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May 06, 2021

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Energy grids target upgrades for zero carbon transition

May 6, 2021: A useful background article from the FT on the issues and challenges that face transmission services in the future with the advent of more renewables on the grid.

France’s threat to cut off electricity to Jersey proves the UK needs to rely less on the EU for energy

May 6, 2021: The French government’s threat to cut off electricity to the isle of Jersey amid a row over post-Brexit fishing rights highlights the risks the UK faces from its reliance on the European Union for energy imports.What’s the issue?France as well as the wider EU continue to act aggressively towards the UK following Brexit. From the way the EU has acted over the Covid-19 vaccines this..

Setting Skill Standards for Customer Care

May 6, 2021: Utilities need to have objective standards to measure customer care – it isn't just up to the individual representative to decide what and how to treat each inquiry or issue.Most organizations recognize that customers should receive appropriate treatment for their needs, and this means setting skill standards for employees and training them to achieve these goals. This interface..

North Sea Transition Deal

May 6, 2021: North Sea Transition Deal 1. The sector committing to early targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from production against a 2018 baseline and the government identifying potential funding opportunities for early offshore electrification.2. The Deal will commit to deliver investment of up to £14-16 billion by 2030 in new energy technologies, with the government..

Checking In with Energy Central’s Experts: Dave Bryant, Expert in the Transmission Professionals Community

May 6, 2021: Late in 2019, we welcomed Dave Bryant as a new expert in the Transmission Professionals Group at Energy Central. Dave is the Director of Technology at CTC Global and he is passionate and well-versed in all things related to grid technology and quickly, affordably, and efficiently delivering power across the wires connecting the grid. This space is a fast-moving one, though, and given..

First commercial-scale green ammonia plant in the works in Denmark

May 6, 2021: The project in West Jutland produces and uses nothing but green hydrogen to make its ammonia. The ammonia plant itself will also be exclusively powered by electricity from renewable sources. The combination of wind and solar energy is intended to reduce standstill phases, due to lack of available power. “With the innovations in this project, we are pushing the limits for how fluctuating..

BP scopes out Scotland bid as oil giant's offshore wind power ambitions swell | Recharge

May 6, 2021: ScotWind  BP plans to bid in the upcoming ScotWind leasing round for new offshore wind development acreage off Scotland as it adds to its burgeoning ambitions in the sector, the oil supermajor’s CEO said.A successful bid in ScotWind would add to BP’s offshore wind arsenal, which currently comprises a share of major projects being built off New York and leases for..

Boost your morning with mushroom coffee in sustainable packaging

May 6, 2021: Looking for some mushroom coffee with the added bonus of sustainable packaging? The single-serve Mushroom Cups coffee is exactly what you need. Learn more.

Rio orders LNG ore carriers after Fortescue dumps gas for green ammonia

May 6, 2021: In the race to decarbonise iron ore shipping Rio and BHP are chasing incremental improvements with LNG while Andrew Forrest's Fortescue wants zero-emission green ammonia.

'World first' 30-year hydrogen battery set to be made in Queensland

May 6, 2021: Hydrogen batteryThe hydrogen is stored in a "solid-state", is non-flammable and is tipped to have a 30-year shelf life of charge – all costing about $35,000.

Cleantech Stock News: Clean Power Capital (CSE: MOVE) (FWB: 2K6) (OTC: MOTNF) Provides Update on Its Investment in FusionOne‘S Waste to Electricity and Hydrogen Technology

May 5, 2021: VANCOUVER, British Columbia and IRVINE, Calif. - May 5, 2021 ( Newswire) Clean Power Capital Corp. (CSE: MOVE)(FWB: 2K6)(OTC: MOTNF) ("Clean Power" or the "Company" or "MOVE"). The Company is pleased to provide an update on its investment in FusionOne Energy Corp. ("FusionOne"), a producer of technologies primarily for the conversion of plastic waste to hydrogen and clean electricity.

Supersymmetry-inspired microlaser arrays pave way for powering chip-sized optical systems

May 5, 2021: Ring microlasers are eyed as potential light sources for photonic applications, but they first must be made more powerful. Combining multiple microlasers into an array solves only half of the problem, as this adds noisy 'modes' to the resulting laser light. Now, thanks to the math behind supersymmetry theory, engineers have achieved single-mode lasing from such an array. By calculating the necessary properties for 'superpartner' arrays, they can cancel out the unwanted extra modes.

DC Microgrids, building infrastructure for energy's future

May 5, 2021: The DC Microgrids project will help to build more resilient renewable energy using green sources and out-of-the-box ideas to solve the world's problems.

BLM approves solar farm construction in California desert

May 5, 2021: The Bureau of Land Management has approved the Crimson Solar Project, a massive solar farm in California that will power over 80,000 homes.

Pandora announces switch to lab-grown diamonds

May 5, 2021: Jewelry giant Pandora announced it will move away from mined diamonds and instead use sustainably made, lab-grown diamonds.

Levi's Wellthread collection showcases sustainable use of hemp

May 5, 2021: Levi's is setting new sustainability goals.

IHS Markit: Rankings Show United States Already the World's Most Attractive Market for Renewables Investment

May 5, 2021: WASHINGTON, D.C. - May 5, 2021 ( Newswire) As the Biden Administration aims to significantly increase federal investment in renewable energy under the American Jobs Plan, the United States already ranks as the most attractive market for renewables investment, according to results from a new ranking by IHS Markit (NYSE: INFO), a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions.

10 hobbit homes that will have you ready to move to The Shire

May 5, 2021: The charm and appeal of hobbit homes have lasted long after the Lord of the Ring movies launched. Here are some of the cutest of these homes around the world.

Thin, large-area device converts infrared light into images

May 5, 2021: An infrared imager developed by engineers could be used to see through smog and fog; easily locate blood vessels on a patient; and see through silicon wafers to inspect the quality of electronic boards. It is also slim, compact and less costly to fabricate than similar technologies.

Cleantech Stock News: Solar Integrated Roofing (OTC: $SIRC) Closes Acquisition, Finalizing Buildout of Unified Backoffice Capabilities; @SIRCStock

May 5, 2021: EL CAJON, CA - May 5, 2021 ( Newswire) Solar / EV stock news from Newswire and - Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC: SIRC), an integrated, single-source solar power and roofing systems installation company, today announced the closing of its acquisition of Balance, LLC, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm - finalizing the buildout of the Company's unified backoffice capabilities to support all recent and future acquisitions.

Victorian farmhouse transforms into low-energy modern home

May 4, 2021: Thanks to designers at Guttfield Architecture, a quaint Victorian farmhouse in Harpsden, Henley on Thames has been given new life. Named for the clients' favorite tree, the Cherry Tree House is a sustainably renovated low-energy home that celebrates the English countryside through locally sourced materials, lush gardens and eco-friendly elements.

Hawaii declares a climate emergency

May 4, 2021: Hawaii is the first state in the U.S. to declare a climate emergency. The islands are particularly vulnerable to sea level rise and more climate change effects.

Florida waterways demand their rights

May 4, 2021: Last year, Orange County, Florida passed a "rights of nature" law. Now, some lakes and marshes are suing a developer for infringing on their rights.

McLaren 720S: careful, your carbon fiber is showing

May 4, 2021: Not only is it a looker, but the ‘000’ McLaren 720S is making waves for its innovations in the world of exotic cars.

The Solar Industry’s Supply Chain Problems

May 4, 2021: by Paula Mints The solar industry has a supply chain problem – no, not just the current polysilicon and glass constraints. Solar wafer, ingot, cell, and module manufacturing are concentrated in China and South East Asia, leaving buyers outside these areas vulnerable to supply chain shocks. Countries in this region have lower labor costs, lower […] The post The Solar Industry’s Supply Chain Problems appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

New 'key-hole surgery' technique to extract metals from the Earth

May 4, 2021: Researchers have developed a new method to extract metals, such as copper, from their parent ore body. The research team have provided a proof of concept for the application of an electric field to control the movement of an acid within a low permeability copper-bearing ore deposit to selectively dissolve and recover the metal in situ.

New synapse-like phototransistor

May 4, 2021: Researchers have developed a breakthrough in energy-efficient phototransistors. Such devices could eventually help computers process visual information more like the human brain and be used as sensors in things like self-driving vehicles.

Aether makes diamonds out of thin air

May 4, 2021: A company called Aether has announced that it can make diamonds out of the air — polluted air, that is.

Hydrogen / Fuel Cell Stock News: Ballard (NASDAQ: $BLDP) (TSX: $BLDP.TO) Reports Q1 2021 Results

May 4, 2021: VANCOUVER, BC - May 4, 2021 ( Newswire) Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP) (TSX: BLDP) today announced consolidated financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2021. All amounts are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted and have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Solar / EV Stock News: Solar Integrated Roofing (OTC: $SIRC) Announces Closing of Balance LLC Acquisition, Finalizing Buildout of Unified Backoffice Capabilities; @SIRCStock

May 4, 2021: EL CAJON, CA - May 4, 2021 ( Newswire) Solar / EV stock news from Newswire and - Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC: SIRC), an integrated, single-source solar power and roofing systems installation company, today announced the closing of its acquisition of Balance, LLC, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm - finalizing the buildout of the Company's unified backoffice capabilities to support all recent and future acquisitions.

Stable, efficient, anode-free sodium battery

May 3, 2021: Scientists have developed a stable, anode-free sodium ion battery that is highly efficient, will be less expensive and is significantly smaller than a traditional lithium ion battery.

Understanding the invasion of Brood X cicadas

May 3, 2021: The lifecycle of a cicada is a journey like no other species.

Only 1% of global rivers contribute 80% of riverine plastic pollution to oceans

May 3, 2021: Most riverine plastic that flows into the oceans comes from just 1% of rivers worldwide.

Musician Manu Delago embarks on a concert tour by bike

May 3, 2021: Austrian musician Manu Delago is proving bands don’t need tour buses to go on the road.

Valet proposes a prefab parklet system for Milans roads

May 3, 2021: In a bid to rethink public spaces, designers in Milan have developed a strategy to turn parking spaces in parklets for the community.

Wood-clad building in Stockholm features a living roof with solar panels

May 3, 2021: Located in the large Midsommarkransen urban district of Stockholm, Flora stands out from its neighbors in the best way.

BioRomper: a safe, fashionable, eco-friendly outfit for travel

Apr 30, 2021: For those who want to up their safety game beyond hand sanitizers and masks, there’s a new coverall bodysuit called BioRomper.

Research continues to unravel plastic industry recycling lies

Apr 30, 2021: A new study has proven once more that plastic recycling is a lie. According to American Chemistry Council data, only 14% of all plastic is recycled. The data further shows that 16% is incinerated and 70% ends up dumped into landfills.

Easy, meaningful ways to celebrate Arbor Day

Apr 30, 2021: How will you celebrate Arbor Day?

Architects build contemporary estate in Poland around an established garden

Apr 30, 2021: The client planned and planted the garden, letting the plants establish themselves and reach their full potential before even beginning construction.

10 thoughtful, eco-friendly Mother's Day gift ideas

Apr 30, 2021: Here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that Mom will enjoy every day.

ESG News: Solar Integrated Roofing (OTC: $SIRC) Announces Appointment of Don Lewis as Senior Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions; @SIRCStock

Apr 30, 2021: EL CAJON, CA - April 30, 2021 ( Newswire) Solar / EV stock news from Newswire and - Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC: SIRC), an integrated, single-source solar power and roofing systems installation company, today announced the appointment of tenured financial executive Don Lewis as Senior Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), responsible for driving forward the Company's M&A activities and overall strategic initiatives.

Defect that limits hybrid perovskites solar-cell performance identified

Apr 30, 2021: Researchers have uncovered a major cause of limitations to efficiency in a new generation of solar cells.

The Alpex Cultural Centre converts a factory into a community center

Apr 29, 2021: This community revitalization project breathes new life into existing architecture through adaptive reuse of an old factory.

Vertical wind turbines could make wind farms more efficient

Apr 29, 2021: Researchers have found that vertical wind turbines can improve each other's performance by up to 15%.

New optical hydrogen sensors eliminate risk of sparking

Apr 29, 2021: A new study documents an inexpensive, spark-free, optical-based hydrogen sensor that is more sensitive -- and faster -- than previous models.

Can bacteria capture and eliminate microplastics?

Apr 29, 2021: Scientists at Hong Kong Polytechnic University have found a way to use bacteria’s natural stickiness to pull microplastics from the environment.

These custom, igloo-shaped workspaces are 3D-printed with recycled PET

Apr 29, 2021: Has your work-from-home situation become permanent? Now, you can have a dedicated workspace thanks to R-IGLO, a 3D-printed studio made of recycled plastic.

Small generator captures heat given off by skin to power wearable devices

Apr 29, 2021: Scientists have developed a small, flexible device that can convert heat emitted from human skin to electrical power. In their research the team showed that the device could power an LED light in real time when worn on a wristband. The findings suggest that body temperature could someday power wearable electronics such as fitness trackers.