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The Gyroscopic Electric Uno Bike, posted in Batteries, Electric Cars, Featured, Inventions, Transportation.

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Alternative Energy

The Gyroscopic Electric Uno Bike

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May 19th, 2008 - View Comments

Electric Uno Canadian Inventor Ben Gulak of BPG-Technologies has developed a wild new green motorcycle that uses gyro technology to stay upright on its two side-by-side wheels. Acceleration is controlled by leaning forward to go faster, and leaning back to slow down. The gyro tells the ECU how much to accelerate and that in turn delivers the proper amount of current to the electric motors, one for each wheel. Weighing in at a mere 129 pounds, the ‘bike’ has a top speed of 25mph and a battery life of 2 1/2 hours. The bike was recently unveiled for the first time at the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto.

YouTube: Electric Embrio | More Videos

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  • Bob

    This is the best invention of all time.

  • Broda Dunka

    This is a really good idea, it looks cool!

  • PsYcH101

    It is good that people are thinking of creative ideas to help the environment, though I don’t think this was a great one. It looks cool, but it sounds very dangerous and many people will get hurt, especially the way some people drive.

  • Jouris

    I want to really invest to this great idea. It’s brilliant!

  • tom

    It will give Segway a “run” for its money.

    It’s better too cos you can sit, instead of standing.

  • Depaul Marcus

    There is always a problem with a one wheel motorcycle: if the speed is high and you have to brake fast the whole bike will start to roll… with obvious consequences. It looks cool, but it’s not for everyday use.

  • hozanus

    I think it’s great and all, but the battery life and speed just aren’t really good enough to become a good and daily means of transport for most people
    At 3hrs and 40 mph, I’d buy it.

  • bob smith

    Perhaps the people that have something negative to say should try doing something positive as for those nice guys stop typing and start helping ak40 burner -out.

  • nathan

    It’s a cool idea but it really not practical. It would be very unsafe on the city streets

  • 10010001

    I will test it when it gets to a man speed of 100+, otherwise it is a toy……

  • Michael

    What happens when the little sensors managing the balance go bad…you fall, maybe?
    I’m not sure I’d buy one…looks risky, riding around hoping those sensors aren’t defective!

  • D

    Amazing. It would work as a vehicle if only you could get it a decent speed.

  • Karachna

    If you think these things are risky you shouldn’t be driving. They are no riskier than a normal motorbike.

  • Tom Elliott

    The video has gone :(

  • Gary
  • norman umberger

    it’s just a toy with so many safety and practical design issues that Utube is the best place to see it, not the road.

  • Jack

    Yes it’s slow, yes it’s low battery life, yes it’s dangerous, but it’s a concept model, a first of its kind. Right now it would be only an hourly “play thing” and not something to seriously use. I’m sure that in the breaking system, you can “break” and being that electricity is faster than humans, the bike may rotate the seat in respect to the tires so that as you break, you are angled back to balance the rider for harder breaking and not simply flying your face forwards to the pavement and whatever it is you are breaking for. Like the segway when it came out people looked at it funny, having only one axle, and as the public opinion on them changed, so will the opinion on this. Nothing will be outstandingly perfect as a first attempt. A “Concept” model is called a concept to prove that it “CAN” be done. The goal of the project now is to improve performance (speed for some of you), and improve battery life (long distance traveling for others of you).

    It isn’t as safe as a motorcycle, having only one wheel and a fully computerized balancing system to keep one upright on the two wheeled Uni-Wheel bike, however it will be lighter, smaller, compact, etc. Thus it will have even BETTER mileage with less weight to move around, easier to move around on and fit into tight spaces, compact storage, etc.


  • karnika

    it’s a cool innovation … the critics must understand no invention is headed straight to the showroom or market .. of course it is first improved.. but we always start with the basic ..
    have a nice day..:)

  • Ownageness

    all I can say is better than the segway

  • Art Yatsko

    Fantastic improvement over the Segway! When they offer one that’s more “touring bike” and less “crotch rocket”, I’ll buy it. (A little storage might be nice too.)

  • Matches Malone

    LA to San Diego in six hours? Oh, wait, you run out of juice half way there….


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