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May 04

First Public Charging Station for Electric Cars

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Electric Car Charging During a low-key ceremony just over a week ago, the first public high-voltage charging station for electric vehicles was inaugurated at the Gateway Center in East Woodland California. Representatives from Tesla Motors were on hand to help demonstrate with six Tesla Roadsters. The power station is capable of charging an electric car in about one hour and is meant to set an example for future stations being planned in other states.

The station is a result of collaboration between developers and the city, and is located east of Interstate-5 off County Road 102 at the Gateway Center. It contains one Tesla, two AVcons, one small paddle inductive charger, plus two neighborhood electric vehicle standard outlets. Plug-in America estimates that some 200-300 EVs of various types are located within 100 miles of the site, which will accommodate all new EVs and PHEVs.

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  • Timothy Thompson

    The first step has been taken. Chevron, Arco, Shell, Valero… your turn.

  • Sveinn Albertsson

    I believe that this is part of a planned network of charging stations.

  • Scott Collins

    I wonder how it will be shared. If a driver leaves their car and it’s done charging… what about the next person who is waiting for their turn? Can they just remove the charging head themselves if the person doesn’t return on time? (assuming they are parked close enough to move it to their vehicle) What if a person disconnects it before the other car is done charging? It’d be nice if these connections were “smart” and knew what car it was charging (e.g. VIN # is known through the electrical interface). Then, the receipt (or a web site, or e-mail delivered receipt) would show the state of charge when it was disconnected and who the next car was perhaps. All kinds of issues surrounding this new technology! Still, great news that this event has finally occurred! Even though I’m in Ohio, it’ll get here eventually…

  • Jerry Doshier

    Electric cars are great but we need to use renewable energy to charge them.

  • Dave Rowlison

    Scott – all very good points, that require addressing if they aren’t already. Also, what do you do for an hour while the charge is underway – go roam around a local mall / hopefully time it with a business meeting if you happen to be in the area that has a charge station?

    What are the chances I wonder the charging timeframe will be able to be more rapid in the near future? (even 15 min. would be acceptable) – I suspect this *may* be a crucial selling point, unless the charging stations are situated at one’s place of work (ie. all large office complexes/companies).



    What is the cost of a charge?

  • James Matthew Mittal

    It is about time for the return of the electric car. GM should of never of killed the electric car I think it is over 5 years ago. Has anyone ever rented the movie documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car”

  • Amber Medina Emerzian

    Maui will be receiving their first fully electric powered vehicles (Phoenix Automotive) and will be very interesting to see what charging stations will be utilized.

  • Scott Collins

    Wait an hour? No worry… when Eestor gets there product out, we’ll supposedly see 5 min charging time… can you say: bye-bye expensive Lithium??

  • Greggory Lawson

    Scott Collins:
    Dave Rowlison:
    You should check out a company called BetterPlace. The charging station they opened is more token than anything else. The end goal is to have them right by the parking meters, so you can charge while you are parked. BetterPlace also uses swap technology with if far more practical than charging stations. Check out what they have rolled out in Israel. BetterPlace also only used renewable electricity.

    Why did GM kill the electric car…maybe now they are feeling their Karma…great movie…

  • Jason Robert Merrington

    It really is about time! This is great news! Rick Mercer did a show in Canada about a year ago highlighting a Canadian who actually patented and produced a great, fast, slick-looking, quiet electric car, but the Canadian gov’t apparently made it “illegal” to sell it on the Canadian market. Needless to say I’m disgusted at that, and hope it changes soon! Electric shouldn’t be thought of as ‘alternative’ energy, it should be thought of as the new STANDARD energy… 🙂

  • Jos Conil

    A small step, but a great acheivement for sustainability! I hope that the charging time can be reduced in future and that the interest of authorities and the public are sustained.

  • Jim Curtis

    Yes, I have seen the movie “Who killed the electric car” by Chris Payne. Here is his web site – He is now in the process of making a new movie about what is the next step in electric cars. Who killed the electric car was a very eye opening movie, it showed just how badly GM wanted to stop this great concept. They crushed all 800 cars here in Arizona near Phoenix in 1996. NOW THEY ARE CRYING “WE NEED MONEY” They should be punished for what they did not rewarded !!! Scott, Yes GM is getting their karma, they had a chance to take back the car market over 13 years ago, but no, they let Japan walk all over us again with the Prius and other cars.

    Everyone should rent this movie to see how not only GM but Ford, the state of California, the Federal government and several others were determined to destroy any and all interest in electric cars because they would not make any money on all of the other stuff required to keep a dirty gas engine going in the service department of their dealerships. This movie shows how even the commercials for the electric cars were meant to intimidate rather than sell them. If they used the same tactic to advertise a Hummer, none would have been sold.

  • Perry Peck

    This is the future! Someday the gas station will be no more and solar powered electric gas stations will be the norm for SURE!!! Its the future that we are in!

  • Billy Gregg

    I think inductive charging of cars is safer than conventional plug-in charging.ECOtality corp. is the world’s leader in building and installing charging stations for electric cars;unfortunately,they’re all direct plug-in types(which I think are dangerous).Someone should start-up a new company that manufactures and installs induction charging stations for residential and commercial use.This new company could be a penny stock type company called”SafeCharge” or something.I’d buy some shares in it!!!

  • Dave Head

    Inductive charging could require some heavy components to work properly, thus decreasing efficiency. Direct plug-in is the way to go.

    I’m also curious about what they’re charging for the electricity. A kilowatt hour of electricity delivered to homes here is about 8 cents. Of course there’s going to be infrastructure for this public charger to be paid for, but if they’re dramatically overcharging for this electricity, it’ll end up making more sense to just start the Chevy Volt’s internal combustion engine and continue the trip, without charging anywhere but at home.

  • Mike

    Electric cars of Li-ion Motors are very reliable and very efficient in fuel consumption. Electric cars have three times higher efficiency point than a car that runs on gas. And have fewer parts than a gas powered car. Li-ion Motors electric cars on have no catalytic converter transmission, fuel tank, spark plugs, engine, values, starter, tailpipe, muffler, distributor or Clutch, so they need no tuning, no oil change and filter change. As Li-ion Motors Electric car is fuel free there are no chances of catching fire or blowing up on crash. A fuel powered car is very complicated to handle than a Li-ion Motors electric car because has less parts than the other one. Moreover, a similar sized Li-ion Motors Electric vehicle Watch here electric vehicles video if u want to know full detail regarding Li-ion Motors Electric vehicles

  • YAN

    I think a 30 mins full charge for 300miles range is a must, otherwise all those e-cars and charge stations are just a joke.

  • Ralph Perez

    These need to be coupled with some of the robotic technology already in use throughout industry. There is no need for having to wait for a charge. Multiple lithium batteries should be ready for swapping out as cars pull in.
    Yes… the robotics will also be powered by the same source…
    This is a great first step. Sorry BP.

  • Michael Mecseri

    Why not have cars that can have their battery packs traded out for fresh ones instead of waiting for a recharge?

  • Peggy Mosley

    I’m interested in putting a charging station in the parking lot of The Groveland Hotel at Yosemite National Park, in Groveland, CA., for our guests use (and others for a fee).

    How do I find out about the process, permits, etc., etc.?

    Peggy Mosley

  • Bobby Hawk

    It takes several HOURS for an EV to charge. This won’t be the same as filling you tank in a few minutes. You will actually have to be down for at least 2 to 4 hours, while you car recharges. Further the batteries and controllers don’t last for ever and at last count they are extremely expensive since they are constructed from silver, gold and copper. The cost of a replacement battery in these EV vehicles is well hidden but last reports place the cost in the $5000 to $10000 dollar range. Controllers wear as well and are very expensive to replace to to the cost of carbon pile rheostats.

    Where are all the old batteries going to go once used up? The answer is ” the local land fill” Imagine what we are creating by placing even 40 million of these vehicles on the road, over the next few years. Further how do humans react to high voltage magnetism and EMR (electro magnetic radiation). Its known that folks that live near high voltage power lines are a higher risk for contracting specific types of cancer. Its not known what will happen when several million humans are placed into electric vehicles which will produce high EMRs. Especially when those vehicles are in close proximity (dense traffic), such as rush hour traffic.

    Its not my plan to end electric cars all together. There is little study which supports safe operation of these types of vehicles for both the environment as well as human safety. There are other alternative fuels which are much more adaptive than electricity and more environmental and human friendly. Hydrogen is one of the fuel sources which should be considered prior to converting to electricity, which is far to questionable.

  • scottw

    The electricarport network is being established as we speak. There will be internet cafes, restaurants, Starbucks, and lots more at each station.

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