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Feb 25, 2018

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38% Of American Cars Were Electric In 1900

Feb 25, 2018: In our modern era, we may assume that electric cars are new technology. The Chevy Bolt, Nissan LEAF, and all Tesla vehicles are certainly cutting-edge automobiles, right? But there was a period in America a long time ago when about 30% of all cars were electric. (Today, only about 1% of the fleet runs on electricity.)…

Countdown To Codexis’ Day Of Reckoning

Feb 25, 2018: It is earnings season and bio-catalyst developer Codexis (CDXS:  Nasdaq) is expected to report fourth quarter and year-end 2017 financial results in the coming weeks.  The three analysts who regularly publish estimates for the company expect a nickel profit in the quarter on $23 million in total sales of the company’s custom protein catalysts.  Codexis is still […] The post Countdown To Codexis’ Day Of Reckoning appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

Solar Roof Tiles From Dutch Company Exasun Look Slick (#CleanTechnica Exclusive)

Feb 25, 2018: A Tesla copycat? Certainly not — Exasun was in the solar roof tile business before Tesla. It also has what seems to be a cost-competitive, attractive, high-quality product on offer. I visited the company's headquarters and factory in Amsterdam last year during a cleantech tour Remco van der Horst arranged for me when I was in town for rEVolution…

Tesla Model S Center Console From EVANNEX (#CleanTechnica Review)

Feb 25, 2018: The good folks at EVANNEX were kind enough to send us a Center Console Insert for the Tesla Model S to use in our Tesla Shuttle fleet right after we launched the company. Yes, I assume they expected a review for the gift (which is worth $530–630), but they haven't said so or pressured us in any way. (I have to say, though, it was weird when a 6'7" thug-looking character with EVANNEX tattooed on his forehead showed up at my door holding a long iron rod. And I have to disclose that he did ask me if I needed any help evaluating the console.)…

Electric Car Myth Buster — The Electrical Grid

Feb 25, 2018: Opponents of electric cars claim they will crash the utility grid and cost utility companies billions. Both claims are wildly inaccurate.

DHL Exec: Tesla Semi Trucks To Pay For Themselves In 1.5 Years

Feb 24, 2018: While Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already been quoted as promising that the payback period for choosing an all-electric Tesla Semi offering over a conventional diesel truck would be just a few years time, not everyone is willing to take his word on the matter…

Current EV Charging Equipment Market & Innovation Trends, Part 2

Feb 24, 2018: The significant, constant usage of electricity from a single source like a plug-in vehicle has opened up a new market for grid-scale demand management. Grid-scale demand response bundles charging plug-in vehicles together into a single demand unit when they are using smart chargers connected to a utility. The utility can then have the charging speed throttled up and down to balance the electricity load on the grid.

No Woman, No Cry: Lack of Cleantech Female Leaders Limits Power & Utility Progress

Feb 24, 2018: Cleantech energy companies need to embrace female leaders to inspire new thinking and directions for the future…

Solar Will Dominate New Electricity Generation In US By 2022, Yuri Horwitz States

Feb 24, 2018: Yuri Horwitz, co-founder and CEO of Sol Systems, believes solar power will dominate new electricity generation in the US by 2022. Keep reading to discover the three reasons why.

Geely Chairman Buys 9.69% Stake In Daimler

Feb 24, 2018: Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Motors, has purchased a 9.69% stake in Daimler worth $9 billion. The acquisition is further proof of how quickly consolidation in the auto industry is taking place.

Accelerating Access To Clean Technology

Feb 24, 2018: It’s no secret that Silicon Valley drives the tech world. From smart cars to smart homes, California continues to boast the world’s latest high-tech innovations and developments. Yet many Californians still lack access to technological advancements that could dramatically improve their everyday lives. High-tech products and services are viewed by many residents in low- to moderate-income (LMI) communities as out-of-reach luxuries rather than attainable necessities. The innovations shaping the future of energy, transportation, water access, agriculture, and beyond are no exception to this reality…

A New Way to Recycle Batteries Uses Half the Energy

Feb 24, 2018: A new recycling process could provide a way to restore lithium ion battery cathodes to “mint condition.” What’s better, this new process only uses half the energy of conventional... -- Read more on…

Fastned — EV Fast Charging Leadership (#CleanTechnica Exclusive)

Feb 24, 2018: Fastned is still the only EV charging network I know of that includes CHAdeMO, CCS, and Tesla (via adapter) charging options at all of its stations. This may seem unimportant, since Tesla has its own Supercharger network, but as Fastned co-founder Bart Lubbers pointed out in a recent interview with me, approximately half of the electric cars in the Netherlands are Teslas. As such, even with other options, many of Fastned's customers are Tesla drivers…

The SkyWay Project Offers A Multifaceted Solution To Urban Transportation

Feb 23, 2018: SkyWay Technologies offers an affordable and innovative solution to urban transportation issues with an above-ground raised cable solution that rivals the Hyperloop in both efficiency, speed, and cost.

Buckwheat pillows offer a good night's sleep without hurting the environment

Feb 23, 2018: The benefits of switching from an off-gassing synthetic pillow to buckwheat are well-documented by now: The crunchy hulls of this pseudo-cereal are densely packed into a surprisingly heavy pillow that conforms to each new owner's specific contours, providing the kind of sleep dreams are made of. There's no guarantee that mites won't get to them, and certain people susceptible to allergies should proceed with care, but generally, buckwheat pillows last longer than their conventional cousins—especially...

This modern hiking hotel blends into the dark alpine forests of Italy

Feb 23, 2018: The darkened wood façade of the award-winning Hotel Bühelwirt is specially tinted to reflect "the dark green, or often black forest tinge [that] seems to blend nature and topography with the building". Pedevilla Architects designed the building as a natural extension of the breathtaking alpine landscapes of South Tyrol, Italy. The 20-room hotel references traditional hiking hotels of the region. It marries simplicity with modern forms–rectangular forms meet an asymmetrical saddle roof...

Tesla-powered 1981 Honda Accord accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds

Feb 23, 2018: Electric conversions are popping up more and more as tinkerers put Tesla parts into other vehicles. Electrek recently shared an impressive example: the Teslonda, a Honda Accord equipped with a custom control system from HSR Motors — a company selling Tesla drive units, batteries, and the control systems — and a Chevy Volt battery pack. The Teslonda accelerated from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds. Related: Tesla-powered…

New 'category 6' may be necessary to describe strengthening storms

Feb 23, 2018: Do we need a category six in defining storms? Some climate scientists think so, as tropical cyclones increase in duration, intensity, and strength. Climatologist Michael Mann said, "Scientifically, [six] would be a better description of the strength of 200 miles per hour storms, and it would also better communicate the well-established finding now that climate change is making the strongest storms even stronger." Related:…

2018 Nissan LEAF Still On Sale (More Email Pitches, New Videos)

Feb 23, 2018: Once again, via email, CleanTechnica found this week there is still a sale on the refreshed Nissan LEAF, which surpasses an old favorite (the first-generation LEAF) by leaps and bounds. Why wait…

What Honda’s Success Can Teach Us About Tesla

Feb 23, 2018: "To the more established brands, it is a young upstart company with performance claims that seem unreasonably optimistic. Instead of being rooted in reality, its new sporty two-door appears to be little more than the expressed will of a mercurial leader. There are already rumors of potential bankruptcy. Surely, this is hubris run amok.”…

Charging ahead to higher energy batteries

Feb 23, 2018: Researchers have developed a new way to improve lithium ion battery efficiency. Through the growth of a cubic crystal layer, the scientists have created a thin and dense connecting layer between the electrodes of the battery.

DNA analysis reveals there are no wild horses left in the world

Feb 23, 2018: Researchers have been examining the DNA of horses and what they've discovered completely upends what we thought we knew. According to the research, the last 'wild' horses on the planet are actually descendants of horses domesticated in Kazakhstan 5,500 years ago by the people of the Botai culture. This discovery also means that today's domesticated horses don't come from the Botai, as previously thought. In fact, the origins of domesticated horses are now a mystery. Przewalski's horses,...

The way streets and buildings are arranged makes a big difference in how heat builds up

Feb 23, 2018: A new study shows a way to dial down the urban heat island effects that can pump up city temperatures, through different city planning based on classical physics formulas.

Scientists take step toward safer batteries by trimming lithium branches

Feb 23, 2018: Researchers have found a new way to curb some of the potential dangers posed by lithium ion batteries. Repeated lithium deposition/dissolution during charge/discharge can cause serious accidents due to the deposition of lithium dendrites that penetrate the separator and induce internal short-circuiting. The researchers hope to solve the issues with a plating technology and eventually achieve a compact and high-capacity battery.

Neanderthals, not homo sapiens, responsible for 64,000-year-old cave art

Feb 23, 2018: Researchers have discovered that Neanderthals, not homo sapiens, created a series of 64,000 year-old cave drawings in Spain. Published in the journal Science, this study marks the first time that Neanderthals have been credited as cave painters while declaring that the works of art themselves are the oldest known cave paintings. Utilizing advanced radioactive dating, the scientists determined that paintings made in three separate caves were far older than originally thought, indicating that the...

Researchers Develop Online Game To Inoculate Against Fake News

Feb 23, 2018: Researchers at the University of Cambridge have created an online game to help people detect and deflect fake news. With so much misinformation being tossed around about climate change, this could be a very useful tool for those who actually care to think for themselves.

Airbus Readies Its Project Vahana Autonomous Air Taxi With A Flight Video

Feb 23, 2018: About three months ago, we reported that Airbus was moving ahead with its electric aircraft project called Vahana. The company announced more good news after the procedural test flight a few weeks ago.

Austria To Sue Over EU Approval Of Expansion To Hungary Nuclear Plant

Feb 23, 2018: Austria filed a legal complaint with the European Court of Justice on Thursday against the European Union's approval for the expansion of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant in Hungary, which already currently meets 40% of the country's electricity needs. …

Germany Awards 900 Megawatts In Wind & Solar Tenders In Year’s First Auctions

Feb 23, 2018: Germany's Federal Network Agency announced the winners this week from its first onshore wind and solar auctions for 2018, awarding more than 900 megawatts to over 100 separate projects. …

IKEA renewable electricity plan could save customers 300 per year

Feb 23, 2018: IKEA is working for 100 percent renewable energy — producing as much as they consume by 2020 — and they want their customers to be able to live more sustainably too. They partnered with Big Clean Switch to help customers switch to renewable energy, and the collective switch model could save people more than £300 each year. Related: IKEA plans to cut food waste in half by 2020 — here's how…

Global Solar Tracker Shipments Increased 32% In 2017, Reveals GTM Research

Feb 23, 2018: A new report published this week from GTM Research shows that the amount of solar PV trackers shipped in 2017 increased 32% year-over-year, as California-based NEXTracker retains its top spot and accounts for a third of all trackers sold last year…

Nissan to debut its self-driving taxis in Japan

Feb 23, 2018: On March 5th, Nissan will begin testing its Easy Ride self-driving taxi service in Yokohama, Japan in hopes of launching the full service by the start of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In collaboration with Tokyo-based mobile app developer DeNA, Nissan…

Tesla Providing Free Wall Chargers, Invites More Model 3 Reservation Holders To Order Their Cars

Feb 23, 2018: Tesla has begun shipping free wall chargers to selected employers and residential building managers. It has also invited some Model 3 owners who are not employees or current Tesla owners to configure their cars for production.

Is Volatility in Oil Price on the Way, Again?

Feb 23, 2018: A consistent theme in my articles is the charts reveal that economic disruptions, such as ructions in the stock market, tend to follow periods of marked instability in the price of oil, and further, that the economy at large appears to be acutely sensitive to sudden changes in the cost of energy – as mirrored by the longest lines on the chart above.

Gorgeous site-sensitive home ushers in the outdoors

Feb 23, 2018: In Northern California, a spectacular modern home embraces nature in more ways than one. Palo Alto-based Field Architecture designed the spacious residence, named Forty-One Oaks after the property’s oak trees that became the inspirational spark behind the design. The home was envisioned as an extension of the oak-studded landscape, an effect achieved through full-height glazing, a natural materials palette, and preservation of an on-site wildlife corridor through which deer, bobcats, and mountain...

Solar-powered home slides open to the Australian bush and ocean breezes

Feb 23, 2018: This lovely family home isn’t just minimalist in appearance—it also emphasizes minimal landscape impact. Australian firm teeland architects designed Tinbeerwah House as a glass pavilion wrapped in sliding hardwood screens to give homeowners control over access to daylight, breezes, privacy, and views. The site-sensitive dwelling also harnesses solar energy for power, collects rainwater for potable use, and even recycles wastewater for irrigation and bush regeneration. Located in...

U.S. Energy Dominance: Markets Trump Policy In 2017

Feb 23, 2018: Over the last year President Trump has repeatedly emphasized his commitment to making America a dominant player in the world energy markets. This rhetoric has underpinned a set of policies designed to deregulate and encourage oil and gas activity. But a quick look into the nature of those policies and current energy markets reveals a […] The post U.S. Energy Dominance: Markets Trump Policy In 2017 appeared first on The Energy Collective.

Recent Legislation Mandates Additional Sales of U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Crude Oil

Feb 23, 2018: Recent legislation has directed the sale of more than 100 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) in U.S. government fiscal years (FY) 2022 through 2027. Based on legislated sales established in multiple acts of Congress, the SPR could decline by about 40% in the coming decade while still meeting requirements […] The post Recent Legislation Mandates Additional Sales of U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Crude Oil appeared first on The Energy Collective.

New Global Underwriting Standard for the Buildings Sector Helps Cities Tackle Pollution

Feb 23, 2018: Cities around the world are taking the lead on fighting climate change, making huge commitments to reduce pollution and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. And it’s a good thing they are. According to C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, 75 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from cities, and about half of this […] The post New Global Underwriting Standard for the Buildings Sector Helps Cities Tackle Pollution appeared first on The Energy Collective.

As Federal Efforts Lag, States Are Picking Up the Slack on Appliance Standards

Feb 23, 2018: With a little more than a year elapsed since President Trump’s inauguration, progress on federal appliance standards has slowed to a crawl, while state efforts are picking up steam. Although the administration affirmed or completed several important Obama-era standards during its first months, others remain in limbo. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has now […] The post As Federal Efforts Lag, States Are Picking Up the Slack on Appliance Standards appeared first on The Energy Collective.

Integrated Simulations Answer 20-Year-Old Question in Fusion Research

Feb 23, 2018: To make fusion energy a reality, scientists must harness fusion plasma, a fiery gaseous maelstrom in which radioactive particles react to generate heat for electricity. But the turbulence of fusion plasma can confront researchers with unruly behaviors that confound attempts to make predictions and develop models. In experiments over the past two decades, an especially […] The post Integrated Simulations Answer 20-Year-Old Question in Fusion Research appeared first on The Energy Collective.

Scientists solve the mystery of Turkey's deadly 'Gate to Hell'

Feb 22, 2018: According to ancient Romans, across the Mediterranean are places where mortals can access the underworld. These "gates to hell" are marked by stone structures, and some of them, like the gate in Hierapolis (now modern-day Turkey) seem to have supernatural powers.   via images via…

This breezy bamboo amphitheater pops up in just 25 days

Feb 22, 2018: A beautiful bamboo amphitheater has risen in the lush tropics of Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian studio Bambutec Design crafted the 2,150-square-foot structure with the help of computer modeling in addition to old-fashioned model making by hand. The Bamboo Amphitheater Space Structure was built for the green campus of the Pontifical Catholic University and was assembled in 25 working days. Set on the banks of the Rainha River and screened in by bamboo, this bamboo structure complements its...

7 simple designs that solve modern problems - and don't cost a fortune

Feb 22, 2018: Clean water. Housing. Storing renewable energy. These are just a few of the issues facing us today that design can take on. Around the world, people have applied design to tackling life's problems, and some have dreamed up solutions that won't break the bank. Check out our list of seven simple designs to meet these challenges and more.

UNStudios striking Paris cultural center contorts for optimal daylight

Feb 22, 2018: UNStudio has unveiled competition-winning designs for Centre Culturel DédiéAu 7è Art, a new cultural center that eschews traditional building forms for a twisted, sculptural shape. The eye-catching building, which comprises a cinema and “cultural laboratory,” will become part of EuropaCity, a £2.74 billion tourism and leisure district masterplanned by BIG. Terraced green roofs will top UNStudio’s design to provide thermal insulation, while visually complementing BIG’s “rolling hills”...

Workhorse Fleet Of Electric Delivery Trucks For UPS Cost Competitive With Conventional Trucks Without Subsidies

Feb 22, 2018: UPS has added 50 Workhorse plug-in hybrid delivery vans to its US fleet. The trucks are 4 times more efficient that conventional diesel powered vans and cost no more, even without incentives.

Hannon Armstrong Declines to Raise Dividend, Sets 3 Year Guidance

Feb 22, 2018: Investors did not like Hannon Armstrong’s (NYSE:HASI) fourth quarter earnings announcement last night.  While core earnings were a little weaker than expected, that is not what has the stock trading down 11% today.  What shocked investors is the fact that the company did not raise the dividend this year for the first time since the […] The post Hannon Armstrong Declines to Raise Dividend, Sets 3 Year Guidance appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

With computation, researchers identify promising solid oxide fuel cell materials

Feb 22, 2018: Using advanced computational methods, materials scientists have discovered new materials that could bring widespread commercial use of solid oxide fuel cells closer to reality.