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Jun 20, 2018

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Built on a budget, this elegant Dock Building glows like a lantern in Vancouver

Jun 20, 2018: Tight budgets typically pose one of the biggest challenges in design projects. But as Michael Green, CEO and President of Michael Green Architecture, shows in his firm’s recently completed Dock Building: beautiful architecture is “always possible regardless of budget.” Built for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, the building melds modern and industrial influences in a sleek and sculptural volume that appears to glow like a lantern at night. Located on Jericho Beach in Vancouver,...

Kilauea's crater has been dramatically altered by eruption

Jun 20, 2018: While Hawaii's Kilauea volcano continues to erupt, this explosive episode of volcanic activity has already made a dramatic impact on the land, from the summit down to the ocean. Prior to the eruption, the crater summit presented as a massive lava pool. With the start of the eruption and the opening of fissues in early May, the lava drained from the crater towards lower ground. The subsequent explosions of ash and gas caused the crater to begin to collapse. Now, weeks later, the crater has become...

The largest solar farm apiary in the US opens this week

Jun 20, 2018: An important feature of the design system known as permaculture is the concept of stacking functions, or finding multiple uses for the same space or resource. North Carolina-based PineGate Renewables is taking this principle to a new level with the opening of the largest solar farm apiary in the United States. Starting this week, the Eagle Point solar farm in Jackson County, Oregon will host 48 hives of honey bees underneath and between the solar panels. John Jacob of Old Sol Apiaries helped to determine...

A Michigan farmhouse is reborn as a beautiful modern vacation retreat

Jun 20, 2018: A city-dwelling family in need of rural respite reached out to Von Weise Associates to make their country escape a reality. In response, the Chicago-based architecture firm delivered a stunning modern getaway that fully embraces the rural vernacular with a sensitive renovation of an existing farmhouse and barn. Located in the southeast Michigan township of Sawyer near Lake Michigan, the Retreat House consists of a new single-family house and adjacent studio for the artistic couple. In...

List of Solar Farm Owner and Developer Stocks

Jun 20, 2018: Solar farm owner and developer stocks are publicly traded companies who develop or manufacture equipment that converts sunlight into other types of useful energy.  Includes manufacturers and developers of both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal equipment, as well as their supply chain. See also the list of Solar Manufacturing Stocks, the list of Residential Solar Stocks […] The post List of Solar Farm Owner and Developer Stocks appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

How $6 Trillion of Fossil Fuel Investments Got Dumped Thanks to Green Campaigners

Jun 20, 2018: It has become one of the fastest growing political campaigns in human history, surpassing similar battles against the tobacco industry and the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Its logic is simple: the only way to avoid climate change and dangerous levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is for most fossil fuel reserves to stay in the ground.

Electron sandwich doubles thermoelectric performance

Jun 20, 2018: Researchers more than doubled the ability of a material to convert heat into electricity, which could help reduce the amount of wasted heat, and thus wasted fossil fuel, in daily activities and industries.

Evaluation method for the impact of wind power fluctuation on power system quality

Jun 20, 2018: Abrupt changes of wind power generation output are a source of severe damage to power systems. Researchers have developed a stochastic modeling method that enables to evaluate the impact of such phenomena.

How to make American cities bike-friendly

Jun 19, 2018: If you live in a city, even one that offers public transportation, riding a bike can be a great option to get you to and from where you need to go. More and more people are opting for bicycles instead of cars, but most American cities are lagging behind when it comes to bike lanes and other features to make roads safer for bicyclists. Many cities ban cyclists from riding on the sidewalk and expect them to share the road with passing cars, without even the benefit of a bike lane. What can we do to...

This off-grid, prefab tiny cabin in Michigan fits a family of five

Jun 19, 2018: When designer Jorie Burns set her sights on owning a second home near Lake Michigan, she decided to take a chance with the more affordable options found in prefabricated architecture. After perusing several different layouts offered at Lakeside Cabins Resort, she and her family settled on a compact floor plan of 860 square feet. The small cabin was built in Indiana and then shipped to the resort in Three Oaks, Michigan. Created for seasonal use, Jorie Burns’ compact cabin is primed...

Solar-powered home boasts an upside down layout for an expansive feel

Jun 19, 2018: When a couple finally decided to fulfill their dream of living by the beach, they reached out to Sydney-based architecture firm Rolf Ockert Design to bring their vision to life. To make the most of the property’s views that overlook the nearby lagoon and beach of North Curl Curl, the beach home was designed with an “upside down” layout where the living areas are stacked on top of the lower level bedrooms. Energy efficiency was also a key driver in the design of the North Curl Curl House, which...

List of Solar Manufacturing Stocks

Jun 19, 2018: Solar manufacturing stocks are publicly traded companies who develop or manufacture equipment that converts sunlight into other types of useful energy.  Includes manufacturers and developers of both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal equipment, as well as their supply chain. See also the list of Solar Farm Owner and Developer Stocks, the list of Residential Solar Stocks […] The post List of Solar Manufacturing Stocks appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

An old London chapel is reborn into a modern home and artist studio

Jun 19, 2018: UK architect Alexander Nikjoo has breathed new life into a Victorian chapel by transforming it into a contemporary home and studio for an artist. Located in Deptford in South London, the renovation has streamlined the look of the former chapel with a fresh coat of paint and a minimalist material palette. The interior was refreshed to feel much more bright and airy and is flooded with natural light. Although the old chapel was already being used as a studio space by the time Nikjoo...

First paper straw factory in decades to open as UK bans plastic

Jun 19, 2018: As the United Kingdom moves forward with its planned ban on single-use plastic products, the first paper straw factory to open in decades is rising in Wales to meet the consumer need. Transcend Packaging, the owner and operator of the new plant, has already reached out to 1,361 McDonald's restaurants throughout the United Kingdom, as well as other restaurants, to provide them with more environmentally friendly straws. “We spotted a huge opportunity, and we went for it,” Transcend sales and marketing...

Sodium- and potassium-based batteries hold promise for cheap energy storage

Jun 19, 2018: Researchers have found new evidence suggesting that batteries based on sodium and potassium hold promise as a potential alternative to lithium-based batteries.

Nuclear power shutdowns won't spike power prices

Jun 19, 2018: Despite economic woes that could shutter two of Pennsylvania's nuclear power plants -- which generate 6 percent of the state's power -- power prices will remain steady due to low natural gas prices, according to an associate professor of energy policy and economics.

Spintronics: Controlling magnetic spin with electric fields

Jun 19, 2018: Physicists have found a way to reverse electron spins using electric fields for the first time, paving the way for programmable spintronics technologies.

Reforestation in China heralds the return of rare animals

Jun 19, 2018: If you plant it, they will come. China is pursuing an ambitious project, underway for decades, to increase the amount of land covered by forests to twenty three percent of the country's total land area by the end of the decade. In addition to the benefits of green space for people, such as cleaner air and improved mental health outcomes, the resurgent forests are also supporting the return of rare animals to habitats from which they had previously disappeared. Using infrared cameras placed in the...

Prefab DublDom home delivered via helicopter as a gift to a remote Russian town

Jun 19, 2018: Moscow-based design studio BIO Architects has installed their latest Dubldom prefab in the snowy mountains of Kandalaksha, a ski town in northeastern Russia. The Dubldom was installed as a gift for the town after resident Alexander Trunkovkiy won the competition “Find your place 2016” that asked participants to submit location proposals for a Dubldom and explain how a prefab home would benefit the area. Lifted into place by helicopter, the new Dubldom in Kandalaksha serves as a shelter for tourists...

Jaguars Past, Present, & Future: Some Thoughts From The I-PACE Experience

Jun 19, 2018: While driving the Jaguar I-PACE in Portugal last week, I was curious about the company's plans for electrified automobiles in the future. Here is what I found out.

Vote For Decorah Municipal Utility Falls Short, But Local Energy Advocates Persist

Jun 19, 2018: The final referendum results were stunningly close, with local organizers coming within three votes of advancing an effort for a municipal electric utility in the small town of Decorah, Iowa.

Why It Matters If Fracking Companies Are Overestimating Their ‘Proved’ Oil and Gas Reserves

Jun 19, 2018: Under the updated SEC rules, which went into effect in 2009, drillers can count oil and gas from wells that won’t be drilled or fracked for up to five years as part of their proved reserves. Those as-yet-untapped wells can be put on a company’s books as a subset of their “proved” reserves, listed under the label “proved undeveloped” reserves.

India Takes New Measure To Speed Up Renewable Energy Targets

Jun 19, 2018: In order to achieve the extremely aggressive renewable energy target of 175 gigawatts by March 2022, India has taken a new measure to enhance the demand from its states as new solar and wind energy tenders are being floated every month across the country.

#WISeKey (SIX:WIHN, OTCQX: WIKYY) allows Connected Electric Cars to Pay with WISeCoin #Cryptocurrencies at Autonomous Electric Charging Stations

Jun 19, 2018: GENEVA - June 19, 2018 ( Newswire) WISeKey International Holding Ltd ("WISeKey" SIX:WIHN, OTCQX: WIKYY), a leading Swiss cybersecurity and IoT company, announced today that its WISeCoin Machine to Machine Cryptocurrency technology allows connected cars to pay with WISeCoin at the Electric Charging Stations…

Elon Musk Claims Tesla’s Manufacturing Operating System Has Been Sabotaged By Employee

Jun 19, 2018: Leaked emails obtained by CNBC reveal that Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims the company is the victim of several acts of sabotage at the hands of employees…

This Little Tweak Can Help India Achieve 227 Gigawatts Renewable Capacity By 2022

Jun 19, 2018: Clean energy news was abuzz this past week with the news that India had increased its renewable energy capacity target from 175 gigawatts to 227 gigawatts by March 2022. A couple of articles have already been published at CleanTechnica. I also decided to take a shot at it, a rather critical one though.

SpaceInvader — A New System That Utilizes Excess Cargo Space In The Trucking Industry

Jun 19, 2018: In a time where sports cars are fitted with rockets and deployed to Mars it seems appropriate to cover some news about space invaders too. Sorry about the bad joke, but it will become clear in a bit, as naming a particular company SpaceInvader can actually be very meaningful…

What Does A Fired Cartoonist In Pittsburgh Have To Do With Clean Tech?

Jun 19, 2018: An editorial cartoonist was fired in Pittsburgh last week. What does that have to do with clean tech? Maybe more than you think.

Volkswagen Turns To Quantum Computers For Advanced Battery Research

Jun 19, 2018: Volkswagen is pioneering new quantum computing research to speed up development of next generation batteries for its electric vehicles at research centers in San Francisco and Munich.

“Tesla 2018” Video — Celebrating Workers, Robots, & Speed

Jun 19, 2018: What does the "Tesla 2018" video tell us about what's important to the all-electric company…

6 tents perfect for camping this summer

Jun 18, 2018: Summer is here, school is out and it's time to start planning for those upcoming summer camping trips. If it's time to retire your old tent and finally purchase a new one, finding the perfect tent can be tricky. Do you need something that works well in hot weather for those beach vacations, or something that will keep you warm in cooler climates? Do you need a tent that will work in both climates? If you're on the hunt for a new tent, here are some of our favorite options that are perfect for your...

100% solar-powered Fiji resort combines 5-star luxury with sustainability

Jun 18, 2018: Luxury travel doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. At Six Senses’ new Fiji Resort, visitors can indulge in five-star comforts and minimize their stay’s carbon footprint. Crafted by Auckland design firm Space Studio, this 24-villa resort on Malolo Island is powered entirely with solar energy and was designed to promote environmental awareness throughout. Opened last month, the Six Senses Fiji comprises 24 villas, two restaurants, a lounge and a library, welcome...

This modern solar-powered retreat is topped with a massive green roof

Jun 18, 2018: Outside the concrete jungle of São Paulo, Brazil is a solar-powered holiday retreat that fully embraces nature. Brazilian architecture firm Studio MK27 designed the striking home, called the Planar House, for a couple and their three children. Despite the home’s rather spacious size of 10,763 square feet, the dwelling projects lightness thanks to its concrete slab roof that appears to float in the landscape. Topped with a grassy green roof, the Planar House was crafted to blend...

Old Greyhound bus converted into gorgeous tiny house on wheels

Jun 18, 2018: Related: + Via Apartment Therapy Minimal Greyhound Bus…

HOK designs aquaponics facility to alleviate Kansas Citys food desert

Jun 18, 2018: Nonprofit Nile Valley Aquaponics is raising fish in a Kansas City food desert—and they’re creating jobs, providing healthy food and promoting sustainable urban farming in the process. To help the nonprofit lead the community to greener and healthier living, American architecture and engineering firm HOK designed the Nile Valley Aquaponics Facility that could double the annual harvest to 50,000 pounds of fish and 70,000 pounds of vegetables. The building would be constructed using sustainable...

Bronx community garden transformed with sustainable improvements

Jun 18, 2018: A newly renovated community garden just opened up in the Bronx in New York City. Fannie's Garden at Paradise on Earth, a venture of the New York Restoration Project, received a dramatic upgrade with sustainable features like permeable pavement, a rain garden, and a shade structure designed to support solar panels — just to name a few. The 13,000 square foot garden offers space for urban residents to escape the city and get their hands dirty in 24 garden beds and enjoy the colors of native plan...

EnergyTrend Predicts New China Solar Policy To Cut Global Solar To 95 Gigawatts In 2018

Jun 18, 2018: Following China's sudden decision to cap its solar additions in 2018 late last month, Taiwan-based market research firm EnergyTrend has revised its forecast for the country's solar capacity additions this year, and subsequently lowered its global forecast from 106 gigawatts (GW) to between 92 and 95 GW. …

The City of London will be powered with 100% renewable energy by October 2018

Jun 18, 2018: The City of London, the historic "Square Mile" central district of London, will soon switch onto clean energy in a big way. Starting in October 2018, the City of London will source one hundred percent of its power needs from renewable energy sources by installing solar panels on local buildings as well as making investments in larger solar and wind projects and purchasing clean energy from the grid. Though no longer actually a square mile, closer now to 1.12 square miles, the City of London is a...

World’s 6 Largest Multilateral Development Banks Committed $35.2 Billion To Climate Financing In 2017

Jun 18, 2018: The world's six largest multilateral development banks committed $35.2 billion to climate financing for developing and emerging economies in 2017, a new record seven-year high and up 28% on 2016. …

The Agraloop turns food waste into sustainable clothing fibers

Jun 18, 2018: Don't throw it out, throw it on. The Agraloop Bio-Refinery, a new technology developed by materials science company Circular Systems S.P.C., is capable of turning food waste such as banana peels, pineapple leaves, and hemp stalks into natural fiber that can be woven into clothing. "We want to enable food crops to become our primary fibers," Circular Systems CEO and co-founder  Isaac Nichelson told Fast Company.

Peeking Behind Tesla’s Capital Curtain

Jun 18, 2018: During Tesla’s last conference call, concerning the first quarter of 2018, Mr. Deepak Ahuja, Tesla’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), while answering a question from Rod Lache, an analyst at Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc., said: “Rod, we are very CapEx-efficient, overall. Let me just start from that point. And if we look at our depreciation costs on a per unit basis at steady run rate of 5,000 or so cars per week, we are in my mind well below most of our competitors – well below $2,000 per unit depreciation cost.”…

This space-saving tiny home offers sustainable housing atop garages in Sydney

Jun 18, 2018: As the housing crisis in Sydney continues to intensify, some have begun tapping into the real estate potential in the city’s backyards and alleys. In a bid to catalyze the development of ‘laneway studios’, Surry Hills-based McGregor Westlake Architecture has offered a small and sustainably minded housing model that builds atop existing garage units. Conceived “to subvert the council norm,” this smart studio boasts space-saving features and a striking contemporary design. McGregor...

US Offshore Wind Upends Plans For Saving Coal & Nuclear Power Plants

Jun 18, 2018: Energy Dept. shrugs off Trump's plan for saving for old power plants, awards $18.5 million to accelerate new low cost offshore wind tech instead…

Observation of anisotropic magneto-Peltier effect

Jun 18, 2018: For the first time in the world, scientists have observed an anisotropic magneto-Peltier effect -- a thermoelectric conversion phenomenon in which simple redirection of the flow of a charge current in a magnetic material induces heating and cooling.

Flexible blue vertical micro LEDs

Jun 18, 2018: A research team developed a crucial source technology that will advance the commercialization of micro LEDs. Engineers have developed a low cost production technology for thin-film blue flexible vertical micro LEDs (f-VLEDs).

3rd Tesla Model 3 Assembly Line Is Housed Inside A Giant Tent, Will Build Dual-Motor High-Performance Cars First

Jun 18, 2018: Tesla built a brand new assembly line for the dual-motor high-performance version of the Model 3 in 3 weeks. There was no room at the factory, so the new line is housed outside the factory inside a large tent.

Tesla Model S Bursts Into Flames In West Hollywood — Is That News?

Jun 18, 2018: A Tesla Model S burst into flames in West Hollywood, California recently. It made the front page but was are battery fires really news?

Coming Tesla Short Squeeze? Will Stock Go “Supernova” In 3 Weeks? Elon Implies It Will

Jun 18, 2018: Discussions about a possible new epic "short squeeze" on Tesla stock are trending these days. The company is going through the most important transition in its young history, as the electric car and energy company strives to achieve mass market production of its more affordable Model 3 and finally reach profitability after years of massive R&D and infrastructure expenditure. As such, Tesla shares have always caught the attention of investors and speculators alike, including record levels of "short selling". What could the next short squeeze look like…

Record-Low Solar Power, Electric Car Startups, & The Mercedes EQ Brand (Cleantech Talk Today #4)

Jun 18, 2018: In this episode, we cover a number of clean power stories before jumping into our EV bread & butter…

Our Energy Challenge in 6 Eye-Popping Charts

Jun 18, 2018: And the big picture? Despite 25 years of global climate policy-making, decarbonisation rates are not even close to what is required.