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First Solar Powered Passenger Ship for Berlin, posted in Inventions, Solar Power, Transportation.

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First Solar Powered Passenger Ship for Berlin

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August 25th, 2009 - View Comments

Solar Powered Passenger Ship Manufacturers who are concerned not only about profit but about future too are developing such products that are clean and green and run on alternative fuels. Though currently clean and green products are costly, efforts are on to make them easy on pocket too. Solon SE is a Berlin-based solar company that has produced a zero emission solar ship. Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit was present at a ceremony to launch the “SOLON.” It is Berlin’s first passenger ship deriving its power from solar energy.

Solon SE also supplied the 24 solar modules with a capacity of 5.6 kWp. They are installed on the roof of the ship and take care of the energy needs of the ship. SolarWaterWorld AG, which is the manufacturer and operator of the SOLON, also has another feather in its cap. They also have the distinction of owning world’s first solar charging station for solar-powered boats in the Köpenick district of Berlin. The company boasts of more than seventeen years’ experience in the research and development of solar shipping.

“We are pleased that in SOLON SE we have a strong partner that is involved in the wide-ranging expansion of climate-friendly solar mobility,” says Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Meyer, CEO of SolarWaterWorld AG and an expert in flow-optimized solar-propulsion catamarans. Thomas Krupke, who is the CEO of SOLON SE, shares his thoughts on the occasion of the launch, “The future belongs to solar mobility, whether on roads, rails or water and ‘SOLON’ is one of the main drivers of this development.”

The Solon can provide accommodation up to 60 passengers. It will sail on Berlin’s waterways and offer tours of the city and cruise trips. At least for inland tours a no greenhouse emitting clean ship will make the trip environment friendly. But we have other encouraging signs in the past. A prototype of this craft completed its first Atlantic crossing to New York in 2006/2007. SolarWaterWorld now manufactures and sells production-built C60 catamarans worldwide. The company also offers variety i.e. a smaller version in the form of the SunCat23. You can sail in the SunCat23 without a license in Germany. This makes it appropriate for use by boat hire companies. We all know what advantage solar-powered ships and boats carry. It remains unaffected by fluctuations in future fuel price.

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  • Francisco A Roque

    Anything that would take away from gasoline and oil products is ok. Hope that in the future, they also may consider an engine from the air car.

    Thanks Francisco

  • Roger

    This is a definite winner, though I’m betting that the construction costs are very high. Perhaps they can also reduce energy use further by harvesting wind energy… with a sail!

  • solar futurist

    Beautiful design. delicate. this technology should be used more in our daily lives.

  • Oliver

    Cost of Solar Passenger Ship

    is about 900.000.- € – with its capacity – the economic break even should be reached within 10 years – given the extra benefit of clean air and much less destructive forces to the environment (reed beds etc.) this is a definite winner!

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