015, the Japanese feed-in tariff (FIT) program has supported the installation of over 22 GW worth of renewable energy nationwide, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade (METI).

How Fast Can We Transition to a Low-Carbon Energy System?

Nov 23, 2015: How fast can we shift power sources to low-carbon systems, and what could we do to accelerate this shift?

Cellulosic Biofuel: Reducing Cost Through Cellulosic Biomass Supply Strategy

Nov 23, 2015: To bring step reductions in biomass cost, a strategic biomass supply approach is required based on a holistic evaluation of the intricate relationship between biomass transport cost, biomass supply variability risks, biomass supply market structure, alternative feedstock availability, and incentives offered to farmers.

Indonesia to Make Green Financing Compulsory for Banks by 2018

Nov 23, 2015: Indonesia’s financial regulator will introduce rules to restrict banks’ lending to environmentally damaging projects by 2018, which may eventually help the nation curb the forest fires that choke parts of Southeast Asia with thick haze for months each year.

Coal to Fold in U.K., But Renewables Won’t Benefit

Nov 20, 2015: The U.K. has decided to close the door on coal, but it’s not good news for renewables. A long-time leader in progressive renewable energy support policies, the U.K. government has now taken a stance that sees its low-carbon energy strategy reflected in ambitions for more gas and nuclear power – at the expense of renewables and coal.

5 Reasons Why US Climate Progress Will Continue Long After Paris

Nov 19, 2015: When countries gather in Paris next month to hammer out a new climate agreement, all eyes will be on the world’s major emitters. While the United States, the world’s second-largest greenhouse gas contributor, has received criticism in the past for lackluster action, recent evidence shows that the country is ramping up its ambition—progress that will likely last well beyond Paris.

MIT Spinoff’s Microbes Turn Beer Waste Into Clean Water, Energy

Nov 19, 2015: Cambrian Innovation is extracting clean water and energy from waste streams at two California breweries with a secret set of microbes.

Carbon Rules Under Clean Power Plan Would Survive Republican President, McCarthy Says

Nov 18, 2015: President Obama’s Clean Power Plan would survive even if a Republican president is elected in 2016, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said.

Quest to Boost Microalgae Growth Promises More Sustainable Energy

Nov 17, 2015: Arizona State University engineer Bruce Rittmann and physicist Klaus Lackner will lead a new research project to aid U.S. Department of Energy efforts to boost production of a promising source for clean, renewable energy.

Skyfill: Where the Sky is a Free Sewer, Are Bioeconomy Thermodynamics Extremely Flawed from the Get Go?

Nov 17, 2015: Since biomass is ~40 percent oxygen and the principle of green chemistry is atom conservation, how will we achieve $3/gge biofuel as drop-in hydrocarbon without using all of the oxygen? …

France to Push On With Climate Summit After Paris Attacks

Nov 16, 2015: The French government vowed to push on with the United Nations Climate summit in Paris this month and will boost security for the more than 120 world leaders traveling to a city reeling from a deadly terrorist attack.

Top 5 Developments Enabling Shift to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Nov 13, 2015: According to a new Clean Edge report, these five developments are supporting the trend toward higher penetrations of renewable energy...

Meet the Influential Women Advancing the Power Industry

Nov 12, 2015: One of these women will be named the Power-Gen 2015 Woman of the Year at the annual awards banquet on Monday, Dec. 7, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As the US Heads to Climate Talks, It Seeks a Plan to 'Trust But Verify'

Nov 10, 2015: The U.S., like many other countries, has been participating in negotiations in the lead-up to the United Nations' conference on climate change in Paris.

Down Under Discovers Advantages of Waste-to-Energy

Nov 10, 2015: In October the ground was broken for one of Australia's most innovative biogas projects.

CHP Biomass Plant to Supply Thermal Needs of City of Krusevac, Serbia

Nov 9, 2015: Milan-based Building Energy said on Nov. 6 that it will build a first-of-its-kind combined heat and power biomass plant in Central Serbia.

The Status of Large-Scale Renewable Fuel Production from Waste

Nov 9, 2015: From several standpoints, it makes sense to turn waste into clean transportation fuels as a transition from fossil fuels and as an alternative to current landfilling practices.

A New Perspective on RE Project Development in Emerging Markets

Nov 5, 2015: Is it possible to accelerate renewable energy investments in emerging markets without paying high tariffs? That is the key question being discussed by governments in many developing countries.

Genera Energy, PrecisionHawk Launch Drone/Analytics Partnership for Sustainable Biomass

Nov 5, 2015: PrecisionHawk and Genera Energy announced a partnership to develop new analysis algorithms specific to improving the efficiency and quality of sustainable biomass crop production and distribution.

EBRD Sets $250 Million Plan to Spur Renewables Without Subsidy

Nov 3, 2015: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has set up a new $250 million program to develop subsidy-free renewables projects in Morocco, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia.

Algenol CEO Exits, Staff Cut by 25 Percent

Oct 26, 2015: In Florida, the hammer dropped swiftly and without warning in Ft. Myers as Algenol lost its CEO, changed its near-term strategy, chopped 45 staff members from its payroll, and saw its two lead investors re-commit to an additional two years of funding for the company, in the space of a morning.

Ukraine Seeks Foreign Investors in $18 Billion Renewable Energy Market

Oct 26, 2015: Ukraine is trumpeting offers of breaks on tax and duties to lure foreign investors in renewable energy as it pushes to reduce dependence on Russian gas.

Lawsuits Filed over Clean Power Plan, Hawaii Net Metering

Oct 23, 2015: The battle over renewable energy heated up in the courts this week as a coalition of states moved to file their complaint against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan and solar advocates challenged Hawaii regulators’ decision to end the current net metering program in the state.

US Departments of Agriculture, Energy Award $4.9M for Bioenergy Research

Oct 22, 2015: The U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Energy in a combined announcement on Oct. 21 said they will award $4.9 million in grants to four universities and the USDA Agriculture Research Service to study bioenergy development.

Belgian Utility to Begin Construction in 2016 on 215 MW Biomass Power Plant

Oct 20, 2015: Belgian Eco Energy (Bee) recently said that it plans to begin construction on a 215 MW commercial biomass power plant in Ghent, Belgium, early next year.

BMW to Power South Africa Plant with Biogas from Manure

Oct 16, 2015: BMW AG’s car-assembly plant in South Africa is doing its bit to help the German carmaker edge toward a global target to supply all its production with renewable energy: It’s getting some of its power from biogas made from cow manure.

5 Clean Tech Innovations for Advancing a Global Climate Agreement

Oct 16, 2015: If parties to the UN Framework on Climate Change reach a binding agreement on climate at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in December, these five clean technology innovations would go a long way in supporting implementation of that agreement…

Solar to Play ‘Lead Role’ in Vermont RE Standard Compliance

Oct 13, 2015: New distributed generation solar power facilities of 5 MW or less likely will play a “lead role” in Green Mountain Power’s compliance with Vermont’s new renewable energy standard, according to Doug Smith, director of power planning for the utility.