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Jun 20, 2019

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Climate Politics/Capitol Light (10)

Jun 20, 2019: Climate, Politics/Capitol Light©, is a service of The JBS Group and Civil Notion.comIssue 10/June 19, 2019Ace or Joker? On Wednesday the EPA released its final Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule to reduce carbon emissions from individual power plants without setting limits on the sector's emissions. The Trump administration’s replacement for the Clean Power Plan redefines..

Is the U.S. solar market slipping towards merchant?

Jun 20, 2019: Momentum to decenralize the electric supply chain continues to increase as consumers, i.e. Green Buyers and State Energy Initiatives (i.e. RPS) drive more deployments of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Business practices that were designed for a top-down centralized supply chain are no longer adequate to keep up with these rapid changes and we are beginning to see the rise of more..

What Utilities Can Glean from Classic Comics to Pen a Better Future

Jun 20, 2019: Wonder Woman saved Steve Trevor (and at least one war). The Avengers saved New York—at least the parts they didn’t flatten. (Last year, they tried to save the world, but we won’t talk about that sad story today; we'll let you catch Endgame for that tale.)Green Lantern saved the universe once before he became Deadpool, and Dr. Strange tried to save multiple timeline..

(ARCH), Peabody Energy Corporation (NYSE:BTU) - Low Prices And High Waters Backing Coal Railcars Into Storage

Jun 19, 2019: Because natural gas prices are low, demand by utilities for coal apparently has declined. That's combined with Midwestern flooding to leave railroad coal hoppers with no place to go -- and the price for storage to climb. not that this has a huge impact on utilities, but it's interesting to see how interconnected the economy can be.

Duke Energy, University of California San Diego Roll Out Aqueous Zinc Battery Energy Storage Systems

Jun 19, 2019: Duke Energy and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are deploying Eos Energy Storage's aqueous zinc-based battery energy storage system (BESS).Duke Energy has already deployed Eos' Aurora 2.0 BESS at its McAlpine substation and test facility in Charlotte, N.C. as part of a DC-coupled solar-plus-storage system. Duke has been testing alternative, stationary battery..

Webinar: Basis-Risk nodal price forecast for the US interconnects

Jun 19, 2019: ABB has developed a new, favorite go-to resource, the Nodal Reference Case, an annual, off-the-shelf database of 25-year Locational Marginal Price (LMP) fundamental forecast prices for thousands of nodes and hubs across the three transmission interconnects in the U.S. Join us for a 30-minute webinar answering FAQs about nodal prices.Webinar: Friday, July 26 at 2:00 PM/14:00Japan Standard Time...

Wind Farms are Blowing Up Congestion in Midwestern Electricity Markets

Jun 19, 2019: As total U.S. installed wind capacity approaches 100 gigawatts (GW), more than 40 percent remains concentrated in midwestern states. Significant levels of wind generation impact operations in both the Mid-continent Independent System Operator (MISO) and the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the two competitive electricity markets that make up the region. In April 2019, SPP even set the record for..

A 1987 International School Bus is converted into a 200-square-foot home for a family of 3

Jun 19, 2019: Making a tiny space into a family home is no easy feat, but with a little design savvy, it can produce some seriously amazing results. Pacific Northwest-based artist Quinn Dimitroff and her husband recently converted a 1987 International School Bus into a serene, minimalist tiny home for their family of three.

Supreme Court votes to uphold Virginia's ban on uranium mining

Jun 19, 2019: The Supreme Court disappointed the Trump administration and an eager mining corporation by voting to keep the country’s largest uranium deposit underground.

Industrial building is reimagined as a zero-carbon paragon for Paris 2024 Olympics

Jun 19, 2019: In anticipation of the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, French architectural firm Jakob + MacFarlane has set its sights on reinventing a large, post-industrial facility into an innovative beacon for carbon-neutral design.

Rag pasta sauce pulled from shelves for possible plastic contamination

Jun 19, 2019: Mizkan American, the corporation that owns Ragú, has announced a recall for its Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion, Old World Style Traditional and Old World Style Meat.

As state negotiations falter, Line 5 backers ramp up public campaigns

Jun 19, 2019: WRITTEN BY Andy BalaskovitzPHOTO BY Justin Billau / Flickr / Creative CommonsThe Mackinac Bridge connects Michigan's Upper and Lower peninsulas across the Straits of Mackinac.Michigan residents can expect to see more advertisements promoting the contentious pipeline tunnel project.A campaign to convince Michigan residents to support an underground tunnel for the Line 5..

Labo Mono turns plastic water bottles into Urban Jackets for cycling and everyday use

Jun 19, 2019: The process started with a miserable bike ride in the rain and ended with a new company, Labo Mono, and development of its first product: the Urban Jacket.

Friends of the Earth U.S. Condemns the Canadian Government's Approval of Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline Expansion

Jun 19, 2019: WASHINGTON, D.C. - June 19, 2019 ( Newswire) The Canadian government announced that it has approved the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline expansion project despite widespread opposition to the pipeline on both sides of the border.

TREDJE NATUR develops sidewalk tiles to capture and reuse water runoff

Jun 19, 2019: As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. And when it pours, streets flood. One company has found a solution in the form of sidewalk tiles that absorb the excess water and funnel it to nearby foliage, not only diverting water from the walkways and streets, but putting that water to good use.

Updates to Clean Energy Mutual Fund and ETF Lists

Jun 19, 2019: Thanks an email from a diligent reader, I have just updated our lists of Clean and Alternative Energy Mutual Funds and Clean and Alternative ETFs and Other Exchange Traded Funds.  Please follow the links to the updated lists. Thanks to him and all the readers who help me keep stock lists up to date […] The post Updates to Clean Energy Mutual Fund and ETF Lists appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

DOI Showcases Climbing Opportunities with Interactive Maps

Jun 18, 2019: WASHINGTON - June 18, 2019 ( Newswire) The U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a series of interactive online maps designed to promote climbing and other recreational opportunities on BLM-managed public lands.

Woman arrested in Florida for stomping on sea turtle nest

Jun 18, 2019: A woman has been arrested and taken into custody for prodding and stomping on a protected sea turtle nest on Miami Beach in Florida.

Electric-powered X Shore boats combine sustainability with luxury Scandinavian design

Jun 18, 2019: Promising minimal maintenance, lower operating costs, and a gorgeous modern design, Swedish company X Shore is making waves in the marine industry with their 100 percent electric-powered yachts. Created as an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered boats, X Shore’s pure electric vessels not only offer a shift away from fossil fuels, but also a seductively silent ride that eliminates noise pollution and toxic fumes. Marketed with the tagline “Power of Silence,” the X Shore yachts...

Floridians break world record for largest underwater cleanup

Jun 18, 2019: The coastal city of Deerfield, Florida made headlines this weekend for hosting the world’s largest underwater cleanup.

Pop-up shipping container accommodations add a bit of luxury to local festivals

Jun 18, 2019: For those who aren't exactly in the mood to sleep in a dusty old tent on the ground while they attend a weekend music festival, Caboose & Co. has a better alternative.

New sustainability plan for Washington State Ferries

Jun 18, 2019: Washington State Ferries (WSF), the state’s biggest consumer of diesel fuel, has released a two-year action plan for operating the ferry system more sustainably. Washington's ferries burn more than 18 million gallons of fuel per year, generating more carbon and greenhouse gas emissions than any other component of the state transportation system. The new plan seeks to reduce emissions and waste, improve air quality and protect orca whales. Ferries serve the northwest part of Washington State,...

Passive solar house embraces indoor-outdoor living in sustainable comfort

Jun 18, 2019: Just 15 minutes from New Zealand’s capital is an environmentally conscious house that enjoys the best of city and country living.

Aurora Solar Technologies (TSXV: ACU) Receives Order from Major China-based Automation Provider

Jun 18, 2019: North Vancouver, British Columbia - June 18, 2019 (Newsfile Corp.) ( Newswire) Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. (TSXV: ACU) (the "Company") announces that it has received an order to supply a major China-based manufacturer of solar cell and module manufacturing automation systems and provides an update on recent commercial events.

BYD to Highlight Battery Electric Technology at Roadmap 12

Jun 18, 2019: Portland, Ore. - June 18, 2019 (Newsfile Corp.) ( Newswire) BYD (Build Your Dreams) announced it will be participating in Roadmap 12, the nation's largest and most advanced annual conference on electric and smart mobility, held June 18-19 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Ore.

'Hot spots' increase efficiency of solar desalination

Jun 18, 2019: Researchers showed they could boost the efficiency of their nanotechnology-enabled solar membrane desalination system by more than 50% simply by adding inexpensive plastic lenses to concentrate sunlight into 'hot spots.'…

Lithium Technology Dominates Large Energy Storage Projects

Jun 18, 2019: by Debra Fiakas, CFA Market share for lithium technology has been extended by another 22 megawatts with the selection of lithium-based batteries by Duke Energy (DUK:  NYSE) for three separate of power facilities operated by Duke Energy Florida.  Duke did not specify the source of the lithium-based batteries, but the company seems to have an affinity for Tesla’s (TSLA:  Nasdaq) battery […] The post Lithium Technology Dominates Large Energy Storage Projects appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

Tyson's plant-based nuggets could disrupt and dominate the market

Jun 17, 2019: Major meat corporation Tyson Foods is planning to join the alternative meat industry with two new products launching this year. Nuggets and burgers made of pea protein will hit grocery stores in the summer and fall, and more products are in development.

Green-roofed beachfront home fully embraces its coastal surroundings

Jun 17, 2019: Topped with green roofs and surrounded by walls of glass, the Beach Front Gardens homes in Costa Rica were designed by Tamarindo-based architectural firm Laboratory Sustaining Design (LSD) to embrace the coastal landscape.

Doctors orders: 2 hours in nature boosts mental health, study says

Jun 17, 2019: According to British researchers, only two hours of sitting in nature per week could have measurable benefits on mental health.

Proposed Energy Efficiency Rules Could Slow Emissions Reductions

Jun 17, 2019: More efficient appliances and stricter building codes have driven significant declines in U.S. emissions to date -- Read more on…

Tiny house in Tokyo funnels light indoors with a curved roof

Jun 17, 2019: After spending a decade commuting to teach at Tokyo’s Waseda University and Art Architecture School, architect Takeshi Hosaka and his wife decided to leave their tiny 409-square-foot house in Yokohama for Tokyo, where they would build an even tinier house. Dubbed the Love2 House —the predecessor in Yokohama was called Love House—the micro-home spans just 334 square feet and is topped with a funnel-like roof to bring daylight deep inside the home. The tiny home features a minimalist and industrial...

Cool ways to skip the air conditioning and still keep your home chill

Jun 17, 2019: As the searing summer months approach and drag on, finding ways to keep your house cool will make you more comfortable. Chilling out without the use of energy-thirsty air conditioning will not only save you money but is good for the planet, too.

A firefighter's stunning skoolie features a bespoke interior design

Jun 17, 2019: This beautiful bus conversion by Paved to Pines saw a 38' Thomas Built transformed into The Doghouse, a spectacular tiny home on wheels for Toronto firefighter and entrepreneur Christian and his beloved pup.

Enzyme Breakthroughs From The Majors

Jun 16, 2019: by Jim Lane Three big product announcements just in… DSM (e) breaks through on yield, efficiency with new yeast, enzyme offerings for corn fiber conversion. Novozymes (Copenhagen:NZYM-B; OTC:NVZMY) launches breakthrough techs “Fortiva” and “Innova Force”. DuPont (DD) extends with corn oil extraction tech. In Indiana, DSM leads the news out of the Fuel Ethanol Workshops with […] The post Enzyme Breakthroughs From The Majors appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

German court rules mass killing of male chicks legal

Jun 14, 2019: This month, the Federal Administrative Court in Germany ruled to uphold the common practice of killing male chicks considered in efficient for meat production. The ruling is meant to be temporary, until an alternative and scalable solution is available, despite outcry by animal rights advocates. The hearing is in response to a ban of the practice from 2013 within a state in Germany. Following the ban, two major hatcheries challenged the decision, claiming that the practice was necessary for food...

LEED Gold eco hotel in the Wine Country was built using reclaimed wood

Jun 14, 2019: This 39-room inn in the popular Wine Country town of Healdsburg boasts sustainable, natural materials and an eco-friendly design that earned it a LEED Gold certification.

Electron (or 'hole') pairs may survive effort to kill superconductivity

Jun 14, 2019: The emergence of unusual metallic state supports the role of 'charge stripes' in the formation of charge-carrier pairs essential to resistance-free flow of electrical current.

Britain promises net-zero emissions by 2050

Jun 14, 2019: Britain recently upped the ante on its commitment to fight climate change, promising to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Studio NAB wants to boost urban biodiversity with an insect hotel at a bus stop

Jun 14, 2019: Waiting for the bus is usually a drag, but what if the experience could instead become an opportunity to be closer to nature?

11 unique edible plants for your garden

Jun 14, 2019: Part of the joy of gardening is falling in love with the plants you choose to nurture, especially those with a tasty reward. While the traditional carrots and raspberries certainly have their place, you can create a yard full of unique, yummy, and eye-catching produce when you select plants that are a little less traditional. The produce department at your local supermarket might have a few dozen choices, there are actually hundreds of fruits and vegetables that you may have never even heard...

Upcycled plastic bottles are used to create this durable emergency shelter

Jun 14, 2019: The Recycled BottleHouse is a pyramid-shaped shelter that was constructed from a bamboo frame covered in discarded plastic bottles.

Vegan and lab-grown meats predicted to take over meat market in 20 years

Jun 13, 2019: A new report claims that artificial but sustainable meats will take over the meat market by 2040.

TREDJE NATUR proposes angled timber housing that meets UNs sustainability goals

Jun 13, 2019: Copenhagen-based architectural firm TREDJE NATUR has unveiled an urban housing proposal that ticks all the right boxes for beautiful and sustainable design.

Free at last: Canada passes Act to prohibit dolphin and whale captivity

Jun 13, 2019: This week, Canada’s parliament passed a long awaited Act that will prohibits whales, dolphins and porpoises from being bred or contained in captivity. Originally proposed in 2015 by then Senator Wilfred Moore from Nova Scotia, the legislation received broad support from the public and considerable pressure from animal rights groups. “Nothing fantastic ever happens in a hurry. But today we celebrate that we have ended the captivity and breeding of whales and dolphins. This is news to splash...

Architects envision a sustainable future for a Finnish island at risk of rising sea levels

Jun 13, 2019: Named “Emerald Envisioning for Luonnonmaa 2070,” the futuristic vision calls for a utopian scheme where people and nature live in harmony within a sustainable community tapping into renewable energy sources, eco-tourism and reforestation.

Bee Vectoring (TSXV: BEE) (OTCQB: BEVVF) Provides Corporate Update

Jun 13, 2019: Mississauga, Ontario - June 13, 2019 (Newsfile Corp.) ( Newswire) Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. (TSXV: BEE) (OTCQB: BEVVF) (the "Company" or "BVT") today provided a corporate update and review of current business activities.

11 Million People Employed in Renewable Energy Worldwide in 2018

Jun 13, 2019: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - June 13, 2019 ( Newswire) Eleven million people were employed in renewable energy worldwide in 2018 according to the latest analysis by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Ending animal exploitation in tourism with World Animal Protection

Jun 13, 2019: World Animal Protection works internationally to end the suffering of animals and urge all people to do more to protect our furred, feathered and scaly neighbors. World Animal Protection (formerly World Society for the Protection of Animals) works on many fronts, including wild animals, farmed animals and those suddenly displaced by disasters. Ontario-based campaign director Melissa Matlow talked to Inhabitat about World Animal Protection’s work to end the exploitation of animals in the name of...

Global solar PV inverters market to decline at CAGR of 13.2% by 2023, says GlobalData

Jun 13, 2019: June 13, 2019 ( Newswire) The global solar photovoltaic (PV) inverters market is set to decline at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.2% and reach US$3.04bn in 2023, primarily due to a sharp drop in inverter prices and slowdown in solar PV installations…