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Jul 02

ES-A Series Solar Panels

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ES-A Solar Solar panels are a collection of solar or photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells harvest sunlight and convert the solar energy into electrical energy. Solar cells are positioned into grid-like pattern on the face of solar panel. Photovoltaic cells collect sunlight during day and this light energy can be stored and used as electrical energy. Photovoltaics are made up of semiconductors which have the property to transform sunlight into electricity. Many materials have semiconductor property but the most widely used material is silicon. Though silicon in itself resists electric current but this property can be altered by combining small amounts of other materials that make it receptive to positive or negative electrical charge.

Massachusetts-based “Evergreen Solar” has announced a new line of high efficiency solar panels. Evergreen Solar produces silicon in a highly efficient manner in their manufacturing unit. In the conventional method silicon is extracted in the form of blocks from the molten silicon. This block of silicon is sliced into wafers for use into the panels. But string ribbon photovoltaics are not the wafers of silicon blocks! They are produced by slowly drawing a thin strip of silicon out of molten silicon. These strips of silicon are then put on a solar panel. These solar panels are known as the ES-A Series.

The new panel’s carbon footprint is 50% less than the other panels available in the market. They have a quicker energy payback nearly as fast as twelve months for installed panels. Energy payback is one of the biggest disadvantages of the solar panels. Normal energy payback ranges from 5-7 years.

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    Photovoltaic source is a partial solution to generate electricity to be stored in batteries and used to light.

    Wind is a partial solution to generate electricity to charge batteries and used to move small devices and small electric motors, tvs, tvs, dvd recorders, and so on.

    Kinetic energy as water falls and others that can move turbines to produce electricity are the real actual solution to produce great amount of electricity and run any electric motor for Industrial use or powered motor as air condition and compressors, and big motors.

    The new great solution to produce electricity without contamination and with big amount to move any need and big electric motor will come in the next generation when we can use the energy from the sun as radiation, particles, solar wind that get in the Earth through North Pole.

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