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Mar 03

Green Cars in 2015 (Infographic)

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Considering a green car? These days it makes a lot of sense but there are so many options; electric, hybrid, hydrogen and even solar. One day soon we’ll all be driving one, so how do we choose? And if we don’t have a green car, what can you we do to help the environment in the meantime? This info-graphic from Crossline on the Fort explains the progress we are making with environmentally friendly cars, and what we can do to help the environment if we aren’t driving one yet.

Green Car Infographic

What do you think? Have you considered a green car?

  • Daniel Hurt

    Difference between Hydrogen Fuel Cell engine and Natural Gas Engine?
    Concerned about the speed of infrastructure roll-out for Hydrogen vehicles.
    Would only feel comfortable buying a plug in hydrogen-electric hybrid if the engine could run on either Natural Gas or Hydrogen.
    Most Urban areas have Natural Gas Infrastructure in place already.
    Could pay an extra grand or two to get a fuelling hose out to my car’s open air parking pad/driveway installed.
    That way, I could charge the battery and fill the tank at home.
    If/when gas stations started offering pure Hydrogen at a competing rate, I would switch over and pay for it from them.
    Market forces dictate that this would greatly accelerate their willingness to provide such a service as failure to do so would result in them going out of business.
    Would extend the range significantly, and reduce costs for consumers in the interim period.

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