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Oct 03

Foot Powered Generator from Freeplay Energy

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Foot GeneratorFreeplay Energy has released a human-powered electricity generator for commercial sale. Power is generated by pushing up and down with your foot on a step-action treadle. The


can be re-charged by any 110v to 240v wall sockets and power input from other sources such as solar and wind. FreeCharge uses a lead acid gel battery which has enough power to jump-start vehicles, boats and many other electric appliances and gadgets. The unit comes with a 7Ah sealed lead acid battery, charge indicator, 3V-12V variable DC output adapter, jumper cables and a 12V cigaretter lighter adapter.

Freeplay Energy’s line of self-sufficient power products.

The green-conscious manufacturer creates gadgets powered by solar, rechargeable and wind-up energy. The net result is guilt-free consumer power consumption and bottom line profit for a company with a noble mandate.

The newly released Weza Portable Energy Source is a foot-powered device that allows individuals to pump out power at a 40-watt clip to charge its own internal battery, which is capable of providing a powerful jolt to car batteries and AC and DC devices. An LED display bar gauges battery and input effort levels, while individuals too lazy to pump can benefit from the device’s ability to work with a wind turbine. Still, part of the fun here is the foot-pumping workout.

And, while it might feel stupid doing such at the side of the road when your car runs out of juice, it beats waiting for roadside assistance.

$270 U.S.; visit

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