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Apr 22, 2019

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California grid emissions go "negative".

Apr 22, 2019: On a low demand Sunday - CAISO is seeing a large (2000+MW) amount of exports. This is due to excess solar which is being taken by neighboring states.  Because of this overall CO2 emissions dipped below zero.  It will be interesting to see if this turns into a trend and if it continues for longer stretches of time in the future.Obviously these are..

Smart Thermostats: Saving Energy Made Easy

Apr 21, 2019: It’s been a little over a decade since smart phones took over our life and smart functions have been included in high-end cars for years, but smart voice assistants have finally created an environment where even those least technologically-inclined people can bring smart technology into everybody’s homes. While the lowest barrier entry into the smart home market may currently be..

EVs in Brazil: starting at the end?

Apr 21, 2019: EVs in Brazil: starting at the end?Some of the big automakers are announcing the beginning of production - still in 2019 - of electric vehicles in Brazil . The news is great because it puts the country in "the global race". But ... how about the associated infrastructure? How to enable the value chain - capital intensive - involving..

EVs in Brazil: starting at the end?

Apr 21, 2019: EVs in Brazil: starting at the end?Some of the big automakers are announcing the beginning of production - still in 2019 - of electric vehicles in Brazil . The news is great because it puts the country in "the global race". But ... how about the associated infrastructure? How to enable the value chain - capital intensive - involving..

Making Graphene Powder

Apr 21, 2019: The largest producer of graphene material in Canada is NanoXplore, Inc. (GRA:  TSX-V) with its patented technology to produce graphene powders. The company has capacity to produce 25 metric tons per year in a facility that could be modified to 70 metric tons per year. Early on the company got a boost from Canada’s government with a CA$3.3 million […] The post Making Graphene Powder appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

Missouri House Backs Landowners Fighting Wind Energy Line

Apr 21, 2019: A major setback for a major wind project. Hopefully this doesn't kill it off entirely. …

Austin buys troubled power plant for $460 million

Apr 21, 2019: Sad situation for Austin ratepayers, myself included. It's just good that we were able to get out of this contract and not have to pay even more. …

The Shops at La Cantera Invest in Solar Power

Apr 21, 2019: The Shops at La Cantera, a high-end shopping mall in San Antonio, recently completed installation of a 403-kW solar PV system on its 1.2-million square-foot, retail space rooftop. Consisting of more than 1,500 solar panels, the solar energy system is expected to produce 590,000 kWh of emissions-free electricity, enough to supply about 23 percent of La Cantera's..

Tesla Solar Power Output Twice the Power Needs of its Cars

Apr 20, 2019: The 3.5 GW of solar power capacity has installed to date has produced more than 13 terawatt-hours (TWh) of emissions-free electricity, more then twice the 5.26 TWh of electrical energy consumed by the number of electric vehicles it has sold, according to a report from the company. Tesla's cumulative solar power installations to date are projected to generate 86.5 TWh of..

Norway’s Historic Move Into Renewables: $14 Billion Oil Fund Investment in a Green Future

Apr 20, 2019: Norway’s massive oil fund, which is the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, will be investing $14 billion in both wind and solar projects. The decision is a great victory for climate change, and it’s an indication that even countries whose wealth was built on fossil fuels are acknowledging that clean energy is the future: the..

Orkney's Business Model That Is Helping The Islands Lead The Way Towards 100% Renewable Energy

Apr 20, 2019: Scotland's Orkney Islands are advancing steadily towards a goal of 100% renewable energy. Key to this is an inclusive approach that brings together government, local businesses, tech and finance providers and consumers, according to a Forbes contributor. Orkney Islanders started along a path to 100% percent renewable energy about 20 years ago. Community-owned wind..

Producing Graphene Materials

Apr 20, 2019: Build up of the graphene materials industry has progressed a bit more slowly than originally expected a decade ago as scientists and engineers peered through their electron microscopes at single atoms of carbon and counted their many attributes.  At the time the potential to improve performance in end products like metal alloys and electronics seemed limitless.   Unfortunately, […] The post Producing Graphene Materials appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

High performance solid-state sodium-ion battery

Apr 19, 2019: Solid-state sodium-ion batteries are far safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries, which pose a risk of fire and explosions, but their performance has been too weak to offset the safety advantages. Researchers have now reported developing an organic cathode that dramatically improves both stability and energy density.

Thermodynamic magic enables cooling without energy consumption

Apr 19, 2019: Physicists have developed an amazingly simple device that allows heat to flow temporarily from a cold to a warm object without an external power supply. Intriguingly, the process initially appears to contradict the fundamental laws of physics.

Jason Momoa shaves beard to shine a spotlight on plastic pollution

Apr 19, 2019: When you have 11 million Instagram followers,  your simplest personal hygiene move can elicit thousands of comments. And when you’re ready for a major hygiene transformation, such as shaving off a beard you’ve been growing since 2012, you can pair the shearing with a save-the-world message. So we get a viral video of Jason Momoa, beloved Game of Thrones star, shaving off his beastly beard while talking about plastic pollution. The 39 year-old actor’s call for action is part of a growing wave...

Vegan organization receives post-hurricane windfall

Apr 19, 2019: The Million Dollar Vegan campaign gave $100,000 to vegan humanitarian aid organization, Chilis on Wheels, to help survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. As reported here in February, 12 year-old activist Genesis Butler made an intriguing proposition to Pope Francis: Go vegan for Lent, and Butler and her Million Dollar Vegan campaign would donate a million dollars to the charity of Francis’ choice. Unfortunately, the pope did not accept the offer. And with Easter upon us, funds raised in...

RBURN upcycles North Face tents into one-of-a-kind bags

Apr 19, 2019: The North Face has teamed up with British designer Christopher Raeburn of RÆBURN to launch a new line of accessories handcrafted from recycled tents. Introduced late last month, the unique collection consists of three distinct items—a tote bag, drawstring bag, and Rae Bag—that all feature RÆBURN’s iconic “REMADE, REDUCED, RECYCLED, RÆBURN” tagline. The partnership marks the iconic outdoors brand’s first sustainable collaboration and is part of both brands’ commitment to reducing...

National Parks are offering free entry on April 20 to celebrate National Park Week

Apr 19, 2019: Take advantage of the warmer weather by visiting any number of the hundreds of national parks across the country on April 20 absolutely free. The National Park Service is celebrating National Park Week by offering free entry into all of the 418 parks spread throughout the United States. If you have never been to a national park or if it has been a while since your last visit, you may be surprised to learn about all the fun and excitement that awaits you. Here is a quick guide on some of the more...

Ocean plastic waste has been a problem since the 1950s, reveals 60-year plankton study

Apr 19, 2019: A 60-year study on plankton has revealed the dark truth about the history of ocean plastic waste. The study shows how plastics have been polluting our oceans since at least the 1950s and that the problem has steadily gotten worse in the six decades since. The first documented case of ocean plastic waste was some fishing twine discovered in the 1950s. The next mention is a carrier bag in 1965. From there, the data shows that plastic waste significantly increased between 1970 and the early 2000s,...

A sustainable meal plan filled with recipes for Earth Day

Apr 19, 2019: Not all food is created equal, and not all foods are healthy for the planet. You’ve seen the headlines. Manufacturing plants suck up water, pollute with chemicals and damage the surrounding landscape. Raising cattle and other livestock is also associated with earth-damaging consequences. Most environmentalists agree that plant-based products offer the best balance of nutrition and environmental balance. Earth Day is right around the corner so it’s the perfect time to focus on foods that show...

Through thick and thin: Neutrons track lithium ions in battery electrodes

Apr 19, 2019: Lithium-ion batteries are expected to have a global market value of $47 billion by 2023, but their use in heavy-duty applications such as electric vehicles is limited due to factors such as lengthy charge and discharge cycles. Engineers are examining how the lithium moves in battery electrodes, important in designing batteries that charge and discharge faster.

Graphene-Based Materials

Apr 19, 2019: The previous post “Miracle Material” acknowledged the fallout of many of the companies that a decade ago had set out to commercialize that extraordinary form of carbon called graphene.  It is a single atom thick but is a couple hundred times stronger than steel, showing promise for an ultra-lightweight material that could unprecedented performance. Unfortunately, developers found […] The post Graphene-Based Materials appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

This elevated prefab home in Chile takes in striking volcano views

Apr 18, 2019: In the Chilean city of Pucón, Santiago architect Alejandro Soffia has recently completed a prefab home that visually pops against its wooded surroundings. Fittingly named the Yellow House after its bright yellow facade, the modular residence is elevated off the ground for reduced site impact and to create a treehouse-like feel. The home’s modules were strategically connected with wooden joints and punctuated by full-height glazing to frame views of Lake Villarrica on one side and the Villarrica...

A guide to the different types of plastic

Apr 18, 2019: BPA, PET, HDPE. You’re trying to do the right thing by recycling, following health alerts and shopping wisely, but you're not fluent in molecular chemistry, so how do you decipher exactly what it all means and how to stay green? Fast facts about our plastic problem According to Earth Day, here are some stats that give you an idea of the scale of our plastic addiction. Since its invention in the 1950s, over 9 billion tons of plastic have been produced. 91 percent of all plastics are not...

Electric skyrmions charge ahead for next-generation data storage

Apr 18, 2019: A team of researchers has observed chirality for the first time in polar skyrmions, in a material with reversible electrical properties -- a combination that could lead to more powerful data storage devices that continue to hold information, even after they've been turned off.

The Felderhof House in Italy is built into the ground and topped with a green roof

Apr 18, 2019: In the Eisack Valley of Italy, an old “pair farmstead” structure partly built into the hillside years ago still remains. The new owner decided to turn this classic property into a proper home after living inside it for two years as it was, and chose Pavol Mikolajcak Architekten for the redesign. The party-underground living space is topped by a grassy green roof that serves as a homage to the old design as well as a minimal approach to interacting with the natural environment of the landscape. A...

Scientists find a way to produce renewable energy from snow

Apr 18, 2019: Solar panels have trouble producing renewable energy whenever it snows. With winters expected to increase in severity due to global warming, generating power in the cold season will likely become a major issue in years to come. Fortunately, scientists from UCLA just invented a way to produce energy from snow. The researchers call their handy device a triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG). It works by generating power via static electricity. As explained by the lead scientist on the project, Richard...

These sneakers are painted with cast-off blood from slaughterhouses

Apr 18, 2019: When you think of materials suitable for making shoes, blood probably doesn’t come to mind. If you think it’s not possible though, you’d be wrong. To prove it, nat-2™ Footwear designer Sebastian Thies and Eindhoven-based designer Shahar Livne have teamed up to create the world‘s first sneakers made from real blood. <!--more→ Your first question is likely, “Where does one source blood from to make shoes?” The answer is both weirdly easy and sustainable, as the blood...

Attenborough Effect inspires people to drastically reduce single-use plastics

Apr 18, 2019: There are plenty of films that have documented the harmful effects of single-use plastics, but one documentary in particular has resulted in lasting change. A new study found that Blue Planet II, narrated by David Attenborough, has inspired people in the UK and the United States to use 53 percent less single-use plastics over the last year. Inspired by what is being dubbed the Attenborough Effect, people are investing in reusable bags for groceries and other packaging like never before. The study,...

Graphene, Miracle Material

Apr 18, 2019: In 2010, when two physicists, Andre Greim and Konstantin Novoselov, won the Nobel Prize for Physics to recognize their work with carbon atoms, there were over 3,000 different companies with ongoing projects to develop commercial materials using their ‘graphene’ breakthrough.  With its hexagon structure of individual carbon atoms, graphene was expected to find applications in so […] The post Graphene, Miracle Material appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.

Better method to recycle and renew used cathodes from lithium-ion batteries

Apr 17, 2019: Researchers have improved their recycling process that regenerates degraded cathodes from spent lithium-ion batteries. The new process is safer and uses less energy than their previous method in restoring cathodes to their original capacity and cycle performance.

'Induced' driving miles could overwhelm potential energy-saving benefits of self-driving

Apr 17, 2019: The benefits of self-driving cars will likely induce vehicle owners to drive more, and those extra miles could partially or completely offset the potential energy-saving benefits that automation may provide, according to a new study.

A series of tiny, geometric cabins in an overgrown slate quarry are a truly secluded retreat

Apr 17, 2019: Related: + New British Design Via Archdaily New British Design , kudhva Wilderness Cabins…

These are the best 7 tips to follow for a more eco-friendly backyard

Apr 17, 2019: An eco-friendly backyard is a great way to protect the environment and create a beautiful space for you and your family to enjoy all year long. Follow these seven tips to turn your backyard into a place that respects the environment without breaking your budget. 1. Save Water Conserving water is a great way to make your backyard more eco-friendly. You can install large water tanks in your backyard that hook up to the gutters in your house. The tanks will fill up whenever it rains. If you do...

CRA grows a sustainable pavilion out of mushrooms in just 6 weeks

Apr 17, 2019: Could the houses of the future be grown from mushrooms? Italian architectural firm Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) broaches this question with The Circular Garden, a sustainable pavilion made of mushrooms that—true to its name—was grown out of the soil in six weeks and will return back to the soil at the end of its lifecycle. Created in partnership with global energy company Eni, the mushroom structure is currently on display at Milan Design Week 2019’s Fuorisalone at Brera’s Orto Botanico, the...

New York is curbing food waste and helping people in need with a new initiative

Apr 17, 2019: New York is making important strides towards curbing food waste. The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, recently agreed to a new food waste initiative with the state legislature that will recycle scraps and send wholesome food to people in need. The new law is called the Food Donation and Food Scrap Recycling Act. Once the bill goes into practice, all surplus food items will be donated to local food shelters while any scraps will be sent to recycling centers, preventing a large portion of...

Heat Pumps Gain Traction as Renewable Energy Grows

Apr 17, 2019: A switch from natural-gas-powered home heating and cooling could be cheaper and reduce carbon emissions -- Read more on…

SOM unveils designs for first-ever human settlement on the moon

Apr 17, 2019: Just a few months ahead of the fiftieth anniversary for the first Moon landing, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) released designs for the first full-time human habitat on the lunar surface. Created in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the conceptual settlement—dubbed the “Moon Village”—outlines ways humans could live in an otherwise uninhabitable setting through self-sufficient means. Envisioned with a series of...

Microplastic rain: new study reveals microplastics are in the air

Apr 17, 2019: A new study published in Nature Communications reveals alarming amounts of microplastic particles in the air, even in the most remote, mountainous areas. News about microplastics throughout the ocean, soil and every marine mammal studied has been widely documented and publicized in recent years. ‘Microplastic’ was even called the “2018 word of the year” for its number of mentions by the news media. However, very few studies have researched the abundance of microplastics specifically in the...

Solar panel demand causing spike in worldwide silver prices

Apr 17, 2019: Rising demand for solar panels is having a major effect on the worldwide price of silver, which could lead to solar panel production costs becoming far higher in the future, new research has demonstrated.

Need more energy storage? Just hit 'print'

Apr 17, 2019: Researchers have developed a conductive ink made from a special type of material they discovered, called MXene, that was used by the researchers to print components for electronic devices. The ink is additive-free, which means it can print the finished devices in one step without any special finishing treatments.

Boa Mistura turns 52 fishing boats into art to bring awareness to the plight of the parrotfish

Apr 16, 2019: Inspired by the natural design and shapes of the tropical parrotfish, these previously-rusty old boats now don a bright new exterior. The venture was another in a long line of community projects aimed to create “art as a tool for change” organized by the Madrid-based art collective Boa Mistura. The Pepillo Salcedo village in the Dominican Republic has limited access to electricity and running water, and fishing is an essential facet of the economy and of life. Boa Mistura, who are known for...

Over 6,000 employees demand Amazon take climate change seriously

Apr 16, 2019: This month, over 6,000 employees signed onto a letter demanding Amazon distance itself from big oil companies and develop a more aggressive timeline to reduce its carbon footprint. Without acknowledging the letter’s demands, Amazon spokespersons pointed to a recent blog post promising that the company would release its carbon footprint data in 2019 and a vague plan to reach 100 percent renewable energy at data centers at an unspecified future date. Amazon, one of the most profitable companies...

Nobelist Says System of Science Offers Life Lessons

Apr 16, 2019: At an event honoring Nobel and Kavli Prize winners, economist Paul Romer talked about how the social system of science offers hope for humanity and for how we can live with each other. -- Read more on…

7 Ways to live an eco-friendly life while staying healthy

Apr 16, 2019: Being committed to sustainable living is all about balance. While staying healthy is a top priority, you also need to think about living as eco-friendly as possible. Balancing these two commitments can be challenging, but there are plenty of ways you can live an eco-friendly life while keeping yourself in top shape – and all it will cost you is a little time and energy. From enjoying the benefits of fresh air to changing the way you eat, here are a few ways you can bring balance to your...

Deforestation in tropical countries linked to European diets in new study

Apr 16, 2019: New research shows that European diets are linked to deforestation around the world. Scientists from Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology tracked carbon emissions that are produced from tropical deforestation and found that one-sixth of the harmful emissions are related to European diets. "In effect, you could say that the EU imports large amounts of deforestation every year," lead researcher Martin Persson shared. Persson noted that the European Union needs to address the issue of deforestation...

MAD Architects unveils an organic skyscraper piercing Manhattans skyline

Apr 16, 2019: Beijing-based architectural studio MAD Architects’ has unveiled an alternative vision for the skyline of New York City with the introduction of East 34th, a nature-inspired high-rise proposed near the Empire State Building. The conceptual renderings for the unbuilt glass-clad building were recently released alongside the launch of their “MAD X” exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Designed as a visual counterpoint to the Empire State Building and the skyline’s hard lines, MAD’s sinuous...

Architects create light-filled home extension clad in cork walls inside and out

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ESG5 Summit brief

Apr 16, 2019: A conference hosted in NYC in early April, 2019 ESG5 SUMMIT showcased the issues of current concern to institutional asset managers.  ESG as a term is a rebranding of SRI (socially responsible investing) and CSR (corporate social responsibility) now under broad headings of Environment Social & Governance, to reflect that it is more than just an […] The post ESG5 Summit brief appeared first on Alternative Energy Stocks.