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Google SketchUp Goes Green!, posted in Future Energy, Inventions.

Alternative Energy
Alternative Energy

Google SketchUp Goes Green!

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May 10th, 2007 - View Comments

Google Sketchup ExampleThere is great potential for free software like Google SketchUp to play a role in the development of future small and large scale alternative energy technologies. Google SketchUp is free software that can be used to create complex 3-D models. The software interface is simple and easy to use. The possibilities are limitless! Anyone can now create a 3-D version of their idea or concept! The models can then be imported into programs like Google Earth. More specifically, SketchUp is the perfect software to help us in our quest to develop new energy technologies.

YouTube: Hand-made solar hot water systems

User concepts can be uploaded to the 3-D Warehouse for scrutiny and/or praise. For example, wind farms can now be hypothetically constructed in Google Earth in order to analyze their visible impact on the surrounding landscape. The impact of hydro power systems can be studied within the virtual world. Wind and solar installations, components and parts can be constructed using virtual technologies, giving the designer a better understanding about any potential flaws or complications.

Download Google SketchUp

There are currently very few alternative energy related models in the warehouse. We have put together a collection of everything we have found or had submitted to us. If you are unable to create your own Google account we are happy to upload your models for you. We have also compiled a collection of categorized 3-D alternative energy projects, concepts and ideas. These are the categories we have assembled so far:

It is our hope that these collections will encourage people to explore the potential and upload more of their ideas. We want to give as much exposure to the many individual artists and engineers who are working on inventing new technologies.

If you want your own 3-D Models added here – or know of one that we are missing – please contact us with the details of your uploaded model (from the warehouse). Alternatively you can simply attach your 3-D models when you send us an e-mail. Include your full details so that we can give you well-deserved credit for your work. Please include relevant links if they are appropriate.

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