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Jan 23, 2020

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EU unveils plan to dedicate a quarter of its budget fighting climate change with €1 trillion 'green deal'

Jan 23, 2020: Much talk of 'Green deals' at the moment.  Here is coverage of an EU inspired one with mechanisms to address those most impacted by the energy transition.  …

Most revealing U.S. power industry charts from 2019 – with a snapshot of 2020

Jan 23, 2020: Natural gas, wind, and solar (GWS) continue to dominate the power generation sector in the United States.  Currently, the three resources account for more than 93% of all planned generation projects in the country.  The low cost of natural gas and the continued decline in the cost of wind and solar technology are the primary drivers behind the buildout.  The early retirement of..

New Laws for Utilities - Is it safe to invest?

Jan 23, 2020: How are new laws, recent studies and weather conditions impacting utility investments?  Investing in utilities was once the safe option for a portfolio.  As regulated entities with fewer competitors, utilities offered predictable cash flow, consistent dividends, low risk and high demand for investors.  By and large, this meant a steady, profitable return.  Mike Loewengart..

How Renewable Energy in Supply Chain Could Lead to Whole Savings

Jan 23, 2020: Renewable energy is becoming more cost-effective than ever. With the growing accessibility of renewable power sources, businesses will do good to join the movement and save on their energy bills. These benefits apply to both general operations and product manufacturing — the entire supply chain matters.Many organizations have become interested in greening their supply chains for..

Microgrids are cutting energy costs for trucking and logistics innovator PITT OHIO

Jan 23, 2020: “Just Say Yes” is a philosophy that has guided the PITT OHIO trucking company since its founding in the early 1970s. Continuing the tradition of his grandfather who provided transportation services at the turn of the century with a horse and buggy, PITT OHIO President Chuck Hammel III has always been searching the horizon for innovative ideas – in customer service, people..

Car buyers shun electric vehicles not named Tesla. Are carmakers driving off a cliff?

Jan 23, 2020: Electric distribution utilities worried about how quickly they need to ready their grids for electric vehicles may be able to relax a bit.Sales of pure electric and hybrid plug-in passenger cars fell 6.8 percent to 325,000 last year from 349,000 in 2018, according to auto research firm Edmunds. The drop came even though automakers introduced 45 new models of the cars in the..

2020: Energy CX Sees New Horizons with Self-Service and Visual IVR

Jan 23, 2020: Today’s customers have grown to love digital self-service channels. The speed and simplicity of solving straightforward service issues on their own means over two-thirds of customers choose self-service before any other channel. Their experiences with self-service tools in e-commerce, insurance, hospitality & leisure, and other industries have driven this point home. When customers..

MISO Proposes Changes to Selection Metrics and Cost Allocation for Market Efficiency Projects

Jan 23, 2020: On January 21, 2020, in ER20-857, MISO and the MISO TOs (“MISO”) proposed changes to the cost allocation for Market Efficiency Projects.  These changes result from an extensive stakeholder process and are described generally below:Use of expanded benefit metrics for the identification and cost allocation of economically beneficial projects.  MISO currently uses only an..

Distribution System Operator (DSO) Models for Utility Stakeholders - Organizational Models for a Digital, Distributed Modern Grid V2

Jan 23, 2020: The WhitePaper for DSO Models for Utility Stakeholders published in 2018 has been updated.  This new update includes more detailed model drawings, additional questions to consider when designing your own organizational models, and additional input from other Black & Veatch DSO experts based on utility and transmission operator conversations over the past two..

Energy Central Power Perspectives™: Efficiency for All, an Interview with Kristol Simms of Ameren Illinois

Jan 23, 2020: Energy efficiency is often called the cheapest and cleanest form of energy, as the kilowatthour not used has no carbon footprint and it costs nothing to produce. With this in mind, a renewed strong push has come from utilities across the country to empower customers to increase their efficiency in ways that will not only reduce personal carbon footprints (and aggregate emissions for the..

Fuel Cell Stock News: FuelCell Energy (Nasdaq: FCEL) Launches New Business Strategy

Jan 22, 2020: DANBURY, Conn. - January 22, 2020 ( Newswire) FuelCell Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: FCEL), a global leader in delivering localized, always-on, and sustainable clean energy solutions - today announced the details of its new "Powerhouse" business strategy, which is focused on the fundamental pillars of Transform, Strengthen, and Grow.

Cleantech Stock News - RTS expands New York State's zero-emission mobility with Xcelsior CHARGE buses from New Flyer (TSX: NFI)

Jan 22, 2020: St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA - January 22, 2020 ( Newswire) (TSX: NFI) New Flyer of America Inc. ("New Flyer"), a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. ("NFI"), one of the world's leading independent global bus manufacturers, announced a new contract with the Regional Transit Service, Inc. ("RTS") in Rochester, New York for 10 forty-foot, zero-emission, battery-electric Xcelsior CHARGE heavy-duty transit buses…

The Union Flats is a LEED Platinum-certified housing community

Jan 22, 2020: Prefab architecture and energy efficiency go hand-in-hand at The Union Flats, one of the largest completed modular housing developments in Northern California. Located in Union City directly across a new public plaza and the local BART station, the transit-oriented community celebrates walkability and the outdoors with its amenities and proximity to green space.

Hundreds of red plastic crates are repurposed into a public mosque in Indonesia

Jan 22, 2020: One green-thinking firm, Parisauli Arsitek Studio, has managed to find a way of giving new life to hundreds of discarded plastic crates.

Carbon-negative snack company AKUA offers kelp jerky and pasta

Jan 22, 2020: Seaweeds are becoming quite the catch for health- and eco-conscious brands and consumers.

Off-grid home is inspired by the iconic Australian Akubra hat

Jan 22, 2020: The Australian Akubra hat is one of the many symbols of the country, and one architectural team has used the hat's recognizable form as inspiration for a spectacular off-grid home in the small NSW town of Nundle.

Modular homes in Sweden are specially designed for solar panels

Jan 22, 2020: Swedish firm Street Monkey Architects has unveiled new solar-powered, prefabricated modular homes in Örebro, Sweden.

Slump in wind sector deviates Germany off course from climate targets, says GlobalData

Jan 22, 2020: January 22, 2020 ( Newswire) The onshore wind sector in Germany has struggled throughout 2019, achieving only 792.40 megawatt (MW) of onshore wind installations.

Earth Day Network Launches The Great Global CleanupTM at Clean World Conference

Jan 22, 2020: January 22, 2020 ( Newswire) Earth Day Network (, the global coordinator of Earth Day, will reveal details of The Great Global Cleanup at the Clean World Conference taking place January 23 - 25 in Tallinn, Estonia and invite cleanup organizers from around the world to join together in solving problems of global waste.

Cleantech and Climate Change Podcast: Interview with Paul Hessburg, Research Landscape Ecologist Talking about the Fires in Australia

Jan 22, 2020: Point Roberts, WA and Delta, BC - January 22, 2020 ( Newswire), a global news source and leading investor resource covering cleantech and renewable energy stocks ( releases today's edition of the Cleantech and Climate Change Podcast, talking about today's problems and solutions for the future.

Less may be more in next-gen batteries

Jan 22, 2020: Engineers build full lithium-ion batteries with silicon anodes and an alumina layer to protect cathodes from degrading. By limiting their energy density, the batteries promise excellent stability for transportation and grid storage use.

Luzinterruptus turns plastic waste into Death by Plastic eco-art for COP25

Jan 21, 2020: Made from plastic waste and transparent fabric, the glowing environmental art installation depicts a crime scene-like visual with a series of people-shaped sculptures lying on the ground.

CRA proposes reconfigurable roads and a floating garden to revitalize Luganos waterfront

Jan 21, 2020: Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) and Mobility in Chain (MiC) have unveiled a technologically savvy plan to better connect the Swiss city of Lugano with the beautiful Lugano Lake.

China plans to phase out single-use plastics by 2025

Jan 21, 2020: China is set to enact a plastic ban to phase out the production and use of many single-use plastic items by 2025.

Self-sustaining Ugandan surgical facility provides healthcare to underserved areas

Jan 21, 2020: The architects created a modular, easily replicable surgical facility to provide ambulatory surgical procedures for underserved populations in resource-poor regions.

Bellevue highschooler confronts Representative about track record on climate

Jan 21, 2020: SEATTLE, WA - January 21, 2020 ( Newswire) Saturday evening, three members of Sunrise Movement Seattle attended the 2020 Kickoff for King County Democrats at the Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center to confront their elected officials about their support-or lack thereof-for substantive climate policy.

New tiny home for glamping on Governors Island offers guests the best views of NYC

Jan 21, 2020: Outlook Shelter offers guests a glamping experience with city vistas they won't find anywhere else.

The Dawn of the Solar Age and the Greatest Investment Opportunity of all Time

Jan 21, 2020: Point Roberts, WA and Delta, BC - January 21, 2020 ( Newswire), a global news source and leading investor resource covering Cleantech and renewable energy stocks issues today's Cleantech column at and with J.Peter Lynch.

Cross-laminated timber makes this Scottish home climate resistant

Jan 20, 2020: Scottish firm Mary Arnold Foster Architects has unveiled a stunning home made out of several timber “pods” and tucked into the idyllic landscape of the Scottish Highlands. Clad in cross-laminated timber (CLT) and covered with slats of charred larch, which provide the home with resilience, the Nedd home was built on concrete pillars and set in between two outcrops to minimize damage to the landscape.

NAWA reveals hybrid electric motorcycle at CES 2020

Jan 20, 2020: It’s not the first electric motorcycle on the market, but the NAWA Racer is currently the most talked about after a big reveal at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Modern farmhouse in Italy pays homage to its agricultural surroundings

Jan 20, 2020: Tucked into the rolling wheat fields of the Italian region of Le Marche, the Border Crossing House is a private residence that pays homage to the area's rich agricultural history.

"Embroidered filtering skin helps library regulate light

Jan 20, 2020: French design practice Serero Architectes Urbanistes has recently completed the new Bayeux Media Library, a light-filled cultural institution that connects the northwestern French commune’s historical roots to its future development zones.

Architect makes playful puzzle pavilion for Design Week Mexico

Jan 20, 2020: At the eleventh Design Week Mexico, Mexican architect Gerardo Broissin has created the Egaligilo Pavilion, an eye-catching structure made with large jigsaw puzzle-shaped concrete pieces. Installed on the grounds of Mexico City’s contemporary art museum Museo Tamayo, the boxy pavilion draws the eye with its puzzle-inspired form and bubble-like protrusions designed to deliberately obscure views of the interior. Inside is a lush garden that remains exposed to the outdoor elements thanks to small slits...

Laser diode emits deep UV light

Jan 18, 2020: Researchers say they have designed a laser diode that emits the shortest-wavelength ultraviolet light to-date, with potential applications in disinfection, dermatology, and DNA analyses.

Renewable Energy MLP Announces Acquisition, Dividend Increase

Jan 17, 2020: January 17, 2020 ( Newswire) The specifics of both moves are presented in an iA Securities report.

Ramboll helps Lombok locals build earthquake-resistant bamboo housing

Jan 17, 2020: Back in 2018 when Lombok was struck by several earthquakes, some of which measured up to magnitude 7, local communities around the seismic region were greatly affected by loss. After the series of earthquakes settled, there were over 500 dead, 129,000 homes damages and 445,000 people homeless.

12 Canadian Cleantech Companies Recognized Among World's Top 100

Jan 17, 2020: SAN FRANCISCO - January 17, 2020 ( Newswire) 12 Canadian companies were named to the 2020 Global Cleantech 100, an annual roster of the world's top 100 cleantech companies.

UAE to reduce dependence on fossil fuel with 500MW solar PV project in Umm Al Quwain, says GlobalData

Jan 17, 2020: January 17, 2020 ( Newswire) The Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has invited expressions of interest (EOI) for the development of a 500 megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain…

Planet Beyond earbuds combine tech, sustainability and fashion

Jan 17, 2020: These high-tech earbuds double as unique jewelry.

The Haeckels Victorian-style bathing machine has a sauna inside

Jan 17, 2020: Is there anything better than self-care by the sea? UK-based skincare brand Haeckels is on a mission to reintroduce the local community of Margate Beach to the healing powers of the ocean.

Airstream unveils new 2020 camper with smart technology

Jan 17, 2020: Airstream is a long-standing American legend beloved by many roaming road warriors, but now the iconic campers have been given a sleek modern makeover.

How corporations big and small are betting on renewable solutions to combat climate change

Jan 17, 2020: Point Roberts, WA and Delta, BC - January 17, 2020 ( Newswire), a global news source and leading investor resource covering cleantech and renewable energy stocks issues a snapshot looking at the growing momentum within corporations to move to renewable energy solutions.

New Marine Education Center in Malm raises climate change awareness

Jan 17, 2020: In Malmo, Sweden, the recently completed Marine Education Center is giving visitors a closer look at the effects of climate change and sustainable technology.

Charge model for calculating the photoexcited states of one-dimensional Mott insulators

Jan 17, 2020: Researchers have developed a charge model to describe photoexcited states of one-dimensional Mott insulators. They have also succeeded in constructing a many-body Wannier function as the localized basis state of the photoexcited states and calculating large-system, optical conductivity spectra that can be compared with experimental results.

12 surprising things that arent vegan

Jan 16, 2020: It’s hard sticking to a vegan lifestyle.

Stunning, sustainable lodge blends into beautiful landscape

Jan 16, 2020: Romanian architecture firm BLIPSZ has created a near-autonomous holiday home that combines the charms of rural Transylvanian architecture with a sustainable and contemporary design aesthetic.

Battery 'scale-up' needed to hit Paris Agreement temperature target, says industry expert

Jan 16, 2020: January 16, 2020 ( Newswire) A recent World Economic Forum report found that, in the right conditions, battery technologies could reduce emissions in the transport and power sectors by 30%…

SPG's $250m investment plan shows long-term attractiveness of Brazil solar market, says GlobalData

Jan 16, 2020: January 16, 2020 ( Newswire) Solar Provider Group (SPG) has announced that it is planning to enter the Brazilian solar market with an investment of $250m over the next five years.

Children hurt after Delta jet dumps fuel on schools

Jan 16, 2020: On January 14, a Delta jet malfunctioned, dumping jet fuel over Los Angeles area schools. The incident affected over 50 people, including students from Park Avenue Elementary, San Gabriel Elementary, Graham Elementary, Tweedy Elementary, 93rd Street Elementary and Jordan High School.

Immersive, dystopian exhibit shows what life could be like post-climate change

Jan 16, 2020: As a wake up call to the possible effects of global warming, Superflux has created immersive art that explores the possible consequences of sea level rise for city dwellers in coastal areas.