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Jun 01

Giant Inflatable Airship Powered by Algae

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Inflatable Airship This summer, piloted by Captain Allan Judd, Bullet 580 will usher in the return of inflatable giant airships. The 235 ft long and 65ft diameter ship is covered with a type of Kevlar, a material 10 times-stronger than steel but only one sixteenth of an inch thick. An E-green design special costing £5.5million, this giant runs on algae – latest bio-fuel that can be developed from brackish and waste water.

With seven-bag helium providing the lift, maximum speed of 80 mph, Bullet 580 cruises at 35 mph and is capable of carrying loads of 2,000lbs up to 20,000ft in the air. It can take-off vertically up and land vertically as well. The unique feature is that this airship can hover over an area for up to 7 days continuously – which gives it an edge as an aerial watch dog.

Mike Lawson, Chief Executive of E-Green Technologies, test-inflated this airship at Garret Coliseum in Alabama, and is confident that airships will have a great future. He hopes to utilize these airships for uses as diverse as sightseeing, carrying heavy loads, as near-space satellite for broadcasting communications, weather watch, and geophysical surveying and monitoring any untoward events like oil spills etc.

Emphasizing the differences between the traditional blimps/Zeppelins, Mr. Lawson spoke of the benefits of the bio-fuel, algae and the special water condensate recovery system for fuel economy and the simple construction combined with futuristic technology.

E-Green Technologies after merging with 21st Century Airships has already built 14 model planes and flown them and plans are on the anvil to build a fleet of airships that can fetch £200,000 and £550,000 as rent. These can be managed with a crew or flown remotely. Bullet 580 is the first commercial plane to be launched.

Very soon, sightseeing from on-board the Bullet 580 may be the in thing for future foot-loose and fancy-free travelers!


    Will it burn like the airships that were in use in the first half of 20th century?

  • Mike Maybury

    At last! I’ve been wondering when such vehicles would be used again.

  • sheckyvegas

    Big Tuber is Watching…

  • styke

    Sreekumar, yes.

    Airship fires from burning fuel, envelopes and gasbags are just as problematic as ever, regardless of the gas used for buoyancy. And, of course, when the fire starts, the buoyant gas is released quickly, causing the airship to fall rapidly.

  • Jason

    Helium is completely non-flammable, and to suggest that fire would have no regard for the difference between Hydrogen and Helium is absurd. When was the last time a Goodyear blimp burned? Also a fire in one area that does not spread could puncture one of the gas bags. In this case there are 7 and so the blimp would not simply plummet out of the sky.

  • Ziad Haddad

    It’s by time aviation scientists concentrated on this environmentally friendly flying machine. It’s strange why over all those years from Hindenburg’s tragic accident as it was trying to dock with its mooring mast in N.J. in 1936, the world seemed to overlook the super great achievement of crossing the whole Atlantic and build on it for mass air transport.


    Frankly I wonder why they do not separate the air balloon and the passenger tube? The balloon rises carrying the passenger tube made of non inflammable metallic walls and transport it to destination. An unfortunate incident of the balloon bursting due to a fire could trigger of ejection of passenger tube and its safe landing using parachutes….. how is the idea?

  • Sheridan

    This has to be the biggest waste of 5.5m dollars ever. Seriously?

  • LD

    That explains what BP is doing with the partially land locked Gulf of Mexico.

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