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Mar 20, 2018

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Kirsten Grind’s Pattern of Errors, Omissions, & Imbalance in Coverage of PACE Raises Questions

Mar 20, 2018: As Kirsten Grind's reporting on Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) in the Wall Street Journal expanded, the mortgage banking lobby's anti-PACE talking points were embraced…

Tesla Supercharger Evolution … Fake PHEVs … Tesla Model X Journey … (#CleanTechnica Top 20)

Mar 19, 2018: Miss the past week of 100+ stories on CleanTechnica? Too busy vacationing in the Bahamas? Or did you get caught up in the whirlwind of EVBox's 2018 rEVolution conference? Catch up a bit now by scrolling through the 20 most popular articles of the past week…

UK Requires Ambitious New Air Quality Laws To Avert Catastrophe, Lawmakers Argue

Mar 19, 2018: The UK is requiring the implementation of ambitious new laws designed to improve air quality and avoid a human health "catastrophe," according to a report jointly released by 4 separate parliamentary committees…

Just before he died, Stephen Hawking predicted the 'end of the universe'

Mar 19, 2018: Just before he died, Stephen Hawking was working on a groundbreaking study that predicted the end of the world and sought to prove the multiverse theory. His co-author Professor Thomas Hertog, of KU Leuven University in Belgium, says that the work is so important that Hawking could - and "should" - have received a Nobel Prize had he not passed away last week. Hawkings paper, titled "A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation," looked at ways in which humans could identify parallel universes...

Peak Oil Review 19 March 2018

Mar 19, 2018: Oil prices closed on Friday at $66.21 in London and $66.34 in New York.  Prices are about in the middle of the trading range where they have been since mid-February.  …

How millennials are changing home design

Mar 19, 2018: You won't be hard-pressed to find an article about the next industry Millennials are killing. As more of them become homeowners, it’s no surprise that their tastes are starting to impact home design as well. As a group, Millennials have huge buying power, and the design world is taking notice of these preferences. Take a look at several home design trends that appeal to the millennial generation such as green-focused fashions, small space living, and dual-purpose furniture trends. ADD GALLERY 1....

LifeEditeds newest home brings off-grid luxury to Maui

Mar 19, 2018: If you loved LifeEdited’s shape-shifting Manhattan apartment from a few years ago, prepare to be stunned by the design consultancy’s latest project—an off-grid luxury Maui home that produces more energy than it needs. While LifeEdited:Maui is more than double the size of the transforming Manhattan project, the Hawaii home was likewise built to push the envelope in sustainable luxury design. The home, built for LifeEdited founder Graham Hill, boasts the top of the line in eco-friendly and space-saving...

Melting Arctic Seems To Mean Wild Winters For Humans In The North

Mar 19, 2018: The Atmospheric and Environmental Research saying that northern winters are becoming milder, showing yet another effect of global warming…

Pedestrian Killed By Uber Autonomous Car In Arizona

Mar 19, 2018: An Uber vehicle operating in self-driving mode struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, during the evening of March 18. The company has suspended all self-driving testing. What effect this may have on the use of autonomous vehicles in the US is unclear at this time.

Will Autonomous Vehicles End Road Carnage? Eventually, Yes, But Might Be Delayed By Ethical Dilemmas

Mar 19, 2018: The last time I brought up the subject of autonomous vehicles I asked when they would actually arrive. The report I was referring to at the time did a very poor job of predicting this, and so did…

Roskilde Is 1st City In Denmark To Convert Bus Fleet To Electric

Mar 19, 2018: The Danish Municipality of Roskilde is taking a step into the future with the announcement that all 20 of the buses serving all of its municipal bus lines will be electric starting in April 2019 after the city council voted on the matter. The milestone move makes the Roskilde Municipality the first in Denmark to convert its fleet to fully electric buses.

Agtech start-up Plenty plans to grow hydroponic peaches

Mar 19, 2018: San Francisco-based Plenty is expanding the possibilities of what can be grown in indoor farms, with its sights set on peaches. Plenty uses a hydroponic growing system, which feeds crops through a steady flow of nutrient-rich water, to grow high-quality, local produce. This kind of system is typically used to grow annual crops, not perennial trees like peaches. Nonetheless, Plenty's success has the company confident that it can break new ground. "[Plenty's kale] is nothing like the tough, bitter...

Don’t Bet On A Decline In Chinese Solar PV Production

Mar 19, 2018: Chinese domestic demand for solar cells and modules is projected to decline. Combined with the growing protectionism, this is expected to produce a difficult period for the Chinese solar industry, according to reports. They say it looks like gloomy times are coming for the Chinese solar industry. My advice is, “Don’t bet on it.”…

Latest Autopilot Update Gets Cheers From Tesla Owners

Mar 19, 2018: Tesla is finished rolling out the latest Autopilot update and drivers are raving about how good it is. Elon should be pleased.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral In New York City Goes Green With $35 Million Geothermal Installation

Mar 19, 2018: St. Patrick's Cathedral on New York's Fifth Avenue is undergoing a $200 million renovation. Part of that upgrade is a new $35 million geothermal heating and cooling system that replaces the steam boiler and air conditioning system installed nearly 60 years ago…

Western Europe Financial Centers Win Big In Inaugural Global Green Finance Index

Mar 19, 2018: The first ever Global Green Finance Index was launched by Z/Yen and Finance Watch last week, and the financial centers of Western Europe outperformed those in other regions based on the perception of the quality and depth of their green finance offerings. …

Airbus wants to harpoon a satellite and bring it back to Earth

Mar 19, 2018: The aeronautics company Airbus is currently testing a one-meter long harpoon that they hope to use to catch an abandoned space station called Envisat and pull it back to Earth. This particular proposal aims to develop a technology capable of dealing with the rising problem of space debris. “If we can design a harpoon that can cope with Envisat, then it should be able to cope with all other types of spacecraft including the many rocket upper-stages that remain in orbit,” project engineer Alastair...

Record Addition Of Wind Energy Capacity In Denmark As Support Scheme Ends

Mar 19, 2018: According to the Danish Ministry of Energy, a record number of wind turbines were connected to the grid in the period from January 2017 to late February 2018. This helps secure the government's goal that at least 50% of Denmark's energy needs must be covered by renewables by 2030.

Baltimore City Council Votes To Ban Crude Oil Infrastructure

Mar 19, 2018: Activists in Maryland have persuaded the Baltimore city council to pass a measure banning any new crude oil exporting facilities within the city. How long will that victory survive an assault by the oil industry?

Liquidation Of Gaia-Wind Stems From Government Inaction On Small-Scale Renewables

Mar 19, 2018: One of the UK's best-known and most iconic small-scale wind companies, Gaia-Wind, has been forced into provisional liquidation and the company and outside observers are highlighting government inaction on the future of small-scale renewables as the leading cause. …

Are The United Auto Workers & Tesla Locked In A Fight To The Finish?

Mar 19, 2018: Tesla and the UAW seem to be on a collision course. Can any good come from a fight between these two giants?

India’s Tata Motors Developing Battery To Match Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona

Mar 19, 2018: Just days after Indian EV manufacturer Mahindra Electric announced plans to partner with LG Chem to develop new lithium-ion cells and battery packs exclusively for the Indian market, its main competitor Tata Motors has thrown a counter punch.

Solar Surprise: Small-Scale Solar A Better Deal Than Big

Mar 19, 2018: What do grid customers actually pay for distributed solar, when taking into account the cost of delivery and the portion of energy that solar owners use for themselves? What is the value of local spending on distributed solar projects?   It’s a result that may surprise many in the energy industry…

Global Solar Market Installed 98.9 Gigawatts In 2017

Mar 19, 2018: The global solar market installed an impressive 98.9 gigawatts of new capacity in 2017 according to SolarPower Europe, increasing by 29.3%, in comparison to the 76.5 gigawatts and 49% recorded in 2016. …

India Having Second Thoughts Over 100% EV Target?

Mar 19, 2018: The Nikkei Asian Review has taken note of a recent remark by India’s Minister for Power and Renewable Energy that may indicate a significant downgrade of India’s earlier stated goal to fully switch to electric vehicles by 2030.

LSEV 3D-Printed Electric Car Costs Just $7,500. How Is That Possible?

Mar 19, 2018: XEV, a startup car company based in Turin, Italy, has collaborated with Polyform, a Chinese 3D-printing company, to create the LSEV, a small electric two seater with 90 miles of range that will sell for as little as $7,500.

Scientists create protein-packed mats that fight pollution

Mar 19, 2018: Researchers have created a mat composed of active proteins that have the ability to absorb chemical pollution. In a study published in Science, scientists document how they successfully extracted an active protein from a cell without killing the protein, a breakthrough that could pave the way to a new class of pollution-fighting technology. “We think we’ve cracked the code for interfacing natural and synthetic systems,” study author and professor at the University of California, Berkeley Ting...

UK Wind Farms Provide 44% Of Electricity Demand

Mar 19, 2018: The wind was blowing strong across the UK on Saturday as the country's wind turbines generated a new record of 14.3 gigawatts by the end of the day, and accounting for as much as 44.5% of total electricity demand during the mid- to late-afternoon…

Apple Maps Tries To Revolutionize Bikesharing Information

Mar 19, 2018: Apple Maps has been around for some time, and thankfully is nothing like its awkward early days of spotty information and so-so accuracy. Today, Apple wants to make its Apple Maps part of the bike-sharing landscape by facilitating the sharing of information.

If Solar Makes Sense in Snowy Boston, It Can Work Anywhere!

Mar 19, 2018: This installation is a perfect case study for how rooftop solar panels can make sense even in snowy, cold, northern cities that don't enjoy as much sun as areas known for their sunshine like Hawaii or California…

What Would Happen If Tesla Fails? Is The Electric Car Revolution Real This Time?

Mar 19, 2018: Forbes contributor Michael Lynch asks an important question: If Tesla fails, will it take down the electric car revolution? Here's why he needn't be concerned.

Indian Power Generator NTPC Floats 2.75 Gigawatt Solar Tenders

Mar 19, 2018: India’s largest power generation company, NTPC Limited, has floated two tenders to auction 2.75 gigawatts of solar power capacity.

Scientists predict catastrophic loss of forest fauna and flora due to CO2 emissions

Mar 19, 2018: If we don't do something to slow our carbon emissions, we could lose up to half of all the plant and animal species in the world's forests. A new report by the World Wildlife Federation shows that a temperature increase of more than 1.5 degrees Celcius would decimate the flora and fauna of the vital ecosystems in Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia. Since scientists project that we are likely headed towards a rise of 3.2C, the implications could be disastrous. According...

Swiss police to replace diesel fleet with 7 Tesla Model X-100Ds

Mar 19, 2018: The Swiss police are electrifying! The Basel-Stadt canton announced in a recent press release that they plan to replace their fleet of diesel vehicles with seven Tesla Model X-100D electric vehicles. Although the purchase will be expensive, at about $147,000 a piece, the police are convinced their overall costs will fall. Plus, they expressed concern about their environmental impact. In addition to lower maintenance costs, the police expect the resale value of Tesla vehicles to be greater...

Why Cleantech Needs More Media & Citizen Support

Mar 19, 2018: If you're reading CleanTechnica (which you are), there's a good chance you already "get" the key points of this story, but it seems that much of the population doesn't benefit from your understanding. Hence the following article…

Pulling the "magic" Maya Nut tree back from near-extinction

Mar 19, 2018: A French-Colombian NGO is racing against time to save the Maya Nut tree from obscurity. A remarkable tree that produces a highly-nutritious fruit, Brosimum alicastrum once grew in abundance from Mexico to Brazil, but has since been decimated by deforestation, reports. Now Envol Vert is reforesting parts of Colombia's northeastern Guajira region in order to reintroduce locals to its numerous uses. Director Daisy Tarrier tells, "The guaimaro is a magic tree". + Envol...

The Koch Brothers Vs. God

Mar 19, 2018: So in response to the Koch brothers’ attempt to sway their flocks, Wilson and others affiliated with black churches in Virginia have channeled their outrage into a new calling: climate advocacy. For Wilson, environmentalism has become a biblical mission.

Climate Bonds Initiative publishes Korea Climate Bond Market Report

Mar 19, 2018: LONDON and SEOUL - March 19, 2018 ( Newswire) The Climate Bonds Initiative has released its first report exploring Korea's green bond market and prospects for development.

Global investment manager BNP Paribas Asset Management becomes a Climate Bonds Partner

Mar 19, 2018: LONDON - March 19, 2018 ( Newswire) BNP Paribas Asset Management (BNPP AM) has become the latest organisation to join the Climate Bonds Partner Program.

BYD Heavy Industries Senior Vice President Joins the Coalition for Clean Air

Mar 19, 2018: LOS ANGELES, CA - March 19, 2018 ( Newswire) BYD Heavy Industries (Build Your Dreams), the world's largest electric vehicle company, today announced that Senior Vice President Macy Neshati has joined the board of directors for the Coalition for Clean Air (CCA).

Subsidies and Puppies

Mar 19, 2018: A nuanced look at politicians’ favorite policy tool. Everyone likes a puppy. You get a puppy you’re immediately in love. You never want to get rid of it. Puppies also come in all sizes. Look at that face! The same is true for energy subsidies. The government essentially decides on what type of behavior (e.g., […] The post Subsidies and Puppies appeared first on The Energy Collective.

Steven Holl Architects unveils designs for geothermal-powered Angers Collectors Museum

Mar 19, 2018: Steven Holl Architects and Compagine de Phalsbourg have won an international design competition for the new Angers Collectors Museum (Le Musée des Collectionneurs) and hotel in the heart of Angers, France. Envisioned as a new cultural gateway, the sculptural museum is undeniably modern yet pays homage to its historic settings and derives inspiration from the nearby historic Chateau d’Angers located across the river. Geothermal heating and cooling will be used in the museum to reduce the building’s...

Shaking Up the German Energy Market: The Eon and RWE Deal

Mar 19, 2018: Since 2016, the largest German utilities, which happen to be major international players in the European energy market as well, have been in a strategic transition period. What happened in 2016 is that Eon and RWE separated their conventional generation business from network, retail and renewable business units. For RWE, innogy became responsible for renewable […] The post Shaking Up the German Energy Market: The Eon and RWE Deal appeared first on The Energy Collective.

Germany’s New Government Deal Fails the Paris Climate Accord Test

Mar 19, 2018: On climate and energy It’s three steps forward and four back as Angela Merkel resumes government in coalition with the social democrats, writes Niklas Höhne, founding partner of the NewClimate Institute and Professor at Wageningen University. According to Höhne, with the coalition deal Germany forfeits its position as global climate leader and undermines the Paris […] The post Germany’s New Government Deal Fails the Paris Climate Accord Test appeared first on The Energy Collective.

Top Retailers Demand Zero Carbon Building Standard

Mar 19, 2018: A group of retailers – whose members include Aviva, BT, Cemex, Ikea, Kingfisher, M&S, Nestle, Sky and Tesco – have criticised the UK government for not doing enough to improve energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings and asked for a zero carbon building standard to be set. They want to see a target for the UK’s building […] The post Top Retailers Demand Zero Carbon Building Standard appeared first on The Energy Collective.

2018 CleanTechnica Car of the Year Finalists — Vote Today!

Mar 19, 2018: It's time to vote on the electric car released between Q3 2017 and Q2 2018 that you think will have the most positive impact on the world. This is our 3rd annual CleanTechnica Car of the Year award, with the first two winners being the Tesla Model X and Chevy Bolt…

U.S. Coal Hasn’t Set Aside Enough Money to Clean Up Its Mines

Mar 19, 2018: As the US coal industry winds down, does it have enough money set aside to clean up the vast pits, walls and broken mountains left behind? A Climate Home News investigation has found the answer is no. Particularly in Appalachia, the land, water and health of mining communities have been put at risk by a critically underfunded system […] The post U.S. Coal Hasn’t Set Aside Enough Money to Clean Up Its Mines appeared first on The Energy Collective.

S&P 500 Implied Volatility Briefly Surpassed That of Crude Oil in February

Mar 19, 2018: For four consecutive days in early February, stock market implied volatility surpassed crude oil price volatility for the first time since 2008. The VIX, a measure of implied volatility, or the market’s expected range of near-term price changes on Standard and Poor’s (S&P) 500 index options, closed higher than the OVX, a measure of implied volatility on […] The post S&P 500 Implied Volatility Briefly Surpassed That of Crude Oil in February appeared first on The Energy Collective.